God’s Plan

“You have not entered the physical plane after My incarnation by chance.  It is part of God’s plan.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 8:III

There are no accidents in life, no chance meetings, no happening that “just” happened to come about.  We are living at the right time for us, the time following Jesus’ incarnation. We are living a plan, a plan that we intuited from God, and then set up as our contract for our life.  We put bad things in our contracts as a way of growing, a growing to perfection.

We know from A Course in Miracles that it is not necessary to learn through pain.  Jesus said in ACIM that learning through rewards is more lasting.  Unfortunately, many of us are just learning this, discovering this.  And so we are caught in bad things happening to good people.

We can change on a dime.  We can soften the hard parts of our contract with life.  When we turn to God in our daily lives, He comforts and soothes us.  Always with us, living through us, He would not have us turn the pain in our contracts into suffering.

Make a decision today to live above the fray.  If we lighten up about life, life lightens up for us as well.  We are caught in a drama, in a series of dramas, but we don’t have to buy into the chaos.

Know that every prayer to God is heard. 

And with this knowledge, the fray will recede in our minds and hearts, hopefully never to return. We just must remember to do our part, a part we discover when we ask for guidance on a frequent basis.

2 Replies to “God’s Plan”

  1. When Eve disobeyed the word of God, the consequence was pain…pain in delivery. When we disobey the word of the God by believing a lie we bring pain into our life, as it is written, “Woe unto him that putteth darkness for light,” which is to mistake a lie for truth, which we have all done, the consequence being “woe” meaning “misery, grief.” To be delivered of the false beliefs we have accepted throughout our life, giving birth to truth from within our heart, will require us to experience pain. As there is physical pain in physical birth, there is spiritual or emotional pain in spiritual birth.

    “We can change on a dime.”

    This idea came from Paul…” in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye… we shall be changed.” This may be true on a mind-level as we can change our false perceptions upon hearing the truth. But NOT on a heart-level! Spiritual birth does not happen in a day. It takes time for that spiritual earth called the heart to bring forth her fruit, as it is written, ” Who hath heard such a thing? … Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day?”

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