“You may wonder how you can be at peace when, while you are in time, there is so much that must be done before the way to peace is open.  Perhaps this seems impossible to you.  But ask yourself if it is possible that God would have a plan for your salvation that does not work. Once you accept His plan as the one function that you would fulfill, there will be nothing else the Holy Spirit will not arrange for you without your effort.”  (A Course in Miracles, FIP ed., T-20.IV.8)

“. . .[W]ithout your effort”:  What a happy thought!  The Holy Spirit will take us by the hand and lead us home, however meandering our pathway may seem to be as we strive to reach Heaven on earth.  Evolution is not a straight line, and our passage through this world to the Awakening will not always be smooth either.  We will have glimpses of Awakening that do not last (most of us, that is).  We will have to realize, over and over, that the Holy Spirit’s guidance is what we want, and then we will have recommit to following Him in every instance of daily life.  Even those who have Awakened do not consistently follow guidance.  Even the most advanced teachers.

To assure our continuance in the Kingdom, though, we need to follow guidance consistently.  Otherwise, we are once again making the decisions, and we make decisions so erratically that no smooth passage through this world, emerging into Heaven, is possible.

God’s plan for our salvation does work.  And it is that we take our brother’s hand and, with him, form a holy relationship that saves time as we seek to reach salvation.  We forgive him totally, never to renege on the forgiveness that we offer him.  And we also forgive ourselves in this process.

The bumps and jolts on the pathway are inevitable, at least for most of us.  There is occasionally an understanding that reaches perfection in a moment, knowing that the Holy Spirit’s way involved the complete relinquishment of our own judgment.  But this is comparatively rare, for we have been trained by the world to rely on our own judgment.  We have been trained that we grow up honing our judgment, to stand independently on our two feet.  This is an erroneous way to live; it will not get us what we want.  The world trains in exact opposition to the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit says to relinquish judgment as the necessary accompaniment to salvation.

We often feel demoralized when the way to Awakening seems so elusive.  But God’s way, outlined in A Course in Miracles and encapsulated in this brief meditation, does work.  It works every time.  And we only have to work it to see that it works.  There is no reason to fret that the way seems long; it will open out as we train our minds to think of the Holy Spirit and His way as we walk through this world.  The best is before us.  Let us traverse the impediments as surely and as sanely as we can.  And then the madness that we have embodied will fall away.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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