Note: Jayem, who channeled The Way of Mastery live, is offering an online course, an immersion, in the Lord’s Prayer, focusing on the Aramaic, the language of Jesus. Please consider. Here is the link:

“That illusion by the way, is not the physical body, nor is it the physical dimension, since in reality, the physical dimension does not exist.  What exists is thought, streaming forth from mind, creating, or outpicturing, that which has been held within the mind.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” The Way of Mastery, Chapter 19, Page 230)

Here, in a capsule version, is the metaphysics of our reality. We are living “thought,” and what we are experiencing is the “outpicturing” of God speaking to us in our mind and heart.

For those of us who have longed to know ultimate reality, this is a welcome explanation. It says that the universe is actually thought. With this in mind, we can realize that the energy of the cosmos is actually God’s thought. And we know that we are a part of Him, and so our reality is thought as well.

Think on these things. It makes our metaphysics so much clearer, even though our finite minds can’t comprehend how thought can be solidified.

But it can. And when we know that thought is the genesis, we can know that the silence in which God speaks to us is very real.*

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