by Celia Hales. Published in the May – June 2023 issue of Miracles magazine; Jon Mundy, publisher; Glenn Hovemann, editor.

If you understand it well, the healing of memory is the only thing that the world needs . . . (Choose Only Love, bk. I, 13:III)

And along the way, everything unlike Love would come up for you to release it.  (The Way of Mastery, Lesson 4, Page 52)

I want to tell you to be embraced by love and to let all the feelings of love flowing through you now find their expression.  (A Course of Love, D:Day10.38)

In saying “metanoia,” Archangel Raphael is using a term not previously used in received writings, but which he explains as atonement or transformation (Choose Only Love [CHOL], bk. VI, 11:III).  The new term is so apt, for it conjoins  mind and heart, as we are asked to do.  The search engine Bing says “change of mind”; Google says “a transformative change of heart,” and so both mind and heart are united in the meaning.  We have earlier found the words Awakening or Christ-consciousness in received readings.  The experience, whatever we might call it,  dovetails a healing of memory with progression to a new place in the evolution of our spiritual development.

Before we can reach metanoia on our pathway, we are encouraged to let unconscious thoughts rise to the surface.  The only thing we have to do is not abort this process by a return to the ego.  Metanoia will happen of its own accord when God knows we are ready, and I believe He knows we are ready when we are letting ourselves be loved.   We let what wants to arise do so, and we drench those memories in forgiving love, relinquishing everything that is not love.  This first step marks the healing of memory.

In this process, we can see that we are dropping from memory all that does not embrace love.  We are told of forgetfulness, a necessary step.  Do not let a forgetful memory “throw” you; it is “always temporary,” as we are promised (CHOL, bk. IV, 7:II). We are relinquishing,  by a process of transmuting, everything that hinders our direct relationship with God.  We will now be guided by revelation, not the thinking mind.

A time of great rejoicing follows.  I think we are buoyed by the love we are sensing that God, Jesus, Mary, angels are showering upon us at this crucial juncture.  There may be a powerful influx of energy during this time; it is a necessary step, not to be aborted, not to be “prayed” away.

We next move into our own more complete expressions of the love of God as we now comprehend that Love.  Jesus wants our work in the world, our contributions.  Yet this is not so much in “doing” as an effortless way of being that suffuses our  lives as well as the lives of our brothers and sisters–wherever  they might be found in the world or even in the universes.  “Being” is our way now, following Mary’s way (as we first discovered in A Course of Love).  

And being who we really are is the end result of a progression of spiritual evolution and development that will culminate, we are promised, in “weaving a new tapestry that literally means a new world” (CHOL, bk. IV, 9:IV).  


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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