Attract the Good

“What the mountain top experience is helping you to see is that you are the experience. The mountain top experience did not happen to you or happen separately from you. It has happened and is happening within you. You are the experience and the experiencer, the knower and the known. This joining is the point of the experience and the key to experiencing wholeness.” (ACOL, D:Day31.3)

We are one with all life, and one with all our experiences in this life that we occupy. Our entity is joined with the greater Whole, and as a result we know peace in a way that has heretofore eluded us. Being one with God, and knowing that Oneness is Who we are, brings this great peace. We live in a cocoon of God’s goodness, attracting more good all the time.

The mountain top experience is a metaphor for the life that we are now living. We don’t have to relive current experiences over and over; our current submergence in God’s way will attract whatever good there is in the future. And that future will almost certainly include Christ-consciousness. This is God’s Will for us, when we are ready. And Jesus hopes, mightily, that we will be ready soon. He needs our hands and feet—and mind and heart—to change our world and then create a new world.

If we read A Course of Love with heartfelt dedication, we will know the truth of what it is saying to us. Our doubts about its legitimacy will be no more; our heart will have told us the truth about its authority.

Be peaceful today, in a joining with God that is as genuine as it is possible for us to make it. Then He will not have far over to lean when He leans down to pick us up into Awakening.

Dear God,

I am comforted today by Your assurance to me that decisions made in fear are not good decisions. Decisions made in trust, however, work. I would make all decisions in trust today and every day in the future.

Thank You for Your patience with me. I have often been scared of this world in which I find myself. I have depended on friends and family as well as You. But today I would harmonize myself with You alone. Friends and family do not have to be my support, when Your support is ever present.



Joining with God & the Cosmos

“Now let us consider this in terms of experience. As knower and known are one, experience and experiencer are one. In other words, one must expe¬rience in order to know. It follows then that what is experienced is what is known. It also follows then, that to not experience joining is to not experi¬ence wholeness. Stated another way, the self cannot know the Self without joining with the Self. The Self must be the knower and the known, the expe¬rience and the experiencer. The quest to join with God is this quest. The quest to be the knower and the known, the experience and the experiencer. The culmination of this quest then, is joining.” (ACOL, D:Day30.5)

What this means is that we are joining with God, with the illusory separation finally and completed banished from our experience. We are joining with the Christ-Self who dwells within each of us independently, but we are also joining with the Self Who embodies the Godhead, and this larger Self reaches to us with intuitions and mystical awareness that will change our life forever.

Here in Day 30 of our 40 days and nights on the mountain top are the simple words of a consolidation of our being with God Himself. Truly, He has always been living through us, but we have not been aware of this aspect of the cosmos. We are mistakenly seen God as outside ourselves, a Deity to Whom we prayed for consolation and solace, a Deity Who might grant our prayers or might not. This old-fashioned idea was never accurate, but it was the best that an unawakened populace could muster. Now awakened individuals point and have pointed the way to a new era of sovereignty for our very souls. We are created in a new world; we are no longer imagining that we are powerless, dependent on a God Who might or might not listen to our supplications.

God is our very soul, differentiated into entities of which we are One. This new way of viewing our Maker is enhanced by our grown-up status. At last we have come into our own with God. We listen to guidance, and we make decisions that mystically reinforce our Oneness with Him.

Dear God,

I know that You hear me. You are closer than my own breath. Our Oneness lifts me up today, in sureness that You hear. Your consolations and solace are not lost on me; I am sure of You. May I refuse to develop any other false ideas about You, the ones that said that we were separate and apart. Now we are One, and I revel in that discovery.


Wholeness in Diversity

“Wholeness cannot be achieved without joining, thus the commonly known injunction of “where two or more are joined together.” If you would think of this in terms of “God” or the state of “Wholeness” or “Beingness” separating into more than one in order to know Itself, you would see that knower and known are one. You would see that two or more are needed in order for knowing to occur. To not know wholeness would be to be in a state of nothingness. Thus the joining of two or more are needed in order for wholeness to be known and thus to exist as a state of conscious awareness.” (ACOL, D:Day30.4)

This is the theology of A Course of Love. It is saying that God could not know Himself until He differentiated, or individuated, Himself into parts, and those parts included entities, souls, such as us. We can understand this best with the example that we have here, of two or more joined together, a biblical reference. God is in our midst when two or more of us join in supplication to Him. Jesus says the same thing about himself. It is reassuring to know that A Course in Miracles and ACOL are direct outgrowths of biblical knowledge imparted many, many years ago.

We would be in a state of nothingness if we didn’t have diversity in our wholeness. And it is Wholeness that we seek to know now. This Wholeness is the Essence of God.

We don’t have to “do” much; it will come to us when we are in relationship with our brothers and sisters. Then we can rest easy, knowing that all things come to them that wait. And waiting for Christ-consciousness to descend upon us is certainly one of the best ways to spend our time.

If we don’t wait patiently, we will have missed much of the blessing in waiting. So: wait patiently, pacing ourselves in activities that we know will bring God closer to our mind and heart. Then and only then are we primed for the good that will come.

Dear God,

I would know wholeness today, wholeness manifested in diversity. When I am patient, I can see the value of waiting until all is prepared for Your descent, Your descent to lift me up to You, wrapping me in Your Arms.

I offer myself to You, completely and totally. May this re-surrender, which I do often, be the very action that You most desire from me.


Being Everything We Are

“As you realize by now, all this talk of accomplishment is merely about bringing forward what already exists into the reality in which you exist. Another way of saying this is bringing who you are into wholeness, which can be interpreted both as bringing all that you are into existence and as bringing all that you are into existence in union.” (ACOL, D:Day29.4)

Everything—all possibilities—already exist in the cosmos, in God. Jesus has repeated called us “The Accomplished,” and while this has seemed overblown, and we haven’t understood, it is making more sense now that we are coming to the end of A Course of Love. We already exist in the Self as The Accomplished; this is the larger Self Who is God Himself. Now we need to intuit how to bring the accomplishments of our part of this Self to our entity, the Christ-Self who finds a home in our entity on earth.

This means, as Jesus says here, that we will be whole once again. Our foibles will fall away. We will know a “knowing” that is beyond anything comprehended before. Existing in union with the Whole, with God Himself, we will accomplish what has not be possible previously. We are in a good place now.

What is “all that we are”? It is the epitome of living as an accomplished being, a being in Christ-consciousness who knows, finally, that all of that emphasis on separation from God was indeed an illusion. How could we leave Him when we are part and parcel of Him? How could we ever imagine that He has abandoned His own?

Abandonment, and the belief in abandonment, is sheer idiocy with no truth to it at all. We can know this when we surrender our entity to God, and then we re-surrender each day, and then we know the blessing of union.

Dear God,

I re-surrender now, right now. I know from experience that the act of surrendering sets my little world aright. I would have a “right” world today. Be with me that I might experience the fullness of Your Being, lodged in me.

I have a glorious destiny, as do all of us. The pathway appears well lit by sunlight that never dims. On this bright and sunny day, I am especially appreciative of the light that illumines my pathway.

Thank You.


Spirit Self and Human Self

“Your ‘self’ will no longer be divided into a spirit Self and a human self, living under different conditions, at times complementing and at times opposing one another. Just as mind and heart became one in wholehearted¬ness and ended the conflict induced by their seeming separation, the spirit and the human self must now do so also.” (ACOL, D:Day29.2)

This is a good passage, I think. Our spirit self and human self combine in the Self, and in this combination, this merging, all is well.

We can look back to our experience of letting the heart merge with the mind, and we can note how much better we felt. Now we are doing another merger. And the benefits will be great.

It is good to have a whole Self navigating our ways, a very good experience. When we slip into our very human ways, we can see that we just regroup and try again. We can retry as often as need be.

When Christ-consciousness comes into play, the oscillations will settle down.

Dear God,

I long for a solid and secure footing of the Christ-Self to guide me. This does happen for me, but it is not a steady thing. I would make it steady today, as much as it is within my power.

The Self knows how to guide me. My gratitude for this is immense. Thank You.


Eternity Experienced

“Our “time” on the mountain would be more rightly described as “time outside of time.”

““Time outside of time” by itself will not cause the shift that needs to occur, however. What will create the shift is the ability to experience “time outside of time” and “time” simultaneously. Thus is the “wholeness” of time, or eternity, experienced and made real.” (ACOL, D:Day28.19 – Day 28.20)

Jesus seems to be saying that we will be in the world, but not of it. In time, but not of it. In eternity as well as in time.

This will be a balancing act, but a good one. He talks in A Course in Miracles about there being a way to be in the world, but more serene, and those who are like us, recognize their own. But others, who have not understood, will see us also, and think that we are like we have always been.

That is the place that we want to go in this time, and time outside of time.

We will experience eternity made real, as Jesus says. We will be in a good place emotionally. And we will gradually attract those who do recognize that something about us has changed. And they will ask what is different. And then our tongues will be loosed, and we will tell them.

Pray to be a good witness.

Dear God,

I ask to be a good witness today. I will be out and about, but I also ask to be a good witness at home. It makes such a difference.

I seek to be in the world but not of it today. May this prayer be heard and given an affirmative response.

Thank You.


Who Is in Control?

“Depending on the circumstances of your life, one of these two attitudes will have a reverse side that will have a greater hold on you. Your life may have shown you that you are not in control in many ways and at many times. Therefore, you think that you must take what life has to “give.” This is most likely the attitude of those whose major life dilemmas have been of a mone¬tary or career nature, where success or failure “in life” is seen as the most crucial element of a happy life.” (ACOL, D:Day28.13)

We are looking now at what has a “hold” on us as we seek to live a grander life, a Christ-consciousness. This first way of being exemplifies those of us who have been career-oriented. We have looked to success to define us.

“If the attitude you will have greater need of reversing is that of God determining the circumstances of your life, you have probably been more affected by the relationships of life, by loss or death of loved ones, by acci¬dents, or illness, or “natural” disasters, by the unexplainable forces that have affected you with sadness more so than with ideas of success or failure. Therefore, you think that you must take what God has to “give.”” (ACOL, D:Day28.14)

If we have been most affected by “acts of God,” then we will blame Him for the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

We see here that neither of these two attitudes is actually true. What “life” or “God” has to give does not really mean anything. We need to realize that we have not been suspect to forces outside ourselves. Life does not treat us as a puppet; neither does God.
Our way back to Him will give up these magical ways of thinking. We need to realize that we are in the driver’s seat, and always have been. The new way of Christ-consciousness will occur only when we are ready, and we are ready when we realize that our own choice determines when God will act to lift us up.

Our way back to God is blessed by Him. Let us proceed, knowing that we hold the reins of life. We remove the blocks in the way of Christ-consciousness, and when we remove these blocks, we will find ourselves blessed indeed.

Dear God,

I am ready to affirm that my life has always been driven by choices that I made. Now I would surrender, once again, totally and completely, into Your hands. This choice I give freely, knowing that You won’t take anything away from me. You let me have my choices, and You give freely.

I will rest easy now. My most important decision has been made.