A Way of Living”

Published in Miracles magazine (September – October,  2019)

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“Bathed in Light”

Published in Miracles magazine.

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“Creating a New World”

Published in Miracles magazine.

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“Joy, Peace, Release”

Published in Miracles magazine.

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“Struggle Not”

Published in Miracles magazine.

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“Ten Points of Comparison between A Course in Miracles & A Course of Love”

Presented at the 20th anniversary online conference of ACOL.

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“Be Still in Spirit”

The first in a series of columns for Miracles magazine.

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“Jayem Comments on Channeling”

An introduction to a consideration in this blog of The Way of the Heart (part of The Way of Mastery, or The Christ Mind Trilogy).

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“Unity & Relationship in ACOL”

An overview of the important concept of “unity and relationship” in A Course of Love, in three parts.

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“Know Thyself”–but Which Self?”

The pivotal question in A Course of Love, foreshadowed in A Course in Miracles.

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“Would You Prefer that You Be Right or Happy?

The grounding of this question in A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love–and the Bible.

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“Are You Weary with Doing All the Time?

A Course of Love recommends being who we are rather than trying, incessantly, always to do.

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“Do We See a Judgmental Jesus?”

Reflections upon seeing the mosaic of Jesus in the Baptistry in Florence, Italy.

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“Entering a Dialogue–with Jesus”

Personally written evidence of guidance from early morning writing.

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“New Age Texts Tackle the Problem of Suffering”

The take of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love on sickness/illness/suffering.

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“The Age of Miracles Begins”

An overview of the place of A Course of Love, a sequel to A Course in Miracles.

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“My Glimpses of Awakening”

A look at experiences from my early adulthood, when I experienced glimpses of Awakening for two extended periods of time.



“The Gift Called Guidance”

A list of ten ways with explanations that we can experience guidance, the ways that legitimate guidance comes to us.


Getting Along on the Job:  An Interpretation for ACIM Students/Teachers”

My career-oriented philosophy of living, helped along by my ongoing study of A Course in Miracles.
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“A Librarian Views A Course in Miracles”

Interacting with your ACIM brother when you meet him on the job.

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“An Unseen Kiss”

A sensation of touch on the top of my head, often repeated over the years.

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“The Miracle of White Stones” –

Finding the “white stone” of Revelation, maybe, with a sense that I had justification as a child of God.
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“The  Resurrection:  Plausible ?!?”

A brief look at quantum physics in regard to Jesus’s resurrection.

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“A Holy Instant” –

A memorable evening in which I learned that God’s help is a free offer.

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“You’re Solid as a Rock!” –

My favorite college professor, revisited a couple of years after my graduation.

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“No ‘Sins’ – Only Mistakes” –

A Course in Miracles tells us that we have only made mistakes, correctable mistakes, and does not give any credence to “sins.”
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“A Tribute to Hugh Prather”

The Course in Miracles teacher who has meant so much to so many in the ACIM community makes a transition to the Other Side.
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“Exile from Grace” –

My early difficulties with religious faith, with a change coming with A Course in Miracles.

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A Godsend:  Discovering A Course in Miracles” –

Recounting what transpired for me during the reading and aftermath of reading A Course in Miracles for the first time.
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“Ego Dynamics” –

A Course in Miracles says much about the ego, and this feature seeks to interpret that concept.

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“That Red Plaid Shirt Reappears – After Death!”

My dad appears to me a couple of months after his death in 1992.

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“My Wedding Day Miracle”

Strange things with a cassette recorder, a miracle that has made a substantial difference to my life and that of my husband.
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“A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love”

A comparison of A Course of Love, as the basis, with A Course in Miracles.

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