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Blessing of Internally Directed Choice

“All of these stages may be associated or accompanied by religious or spiritual experiences that seem to help guide the choices, but the choices remain the same: Externally directed choices.

“Now something new awaits you. It is a choice so different and a means so revolutionary that it will take some getting used to. This change is pred¬icated on all the changes that have come before it, including, and most particularly, on that which was most recently spoken of, that of appre¬hending the new reality of wholeness. It is not wholeness that is new, but the reality of wholeness that is new. The reality of being able to experience the variability of separation from within the state of wholeness is what is new.” (ACOL, D:Day28.7 – Day28.8)

If we are following along with the thread of Jesus’s remarks, we have moved now from making externally directed choices to relying on our interior, on internally directed choices. This internal direction comes from the new “wholeness” that we enjoy. Previously, we were fragmented, for the ego is a shattering concept. In wholeness, we focus on the positivity of our inner essence, the Christ-Self Whom we are just now coming to know. And we reach out, metaphorically, to the Self Who is God, the infinite Being Whom we can intuit mystically. This larger Self is all-knowing, and so when we listen to Its promptings, we are on safe ground indeed.

We are coming into the reality of wholeness. We have always had a concept of wholeness, but we certainly didn’t understand it. Now wholeness has reality for us. We are complete in its arms. We are no longer an entity going in many different directions, seemingly at once. We move with a new focus. We are experiencing the reality of a new day in our lives.

We still know diversity, what Jesus calls “variability of separation.” But we look out on this diversity from a state of stasis. We are serene in embodying our new state of mind and heart. We are experiencing what we are really like on the inside. And the inside creates the outer experience, always.

Projection makes perception. And our projections do embody our world. Perception is changing, for we are able to comprehend knowing in a way that we haven’t before. Knowledge of God and of His universe follows us everywhere. As we ask, we receive. And it is God’s will that we receive the blessings of a new reality, a new world created in love and benediction. The finality of this new vision gives us pause.

No longer are we pushed about by circumstances beyond our control. We are creating the reality that places love above all else. And in this choice we live a new life.

Dear God,

I would be mellow today, sure of Your love, peaceful in my experience of Your love. I would extend this peace, if I can, to everyone I encounter. I know that reaching out is good, especially when I don’t have any ulterior motive but friendship. May the ones in my circle sense my good intentions, and though good intentions are never enough, I hope that they still matter in the grand scheme of things.

Be with me today and always. Be with me 24/7.

Thank You.