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       Selections from the Text & Manual of A Course in Miracles

                       Compiled by Celia Hales

From the Foundation for Inner Peace Edition

Many Course in Miracles students are quite conversant with the Workbook, but perhaps less so with the Text and Manual.  If you reach a point that you want something new for devotionals, please consider taking a look at these Text and Manual quotations, personal favorites of mine.  Click on the following link:  https://ponderwithcelia.wordpress.com

A link is also available at the top of the blog, “Miracles Each Day,” https://celiaelaine.wordpress.com under “E-books Free on the Web.”

I selected these particular quotations from my markings in my well-worn ACIM.  I have studied A Course in Miracles since 1981; ACIM changed my life entirely.

May all of us be blessed by our devotionals.

Love, Celia