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By Celia Hales

I have been writing for the Internet since 2009.  These are my current offerings:



Daily Devotionals on Writings Received from the Celestial—A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, and Mirari


Daily Words to God in the Spirit of A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, and Mirari


Spiritual Dimensions of the Law of Attraction


Poems in the Style of William Shakespeare & John Donne


Original & Adapted Dinner Entrees in the Mediterranean Tradition



Inspired by A Course in Miracles, complete with quotations fully annotated.


Selections from the Text & Manual of A Course in Miracles

          Compiled by Celia Hales from the Foundation for Inner Peace Edition

Many Course in Miracles students are quite conversant with the Workbook, but perhaps less so with the Text and Manual.  If you reach a point that you want something new for devotionals, please consider taking a look at these Text and Manual quotations, personal favorites of mine.  Click on the following link:


 Quotations & Devotionals re A Course of Love

A Course in Love is believed to answer questions that earnest seekers still have despite careful study of A Course in Miracles.  The framework, a course, is the same; the author, Jesus, the same.  The first receiver of A Course of Love is Mari Perron, and she received for three years around the turn of this century.

Being Who You Are selects cogent quotations from A Course of Love and then reflects upon them in a daybook format designed for devotional reading over the course of a year. 


Book Published on A Course of Love by This Blogger

REVIEWS: “A key understanding is that we cannot think our way to Heaven, we only experience that awareness by being who we (really) are. And when we are being who we are, we naturally know how to act.

“Celia Hales’ book is packed with wisdom and made sense not only to my mind, but especially spoke to my heart. The contemplations are uplifting to the spirit. . .”

To my viewers on this blog:  Over six years in the making, this book has been carefully written and revised many times.   It focuses on A Course of Love, but also includes A Course in Miracles.  Thank you for considering reading.  Love, Celia

Available from Amazon.  Read free with Kindle Unlimited membership; or $5.99 to buy e-book; or $7.95 for paperback.  Previously unpublished material.  261 pages.

DESCRIPTION from the Amazon web site:

Being Who You Are: Pondering A Course of Love

Being Who You Are offers contemplative reflections on A Course of Love that are meant for readers of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love as well as newcomers to the material.

A Course of Love answers questions that spiritual seekers may still have despite earnest study of A Course in Miracles. Being Who You Are highlights these answers in words carefully chosen for clarity and understanding.

Being Who You Are presents A Course of Love as a heartfelt continuation of the coursework provided in the more mind-focused A Course in Miracles. Chapters concentrate on the following themes: love; fear; holy vs. special relationships; the nature of true reality; mind, heart, and wholeheartedness; unity and relationship; Christ-consciousness/Awakening; separation from God healed; Jesus and Mary; and the elevated Self of form. Tender human interest stories round out the ten comprehensive chapters.

This book, by the long-time blogger at “Miracles Each Day,” has been designed with care to introduce A Course of Love into the spiritual mainstream.

Reprinted from A Course of Love web site:

A Course of Love: An Overview

By Celia Hales

Celia Hales has been studying A Course in Miracles since 1981 and A Course of Love since 2002. And she has been writing about both on her six-day-a-week blog, Miracles Each Day, since 2009. In 2016 she had the idea of creating a booklet that would introduce readers to A Course of Love. It has now been published: a 48-page booklet, both in paper and as an ebook, for $3.95. The back cover text introduces it as follows: 

Love is not something you do. It is what you are. A Course of Love gently guides you to the discovery of your true identity—who you have always been. This Course is not for the mind but for the heart, for the heart has the ability to learn in a new way. A way of direct knowing.

A Course of Love is a sequel to A Course in Miracles, the phenomenal work received in the 1960s and early 70s that has touched the lives of millions. ACOL declares itself to be a “continuation of the coursework provided in A Course in Miracles.” Nevertheless, readers need not be familiar with the original Course. ACOL is gentle and accessible, a spiritual masterpiece. This book offers an overview. It contains:

  • How ACOL is organized
  • Background about Mari Perron, the “First Receiver,” and how she was unknowingly prepared to receive ACOL
  • A synopsis of the content
  • Significant quotes
  • FAQs
  • Additional resources

Celia Hales’s warmth and firm grasp of content shine through in this little book. It signals the profound yet intimate experience that awaits you in A Course of Love.

Released in December, 2016, by Take Heart Publications. Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and DeVorss.




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