Reconsidering Jesus

“My beloved,

“It is time now to come to your own discovery of who I Am to you. No one can give you this answer, not even me, because this is the nature of who we are. Individuated beings are who we are in relationship to one another.

“You have heard of life spoken of as a projection. Because we are all one being, we must either extend or project in order to individuate and be in relationship. You are an extension of I Am into form. Through your exten¬sion, you can become who you are to me, instead of who I have been to you.” (ACOL, D:Day39.1 – Day39.3)

Our lives on earth have been a projection—as long as we deemed ourselves to be a separate entity, separate from God. Now Jesus is taking us a step farther. He is encouraging us to see ourselves in relationship to him as an “extension” that reaches to him. But we are not projecting our image of what and who he is; we are seeing afresh. We are an extension of “I Am into form,” which means that we are an extension of God into form. We are beginning to see with the eyes of Christ, and this, of course, means that we can think/feel as Jesus does. Not that we have reached this goal yet. But it is coming.

We are in relationship to Jesus, as well as all other brothers and sisters. These relationships are becoming fuller now, as we see who we are to him and who he is to us. We don’t have to develop a personal relationship to him, but he can do so much more for us if we take him by the hand, as he bids us do. He is our leader, pointing out the way to those of us in the Christian tradition.

We have walked far together, Jesus and us, in this journey of 40 days and 40 nights, and also in this journey through A Course of Love. The future brightens as we come to discover exactly what awaits us at the end of this particular journey. And as Christ-conscious beings, our journeys will lack the pain that they have had until now.

Allow Jesus to speak to our hearts. Don’t let our old skepticism about him rear its head. He means well, and would we not discover what life really can be from someone who knows, Jesus himself?

Dear God,

My days are happier now, and for that I thank You. The culmination of A Course of Love is indeed sweet. May I turn from thoughts/feelings that Jesus is judgmental. That is a projection of my ego, and I would be done with all such imaginings.

Guide my days, for this is always something that I always ask of You. I am seeing as never before, but guide my vision to see truly, not making mistakes, not seeing things that aren’t there.

Thank You.



Let God Speak to Our Hearts

“Now it is time to see me as your own God as well as God of all. Now it is time to call me who I Am.

“There is a subtle and loving difference between I Am and who I Am. Who is an acknowledgment of individuated or differentiated being in union and relationship.

“Community, or union with, can never replace or replicate ownership and possession in union and relationship. It cannot replace who I Am, or who I Am to you.” (ACOL, D:Day38.10 – Day38.12)

Jesus is not saying that he is the Godhead, but that he shares in it (“who I am,” not “I am”). And we all share in God, for God made us of the stuff of His Being. There is nothing else in the universes; He had no other choice.

We don’t, though, have to get lost in this theology. If it seems hard to wrap one’s mind around, let the heart lead. That is the message of A Course of Love, after all. Let the heart lead, and the heart will, in the natural order of things, lead the mind.

We will have new mental understandings, more comprehension of the ultimate. We are living in union (One with God) and in relationship (diverse entities, differentiated from “God-stuff”) with everything and everyone. But we don’t know it, for we are finite beings. It is God alone who is in relationship to everything and everybody as an infinite Being. And being in relationship, He is able to know Himself as well as all of us.

We are individuated or differentiated parts of God. In this we can rest easy. He will sweep us up in His Arms and comfort us anytime we ask. The world is usually too much with us, and He would change all of our obsessions with the values of this world.

Be calm today. Let God speak to our heart.

Dear God,

I would be in the flow today, just enjoying my little part of heaven in this universe. And our world can be heaven, though most of us don’t yet see how.

I would leave it up to You to transform this world into heaven, though I will do Your bidding—for You need my hands and feet.


Loved Solely for Who We Really Are

“Being full of love for one another is the beginning of extension, the end of withdrawal. It is the mutuality of our love that causes this fullness. Remember briefly here the feelings of withdrawal you have experienced when you believed you loved more or that you were loved less by a friend or lover. Remember briefly here the feelings of withdrawal you experienced when you felt loved for being something other than that which you are. Know, through your brief contemplation of these feelings that this is behind us now. Know that we can be known and loved equally for who we are.

“Call me God the Father, call me God the Mother, call me Creator, or Great Spirit, Yahweh or Allah, but call me yours. For this is who I Am.

“Call yourself daughter or son, sister or brother, co-creator or friend. But call yourself mine. For we belong to one another.” (ACOL, D:Day38.4 – Day38.6)

Jesus becomes very intimate in the final chapters of A Course of Love, the Dialogues. He does not require, but does desire, a personal relationship with us. This is unlike traditional Christianity, when a personal relationship to Jesus put him on a pedestal. Indeed, in ACOL Jesus has been at great pains to tell us that we are equal to him (whether we can believe this or not, he asks us to do so). In A Course in Miracles, he was self-described as a big brother to us, someone who had walked a little farther along the pathway and could point out the way to us. Now, he is assuming (rightly or wrongly) that many of us are Christ-conscious and therefore our pathway back to God is assured.

In the Dialogues of A Course of Love, God is described as the Self, the Whole, the All, the One, and we are seen to be aspects of His Being. Our Christ-Self has learned, and then “discovered,” much that had been hidden to us before. Now we are encouraged to realize that we are The Accomplished. Not with ego, not with much self-centeredness, but with the Love that is given by God Himself.

Jesus sees as one worldwide community of Self, One with him, with God, with all others. He asks us to take him at his word; if he says that we are The Accomplished, beyond the ego (of course), then he asks us simply to believe.

We heard in A Course in Miracles that Jesus would come to each of us upon a “single unequivocal call,” and many of us have taken him at his word (though we do not understand how he can focus his consciousness on so many of us who might be calling at the same time. This quandary makes more sense when we realize that where Jesus is, there is no time, or rather time is timeless, an eternity.

But we do not have to understand to test out this promise. When we are especially intuitive, we can address Jesus with questions, and many of us will hear answers. He is not unavailable to anyone.

Try his wonderful promise to be with us. And, if we are so prompted, invite the personal relationship that he seems so eager to have us enjoy.

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Thank you for your views.

–Love, Celia

Glimpses of the Numinous

“You have been being, and you have been being in relationship because you could not “be” otherwise, but you have not been being in union.

. . .

“Glimpses of the being you are being when you are in unity and relation¬ship have been offered to everyone. They have been afforded by willingness. They come from observation of self and they come from observation of others. They come from what you are willing to observe. They become more than glimpses only when they become what you are willing to be.” (ACOL, D:Day37.30, Day37.32)

“Willing to ‘be’” is the salient point in our glimpses of Christ-consciousness becoming something more lasting.

What does this mean? It means that we are truly “being who we are,” not a pale reflection of past egoic concepts. It means being real, truly real, a person who can be depended upon to show the same face to others at nearly all times.

Of course, there will be times when we let our nervousness at revealing ourselves overcome our new comprehension of who we are. We will drop back into a persona, giving the person what we think he/she wants.

But we can’t do this long, if we are to move into the maintenance and then the sustenance of Christ-consciousness. Jesus himself was a very genuine person, safe in revealing himself to others (even when it led to the cross).

We are not asked to replicate Jesus’ sacrifice. We are simply asked to allow our inner nature to shine. And in the shining, we draw all others to us. Recognizing genuineness, our brothers and sisters are attracted to it. And they want the same genuineness for themselves, a prayer that will be answered.

Our good example can draw in all the rest.

Dear God,

Take all nervousness from me, nervousness at meeting new people or encountering others that I know just barely. Be with me today as I seek to be a good example. Don’t let my mistakes lead anybody astray.

Thank You for helping me to ever-blossom in greater fullness under your shining sun. Leaving ego behind, I rest in Your truth. This is a very joyous place to be.


Peace & Understanding through Living Union with God

“By simply being, you have been “part” of God but you have not seen this as what it really means either. You have seen this as being separate, or at most as being “a” part of God—as if you are a drop of water in the ocean—and in this example reemphasized the mightiness of God and the lowliness of man. The “part” of God you have been being is being. You have been a feeling, thinking, creating, perceiving being. The “part” of God you have not been being is union. Remember, God is being in union and relationship. This is what God is. God is being. God is relationship. God is union.” (ACOL, D:Day37.27)

The quotation for today emphasizes our merger with God, for we are no longer in illusory separation. We have previously not been in union with Him, for we believed ourselves not to be in union, and the believing had made it seem so. Now we are being in union with God—and in relationship with Him and everyone else as well. Our unity and relationship will mean that we are one with the All, and yet a discrete, distinct part who can interact, well, with everything and everybody.

Because the union is primary, we know a peace and understanding that used to elude us. Relationship brings this truth available to us, for if it were not for relationship, as distinct we are one to the other, we could not experience anything.

God is in a similar situation. He differentiated Himself (also Herself) into diverse entities so that He too could experience the All. The relationship makes this possible, as we have said. The union and the relationship give us a mystical comprehension of God, the Whole.

So: God is being, God is relationship, God is union.

This is our new understanding, brought to us by A Course of Love.

When we dwell on these truths—being, relationship, union—we will know a certainty about living that we have never known before.

Dear God,

I long for mystical insight into You. Jesus, in the Way of Mastery, said this, but in different words. He has longed to know You intimately, and in saying this, he echoes the sense that we all have that something has been missing from our reality. We have the facts in hand now that can make tomorrow different. Now we can understand, even with our finite minds and hearts.

Help us to be grateful for the insights that Jesus has given in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, and also the Way of Mastery. His insights offer us a new and different reality for our future. His insights are teaching us how to experience God and live in that knowledge.


An Understanding of God that Comforts

“This “link” is very powerful. Where willingness is demonstrated, this link can be moved to be, rather than “just” a link, a cooperative relationship. This cooperative relationship, accessed through willingness, could also be called the “being” that you appeal to when you appeal to God. Knowing
what you are coming to know about the true nature of God should thus not leave you feeling bereft of a God you can feel close to, appeal to, thank and praise. But doing so can also be confusing if it leads to thoughts of God as a particular being. Yet the idea of God as Father, introduced and championed by Jesus Christ, was also created by Jesus Christ. Thus is the power of man and God together, the power of creation. What this is saying is that there is a God the Father to relate to and that this God the Father does not negate God, nor does God negate God the Father.” (ACOL, D:Day37.22)

What a relief! Some parts of A Course of Love seem almost non-theist about God. But here He (also a She) is given back to us. We have not lost a God to pray to, a comfort in times of difficulty, a peace that passeth understanding when we are feeling especially loving, mellow.

The Father (as called by Jesus) is with us still. I think that His Godhead retains a Mind/Heart that is open to us as well as being all-knowing, omniscient. He is not, to my mind, lost in relationships always, but His unity (His oneness) is very real. This gives me great comfort in the middle of the night when I awaken from a bad dream and pray for solace. God seems to come up from the depths that I share with everything and everyone, and then he offers me peace. This solace is much needed at such times.

Keep in mind that we have not, in the prose of ACOL, lost a God to pray to. But we aren’t to see Him as the bearded Man in the sky, on a throne and all that. We are not (we learn elsewhere) in need of a “concept” of God at all, for God is beyond concepts. Our little minds, even with the aid of mysticism and intuition, cannot comprehend all that He is. We know better than to try to carry God in our hip pockets.

Our understanding of God will develop over time, as we walk ever closer to Him. His magnitude is something that He gives to us as well. Be willing not to know the Whole. We don’t need to know the Whole to lead a happy, productive, and worthwhile life.

Dear God,

Keep me satisfied about You. Keep me willing to allow God to be God, something that my finite mind cannot fathom. This is the way that it ought to be, a numinous that moves me ever farther along the spectrum back to You.

Be with me today as my mind/heart descends from these lofty concerns. I would be careful not to build a new ego, as Jesus takes me ever closer to a knowledge of You.


Charmed Lives

“God is being in unity and relationship with everything. Thus God knows you. God is one in being with you because you are one aspect of every¬thing. As one being in unity and relationship with everything God is one with every thought and every feeling. God is one with every creation. God is all knowing. God is, in short, the collective consciousness and the collec¬tive consciousness is that which links every being with every other being in unity and relationship.” (ACOL, D:Day37.21)

Again we get indications of Who God is. Jesus emphasizes these ideas in the final pages of A Course of Love. The basic idea is that God is one with everything, knowing every thought and feeling, living through us. This is light years away from traditional Christianity, which holds that God is above His creation, and that all creation is God’s “handiwork.” The traditional view would believe that there is a distant Figure Who comes down to us when we pray. The Course in Miracles and Course of Love view is that God never left, because we are part and parcel of Who He is. We are “God-stuff,” the material of the universes. And we join with the Whole, as ACOL would have it, in unity and relationship.

Our union with the All is precious to us. If we truly mystically affirm this idea, we are set for life. We know that we are never alone, never off by ourselves to plan a life. Truly the cosmos is grander, far grander, than we can imagine. But God lets us in on His secrets when we turn a welcome ear to Him. His way assures us a charmed life.

Dear God,

I would live a charmed life today. I would recognize that following Your way gets me all that I could ever want or hope for. And what is this but a charmed life?

Thank You for giving me good days when I allow You to take me over.