Why Have You Sent Us?

From Ann Glover O’Dell’s Midwifing the Soul:

Why have you sent us

to this foreign land?

clothed these fragile organs

            in this too thin flesh

so we wake daily

wondering if they will

keep our life?

given us great fear

of hidden things

and places we have not yet seen?

put strong minds in us

that seek control

only to unsettle our rigidity?

Are we the tourists stranded

in a Canaan desert

with camels not for hire

and oases only a mirage?

What sort of strife-torn

place like this

could make its residents content?

Or was this all planned out

so we would cry at last

“Bring me home!”?


“There was a chance this time would never come.  This is what I am saying.  You have a destiny to live.  To do what you are here to do is to be who you are here to be.

“Can you imagine what the world could be if each one lived as who they are here to be?

“If being and doing were one?” Memoria

Note: This is a first post from Mari Perron’s new reception from Mary, something Mari is publishing under the title, Memoria.

We hear much about “being who we are,” and “being” rather than “doing.” A Course of Love discusses this the first time. Recent other channelings do as well.

Here Mary is saying that being and doing are one. If we live from who we are, we will operate from a single place, and this place is a place of being AND doing.

We do all have destinies to fulfill. And if we reflect on what that destiny truly is, we will know how to proceed. When we pray, and a quietness and peace come over us, we are hearing God in a way we can understand.

Otherwise, it is as if we were driving a car at night without any lights.

Turn to God to get your automobile lights on.

Recovering Ideals

“[Y]our pulse is not the pulse of your heart alone, but of you connection to time, to space, to your esteemed and symbolic places, to ideas made manifest, and to humanity’s own fall from its ideals.”  Memoria

We are living in difficult times, and we see in Memoria (a new book channeled by Mary of Nazareth, received by Mari Perron) that Mary is aware of our difficulties.  Of course.  Her appearances in the world have always championed the downtrodden and forgotten.

I want to focus on our fall from ideals.  We can recover.  Perhaps those who are denigrated the most actually mean well; it is not for us to judge the hearts of our brothers and sisters.  It is not for us to judge at all, for fear and judgment keep us from Awakening.  This from A Course of Love, an earlier work received by Mari.

If we have fallen from our ideals, then we need to recoup.  We need to make a new start.  And we can.  It simply means that we turn to God and ask for His help in perilous times. 

He knows how to right our world, and if we ask with sincerity, wanting to know what to think, say, and do, He will surely tell us.  We are on the cusp of something called The New, and in this new world order, we will surely know peace when we draw it to ourselves.

We Live in New Times Now

“The time has passed when the forces of ego attacked the truth with all their ferocity.  There is no battle to win; it has already been won.  You live in new times now, times of the fullness of being.  Even though the world continues to look quite similar to that of yesteryear, the times now have nothing to do with what was previously.”  Choose Only Love, bk.7, 5:I

This quotation from the final book in the series, Choose Only Love, received by Sebastian Blaksley, will give us hope. Certainly when we look at our conflicted world, we are likely to doubt these optimistic words. But it truly is darkest before the dawn, and we are reaching the dawn shortly. The egoic triumph for our world is no more. Many people, even if not of a religious persuasion, are becoming aware of what works and what doesn’t. And egoic extremes fail miserably.

We are in the “fullness of being.” This is Mary’s way, heralded by A Course of Love and then followed up with Mirari and Memoria–as received by God’s servant, Mari Perron. “Being” as an ideal doesn’t mean we sit back and don’t do anything to improve our world. But our being in this world is primary; we don’t seek to be do-gooders without salvation ourselves.

“There is no battle to win; it has already been won.” This, about the ego, is wonderful news in and of itself. Much of this change has come about from the advent of A Course in Miracles, received by Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford as a team, with Helen taking down notes and Bill typing them up. The book was published in 1975. Much to the good has happened since. And most of us believe that A Course in Miracles was channeled by Jesus himself.

Let’s ask sincerely if we are on the right track, those of us of religious persuasion who seek only good in the world. Let our “being” flow, with actions that emerge from our being One with God.

This is the final step. Being One with God is the ultimate. And the illusory separation from God, fraught with the ego, is healed.


“We are close now, close to a time in which a new choice can make true living available here and now.  This is the decade in which transformation proceeds, and the time in which the mother’s heart enters to show the way to care of the living, and the end of what does not need to be.“This is the time of Memoria:  The Way of the Marys.”  Memoria: The Way of the Marys

Thus begins the newly published Memoria, from Mary of Nazareth, received by Mari Perron.  We are, Mary says, on the cusp of something extraordinary, a time of transformation.  We have lived through many dire times since Jesus walked the earth, and we are living in dire times now.  But there is hope.  The “celestial speed-up” heralded to Helen and Bill when A Course in Miracles was being received, is now in full force with Mary joining in.  She and Jesus still need our hands and feet to do the work needed in our world. 

We all must pull together to know that the way of Awakening is fast approaching—or already here—for us. Mary presents herself in Mari’s dialogue as a mother, for that is the way the world knows her—Jesus’ mother.  She appeals to the heart, in the way of simply “being” that she extols.  If we listen to our hearts, our hearts as they inform our minds, we will be on the right track.  And in the process, we will care of the living as never before. All achievement pales beside this transformation. 

We think we have made great strides in our world over the centuries, but now our hearts take the lead over our minds.  We don’t let the mental take precedent over the emotional.And in the heart we find our greatest treasure.  Let our hearts rule us today.