Note: Today’s posting is an excerpt, with prompting quotation added, to my book, Being Who You Are: Pondering A Course of Love, 265 pages. The book is available on Amazon for $7.95 (print) and $5.99 (ebook). Five out of five stars for all reviews.

“While your mind did not accept the truth of your identity or the reality of love without fear, it existed in a reality of fear and judgment, and bound heart and body to this reality.  Your heart has now heard the appeal of this Course and worked with your mind to bring about this acceptance of the truth, a truth your heart has always known but has been unable to free you to accept without the mind’s cooperation.”  (A Course of Love, T4:7.5)

This quotation explains the concept of wholeheartedness, that we need to join mind to heart, not letting either take the ascendancy alone.  In wholeheartedness, we give up fear, not with a whimper, but with a joyful shout.  We are free at last!  Fear and judgment go together, and both are anathema to reaching Christ-consciousness.  Our heart has always known truths that our mind rejected because of our intellectualism.  Basically, we didn’t want to be superstitious.  We feared that believing in God was intellectually suspect.

Our heart doesn’t have such misgivings.  Our heart knows that there is a Something—or Someone—More.  And when we listen to our hearts, we are happier.  Would you not take happiness, any day, over intellectual skepticism that locks us in despair?

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

One thought on “Heart”

  1. Wow! I think this is so true, and I always see this in little children before they are “socialized” into the adult world, which is a narrow period of exploration between the infant years of egocentricity and the beginning of more formal socialization of the ways of the world, probably around 2-6 years.In that period you normally see smiles, big broad smiles, bright eyes and reaching out. Puppies and Kitten’s, not to dumb this down, also exhibit such joy. I think the challenge of being an adult is that things get out of whack, and the heart get’s overtaken by Mind. When I was little, my father who was a “leader” said “Always rule from the mind and not the heart, in business.” When making tough decisions about people in the workplace, my heart want’s to throw people several life preservers, before my mind has to call it quits. I know I use many more life preservers than my father would have allowed, (that’s my heart.)
    It’s always been said though if you listen to your heart, enjoy work, enjoy life, you will be successful. Sorry for expounding so much, but I think most of the world is out of whack, mostly tilted to the mind and I agree we need more living from what our heart knows.

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