“I have called this session ‘the unknown saints.’ It might also have been called ‘the enlightened strangers.’  What I want to express is that many kinds of beings have attained enlightenment, that is, higher knowledge or the wisdom of love.  Their common denominator is that they have chosen love as the center and the reason for life.  They have chosen truth as their eternal companion no matter where they are or what they do.  They live consciously for God and in God, even though the totality of the effects of their choice are not completely known while they remain functioning on Earth.”  Choose Only Love bk. 6, 1:II

This quotation seems to refer both to this world (“while they remain functioning on Earth”) and a world beyond (“many kinds of beings”).  Certainly Choose Only Love offers guidance from angels, and these certainly are other kinds of beings.  But the enlightened strangers are ourselves, too–many people who have no outward show to themselves and would not be expecting to be called “saints.”

The bottom line is that we can discover what we need to know from our brothers and sisters on Earth, and we can discover what we need to know from channeled writings.  Moreover, our own communion with our depths will enlighten us in a way that nothing else can.  Be sure to reflect on what rises from the depths.  If harm would come to anyone, it is not a right choice.

Yes, love remains the center tenet of Choose Only Love as well as all other channeled writings of which I know anything.  Don’t let this be a hackneyed statement.  If love were something new to us, we would be enthralled by it even more than we are.  We are too used to the concept of love not to be jaded sometimes.  And this is a great pity.

Love is the cement of the universes.  If it were not for God’s Love, His cosmos would never have stood.  Love is the glue that sets our feet on solid ground.  Our heads may be in the clouds, but our feet are on terra firma.

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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