The Holy Spirit Works for Us

“You have never given any problem to the Holy Spirit He has not solved for you, nor will you ever do so.  You have never tried to solve anything yourself and been successful.  Is it not time you brought these facts together and made sense of them?”  (A Course in Miracles, FIP ed., T-16.II.9)

The quotation for this morning is a very precise one, with much meaning and evokes a good sense of reassurance.  We can trust the Holy Spirit to solve our problems.  We can do this.  And the quotation also says that we, by ourselves, have never solved anything satisfactorily.

Is this not true?  Don’t we know this in our own experience?

I know that when my days get off to the wrong start, and I am stubborn about following the Holy Spirit, I have no peace until I quickly recover—affirming to the Holy Spirit that I will follow Him.  Then I really do relax, and I soon develop flow to my day.  This reassessment and change in orientation takes only a moment.  But it makes a gigantic difference in the type of day that we have.

Jesus’s logical argument in this quotation goes quickly to the point.  Yes, we can put these two sentences together and make sense of them, can’t we?  It takes only a moment of reflection to realize that we are onto something here; Jesus is onto something here; and the Holy Spirit is our only true Guide.

We can’t judge for ourselves because we don’t know the whole panorama of all events that impinge on a decision from past, present, and future.  But the Holy Spirit, in His omniscience, does know.  And so when we allow Him to be our personal Guide, our lives start to go right for the first time ever.  We have a Guide Who is sure.  And our own meaningless attempts to make good decisions can fall away.

We may feel personally insulted that we can’t depend on our own judgment in this world.  The world has taught us that we can, that we grow into maturity and then make good decisions.  Our own assessments will show us that this procedure is a fallacy.  We don’t make better decisions in maturity than we did earlier.  We may make worse.  And we are unable to stand freely and confidently with the ego as our guide.

Take the next right step today.  Give over judgments to the only One Who can make the right decisions in any situation, barring none.  Give over judgments to the quiet guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

One thought on “The Holy Spirit Works for Us”

  1. “You have never tried to solve anything yourself and been successful.”

    Celia, I honor and respect your commentary to the above sentence. I however think this sentence to be a highly inappropriate way to teach, and I have great difficulty believing these would be the words of Jesus. Jesus never taught with words that humiliated those whom he was teaching and diminished their sense of being as these words do.

    As we all know there are many words that have been put in the mouth of Jesus’ that know to be untrue.

    This is just how I see it. Having said all of this, I could be wrong.


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