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As We Merge into God

“Say to yourself, as you confront the events and situations of your world, that you are being in relationship. It is to your being that the people, places, events and situations that make up your world appeal. It is in your response that who you are being is revealed.

“You are being a who. Your who is your individuated self. But your who is also your representation of being. The two becoming one—the indi¬viduated self becoming one in being—is the aim toward which we have journeyed together.” (ACOL, D:Day33.5 – Day33.6)

What does it mean to say that we are to become the “individuated self becoming one in being”? This is the merger with God, with the Self Who is beyond us, but still part of us. We are “being” as God is “Being.” But we are finite, because we are a differentiated (individuated) part of the Whole. He is omniscient; we are not, finite creatures whom we are. But we need to grow all the way up to God, to heal the separation entirely, and that means Christ-consciousness will enfold us. That is the aim toward which we walk; that is what Jesus desires for us all.

When we respond to others in our world, we are being revealed, to them, as who we are. We become who we are only in relationship, just as God becomes Who He is in relationship to everything, the diverse parts that He has formed from His Whole. Our relationships with others, as these relationships become holy, will transform us. So “who we are” is therefore revealed in relationship.

Our will carries us only so far. We have to realize that we are children of God, and His Godhead retains prerogatives. It is He Who decides when we are ready for Awakening. We can sense it coming, but we cannot know. We can remove the blocks to its arrival by removing the blocks to love—for when we love perfectly, we are awakened.

Yet perfection is not required of us in this world. Jesus stands at the end of the pathway to correct all mistakes that we could not. His perfection makes us perfect. And this is not an ego thing.

Dear God,

Thank You for the blessings that have rained down upon me. Thank You for Your nearness to me, a nearness that sometimes is shown to me by the feeling that steals over me. You are bountiful in Your perfect goodness, and for this bounty I am very grateful. It is all that I want, just You. You are the Essence of all good things that I could ever desire in this world.

Be with me today for a blessed day. Walk with me when I stumble, indeed, pick me up. And I know You will. You have made me very sure of You. And I am grateful for that.



Brilliant Future

“Being is power. But being, like oneness, cannot know itself without relationship. You are one in being with your Father, with God, with the Creator and with all of creation. You are also, however, a being that exists in relationship. The extent of your ability to be in relationship is the extent of your ability to be god-like.

“God is the being and the relationship. You are capable of all the power of God’s being but you are powerful only as God is powerful—in relation¬ship. Because God is in relationship with everything, God is All Powerful. Because you are in a state of limited relationship, you have limited power. This is the difference between God and man. This difference, however, can be diminished as you embrace holy relationship. As you embrace holy rela¬tionship you can become powerful as God is powerful.” (ACOL, D:Day32.19 – Day32.20)

Jesus holds out for us a brilliant future, a future filled with holy relationships that will give us power as God has power. We need not attach egoic understanding to this. God is in relationship to everything, and we are finite beings who are therefore limited, and to that extent unlike God. In our holy relationships, though, we reach mystical comprehension that is unknown to us now—for now we are just at the start of holy relationship, being mired in special relationships for so long.

God knows because of relationship. This is a hard concept to wrap one’s mind (and heart) around, but nevertheless it is true. God cannot know Himself without relationship, because the All is akin to the “nothing.” One is meaningless unless it is divided by differentiation, or individuation. Neale Donald Walsch explains this concept very well in his Conversations with God series. Here we have the same idea, but in the words of Jesus. The fact that Donald and Jesus say the same should be evidence that they are onto something.

Do not seek raw power for its own sake, for this is egoic. The power that we seek, rightly, is the ability to live out our being without hindrances pulling us back. All of us can rightly seek this power, for it is god-like and therefore a highly positive concept.

Being, as One, the All, plus relationship, as the diversity of the entities that God created—these two suffice. Just being and relationship. We know, with this, all that we really need to know about metaphysics.

Dear God,

I have always deemphasized power, because I believed that it was a faulty concept. Now I realize that there is a “good” power, something that I want and need. It will allow me to come into my own. It will allow my brothers and sisters to do the same.

Thank You for guiding me so precisely in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, plus other readings that have helped me greatly. The way back is not hard when I have such excellent guidance.


Intimations of Immortality

“The claimed relationship of God to Jesus was that of Father to Son but also as one in being. One in being, but different in relationship.

“Could God be one in being, but different in relationship, to each of us? Could not God’s oneness of being be the consciousness we all share? Could not God’s relationship to everything be what differentiates God from us and us from God? So that we are both one in being and different? Could it be that while we are one in being with God we can also become more god-like through the practice of holy relationship?” (ACOL, D:Day32.17 – Day32.18)

We are finite creatures of God. He is limitless, omniscient, in a relationship with everything and everyone. We draw, in a mystical way, upon the larger Self Who is God, but we don’t have a relationship with everything, as He does. We are thus more limited, though intuitions of the All merge with ourselves when we are in a particularly introspective mood or frame of mind/heart.

The quotation summarizes very well why we differ from the Godhead. But it also says, in other words, that we are one with the Godhead. We are a part of God; He differentiated His being to create entities who share His being. Everything, in other words, is “God-stuff.” There isn’t anything else.

Our oneness with God, in mystical comprehension, gives us hope that we will rise above what we have been heretofore. We have been innocent and perfect always, but we haven’t recognized this, and it is certainly true that our mistakes have camouflaged our perfection. We are like little children who did not know any better, and when we imagine ourselves in that relationship to God, we can well see why we are still innocent. Not knowing any better is not cause for judgment.

We live in love when we commune with the Godhead. His Mind overshadows us and gives us intimations of immortality (as William Wordsworth, the Romantic poet, said). We are well-suited to become creators in our own right when we have learned to think and feel aright. Our discovery of what we can be prompts our movement in that direction. We can indeed create a new world, and, before that, change the one that we have. Jesus expects no less of us.

Dear God,

Grant me an intimation of immortality now. I love the times when inner peace overwhelms me, and I sense Your loving Presence and loving solace. You mend anything that might be amiss; I need only come before You with empty hands and empty arms to receive. And the receiving is sweet indeed.

Thank You for a good day in this world. May I string together perfect days like pearls in a necklace. May Your choices become mine effortlessly.


Know God through Mystical Insight

“Only Jesus was known as the Son of God and as God. This is why Jesus came as your teacher and was used as the example life for this work. This is the point that this work has striven to get across. That man and God are one. Not only is man God. But God is man and woman and child. God is.” (ACOL, D:Day32.14)

What—or Who—is God? Until we have come to a new understanding of this puzzle, we will continue plugging along in our daily lives without attracting all the good that can be ours. I like to imagine that God is like a new husband who is eager to please his wife. When she thanks him for the little things, he delights in doing more, and then more, for her. God also seems to appreciate our gratitude in the little—and big—things. This is love in action. This is a fearless condition, for a lack of gratitude is a very, very fearful experience (though we may not recognize it as such in the beginning).

Jesus is our example life in A Course of Love. This doesn’t mean that there is literally no other way for men and women to approach God, for people differ, and there are religions that speak to those differences. For those of us brought up with the Bible, it is just easier to resonate with Jesus. We don’t have to get sappy sentimental about him; Jesus is a very rugged character, very mature, with one who takes himself lightly and expects us to do the same. Seriousness is very often of the ego, and A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love have both cautioned against identification with this false notion of the self.

Now, our true Self is available to us, because if we have been following ACOL, we know that the Christ-Self is the real deal. We are no longer a captive to the ego, and we need to be very sure that we don’t form a new ego as we proceed. This would be a step backward of major proportions, and so unnecessary. If we see all our brothers and sisters as our equals before God, we will not attempt to compete with them for anything. We will see the value of cooperation, and in that cooperation, we live and let live, on equal footing with all.

Our understanding of God must come through mystical channels, for our finite minds (and hearts) are not big enough to understand him with our intelligence. He is simply off the charts. So we rely on a mystical intuition of His Being to wrap us in love, protect us, and act in this world to make it a changed place.

Dear God,

I thank You for the fact that I don’t doubt Your existence any longer. Years ago I was an agnostic, but I put those ideas behind when mystical insight came into my life. This was a great blessing, and I was very fortunate to have this experience at a tender age. ThankYou.

I ask for Your Arms to enfold me with Your Presence. This benefit will carry me through all the years left to me in this world.


Function Extremely Well

“A concept of God is not necessary. False concepts of God, however, are compromising to God and to Self.

“Jesus spoke to you of his life as an example life. Jesus was called the Son of God and also God. Those who understand the meaning of any or all of the example lives that have come as revelations of who God is, understand that those lives were not separate from God.

“Yet to believe that God is everyone can still make you feel as if you are not God. How can this be? This can be only because in your contemplation of this idea, you lose your sense of self. (ACOL, D:Day32.10 – Day32.12)

We can just accept that we are part of God; this eliminates the need for a concept. Many of the example lives on our earth have understood that we and God are one, not separate. But in the rank and file of religious people, the word has not been accepted—perhaps, until now. We are growing up fast in our faith. We are coming to understand what has previously been clouded.

If we lose our sense of self in an idea that we are part of God, we will reject the idea. We need to keep our sense of self, knowing that the Christ-Self Who is now coming out to play as a good and worthy entity, and a good and worthy idea of ourselves to accept. We don’t need, ever, to cringe before a Deity that might deny us our prayers. We will have prayers accepted when we discover how to pray aright.

Praying aright is assuming a sense of rightness about the prayer. It is an intuitive way to live. And it brings results. We believe that our prayer will be answered, when we are on the beam. And the prayer is, indeed, answered.

Occupy our elevated Self of form, sure in its merger with God. Do discover how to pray aright, and this suggests that we turn to the mystical, intuitive side to choose prayers that are in harmony, and thus prayers that we can believe are going to be answered. Then we wait patiently for the prayer to emerge in all its full-blown beauty.

We are one with God, and when we remember this, we function extremely well.

Dear God,

I would function well today. This includes leaving disappointments behind; this includes turning to an inner knowing to understand what prayers ought to be answered in the affirmative. If I pray a prayer I don’t believe, it is going to be turned aside by the universe. Grant me the intelligence to choose wisely in my prayers.

Thank You.


God Is Living through Us

“The experience of the Self is God. It is not from God. It is not of God. It is God.

“If all of life is the oneness that is God and God has chosen to experience that oneness through relationship, then you are also that experience and are in relationship with God through that experience.

“Here we must revisit the concepts of oneness and manyness for if you retain any notions of God that are inaccurate, they will arise here.” (ACOL, D:Day32.1 – Day32.3)

“The experience of the Self IS God. Here we find the unvarnished truth in all its glory. We probably still have trouble recognizing that God lives within us, and lives through us—but here it is. We still have unconscious and conscious misgivings that we are not the people that we ought to be, and that we certainly cannot be living experiences that are God.

Set aside doubts, and consider that A Course of Love just may be right. ACOL consists of a cohesive world view that does not deviate from the assertion that our separation from God was always illusory, and led to an illusory reality, and that we are now on the road back to true reality, where illusion reigns no more. We are living a new Self, one that has been covered over, on the inside, for eons. Of course this new idea takes some getting used to!

God IS living through us, and our experiences are His. Surely we want to give the Deity a new day, and when we drop into vestiges of separation and rebellion, we are doing Him and us a disservice.

Let God speak from our depths. Let Him tell us how to live. When we do, we will never look back. The way forward is too enticing.

Dear God,

I would use my best thinking today to intuit what the depths of me are saying. I know that You rule those depths, and that my contribution is simply, always and forever, to give You a good day. What other way can I say it, if You are living through me?

Be with me on this pleasant, sunny day, as I enjoy my sun porch. Nature is so close; You are so close. I enjoy being intimate with You. There is no more joyous feeling to entertain.


Home Stretch of Our Journey

“Self and God are one and experiencing together in wholeness. For the individuated Self to experience separately from God is to negate the purpose of the experience of the Self which is God. To negate is to deny what is. The denial of what is is the source of sepa¬ration. The acceptance of what is is the Source of union and the ability to experience in wholeness.” (ACOL, D:Day31.8)

Here we have a capsule explanation of what happened in separation from God—and a heartfelt (on Jesus’s part) that we won’t try that solution anymore. The solution of separation from God is no solution at all; it is a rejection of what true reality actually holds. And then the mind is ripe for a resurgence of the ego, and the whole mess would start all over again.

We fell into the ego when we were adrift. If we pay attention to what Jesus is saying in A Course of Love, we will most definitely not be adrift again, but primed to enjoy true reality in living our life. All of us want to be happy, and while just happiness may not seem like an end in itself, happiness does prepare us for all contributions that we would hope to make in a world made new. If we are downhearted and lacking in good energy, we will struggle through our days. And this is just not necessary any longer. We know how to live now; it is up to us, in league with God, to carry out what we know, in theory, and make it practical.

Wholeness means that God and Self dwell as one. This way of being will surge up in us with anticipation. We are finally on the home stretch of our long journey.

Dear God,

Thank You for the wisdom of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. And the Bible, which led us through life for so long. I am ready now to look to You for the essence of my days. I give up struggle as a bad idea. I adopt the easy way of following Your advice in anything and everything that I undertake.

Be with me throughout this good day. Help me to remember to give You the credit for my new upsurge in energy and in joy.