Confidence in Our Feelings Will Lead Us Home

“Confidence in your feelings will lead to confidence in your Self. While you think it is your access to unity that will be the more difficult to achieve and sustain, this will not be the case for most of you, for the simple reason that the certainty that comes from union will seem to come, at least initially, from a place other than the self. Because certainty seems to come from a place “other than” or beyond the self of form, you will instinctively have greater trust in it. You will believe it comes from a place “other than” or beyond the self of form because it comes in the form of certainty.” (ACOL, D:Day10.6)

We all want to have a good relationship to our feelings, and feelings are the precipitating force behind guidance. If we would act on what we feel, we would get along a lot better. Of course, this does not mean acting on hostile and aggressive feelings, for these are of a lower nature than what we are trying to achieve. Our dependence on our feelings to lead us through a good day will give us the certainty that we have lacked heretofore. We must not make ourselves wrong in our feelings. We must not chastise ourselves if we feel that we are not living up to some supposed “ideal.” This ideal is a false idol, as I have discussed in this blog before. Our feelings will not lead us wrong, if we keep our eyes on the prize of God, our Self, and our friend, Jesus.

We are used to looking outside ourselves for certainty. When we read something or feel something that seems a bit beyond what we can tell ourselves, we think, “Ah, that is right; that has the ring of truth.” But we need to learn to depend on our Self, the Christ-Self from within. This Self has learned much in our time with A Course of Love, and the principal thing that it has learned is reliance upon an Authority that is deep within, God Himself. This Authority will never, never, let us down. If we pray enough, we will know this. And all of our nebulous plans to achieve more, or to do more, or to be more, will be lost as dross that has no meaning.

We are alright just as we are. Our imperfections will be cleansed by Jesus himself, for he says that he will take care of any imperfections that we have been unable to rid ourselves of. As our subconscious mind comes to the surface to be cleansed, we are, at last, freed. The way back is assured. Life is good.

Dear God,

Be with me today as I seek to find the blueprint for my life ahead. I ask often; help me to listen well.

Thank You for being with me always and forever. The way back to You is assured. May I remain confident of this.


New, Effortless Living

“Remember that you are tired of learning. You are tired here, after your climb. You simply want to rest and have whatever transformation is to come to you to come. If you could indeed give in to this desire fully, it would speed the transformation along quite nicely. So please, listen to your weariness and to your heart’s desire to rest. Listen to the call to peace and let yourself recline in the embrace of love, feeling the warm earth beneath you and the heat of the sun above you. Let languor enfold you and apply no effort to what you read here. Just accept what is given. All that is being given is the helpful hints you have desired from an older brother who has experienced what you, as yet, have not.” (ACOL, D:Day5.20)

Most of us are very tired from our exertions. I look back to how hard I worked in college, and while it brought me things of this world, I certainly could have lived with a lot less stress and fatigue. I had a fatigue then that long hours of sleep didn’t touch.

So often many of us talk about the rat race of everyday employment, 40 hours a week and more. We have obligations, we know, of family, a mortgage, food to eat, etc., but isn’t there some way, we ask, that we could live that would fulfill us more? So we dream of shirking it all away, and, then, we wonder, what we do have left?

There is a better way. There is an effortless way to receive from union with God the given nature of a good life. How, we ask? After all, most of us have been on the spiritual pathway for a very long time, and yet we sometimes wonder if it is all worth it.

Don’t let meaningless thoughts like this preoccupy us! There is a way that we can have our ideal life, and right here in a heaven on earth. As we listen to guidance from our interior, we get sensations of pathways to take. If we test out these inklings, we learn that they have validity. Then our daily employment, or our college, doesn’t seem so laborious. We have found a new way to live.

Daily prayer, built on trust in a Higher Power, will offer us the union with God that has eluded us. And when we are certain that we have that union, we will walk an easy path. Transformation does await us. We don’t have to wait a day longer. Rest in God’s arms, and know His beneficent good will.

Dear God,

Rest suits me now. Jesus tells me that struggle can be over, that struggle is an instance of the patterns of the ego that still enwrap me. I would be free of their tendrils today. I would come home to You. Accept me with Your grace. You are all that I need.

May this day go well, as I embark on the rest of my life. This is, after all, the first day of the rest of my life. May I savor its blessings.


A Spiritual Context for Living

“It is through your mind that these new ideas will change your actions and your life, your mind that, through increased stillness, will give you more peace, your mind that will accept comfort of a certain type, even extending to a new comfortableness of being. You believe having a spiritual context for your life can, in other words, change your inner life, but are more skep¬tical in regard to its ability to affect your outer life; and nowhere are you more skeptical than in regard to money or abundance. The area of money, or abundance, is where learning fooled you and failed you the most.” (ACOL, D:Day3.7)

Having a spiritual center for our lives does do much for us, and here Jesus is making the allegation that it can even bring us more money—or “abundance,” as he calls it. Aside from the fact that money appears to be materialism, something that Jesus has rejected, how might we understand these thoughts of his?

We are led to “accept” in these early days of the Forty Days and Forty Nights. But we are not being led down a garden path to accept those things that we don’t like! We are being led into a new way of viewing the world, one in which we have the money that we need, primarily because we become certain that we will be taken care of. Our certainty that all will be well is enough to make it so. Doubt that this is true will unhinge the emotional tenor of our thoughts, and it is with emotion that we need to work. When we fervently (i.e., emotionally) believe, then we get what we are saying. We accept that belief in abundance can indeed make it ours. We don’t think that we will believe if we first get the money; that is putting the cart before the horse. We can imagine a world in which abundance is ours, and then we can see that it is so. That is all.

So, acceptance is key. Our new state of being, a way of being that has us feeling comfortable in our own skin, will pave the way for the blessings that will unfold. When we are peaceful, we realize that no amount of money could give us security, for our security does not rest in the fact of money. Our security rests in God, and it is through divine guidance that we discover how to live. This discovery, of how to live, will lead us into abundance in every facet of living—not just green paper bills. But even green paper bills can and will come, once we are clear that materialism does not give us the certainty of being taken care of. Our certainty rests in God alone. Then, regardless of how many green paper bills we have, we know that we are safe. Our security is affirmed.

Dear God,

I feel safe and secure today. I have had my moments of fear, but today those moments of fear do not assail me. Thank You.

Be with me as I seek to extend Your safety to every part of my life. Your way points out the way to abundance in every facet of my life. May this assurance never leave me.


Honor the Physical in the New World

“You must not fear the changes that will occur within your physical form as it begins to be guided by the thought system of the truth rather than the thought system of illusion. You will fear these changes less if you realize that all that has come of love will be kept and that all that has come of fear will fall away. You have no need to fear that the end of the special relationship will separate you from your loved ones. You have no need to fear that the joys you have shared with others will be no more. You have no more need to fear the loss of physical joys than you have to fear the loss of mental and spiritual joys.” (ACOL, T3:19.1)

We will lose nothing of any value when we live in the House of Truth, a House that also means love and peace, and the Kingdom of God. I sometimes like the appellation, “Kingdom of God,” better than the “House of Truth,” because the Kingdom is familiar terminology. It expresses exactly what we need to hear without any need to learn a new term. And Jesus does say in A Course of Love that the Kingdom of God and the House of Truth are the same concept.

We do not need to become celibate in our new embodiment of the elevated Self of form. This is a common misconception, as many very advanced teachers of God choose to forego personal relationships, especially personal relationships of a physical nature.

But Jesus goes to great lengths in ACOL to let us know that this is just a choice, and a different choice can be made. Why would the physical Self be emphasized in ACOL if we were to try to avoid any use of our bodies?

This does not mean that the physical is real. The world, A Course in Miracles tells us, is a projection, and projections are not real. But we experience it as real, and this makes all the difference.

We will probably be freer of sickness when we embody the elevated Self. Our minds will no longer make illness a way of life. And we do create our own reality. Nobody, though, is to be seen as a victim of ill health, nor to be blamed for the state of their health. We need to observe compassion in such examples, always compassion. Our love for our brothers and sisters demands no less.


My relationship to the physical is honored. What a great blessing this is! Physical displays of affection and love are to be respected and even to be revered. This means that the physical is never deemphasized, and indeed may even be emphasized in the new world we are creating.

Be with me today if minor aches and pains happen. I am blessed with ease in the physical, and so anything that happens is likely to be transitory. Be with me to focus on the good and the beautiful. Help me not to encourage thoughts about anything less, lest these thoughts create a reality that I don’t want.

Thank You for being with me today and every day. Be with me in the only way that You know how—in warmth and caring, a sense of love that banishes all worry and preoccupation with those things that I don’t desire to have in my life.