Our Being Unlocked / New Life Announced

“Your being was locked securely within the heart of Christ, to be given to you when you yourself claimed your inheritance.  That treasure is literally God’s plan for you.  It is the divine will come true for your being.  It could not be delivered before this  moment; you were not ready.  But now you are, and so I give it to you.  Love placed it in my immaculate hands and honored me with the gift of giving it to you, and with it, new life.”  Choose Only Love, bk.7, 3:II.  Message from Mother Mary.

When we awaken, we will rest easy in words like these.  In the meantime, most of us will have numerous satori, or glimpses of Awakening, glimpses that do not last because, all too often, we lapse back into our fear of the world, our fear of God, our fear, period.  We also lapse into judgment, particularly of our fellow men and women, and for this the antidote is to request forgiveness.  While it is not God who forgives us, because He has never condemned, it is our own selves, for we are our own worst enemy.

When we have reached Book VII of Choose Only Love, we are ready for Mary’s announcement in this quotation.  We have been cleansed.  Our way back is announced, and we are on the brink of Awakening.

All of us will recognize when this is possible.

The Choice for Love

“When you were created, you were called to exercise your free will.  In your essence there is the cry of freedom.  Your Creator always knew that, first of all, He should create a reality where freedom exists.  So He guarded your holy being until you could make the choice for love.  It was buried like a seed in damp soil, waiting for the perfect time to germinate.  That moment has arrived.  That moment is now.”  Choose Only Love, bk. 7, 3:II.  Message from Mother Mary.

Somehow, some time, we imaged, illusion, that we could fashion something apart from God, and in that fantasy, separation from God was born.  The only thing we gained from this fantastic imaging was conflict, some large, some small–and the development of an ego.  Most of us have now found that our plans did not work well.  We have been miserable in this world without turning to God.

But we did have the freedom to have a different choice.  And we still have that freedom, but, again, most of us are choosing again–choosing for miracles of redemption in God’s sight.

He let us make a “reality” in illusion, but it was never true reality, for true reality is only and always the Love in which God created us.

Until we turn to others in love, and truly discover how to love ourselves, we are walking a dim pathway that holds no promise of good.

Turn today.  Let God reestablish His sovereignty in our minds and hearts, especially in our minds–for our hearts are already choosing Him.

Let Our Heart Lead Us to Flow Along

“You will simply flow and be carried in a firm, accurate, sweet way by the swell formed by the force that arises from the union of truth and love, the union of your thoughts and feelings.”  Choose Only Love, bk. 7, 2:III.  Message from the Archangel Raphael.

When we commune with God, really commune with Him, we are not kept off track very long.  A flow develops that carries us through our days.  And this flow is supernatural, far beyond anything that we could sustain without divine help.

Pray for truth and love, especially if we feel off-track.  Our truth responds to reason and common sense, not madness.  Our love is the catalyst that allow truth to blossom.

If our heart feels dead, do not let this state of affairs remain.  Turn to God, in direct relationship, and ask for His healing, His reaching to us from our depths, to heal and bless.

God will not ignore our pleas.  He always responds, and if He seems not to do so, then we are thinking amiss.  Our mind may have fooled us, but our heart never will.  And it is with our heart that we sense God’s presence.  And then our thoughts fall in line.

Child of the Wind and the Sun, Delight of the Heart of Jesus

“Child of the wind and the sun, delight of my heart!  Remember now that the being that you really are is what every truth-seeker has been looking for and that for which every lover yearning for eternal love longed.  The desired unity was union with your being, a union between you and me in which we both merge into an ‘us’ that extends the reality of love.”  Choose Only Love, bk.7, 1:I.  Message from Jesus.

By the time we reach Book VII of Choose Only Love, we are assured that we have moved into being and its eternity, no longer egos, no longer longing for Awakening–for it is happening even as we speak.  We are encouraged to join with Jesus, something that traditional Christianity also champions with its emphasis on a personal relationship with Christ.  But now we learn that ALL of us are Christ, or becoming so, and this term is no longer identified just with Jesus, who is our leader.

What we are about is the extension of love.  It is all we are about.  There is not other purpose in living, no other purpose for us to have been born on Earth in this era.  We live in an eternity that unfolds with great beneficence for us.  There is a good quotation from Eastern religion:  “You live in an eternity.  Be happy now.”

That is just what we need to encourage, in ourselves and others.  Love creates happiness/joy.  Love is truly all we need.


by Celia Hales. Published in the May – June 2023 issue of Miracles magazine; Jon Mundy, publisher; Glenn Hovemann, editor.

If you understand it well, the healing of memory is the only thing that the world needs . . . (Choose Only Love, bk. I, 13:III)

And along the way, everything unlike Love would come up for you to release it.  (The Way of Mastery, Lesson 4, Page 52)

I want to tell you to be embraced by love and to let all the feelings of love flowing through you now find their expression.  (A Course of Love, D:Day10.38)

In saying “metanoia,” Archangel Raphael is using a term not previously used in received writings, but which he explains as atonement or transformation (Choose Only Love [CHOL], bk. VI, 11:III).  The new term is so apt, for it conjoins  mind and heart, as we are asked to do.  The search engine Bing says “change of mind”; Google says “a transformative change of heart,” and so both mind and heart are united in the meaning.  We have earlier found the words Awakening or Christ-consciousness in received readings.  The experience, whatever we might call it,  dovetails a healing of memory with progression to a new place in the evolution of our spiritual development.

Before we can reach metanoia on our pathway, we are encouraged to let unconscious thoughts rise to the surface.  The only thing we have to do is not abort this process by a return to the ego.  Metanoia will happen of its own accord when God knows we are ready, and I believe He knows we are ready when we are letting ourselves be loved.   We let what wants to arise do so, and we drench those memories in forgiving love, relinquishing everything that is not love.  This first step marks the healing of memory.

In this process, we can see that we are dropping from memory all that does not embrace love.  We are told of forgetfulness, a necessary step.  Do not let a forgetful memory “throw” you; it is “always temporary,” as we are promised (CHOL, bk. IV, 7:II). We are relinquishing,  by a process of transmuting, everything that hinders our direct relationship with God.  We will now be guided by revelation, not the thinking mind.

A time of great rejoicing follows.  I think we are buoyed by the love we are sensing that God, Jesus, Mary, angels are showering upon us at this crucial juncture.  There may be a powerful influx of energy during this time; it is a necessary step, not to be aborted, not to be “prayed” away.

We next move into our own more complete expressions of the love of God as we now comprehend that Love.  Jesus wants our work in the world, our contributions.  Yet this is not so much in “doing” as an effortless way of being that suffuses our  lives as well as the lives of our brothers and sisters–wherever  they might be found in the world or even in the universes.  “Being” is our way now, following Mary’s way (as we first discovered in A Course of Love).  

And being who we really are is the end result of a progression of spiritual evolution and development that will culminate, we are promised, in “weaving a new tapestry that literally means a new world” (CHOL, bk. IV, 9:IV).  

Invisible Thread of Perfect Love

“Here you and I live intertwined by the invisible thread of perfect love.  There is no longer room for the temptations that one day led my beloved to think that she had to focus her life on survival, recognition of others, acceptance of peers, life plans–things that had nothing to do with the blessed expression of her being.”  Choose Only Love, bk.7, 1:I.  Message from Jesus.

“My beloved” in this quotation is the intimate way that Jesus speaks to us, and in this case he uses the feminine pronoun. But he does not mean to exclude the masculine. He speaks warmly of the perfect love that we share with him, a love that moves his heart as well as our own.

Many of us have sought kudos in this world–the perfect career, popularity among our peers, acclaim–but these are false values borne of the ego. A true, loving expression of one’s being does not extend to egotistical acquisition. A true, loving expression of our being is all that is ever asked of us. And we know when we are being true to ourselves, when we are being truly ourselves.

Success is not measured by the world’s standards, and the closer we walk with God, the more convinced we are of this. Jesus would have us work with good values, and truth and love are at the top of his list.


“Child of the wind and the sun, delight of my heart!  Remember now that the being that you really are is what every truth-seeker has been looking for and that for which every lover yearning for eternal love longed.  The desired unity was union with your being, a union between you and me in which we both merge into an ‘us’ that extends the reality of love.”  Choose Only Love, bk.7, 1:I.  Message from Jesus.

When we relax into our being, the being we share with all others–including Jesus–we are blessed immeasurably.  If we don’t relax into our being, we continue to question what we truly are, asking incessantly, “What am I?”

These questions have an answer when we are home in God.  He (also She) takes us by the hand, metaphorically, and draws us into His heart.  When we merge with God, we know all that is good for this life.  We have our needs all satisfied.  We are at peace.

Jesus is very much a part of this, for he is our leader in all matters spiritual.  He does not intrude if we can’t accept him, but he can do so much more for us if we open our minds and hearts, and believe in his reality as a Saviour of all peoples.  He is asking for a personal relationship with all of us, and here we see what has been said in traditional Christianity since its inception.

All religions can benefit from greater knowledge, and it is knowledge that Jesus gives us.  

Be open to his telling of truth.

Land of Heaven

“Beloved, you have come to the land of Heaven.  Tell me:  what other purpose could the way of being have but to serve love?”  Choose Only Love, bk.7, 1:I.  Message from Jesus.

When we come to Book 7 of the series, Choose Only Love, it is certainly hoped that we have walked the whole way back to God. And if we have been able to take to heart what has been said in the preceding books, we will have found a lasting place in our hearts for God.

We are asked just to “be,” which is an effortless way to live. Our times of effortful living are past. We did ask for struggle, as have learned, but the struggle can come to an end when we give God first place in our lives and we seek to let Jesus into our lives more and more. He asks for this early in the series, when he promises us that he himself will solve our problems.

We are well attended. If we believe the promises that Choose Only Love gives us, we are well situated to begin a new life.

Let’s ask for this today–if the new life has only just begun. Walking back to God is not meant to be an endeavor that depletes us; it is meant to be a glorious pathway with ever more joy coming to our lives each day.

Express Ourselves!

“We have talked about the expression of feelings.  It is necessary.  For this, first we travel the path of the silence of the heart.  Then we allow being to express itself.  The manner in which this expression is realized will vary, given the vastness of what you are.  Embrace, sing, dance, cry, moan.  Express yourself!  – Choose Only Love, bk. V, 20:III

Jesus is here channeling the progression to Awakening, or enlightenment, also called Christ-consciousness or metanoia.  We are so diverse that never ought there to be any judgment about how our enlightenment unfolds.  Choose Only Love, in seven volumes, has as its purpose the healing of memory.  There is a progression to the healing of memory, for as The Way of Mastery also points out, all aspects of the mind must be brought to the light by coming up from the depths of the subconscious.

This may sound hard, but never forget that God is in charge.  And also we have help from other realms.  It is God’s will that we progress to our next stage of evolution, to Awakening, and for this our mind and heart work in conjunction.

Let our heart lead.  The message is in our feelings, and there is great depth as we touch God directly through our feelings.

He will do the rest.  God is also a “She,” and so we need to become accustomed to this terminology also.  God is also our Divine Mother.

A New Way of Remembering

“Perhaps you consider this review to be unnecessary.  However we repeat it here given the forgetful nature of your minds–a feature that won’t last much longer.  You are at the threshold of remembering fully the truth of what you are and of sustaining that memory in a continuous way.”  Choose Only Love, “Echoes of Holiness,” bk. 1, 15:III

Choose Only Love continues this thread of thought/feeling in Book IV, “Wisdom,” and so the quotation conveys important points.   We are becoming forgetful, for a time, as our memories are healed.  The healing of memory is the purpose of the seven books of Choose Only Love.

As our thoughts fill with new understanding, the old survival needs are reduced and then eliminated.  We know what is true for us by revelation from God, not our admittedly flawed thought processes.

We discover that as we progress toward Awakening, transformation, that our mind, informed by our heart, clears–and we “float” in assurance that God, in revelation, will bring to mind all that is important or necessary.

We have more help now.  And we are freer.  We no longer need to struggle in our remembering.  We can rest assured that God is in the background, prompting us about everything we need to know.

Your Wings Will Become More Robust than Those of an Eagle

“Your being observes, is silent, waiting.  Little by little it begins to take flight.  It rises above all thought and all emotion.  Little by little it begins to feel comfortable in the heights.  You still fear the fall, but very soon even that fear disappears, for your wings will become more robust than those of an eagle.”  Choose Only Love, bk. 5, 7:II

These are angelic words from Choose Only Love.  These words describe the new era into which we are moving, when many, many people will come to know Christ-consciousness.  The being that we are has to become easy with this transition, and this angelic choir says that we are ready.

What a wonderful promise from on high!  Our minds will change as we become accustomed to transition.  Our fear will drop away, and we will soar with newfound knowledge.  Our past learning will drop away as we let our memories fade.  We even read that we will, for a time, become forgetful as this new era dawns, as our old, inaccurate thoughts no longer trouble us.

But our wings will let us stay aloft.  A metaphor like this makes our hearts soar.  Ask today that this change happen in our lives.  Ask today, sure that God Himself has waited for us to be ready for just this day.

Let Our Heart Embrace with Love

“For it is the embrace with perfect self-honesty that returns the mind to sanity.  It is the refusal to be honest that creates the conflict and tension in the mind that is called insanity.  And insanity is a state in which the mind is not at peace, and Christ cannot enter therein.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” The Way of Mastery, Lesson 22, Page 269)

A Course in Miracles also says that we are living in madness until our minds and healed, and we walk with God.  All of us, and this is an arresting truth.

It sometimes helps in an altercation with loved ones (which happens to all of us) that we silently say, “This is insanity.”  We can’t ask our loved ones to be closer to God than we are, and ACIM also says that the one who is more sane at the moment has the imperative to cool things down (a paraphrase).

We need, as this passage says, to embrace whatever is happening.  Not to turn away from it, which makes for unnecessary conflict.  Choose Only Love also reiterates that embracing what is happening is the way we escape from what is troubling us; to try to avoid it is to invite further pain.

If Christ cannot enter us when the mind is in conflict, A Course of Love says that we ought to turn to our heart for a solution.  Yes!  This channeled work holds the key.  

Let the heart rule, for the heart will choose embracing, with love, just all the time.

Let the heart do its work, and all will be well.

Don’t Try to “Possess” Love

“Because love cannot be contained because love is life in all its abundance, then we can easily understand that behind the desire to possess objects is the desire to possess love.”  Choose Only Love, bk.2,1:I

We ARE wanting love–with all our heart.  But the idea of possession is, I think, wrong.  When we possess, we want to keep it all to ourselves.  And love, by its very nature, is a sharing concept.  We reach to our brothers and sisters, and when we love them unconditionally we don’t want to hinder their growth by holding so tightly.  If need be, we love enough to let go.

We Are the Light of the World

“Rejoice in this concrete, perfect means to enlighten the nations.  You, specifically you, are here as the light of the world.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 10:IV

This assertion, made by Jesus in a scribed work, Choose Only Love, is meant for each of us reading his words.  Think of the gift given to us, to be the light of the world!  And we can be this, rather than doing a prescribed set of actions.  Being is extolled above doing just all the time in Choose Only Love as well as A Course of Love (also scribed by Jesus).

The only way, the only way, that we can fulfill our purpose is to live in love–not as a sometime thing, but a constant.  When we don’t live in love, we lose ourselves in patterns of the egoic fear that is still with us, with us out of habit of mind–not heart.  The heart, our center of being, knows better.  And we feel with our heart, we ARE loving.

Ask what effortless thing we might do today as we live our being.  Service in the world is what we are about, even as so are the angels who attend us.  

With a determination to “be,” we will be happy.  Nothing can deter the living out of an era that has now arrived, the time of Christ.

He asks us just to remember, and in the remembering from an ancient past, we are healed.

God’s Plan

“An apparent death which led to eternal life happened long ago.  It happened when time was conceived, although only two thousand calendar years ago, was it seen by human consciousness.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 7:III

This assertion is being channeled by Jesus, who lived that two thousand calendar years ago and was the central figure in the drama that still captivates the world today.  There is a plan, and here we learn that the genesis of that plan occurred before time entered our universe.  It is possible that we don’t understand this, for many are the mysteries that surround the origin of the universe.  But Jesus also lives now outside of time, and we can respect his assertions as being true.

There is a plan for our lives, too.   We are not blindly following things in our lives that on the surface don’t make sense.  The plan culminates, eventually, when we are old, with the blessings that Joseph Campbell said were “very sweet.”  It is only as time passes that we are given the wherewithal to see the “why” of our lives.  And only when we have passed the test of true love.

God couldn’t let His universe exist as a place a place in which love was ambivalent.  Certainly the universe would have self-destructed.  Resting on love, all things eventually work out a plan that blesses us.  Love draws us, for our joy is so complete when we open to love that we want nothing else.

This is the plan that Jesus’ life embodied.  And it is fascinating that the plan evolved before time made its appearance.

There are more things in Heaven and on Earth than we have dreamed of.  Let us thank God that His plans always work out perfectly, even though with free will we might avoid love for a time.

Invitation to Determine Our Purpose in Life

“In the depths of your heart is inscribed the purpose of your existence.  Knowledge of that purpose is what we call the wisdom of the heart, an essential part of your self.  All carry it.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 7:III

As we read this third book of the series, Choose Only Love, we discover that our purpose, the purpose of all of us, is to be who we really are.  The way in which being who we really are will play out is going to different for each individual, for we are distinct, though all are one in Christ.

Obviously, this knowledge is meant to be reached once we have following along our pathway, once we have given up the ego, and we are living as the children of God, no longer thwarting Him, sure that His will and our true will are one and the same.

Do spend time today figuring out what your particular mission is.  If you have read this far in Choose Only Love, you have rejected egoic claims on your life. And now is the time to be clear about what your real purpose is.

There can be few better ways to spend time.

Faith & Real Hope

Note: The book mentioned in this post, Choose Only Love, is available from Amazon in both print and e-book formats. It was received by Sebastian Blaksley in recent years.

“Despite understanding little of what is said, still you go forward with faith and real hope, because your heart knows.”  Choose Only Love, bk.2, 6:I

When we begin reading the seven volumes of Choose Only Love, we are still largely lost in confusion, despite the blessings of what is said.  Enough has not yet been said to clue us in completely.

But as we move forward in our faith and in hope for what we know is a good treatise, we discover more.  And our faith and hope are justified.

The caveat is that our heart knows, has known all along.  When we listen to our heart, we merge with the Divine, with God, for all of us know that He is Love, and in ourselves, the heart is the center of our love.

Be with us as we read further in Choose Only Love.  Let us pause frequently to absorb the love that emanates from its pages.  May God’s blessing be upon our reading.


“As Christ you are the light of the world.  You are illumined by the light of the Lamb.  You are already living a new era in creation.  You have completed your path to truth and are ready to accept the eternal revelation of love.”  Choose Only Love, bk.2, 6:I

This quotation is speaking to the true believer, the one who has walked far along the pathway back to God, and is ready simply to rest in love.  When we walk far, we know that the only reason for life on earth, the only purpose, is to discover how to love.  Sure, we want to grow also, because an angel bends over each blade of grass, saying “Grow, grow.”  And angels accompany us on our pathway of growth also.

But love is the main thing.  

When we love enough, everything else falls into place.  

The Time of the Truth of Love

“The delights of our holy love will be given to all.  Thus, those who are most called to love can enjoy our beauty, and join our song of praise and gratitude.

“To give ourselves entirely will be the hallmark of our expression, serving love, the joyful fruit of our union.  By virtue of this, the world will have a new light.  Those who seek comfort will find it.  Those who long for truth will receive it.  Those who grope for love will stop looking, for because of our divine union, they will recognize that love is what they are, and that their being goes wherever they go.”

“The time of truth has come.”  Choose Only Love, bk.7, Prelude.

I worry about people who have heard that love is the Answer so many times that they are numbed by it.  But love IS the Answer, and until we relinquish our egoic tendencies and welcome unconditional trust and love into our live, we will never know consistent peace.

This means to give up attack in any form.  Doing so makes a giant leap into the arms of God, and His Voice, the Holy Spirit.  When we are agitated and inclined to argue, we are indeed lost to God.  He can’t get through to us when we are agitated.  Pray today for a surcease of agitation, and give a welcome to the peace that supplants it.

We are into the time of the Second Coming of Christ.  Nowhere in Jesus’ recent channeled writings are we told that this might be a physical incarnation.  But we ARE told that we ourselves are part of this Second Coming.  Jesus shares his Christhood with us.  

And when we respond rightly, in love, we respond with one accord to be better future.

There Is No Room for the Tempest of Rough Seas

“There is no room for madness here, nor for the tempest of rough seas.  Here there is only life, peace, and creation.  Nothing will disturb your mind or heart anymore, since everything that afflicted your soul has been forgotten forever, erased from the memory of your heart in love.  Now there will only be expressions of being, extensions of love, and unlimited giving serving the cause and effect of love.  Choose Only Love, bk.7, 1:I.  Message from Jesus.

Here is a fantastic promise from Jesus.  By Book 7 of Choose Only Love, if we have taken all seven books to heart, we are ready to experiment continuous peace.  Choose Only Love has cocooned us with love, given us insights by doing so that take us home to God.  We are not going to fail now unless we abandon our faith.  And who among us would do so at this late date?

We did entertain a “tiny, mad idea” of separation from God, something we first learned from Jesus in A Course in Miracles.  But now “There is no room for madness,” and we have walked by the direction pointed out, back to God.

We may still have certain patterns of thought, called “egoic patterns” by A Course of Love, that will occasionally give us pause.  But even this is very, very rare now–if it happens at all.  We walk humbly before our God, sure of His promises, sure of His guidance, sure of His love.

Pure Love Manifested

“Blessed soul, beauty of eternal life!  Here we are, united in a time and place that has merged into the eternal.  Together we are the light of the world.  United we are the sun of life.  From our relationship of pure love, a new reality has been born, a reality pure and holy.  We are one mind, one heart, one holy being.  In our unity we are as we have always been–the immutability of being, expressing itself forever in glory.”  Choose Only Love, bk.7, 1:I.  Message from Jesus.

Jesus’ words are comforting.  He is reassuring us that we have never left the arms of God–and of himself.  He blesses us with his words.

If we have ever felt “not enough”–and all of us have–then we need feel insufficiency no longer.  In the midst of this quotation, we find that our saving grace is in our unity one with another and with God.

We have not changed–not in reality.  We took a detour that we now regret, though because everything is actually perfect, we know that God also, with us, made the decision for separation.  It was first our choice as free beings of free will, but He “let go” because we were so eager to experience all that could be experienced.  

Now we come home, never to leave again.  We are wrapped up in a cocoon of love, and lest we forget, we have God’s promptings to keep us in the know.

“Soul, You Have Arrived”

“Soul, you have arrived.  Before time began, I conceived you in my heart to be the beauty of my being.  Before the wind could blow–since movement of matter had not yet been created–you were in my divine mind as a perpetual lover.  My joy was to wait for this time, a time like no other, to come, a time when the light of glory would begin to shine as never before, through you, my soul in love, my divine child.”  Choose Only Love, Book 7, Prelude.  “A message from the Voice of Christ through a choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel.”

This is not specifically said to be from Jesus, but perhaps from the Spirit of Christ, whom we all share.  It is a glorious praising of God for where we have arrived today in this world.

We are in Book 7 of Choose Only Love, the book that is the culmination of all that has gone before.  We can take unto ourselves whatever seems right about this message.  If we think that we are still ego-driven, then we will postpone this message for a future time.  If the ego has indeed been banished, we will rejoice that our future will be unlike anything that has gone before.

Rest a while in these words, for they are an affirmation of just how far we have traveled along the road back to God.  The praise that this passage reveals is shared by the cosmos.  We ought also to share that praise.

God Illumines His Way

“Nothing will be hidden anymore.”  (Choose Only Love, Book 7, Prelude)

What a startling assertion!  By the time we have read through to the seventh volume of this magnificent series, we hear from the angels, Jesus, and Mary a great deal that will encourage us.  We are walking a pathway that many in this world have never even dreamed about.

Because of the fact that we have relinquished the ego, we are not prone to be mindful of egotism in our journey.  God can share with us the greatest blessings in His heaven, no longer mindful that we will misuse his gifts.

We will know, where before we only had inklings.  This is akin to what Jung said years ago.   He indicated that he did not have to have “faith,” because he knew.  

We may not want to give up faith, but we too do now know.  We can proceed easily and peacefully through this world without fears of taking up the nefarious ego again.  No longer is that a great threat.

Our way is clear.  Let us do God’s work in this world, thankful that we have walked far along the pathway back to Him.  To whom much is given, much is required.  That is the only warning we need.

God’s Gifts for Us Redeemed

“Thoughts from Heaven feel like light and breath; they are full of certainty, can never be forgotten, and they bring a great ‘amount’ of truth in the blink of an eye.”  Choose Only Love, Book 7, A Message from Sebastian, II.

Thoughts from Heaven are manna to our spirit.  When we enjoy a true revelation, the gist of it stays with us, never to be completely forgotten and often changing our lives in drastic ways.  “Light and breath,” Sebastian says.  We might ask, Can this type of revelation really happen to us?

Yes!  A resounding yes!  Revelation is always from God to us, and is more lasting than a miracle in our hearts.  Revelation is the way of the future, for those of us reading this far in Choose Only Love have, it is said in its pages (in different words), that we have traveled far along our pathway back to God, and He is able to get through to us quite remarkably.  Our struggles have been greatly reduced, and we are ready for revelation in our very being.  We live a peaceful life, marred only temporarily by those things that cause us regret.

Does this sound too good to be true?  It is truly not too good to be true.  God trusts us to keep His universes going through our expressions of being, our Love for all that is.  He could not gift us with all He would wish so long as we were recalcitrant.  But He can now.

And He does.


Note: Published in Miracles magazine, September – October, 2022 (Jon Mundy, publisher; Glenn Hovemann, editor)

“Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh.”  (A Course in Miracles, COA ed., T-27.X.6:1)

“To access true knowledge of yourself and thus end all madness, you must go to knowledge in the right way, which is through love.”  (Choose Only Love, “Wisdom,” bk 4, 5.II)

We can’t remember any of this, but when we failed to laugh at the idea that we might attack God, making an illusion we would like better than the reality He provided, separating from our brothers and sisters, we chose madness.  And in madness is how we will stay until we discover truly how to love.  Love rights everything.  Unfortunately, we have become so accustomed to hearing that love is the Answer, that we don’t fully comprehend the import.

Perhaps if we try to discover how to love, we will make some progress.  We first forgive our brothers and sisters for what they have not done to us.  We have been living in a dream, because that is the only way that we could experience the madness that we chose.  We must drop judgment of our brothers and sisters, and we do this by recognizing the illusion.  A Course in Miracles says that fear is judgment. (T-29.X.9:3) Fear is the opposite of love, and when we drop the judgment that fuels fear, we are left with love.  Then, in love, we are safe in God’s arms once again.

We all want true knowledge of who we are.  And this true knowledge of self and others arises when we love, ourselves and others.  A tiny amount of love can be “milked” for all that it is worth.  And when we do so, we are enhancing that which is our heritage, and that heritage is love.  God’s Love.

When the fear dissipates, we are no longer afraid of what others will do to us. Because now we don’t fear or judge our brothers and sisters, we are free to love them—possibly for the first time.  

When overwhelmed with love, thank God for this blessing.

Gates of Heaven

“Beloved pure soul!  You who live for God!  Whoever joins this work becomes one with us, and because of that union miracles and spiritual events of incalculable greatness and bliss will occur.  Gates of Heaven not yet opened will do so.”  Choose Only Love bk. 6, 1:II

A wonderful promise from Choose Only Love, received by Sebastian Blaksley from the celestial.  We are often given encouragement in these seven books in the series, published by Take Heart Publications and available on Amazon.

If we choose to take to heart these promises, our lives will smooth out and we will enjoy greater happiness.

Sometimes we think wanting to be happy is a selfish thing.  But no!  Actually it is the gift of God to us.  We just have to follow His message of Love.

New Path

“After having blessed everything lived, known, taught, and experienced, we let it go forever and begin a new path, a path without past, without plans, without pre-conceived ideas.  We are carried by the Grace of God.”  Choose Only Love bk. 6, 1:I

Choose Only Love is taking us in new directions.  We bless our past, but we don’t cling to it.  God blesses our past, but He too does not hold us to it.

We are walking a new way now, a way in which we are “carried by the Grace of God.”  This new beginning has assurances that were not ours previously.  Our knowledge—not our perceptions—will carry us forth from now on.

We don’t know how this new path will unfold—and wonder of wonders, we don’t have to know.  God’s Grace is always sufficient.  If we think we need to know specifics, we need only ask, and we will be told, but specifics unfolding in their own time and place.

Take heart, be reassured that God and angels walk with us.  We cannot lose our way unless we want to do so.  And who would want, once again, to lose our way?  We found that our way would not work.  Now, as bidden by all revealed writings, we choose God’s way.

If we stand firm in this determination, there is nothing that we wish to do that we cannot do—if the wish is certain and clear in our innermost being, for we are listening to the Guide Whom God is, our sure way.

Considering the Godhead in Masculine/Feminine Terms

“A Special Note about Gender:  God has no gender.  The masculine/feminine duality of personality is a human attribute.  And yet, God is both masculine and feminine, for God is All.  As All, God is both as personal as you and as impersonal as ‘It’ or ‘Principle.’  Human beings can relate more intimately to a personal God than an impersonal one, and so ion his lifetime Jesus created the idea of ‘God the Father,’ which casts God as a loving presence, and humans as part of a Divine Family.  During Jesus’ time, the culture could only accept a masculine figure; and ever since much of the world has related to God as masculine in both imagery and in language.  I grew up in a Catholic society in which God was universally referred to as ‘He.’  That tradition is reflected in the first three books of Choose Only Love.

“In Book IV, however, God more fully revealed Herself:  ‘Until now, God Himself, in His infinite knowledge, wanted to show Himself in the world as Father, as well as the love that He is.  But from now on She wants to show Herself as Mother, not only as wisdom.  The ‘feminine’ of God will come to light more and more every day.’  Thus the reader will notice that the language of the final four books in this series reflects both the masculine and feminine natures of God.”  – from Sebastian Blaksley, receiver of Choose Only Love.  Passage is from Choose Only Love, Bk. 7, introductory material.

The explanation about gender, you will note, quoted above, comes from Sebastian and is here quoted from Book 7.

Traditionally, Christianity has used the masculine gender, as did Jesus 2,000 years ago.  Now we are encouraged to think of God in broader terms, knowing (as I think Jesus knew, too) that God is bigger than one gender.  In the more inclusive way that God is dealing with us now, we are encouraged to try to see His/Her grandeur, that the God we worship is not to be seen in anthropomorphic terms.

We tend to see God in our own image, but that somewhat misstates the case.  We are told in the Genuis that God created us in His image—not the reverse.  So we are encouraged to try to think in “God terms,” and of course this attempt asks a lot of us.

The Mother God will be seen by us as a gentler version, for most of us carry warm feelings toward the one who birthed us and cuddled us in her arms.  The mother/child bond has been seen as the most significant of all our relationships.  And Book 7 of Choose Only Love recognizes this significance.

Ask God to show us how to think of the Godhead.  See if what Sebastian says here in his reception of Choose Only Love finds a place in our hearts. 


“In true knowledge, which comes from knowing your being in the light of eternal truth, you know the divine relationship.  The path proposed in this work is the path of being.”  Choose Only Love bk. 6, 1:III

Our divine relationship is, first and foremost, the best center for our lives. Previously many people proposed “doing” good works, with faith, as the way home to God. Jesus is here focusing on simply being in love with God. It doesn’t mean we will never “do” anything, but it does mean that our commitment is to simply being who we are, children of the divine Creator.

We don’t have to merit God’s good grace. His sun and rain shine and fall upon all equally. All are wanted by Him in a relationship of divine caring. Love in its essence.

Reading Choose Only Love

“Hear me, all!  Those who come to this work will be my beloved saints unknown to the world, but known forever in my love.”  Choose Only Love bk. 6, 1:III

This statement is a loving affirmation of our task in reading Choose Only Love. We would not be drawn to this work unless we had made contact, however limited, with God Himself. We need do only small things, unknown by the world, but valuable within our circle of family, friends, and acquaintances. When love is the motivator, God can take our small work and amplify it. He can do this best when our hearts are open to receive Him.

If Jesus, Mary, and the angels are loving us, we are blessed indeed. What more could we ask, than this, a part in forwarding the transformation that Jesus began 2,000 years ago?

Small Things with Great Love

“When it was said that ‘he who is holy in little ways is great,’ we sought not only to give a guide to behavior and discernment, but to convey the truth that it is not necessary to do great things, but small things with great love.”  Choose Only Love bk. 6, 1:III

Anything that we do out of love that is not harmful to another is a blessing, smiled upon by God. Our smallest action, our smallest thought, if motivated by the Love that God encourages in us, is a blessing. We live correctly when we live from love. Anything else is quite inferior.

Sometimes we think we are not making much of an impact. This is when we are still trapped by an egoic pattern that wants us to make a big splash.

But this type of thinking is flawed. There are billions of people in the world now, and if even a small percentage react in their lives from a place of love, we can effect a transformation. We need only to do “small things with great love.”

We Live in New Times Now

“The time has passed when the forces of ego attacked the truth with all their ferocity.  There is no battle to win; it has already been won.  You live in new times now, times of the fullness of being.  Even though the world continues to look quite similar to that of yesteryear, the times now have nothing to do with what was previously.”  Choose Only Love, bk.7, 5:I

This quotation from the final book in the series, Choose Only Love, received by Sebastian Blaksley, will give us hope. Certainly when we look at our conflicted world, we are likely to doubt these optimistic words. But it truly is darkest before the dawn, and we are reaching the dawn shortly. The egoic triumph for our world is no more. Many people, even if not of a religious persuasion, are becoming aware of what works and what doesn’t. And egoic extremes fail miserably.

We are in the “fullness of being.” This is Mary’s way, heralded by A Course of Love and then followed up with Mirari and Memoria–as received by God’s servant, Mari Perron. “Being” as an ideal doesn’t mean we sit back and don’t do anything to improve our world. But our being in this world is primary; we don’t seek to be do-gooders without salvation ourselves.

“There is no battle to win; it has already been won.” This, about the ego, is wonderful news in and of itself. Much of this change has come about from the advent of A Course in Miracles, received by Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford as a team, with Helen taking down notes and Bill typing them up. The book was published in 1975. Much to the good has happened since. And most of us believe that A Course in Miracles was channeled by Jesus himself.

Let’s ask sincerely if we are on the right track, those of us of religious persuasion who seek only good in the world. Let our “being” flow, with actions that emerge from our being One with God.

This is the final step. Being One with God is the ultimate. And the illusory separation from God, fraught with the ego, is healed.

Joyous Praise

“What a joy it is to know that through expression we can know being!  How much joy there is in our hearts now that we recognize that the Creator speaks to us through creation.  Each cloud will speak to us of love.  Each gust of wind will sing melodies of love.  Every drop of water will show the purity of love.  The whispers of love will no longer be dim like moonlight, but like melodious songs that the mind and heart hear with gratitude.  As never before, everything we see will tell us of God.  You will recognize that love surrounds you everywhere, that you live, move, and exist in it.”  Choose Only Love, bk.7, 5:III

This quotation, from the last volume in the series–newly published–we see our love for God as a palpable thing. In effect, we are saying hosannas to God, thanking Him for the beauty of our world. Mary, in Mirari, has also commented on what a beautiful world we inhabit. Praising rising to God becomes easy when we live the being that this volume encourages us to inhabit.

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus tells us that our praise of God does not mean that we tell Him how wonderful He is. He has no ego with which to accept such praise. But we ourselves need the discipline of gratitude. It warms our heart. Appreciation, or gratefulness, goes hand in hand with love.

This quotation lifted my spirits very high. When we feel close to God, we naturally want to say “thank You” to Him. And our day goes better as a result, for we are thinking positively, letting go of the many negatives in the world as we are living it today.

Millions of Enlightened People

“The millions of sisters and brothers who throughout the world are living their human lives being the enlightened ones of God, those who found love, embody all varieties of social, religious, philosophical, moral, and other characteristics.  Almost none are well known, because to be a celebrated saint is simply one option among several.  Few choose that path, nor is it necessary.”  Choose Only Love bk. 6, 1:III

What a glorious statement this is: that there are “millions” of our brothers and sisters in this world who are enlightened! I did not know that enlightenment (also called Awakening and Christ-consciousness) was so widespread. And there is no way that I could know, because most of those so blessed keep a low profile. We do not have very many Mother Teresas.

It is possible that those so blessed with enlightenment do not have a name for it, other than “born again,” or “saved.” Most of us in the West do not have a good grasp of enlightenment. The East is different that way. There is a long tradition of enlightenment in Eastern religions of Buddhism and Hinduism, and many people in Eastern countries know what has happened to them when they are so blessed.

I have a friend who had no clue what was going on with her over 30 years ago when enlightenment dawned. She started on a mission to try to find out. In the meantime, she simply called it “transformation.” She is one of the lucky ones; her transformation has been sustained.

If we want enlightenment, we need to ask for it. The pathways of Jesus’ channeled writings all point to this end. It is in truth the only way that our world can be saved from disaster. It is the only way out there for salvation to take hold worldwide.

Turn to love, dismiss judgment and fears that are not meant to be warnings. If we hold fast to our desires for enlightenment, we will draw it to us. And in so doing we will do our small part in advancing our civilizations by dedication to God’s ways.


“I have called this session ‘the unknown saints.’ It might also have been called ‘the enlightened strangers.’  What I want to express is that many kinds of beings have attained enlightenment, that is, higher knowledge or the wisdom of love.  Their common denominator is that they have chosen love as the center and the reason for life.  They have chosen truth as their eternal companion no matter where they are or what they do.  They live consciously for God and in God, even though the totality of the effects of their choice are not completely known while they remain functioning on Earth.”  Choose Only Love bk. 6, 1:II

This quotation seems to refer both to this world (“while they remain functioning on Earth”) and a world beyond (“many kinds of beings”).  Certainly Choose Only Love offers guidance from angels, and these certainly are other kinds of beings.  But the enlightened strangers are ourselves, too–many people who have no outward show to themselves and would not be expecting to be called “saints.”

The bottom line is that we can discover what we need to know from our brothers and sisters on Earth, and we can discover what we need to know from channeled writings.  Moreover, our own communion with our depths will enlighten us in a way that nothing else can.  Be sure to reflect on what rises from the depths.  If harm would come to anyone, it is not a right choice.

Yes, love remains the center tenet of Choose Only Love as well as all other channeled writings of which I know anything.  Don’t let this be a hackneyed statement.  If love were something new to us, we would be enthralled by it even more than we are.  We are too used to the concept of love not to be jaded sometimes.  And this is a great pity.

Love is the cement of the universes.  If it were not for God’s Love, His cosmos would never have stood.  Love is the glue that sets our feet on solid ground.  Our heads may be in the clouds, but our feet are on terra firma.

Awareness of Love

“The only obstacle to enlightenment, to supreme knowledge, is fear. . .

“But fear overrides your awareness of love.  Fear makes you lose sight of love.  Therefore, I say with certainty that although you may do many things to reach God, if you are unwilling to put aside fear, none of what you may spiritually ‘do’ will help you, but rather it will bolster your ego.”  Choose Only Love bk. 6, 1:II

Fear is not stronger than love, though. Negativity, which fear represents, is never stronger than positivity, which love represents. To believe that fear is impossible to overcome is to believe that there exists Someone or Something stronger than God. And we don’t believe this. The “devil,” or “Satan,” which might be said to be in a struggle with God, is simply illusion. In our understanding, the ego is the nearest thing that we have ever come to a devil.

With the law of attraction operating, we know that what we focus upon comes to be, in some form or other. And if we focus on praying for fear to disappear, we are focusing on negativity, which never works. Instead, make the simple shift to focusing on love in all our dealings. Ask to have our love increased. Ask to love ourselves, our brothers and sisters, nature (even), and God. Ask to have love so overwhelm us that we have no room for fear.

We are not perfect, and so there will come times when we are overwrought. But these times do not occur when we are experiencing a satori, a glimpse of Awakening. Those who have awakened do not focus on fear, and so their experience is quite different. In attempting to move toward enlightenment, we are encouraged to focus on what we want, not to insert a negative of what we do “not” want.

Ask to be overwhelmed by love today–God’s Love. This is one of the most powerful prayers that we can offer to the cosmos, and God listens.

Choosing Only Love

“Choosing only love is that for which you have come to this universe.  Nothing else.  Showing the way for others to make this choice consciously is the highest form of sharing because it is the way to share God.”  Choose Only Love bk. 6, 1:II

This quotation explains powerfully why the title for this series was chosen: Choose only love is why we are here in this universe.

This statement implies that there are other realms in the cosmos where we have lived before, although we know that time is an illusion and so all time is actually simultaneous. Time on earth is spread out so that we can experience it. There would be no other way.

We need to make the choice for love consciously. A Way of Mastery, also channeled by Jesus, lets us know that we need to draw up from the subconscious all that is there that can hinder our progress back to God in any way. When we have healed the subconscious, we are ready for Awakening–but not before. And then we do make the choice for love consciously, for the information in the subconscious has been brought to light.

All of this takes time. But remember that time is an illusion, and so we can skip over large chunks of time with Jesus as our leader. A Course in Miracles says this (though in slightly different words with the same meaning).

We need to share love with others, and then we are on the right path. Nothing else will do. Nothing else is good enough.

We Are Blessed

“Beloved pure soul!  You who live for God!  Whoever joins this work becomes one with us, and because of that union miracles and spiritual events of incalculable greatness and bliss will occur.  Gates of Heaven not yet opened will do so.”  Choose Only Love bk. 6, 1:II

There is a thread running through the first six books (of seven) published in Choose Only Love, and that thread is that those who discover these books and take them to heart are particularly blessed by God. Of course, we already know of God’s blessings, for we would not have sought out CHOL unless we were prompted to do so. And this, in itself, is a great blessing.

Sebastian’s manner of channeling is surely unique in the history of channeling. The veil between him and the Other Side is very thin, almost non-existent, often. And through it all, he has remained his modest self, a representative of God’s mission on Earth, a representative of Jesus, Mary, and the angels.

We will know greater bliss as we walk through this world. That is the promise of this quotation. “Gates of Heaven not yet opened will do so.” And what will we see when these Gates are opened? We don’t know, but Sebastian has given us a glimpse. And that glimpse is profoundly moving.

Certainly when Gates open to Heaven we will bask in greater Love from God. Not that He has been negligent with us, but because we are more open than ever before. We are ready for revelation.

And we will have it.

Humanity & Divinity Will Now Embrace

“Your humanity will be completely absorbed in that which is beyond all human thought, while remaining what it is.  Humanity and divinity will now embrace, establishing a new bond of love linking the Supreme Source with the nature of the human.  And with that we will become increasingly aware of a union that is above all union, and includes them all.

“Beloved mirror of wisdom!  What a joy it is to be able to sing with you a new song every morning, every sunset, and every night.”  Choose Only Love bk. 6, 1:II

Book 6 of Choose Only Love is taking us beyond simply Awakening.  Our humanity and our divinity, as we read in this quotation, will now embrace.  We are evolving further, with God’s help.  We are becoming the Self Who touches God.

We will naturally move to praise when we experience this new beginning.  Our little mind cannot comprehend all the glories that God will bestow on us.  We are speechless as a result.

God’s wisdom will become a part of what we experience.  We will know more about Divinity than we have ever known before.  Indeed, it is not overstating to know that He will be sharing His Godhead with us.

There is a reason that we were born in the physical on earth.  Each of us has a different mission, though there will be similarities.  Ask today to know what we are individually called to do.  Ask today to know what we are individually called to think.  God’s infusion into our mind and heart will be complete.

Loving from the Heart

“If you love some more than others, or if you love certain aspects of creation in a different way than you love others, then you do not understand what love is.”  Choose Only Love bk.4, 4:I

What does Choose Only Love mean by this statement about love? How can we wrap our minds and hearts around this idealistic statement?

Like A Course in Miracles, Choose Only Love can be read on different levels. When we seek love in the interpretation of CHOL, we are seeking the love of God, Who loves all equally for we are all treasured children in His eyes. The closer we come to loving the way that God loves, the more “on the beam” we are.

This statement about love does not mean that we don’t choose different expressions of love with different people in our world. We do. This statement about love is not about those different expressions. It is about the heart, our heart as well as the heart of all others. In the heart, we can love equally, and when we do we are touching God’s hemline.

Say Good-Bye to the Ego

“All those absurd ideas that you harbored about the superiority or inferiority of beings, both physical and spiritual, was an inevitable response of the ego, that totally fearful state of consciousness.  It was unnecessary and not part of God’s dream.”  Choose Only Love bk.4, 3:II

God’s dream for us is benign. We make the drama that surrounds us, and when we have walked farther along on our pathway back to God, everything becomes calm and quiet. In A Course in Miracles, these are the “happy dreams the Holy Spirit brings.”

We are all equal children of God, though some of us, in time, are farther behind others. And some are ahead. But time does not exist; time is illusory. Thus all such comparisons pale.

The ego makes the hell that we sometimes live in, for the ego is “totally fearful,” and fear is an attribute of the hell we make for ourselves.

When we stay close to God, all of this mischief disintegrates. We have good days, like pearls on a string–all, if not perfect, at least a goodly share of perfect. Don’t be too intense about it, but be in constant touch with God. If we are too intense in our constant prayer, we will have an overload of thinking that leaves out the heart. The mind makes for stress. Let our love for God and our brothers and sisters derive from our heart, and this Love is what will make for goodness in every day we spend on earth.

To Attack Anything in Creation Is Never Necessary. It Never Was.

“As you begin to allow the memory of this truth to dawn, answer this question:  Do you despise or attack any brother or sister who accompanies you for a short time on the journey you make towards your heart?

“To attack anything in creation is never necessary.  It never was.”  Choose Only Love bk.4, 3:II

We have feet of clay, being human, and to say that we need hold anyone at all in creation in a less than loving light is not beneficial to our growth as spiritual beings returning to God. We need instead to practice the love that has been preached by every spiritual tradition in existence.

If we are thinking negatively about anyone at all (and all of us has someone in that category), then we need to ask God for help in cleansing our minds. Our hearts already know that truth of what love can do, but our minds are still at least partially deluded. Even awakened people are not perfect in this change to a wholly loving perspective.

Bless us today as we open our hearts to all in creation, barring none. And especially open our hearts to You, dear God, the hope of our life.

Join with Love in Stillness

“Simply join with love in stillness and wait for the revelation of God’s plan.  Because God is infinite and inexhaustible, revelation of Her can happen in every moment and forever. ”  Choose Only Love bk.4, 3:I

When we don’t know what to do next, there is a solution, but it does take patience, and many of us have patience in short supply.

We need simply to rest in stillness, awaiting God’s response. God is here called the feminine, because God is without gender, and Choose Only Love is emphasizing the helpful aspects of the feminine gender.

God will respond to us when we are in a quandary. He doesn’t mean to keep secrets from us. He means us well. And will respond, always and forever.

Revelation can come to anyone at any time, but getting quiet within seems to be a prerequisite most of the time. If trying to come to a decision, we are not alone; we have Help.

Let God speak to us in our quandaries.


by Celia Hales

Published in Miracles magazine (Jon Mundy, publisher).

In this world you can become a spotless mirror, in which the Holiness of your Creator shines forth from you to all around you.  You can reflect Heaven here.  (A Course in Miracles, FIP ed., T-14.I.5)

Honor your mind, let it serve what it was created for:  to be a blessed mirror of divine truth, the abode of wisdom, a sacred temple where the sweetness of love dwells.  (Choose Only Love bk. 4, 16:II)

The goal, then, of genuine spirituality is to realign the quality of your perception—to mirror, to resonate with, to be in perfect alignment with the perception of your Creator—to see with God’s eyes.  (The Way of Mastery, Part One:  The Way of the Heart, Lesson 4)

            When we see with someone else’s eyes, we are seeing as that person sees.  It is the same with God.  When we are seeing from His perspective as a “spotless mirror,” we reflect Heaven.

            Would that we could be spotless mirrors consistently!  Awakening holds out that promise to us, but many of us have had only glimpses and have not sustained Awakening as of yet.  So what might we do to live more from God’s perspective?

            To remove the blocks to the awareness of love and move closer to Awakening, we need to turn aside—gently—from fear and judgment.  This advice, from A Course of Love, will speed us along the pathway back to God.

            St. Augustine said, “Love and do as you will.”  This is the essence.  If we love enough, a holy love and not a special love, we will reflect the Holiness of our Creator.  If we know the sweetness of love, we won’t long for anything else.  We will live in bliss, perfectly satisfied with what each day brings—even when the day brings something less than ideal.

            When we become “spotless mirrors,” we will reflect God in everything we say or do.  We will live life confidently and peacefully, sure of love, and sure of our own life as one of His children. 


“You had a dream for you.  God had another.  Yours was a dream of separation; Hers a dream of eternal union with Her son.  Your dream was a nightmare; Hers the endless joy of truth.”  Choose Only Love bk.4, 3:I

Dreams are a fruitful way to look at our experience in this world as well as eternally.  We thought we wanted to experience separation from God, and we did, in disaster.  We did not really separate, for we are part of Him and cannot be separate, but we thought we separated, and in the thought the illusion became complete.

When we dream of union with Jesus, we are dreaming of our rightful place, with him, of Christhood.  He shares his Christhood with us, though he got there first and is still our leader in all that we do.

We want the “endless joy of truth.”  We know enough now to know that trying to live without God is a fruitless proposition, an endless mistake.  But living with Him is endless joy.

He made us for joy, and we are only satisfied when we are living joy—with Him.

God Let Go

“When you decided to forsake the arms of love, your Heavenly Mother had no choice but to let you go.  She did what every loving mother does in those circumstances:  made sure that you had everything you needed to be safe and sound, and that you could return without complication when you wished.”  Choose Only Love bk.4, 2:III

God is given to the feminine in this quotation, an emphasis that He is the All, though He does not have gender at all. By using the “Heavenly Mother,” this quotation lets us know that “She” let go, she did so out of love. We can and we do return to God’s way, and this can be “without complication,” which I think means that we will not be judged for our lapse.

A Course of Love makes the same statements. When we rebelled, thinking we would make a world that we liked better than staying One with God, He “let go.” (In A Course of Love, the masculine pronouns are used.) What difficulty has emerged in our lives! And now we want, like the Prodigal Son, to return–which means to heal the separation. And the separation is a separation from God.

How do we heal this division? We turn aside, ever so gently, from fear. And we stop judging, ourselves as well as others, our brothers and sisters on this journey. According to A Course of Love, these two aspects of our life–fear and judgment–are all that are keeping us from Christ-consciousness.

If we love enough, dropping the fear and judgment is easy. When enthralled by love, and Love from God, we can see this.

May our day go smoothly as we seek to love ever more deeply. May the mellow feeling of Christ-consciousness enfold us today.

In the Bosom of God

“Once you accept that you are one with life, one with God, and are together a unit just like a child in the womb, you can begin to live in the reality of the bosom of God.”  Choose Only Love bk.4, 2:II

This quotation from Choose Only Love, an inspired work by Sebastian Blaksley just out, emphasizes to me the meditative nature of this work. It is coming out in multiple volumes, and is a blessing recognized by those of us who read it.

When we imagine ourselves a child in the womb, we are thinking safety, and nothing says safety more conclusively than being held close to the bosom of God. We need to practice love as well as seek safety, of course, and the best way for me to react with love in my devotionals is to feel the warmth of love in my heart–for God, for others, even for myself. This “cocooning” by God does lead us to recognize that without love, we are truly lost. He does not will it, but our personal will might take over and lead us into narrow pathways of ill choice.

I have sometimes said that we need to “milk” the love, when we feel it (especially when we feel it keenly), and then we will be more likely to turn to our heart instead of intellectualizing everything.

Our heart, as A Course of Love also said, does then inform our mind, working in conjunction with our mind–and we are led in the pathway back to God.


“The rebellion against love is what gave rise to fear.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 11:II

We know that this quotation is true. Even today, when we start to feel fear, we can recognize that we are not feeling love–at least not enough love.

So the solution to us of an end to fear is to rev up our love–love for God, love for our brothers and sisters, even love for ourselves. Of course, the quotation harks back to a time before time, when we separated from God because we thought we could make a world we would like better than what He provided. And such a mess we got into.

The way back is to become overwhelmed with love. When we sense even the slightest bit of love, we can “milk” it for more. When we milk the tiny bit of love for all it is worth, we discover what God can do. He meets us more than halfway. He restores our soul to a calm place, a place where there is not fear and we sense only love.

Ask for such a blessing today.

“The Everything of Everything”

“I am that within which everything exists and is.  Inside me is mind and thought, which I created.  In me is your heart with its thoughts, because they come from me.  The body itself exists within me, since nothing is outside of me.  I am the everything of everything.  I am Christ consciousness.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 11:II

Our Christ consciousness is the embodiment of our part of God, our divinity.  And we are emblematic of the whole, a hologram who can touch God because every little bit contains that whole.

Do we understand this?  No.  But we can intuit an understanding.  God doesn’t keep secrets from us.  Our finite minds, even our hearts, are just too finite to comprehend the great mysteries of the cosmos.

When we delve deeply within, in soul-gratifying prayer, our minds and hearts are opened to the joys of our living in the universe.  We don’t know it all, but we do have enough power of understanding to know that we are not alone, that God shares His creative spirit with us.

“The Wind of Our Angelic Spirit”

“Give your imagination to the reality of the universe.  Let it extend to the mystery.  In silence and stillness, feel the beat of our wings, the wind of our angelic spirit.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 11:I

Here the angels and Jesus are asking us to feel reverence and a soaring spirit about all that we have been given. When we let our spirits soar, we are in gratitude for the blessings of our lives, for our universe, for our Maker Himself. And gratefulness is its own reward.

We can discover much from following our imagination. Be reassured that we have the power of God at our backs. The mystery of the universe is with us.

Be blessed today.