I Can Escape from the World I See by Giving Up Attack Thoughts

From Ann Glover O’Dell’s Midwifing the Soul:

Sacred Font

Forgetting that we come from holy water,

            that we once were the river,

                        we soon are frightened of its power, its depth

                                    and what might lie within.

Mammals we think ourselves to be

            and use the river to our own chief ends

                        unmindful of our once connectedness.

Rites of cleansing followed still religiously

            in ways prescribed by ancients who

                        perhaps knew something of the mystery

                                    but knew not how to give the secrets hidden there.

Dare we risk ourselves to plumb our

            inner ocean?  to let the whale devour

                        without assurance we’ll survive?

                                    to dream there might be life too deep to fathom

                                                and being tossed on shore we’d breathe again?

Perhaps the frequent washing of our souls

            that tears provide

                        might also give a glimpse

                                    of living water yet reserved

                                                for us alone within the sacred font.

From Celia’s Images in a Reflecting Pool; a Journal:

Why do I seem to need to have permission to be happy—never to spoil it by worry?

A Course in Miracles says, “I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.” (W-pI.23) Jesus means that the “real world,” a dream granted by the Holy Spirit, is without the conflicts that most of us experience in the modern, work-a-day, world.  The miracle comes about because of inner changes in a person. 

Even the most conflicted day loses its punching power when one looks out on the chaos from a soft and warm heart.

Joyous Praise

“What a joy it is to know that through expression we can know being!  How much joy there is in our hearts now that we recognize that the Creator speaks to us through creation.  Each cloud will speak to us of love.  Each gust of wind will sing melodies of love.  Every drop of water will show the purity of love.  The whispers of love will no longer be dim like moonlight, but like melodious songs that the mind and heart hear with gratitude.  As never before, everything we see will tell us of God.  You will recognize that love surrounds you everywhere, that you live, move, and exist in it.”  Choose Only Love, bk.7, 5:III

This quotation, from the last volume in the series–newly published–we see our love for God as a palpable thing. In effect, we are saying hosannas to God, thanking Him for the beauty of our world. Mary, in Mirari, has also commented on what a beautiful world we inhabit. Praising rising to God becomes easy when we live the being that this volume encourages us to inhabit.

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus tells us that our praise of God does not mean that we tell Him how wonderful He is. He has no ego with which to accept such praise. But we ourselves need the discipline of gratitude. It warms our heart. Appreciation, or gratefulness, goes hand in hand with love.

This quotation lifted my spirits very high. When we feel close to God, we naturally want to say “thank You” to Him. And our day goes better as a result, for we are thinking positively, letting go of the many negatives in the world as we are living it today.

This World Is Our Classroom

“Time is an illusion.  The things that pass by, the phenomena of space and time, are just shadows that you have interpreted in a certain way.  There is no gain; there is no loss.  There is nothing to fear.  The world can add nothing to you nor take anything away.  You are merely here in this temporary classroom with an opportunity to do what any master in any dimension can do, for you hold the same power I do—you hold the power to teach only Love.  And what you teach, you must necessarily and immediately learn.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” The Way of Mastery, Chapter 20, Page 248)

“Teach only love” is an edict of Jesus in his channeled writings.  A Course in Miracles says this; Choose Only Love says this. 

Now we need to say this to ourselves, caught as we are in a time dimension that is illusion.  What we teach, we learn.  A Course of Love says that we need to think in terms of discovering, once we have moved beyond “learning,” as such.  Discovery whets our minds and hearts for more, and then we are truly walking fast along the pathway back to God.

It is important to wrap our minds around the concept that there is no time.  It is hard to do.  But when we persevere, we will come to see the value of it.  Quantum theory says the same thing, and so our science is keeping pace.  When there is no time, we are living in eternity—where we will spend forever.  This is a powerful statement of what lies ahead for us.  It is a powerful statement that there is no death, just change into another “form,” possibly spirit alone.

If we let ourselves be overwhelmed by Love, we will grow in grace with God as our Mentor.  Let’s let God have His way with us today.  As always, let Him guide.  Especially let Him guide today, when we are discovering what Love can do.

Only Love Is Real

“You will know that you are totally free when you no longer feel any obstruction to whatever is arising in the field of your experience.  Why?  Because you will simply see it as another opportunity to say:

“Holy Spirit, what would you have me say?  What would you have me do?  What would it be like in this moment for me to simply realize that only Love is real?  (“The Way of Transformation,” The Way of Mastery, Chapter 20, Page 245)

“No longer feeling any obstruction” is “being willing to have it so.” Deepak Chopra says that this is the final stage of coming to know God, his Stage 7 as described in his book on knowing God.

The second paragraph, above, is a repetition, from Jesus, of words first given in A Course in Miracles. Jayem was channeling accurately from Jesus, because Jesus himself had asked him not to read ACIM prior to their own channeling of The Way of Mastery. Jesus does not forget what he has said. And Jesus would have us turn to the Holy Spirit (or the Christ-Self) as much as we can remember to do so.

“Only Love is real.” Yes! Everything else passes away, but Love remains. This is love from God, not from our brothers and sisters, but love from our brothers and sisters may seem to pass (even though love is eternal and never truly ends).

Ask God to join in a partnership today. Ask Him anything, and see what words come to mind or develop in written form. These words may very well be divine revelation, ready for the taking by just anyone at all. We don’t even have to be very advanced spiritually to hear God talking to us.

Healed Memories

“Now, only now, is your memory restored; the memory becomes clearer and clearer of the first love that God is.  Before this moment, your newly healed memory was adjusting to healing.  Now is when it gets up and begins to walk, that is, begins to remember fully.

“Today, here and now, is when spiritual amnesia is left behind.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 9:II

We are “remembering.” We are walking a carpet that when we finish the walk, will be rolled up behind us (from A Course in Miracles). In this sense, everything has already happened, and we are reliving it. This can be a hard concept to wrap our minds around, but our hearts will understand and be blessed.

The separation from God is over–for all of us. It is just that not all of us have come to realize this, and so we live out lives that are less than they could be. Our “spiritual amnesia” is in full force, at least for those who cannot accept what Jesus is telling us now. Our spiritual amnesia keeps us in the dark from the power of God’s all-loving Force.

God is the Prime Mover, the “first love,” as this quotation makes clear. We have been coming to know, over time, and now we are ready for full acceptance of the Love that God holds out to us. Our memories will be healed the instant we accept this truth.

Our memories will be healed the instant that we ask, in full understanding of what we are requesting.

Teach Only Love

“Ultimately, it is not so much about going anywhere, as much as it is about abiding within, realizing that this world is unreal, this world is harmless.  And in any situation, it is you with all power under Heaven and Earth to teach only love.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” The Way of Mastery, Chapter 17, Page 215)

The Way of Mastery is echoing A Course in Miracles when Jesus here says to “teach only love.”  That IS what we are about, and until we accept this mission, we will fret and stew and live a life that is below what we could aspire to.

How do we teach only love?  This quotation also has this answer:  We go within.  God is within, and He will teach us what we need to do to live good lives, lives suffused with His blessings, lives that do Him justice.  Going within offers us a nurturance that our relationships cannot offer, at least not all the time and in all ways. 

We have depended on our relationships, especially our special relationships, to take care of us emotionally.  The only way that succeeds all the time is to turn to our Maker, Who supports us with an everlasting support.  When we turn within, we sense love, and when we sense love from God, we are in a position to offer that love to others.  It is necessary first to receive from God, and then to offer, to give.

This is the way that we teach only love. 

God has much to teach us.  Commune with our depths today, and see what today’s message from Him might turn out to be.

God’s Plan

“You have not entered the physical plane after My incarnation by chance.  It is part of God’s plan.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 8:III

There are no accidents in life, no chance meetings, no happening that “just” happened to come about.  We are living at the right time for us, the time following Jesus’ incarnation. We are living a plan, a plan that we intuited from God, and then set up as our contract for our life.  We put bad things in our contracts as a way of growing, a growing to perfection.

We know from A Course in Miracles that it is not necessary to learn through pain.  Jesus said in ACIM that learning through rewards is more lasting.  Unfortunately, many of us are just learning this, discovering this.  And so we are caught in bad things happening to good people.

We can change on a dime.  We can soften the hard parts of our contract with life.  When we turn to God in our daily lives, He comforts and soothes us.  Always with us, living through us, He would not have us turn the pain in our contracts into suffering.

Make a decision today to live above the fray.  If we lighten up about life, life lightens up for us as well.  We are caught in a drama, in a series of dramas, but we don’t have to buy into the chaos.

Know that every prayer to God is heard. 

And with this knowledge, the fray will recede in our minds and hearts, hopefully never to return. We just must remember to do our part, a part we discover when we ask for guidance on a frequent basis.


“Once the thought pattern of concern arises, you make that concern real, which then encompasses the entire space of your mind and heart, and thereby you lose peace.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 3:I

When we focus on something, we make that something real to ourselves.  A Course in Miracles says this, though using other words.  ACIM says that if we make our anger at another person real by concentrating on it, how can we overlook this anger?  The thing to do is to fail to focus on something bad or wrong, thereby never making it “real” in our experience.

The thought pattern of concern is worry, pure and simply.  We do too often rue our days by worrying about all manner of things.

Worry/concern does not have to happen.  I find that if I journal about an issue, the solution often surfaces—and in the journaling, I am setting aside worry.  Then my mind is free and clear, and nothing is hindering my contact with God.  Prayer then follows easily, nothing separating me from Him.

We need peace.  ALL of us need peace.  Our troubled world can only turn to those who do have inner peace. 

Who else is in a position to help?

God Is Life

“The whole while, that very thought must use the power of the One.  For that power is Life!  That power is pure being!  That power is the real world!  That power is the only thing that exists—period!  By the power of That One, you have dreamt the thought of the separate self.  By the power of That One, when you decide to, you will awaken from the thought of egoic consciousness.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” WOM, Chapter 16, Page 195)

“‘That One,’ in the work channeled by Jayem, The Way of Mastery, means the Essence of God that we share with the Godhead. So, in that sense, that we all partake of God, we do play a part in deciding when we awaken from egoic consciousness. The way in which this truth is given here, though, does seem counter to A Course in Miracles, which says that God makes the decision of when we Awaken. If we are part of God, though (something ACIM also says), then our own essence participates in this decision.

God is Life! This is another way of thinking of our Creator. A good way to wrap our minds and hearts around what we actually are. Since we are Life, and God is Life, we have more say in our doings than we think. God gives us this freedom to decide. There will come a time when we realize that we are beyond choice: We just LIVE! And then we are really cocooned in God’s love.

This quotation for today is a very freeing concept. If we put our minds and hearts to it, then we can remove the blocks to love more quickly, and thus hasten our union with God in Awakening.


“In the depths of your heart is inscribed the purpose of your existence.  Knowledge of that purpose is what we call the wisdom of the heart, an essential part of yourself.  All carry it.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 7:III

May we all reach deep today, inside, listening to our heart, to discover the purpose for which we came to earth.  There is one overriding purpose, though I think there may be different aspects demonstrated over time. 

Help us to discern rightly.  Help us to align our thoughts, feelings, and actions with the will of God (which A Course in Miracles says is the same will that we possess).

If we listen to our heart, we will be well served.  Listening to our heart is the only way to live well.  And the heart functions in love, something we all need to do.

Yearning that Takes Us to God

“The mind longs to know, but the heart longs for love.  In both yearnings, united, resides the longing to be, which is not other than yearning for God.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 7:I

This quotation highlights what has often been said about A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love—the former for the mind, the latter for the heart.  Together these two books explain our yearning for God and give us a way to fulfill that yearning.  Now the words of Choose Only Love are giving us a warm and inviting way to approach God experientially.  Not intended to be a “course,” like the other two, Choose Only Love is intended for meditative reading and inspirational thought.  Read slowly, COL fulfills its purpose of drawing us in to God, giving us the sustenance to know that we are experiencing God in our daily round.

Choose Only Love is a love letter to us from God.  And He never fails us.


“The days go by and it may seem that the problem has not been resolved, but then you realize that what you saw as a problem was a blessing, a blessing that you did not understand at the beginning.  It may have bothered you just as it bothers a child when a loving mother gives medicine that may taste bitter but is good for health.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 3:I

Our problems are not always to be lamented.  They may be blessings.  If we remember that the problem and solution are always found together (a tenet of A Course in Miracles), we will ask that the solution be shown to us, and we will be encouraged to ask, time and again, in the future.  When problems come up, we need to realize that, blessing or not, God has allowed it, though He did not cause it.  This allowing is one of the hardest things we have to accept.  But it is the way out of every quandary.

God means us well, but our free will makes for difficulties in our world.  And free will is one of our greatest blessings!  But we don’t know how to use it now, and so we, and others, suffer.  God would not be doing us a favor if he revoked free will when things get tough.  And this is something He understands completely.  He will never revoke free will.

Like medicine that is bitter, our blessings are not always recognized.  Ask to see the better part of any lesson that seems difficult in our world.  Ask to be shown the blessing.

And it will be so.

God Lives through Us

“To believe in a God incapable of experiencing that which comprises the vast range of human experience is to misunderstand.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 2:I

I want to believe that this is accurate channeling, because it supports an idea that I have long written about in this blog:  God is living through us.  If we are a part of Him, which Jesus’ channeled writings say, then it seems to me very evident that He knows.  Yes, he knows when we are going through a bad patch.  He knows when we need a helping hand.  He knows when we are getting downhearted and could use His wider view.

It is better not to misunderstand, though with our finite minds we frequently do.  A Course in Miracles has words that seem to indicate that only the Holy Spirit knows about us, because we are caught in illusion, and God does not know illusion.  But there is reality deep within us, and this reality, I believe, is “God-stuff.”  So the fact that we spin illusions does not mean that He lacks the will or the power to know what we are experiencing.  Here Choose Only Love seems to second this interpretation.  God knows, regardless of how deep into illusion we have fallen.

If we suffer, we have a helping Hand.  If we are in pain, He reaches back to us.  And His experiencing of what we are going through does lighten the burden.  I believe God also knows why these bad things happen to us.  We don’t know this; at best we have guesses only.  The mystery of suffering will remain a mystery as long as love is incomplete in us.  Love heals always, and if we love enough, A Course of Love indicates that healing is a fait accompli.

When times get rough, remember that God is experiencing right along with us.  His infinite mercy will ease the pain, give us back a good life.  We may never know why the rough patch is necessary, but A Course in Miracles says that we don’t have to learn through pain, that learning through rewards is more lasting.

Ask to learn, or to discover, the best way today.   Through rewards, not pain.

This can and will happen for all of us, when we stay attuned to our Creator.


“Abandon the compulsion of the thinking mind.  I am asking you to stop looking for meaning in things.”  COL bk.2, 20:II

We analyze everything!  And here, in a message attributed to Mary, we are asked just to stop this, the compulsion of the thinking mind.  A Course of Love, received from Jesus, asks us to listen to our heart, which is actually the center of our being. 

When we look for meaning in everything, analyzing, we are often in the egoic mind.  How much sense do you think the ego is really making?  None!  We analyze wrongly, but then we act on what we “receive” from our mind, and we think that we are so right!  We are misinformed.  We cannot know much that we think we have figured out.

I used to analyze just all the time.  It earned me good marks on the analytical part of the Graduate Record Examination, but it was a poor way to navigate in life.  We need the guidance of the Holy Spirit (A Course in Miracles) or the Christ-Mind (A Course of Love).  The Way of Mastery echoes a similar theme, that the mind is meant to be a very “stupid servant.”  And we so prize our good intelligence!

There is an easier way to live.  And these received writings all point in the same direction.  Give up trying to make our own decisions about where to go, what to do, what to say.  Refer those decisions to a Higher Power.

And watch life ease out, never to give us many of the same problems again.  Now we are truly being “intelligent,” referring questions to a higher authority.

Living in Love—and in Eternity

“In your souls is a deep yearning to live in eternity.  To fully satisfy that desire, you must live in love.”  Choose Only Love:  Let Yourself Be Loved (COL bk.2, 12:II)

We dip below time when we are experiencing real love.  We see a glimpse of living in eternity, for the things of love are the things of eternity.  In actual fact, only love is true reality in our experience.  Otherwise, we are living an illusion.  If we place our faith in illusion, it will always let us down.  Love that is true and good never lets us down.  Even a presumed end to a relationship is not the real end.  A Course in Miracles tells us that all who meet will someday meet again, that it is the result of love never losing sight of itself.  All relationships are meant to become holy.

If we live in love, we are safe from all that might trouble us.  Sure, we still experience painful happenings, but they don’t have the staying power that they once did.  We rise above pain and suffering when we live in love.  Love is the great panacea for all manner of ill.

We need to recognize that our yearning for permanence in eternity is actually a desire, a longing, for love.  And when we experience love, even fleetingly, we will never be satisfied with living any other way.

Love is God.  Love makes itself known in an eternity that can be experienced even on this earth. 

Ask to experience this eternity, in Love, today.

Turn to Quiet Center of Self

“Remain with me here, for here do I abide. The only difference between us is that occasionally you believe that you abide somewhere else. When you journey up those stairs, to begin to be distracted by the thoughts on the surface of your mind and by the sensory feedback of the energy field that comprises your physical creation, I remain in our shared heart, patiently waiting for your return.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 11, Page 138)

We are all One, and this includes Jesus, who many believe channeled this message through Jayem. Here Jesus refers to our “shared heart,” and the Self is indeed the One to which he refers.

We often leave this shared heart to go about our business in the world. We don’t touch base with our interior nearly enough. And touching base with our interior is the best way that we have to make wise choices in life. This is communing with the Holy Spirit (as described in A Course in Miracles) or the Christ-Self (as described in A Course of Love).

When we lose touch with what is inside of ourselves, we lose touch with that which can give us solace and peace. We are cut adrift.

Turn to the quiet center of the Self today. Don’t try to go it alone in a hostile and cruel illusion of a world.

We won’t succeed in living a good life if we seek to be independent and self-sufficient.

True wisdom is recognizing that turning to our Creator is the wisest decision we can ever make.

Dancing in the World of Dreams

“Whatever feelings arise, come and go. But somehow you begin to recognize that you are much larger than the things that come and go, that you are watching a dance of shadows, a dream, gently passing by, that is gone in a cosmic split second. This does not become a way in which you deny your experience. Rather, it gives you the freedom to embrace it and live it totally, with passion, with purpose, with power, and in perfect freedom—no anxiety, no pressure, just the willingness to dance in the world of dreams, while remaining awake. (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 10, Page 129 – 130)

Dancing in the world of dreams is what awaits us on the other side of Awakening. Our world, actually an illusion, is called a dream because it passes so easily from our consciousness. If we remain awake, we have lost nothing by its passing. All things are fleeting, and we enjoy those things while they remain with us, but we just as easily let them go, for in this world nothing is permanent. Change is the only constant.

I have long enjoyed a private attachment to the image of dancing in our reality. Dancing is such a freeing activity. We twirl and twist, feeling as though our toes lift from the ground and stay aloft. Of course, the toes do come back to earth, but we have changed in the dancing. We have touched some of the freedom that we will know in a constant Awakening.

Would we not like to have “no anxiety, no pressure. . .” in this world? Of course. That is what we have thought to be a pipe dream. But here Jesus is telling us that such a state of affairs can be a constant with us. It is awaiting us in God’s Kingdom, the land of Awakening. It is what we enjoy with a healed mind.

We have lived in insanity, madness. Now we are on the road back home to God. Many of our struggles are falling away as, now, we live the “happy dreams the Holy Spirit brings” (from A Course in Miracles). As our new reality passes by quickly, we don’t have to cling to it. We don’t deny the experience. We just embrace the rapid change that accompanies us on our journey.

This is a way to live a passionate life without the highs and lows of egoic drama. This is the type of passion that gives us joy without a down side.

This is what we all long for. Let’s commune with our God and ask Him to direct us in healing our minds. Insane no more, we will walk a green earth.

Every day.

Christ Self

If you arrive at home, it will mean that you will have had to give up being a seeker. You will have had to become one who has found. (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 4, Page 53)

Christ is a term for the real center of the Self, and the Christ Self is the individual whom we become when we have given up extraneous wishes and rest in God. In the vicinity of this quotation, Jesus says “Christ incarnate” about us. This term, applied to us, may arrest us quite a bit, for we are used to that term being applied to Jesus, and who among us would compare ourselves to him? But Christ is an umbrella term for all of us who have given up the ego, are walking into salvation, even ultimate salvation—Christ-consciousness. There is no better way to walk, and we would be wise not to be afraid of what will be our greatest blessing.

Marianne Williamson, teacher of A Course in Miracles, echoes what Jesus is saying here, in a well-recognized passage from her book that popularized A Course in Miracles; the book was A Return to Love, published decades ago now. She, and Jesus, here, caution against “smallness,” and all of us have a little desire to play small, because we think that we won’t get into any trouble with God if we are little spots on the horizon. But it isn’t desired that we “play small.” We need to grow all up to the best that we can be.

A Course of Love indicates that we aren’t to just go along placidly, attempting to do good in this world. We are to create a new world! And this won’t ever happen if too many of us remain small.

Let our fears drop away. We are Christ Selves, and this more exalted persona need not make us afraid. We can draw on the One Christ in our daily lives, and this nod to a larger reality will save not only us, but the world.


What do I truly want? What is it in my heart that keeps calling to me, keeps compelling me? (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 4, Page 50 – 51)

When we ask the Almighty to give us guidance about what we truly want, we are asking Him to give us what is the will of God. He wants us to know how to proceed; He doesn’t wish for us to stay in the dark. We will start knowing, much better, when we take the time to ask for divine influence.

We may simply “be,” in love, with all other creatures of God. A Course of Love talks of the way of Mary, of being; and the way of Jesus, of doing. And ACOL says that all of us will eventually follow the way of Mary. This means that putting our arms around our loved ones, and just simply giving them love is a gift of the greatest magnitude. It is being par excellence.

What does matter is how we accept ourselves, warts and all. We are not perfect, and it will take Jesus to correct the mistakes in our soul’s path that we have been unable to correct. (This is indicated in both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.) This correction, because Jesus is gentle, will be gentle and nothing to fear. Jesus can give us much help along the way, as we seek to walk a better path. And the Holy Spirit/Christ Self do their part as well.

We are not left dangling.

Deep Enjoyment in This World

“You seek innocence and peace. You seek abundance prosperity and joy. But often, when you touch these things, it frightens you. Why? Because the Truth of the Kingdom requires openness, trust, expansiveness and spaciousness. It involves allowing, trusting, witnessing and letting things come and go. It involves learning to cultivate a deep enjoyment of whatever arises, seeing that all things are just modifications of consciousness itself, and then let them go when it is time to do so.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Chapter 2, Page 16)

Could we enjoy all of our time on this earth, this world? That is what Jesus is asking us to do, but to reach this way of relating, we need to be open, trusting, expansive, spacious. Being “spacious,” a concept discussed at length in A Course of Love, means that we are actually empty inside, ready to receive. We aren’t bringing our own misguided thinking to the table.

When we allow what wants to come, we are living successfully. This involves the trust that A Course in Miracles says is the primary characteristic of teachers of God.
We do not need to be frightened of our very selves. We hesitate to open up sufficiently, out of fear, and this is an egoistic reaction that needs to be eliminated. Just turn aside from the fear, not resisting it, for the force field becomes more binding in resistance.

Our consciousness IS being modified. This certainty will take us smoothly over the rough spots, as our subconscious moves to the surface of the mind to be forgiven. Our forgiveness of our own past mistakes and foibles will prepare us for God’s true blessings, will prepare for the way we are really supposed to live in this world.

We need ask for nothing more.

Jesus: “What You Experience You Have Directly and Deliberately Called to Yourself”

“In each and every moment, you cannot be a victim of what you see, and nothing is outside of you. What you experience you have directly and deliberately called to yourself. If you hold the thought, ‘I do not like what I have called to myself,’ that is perfectly fine. For you have called to yourself the experience of being in judgment of yourself. Merely look with the wonder of a child and see what it feels like and ask yourself, ‘Is this an energy I wish to continue in or would I choose something else?’” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Chapter 1, Page 3)

Jesus echoes A Course in Miracles here when he says, “nothing is outside of you.” This is the idea that we are projecting our illusion, that the mind projects outwardly, and then we perceive. The fact that we are perceiving illusion is germane. How can we be a victim when we are making what we see?

This is a hard point to grasp, but the idea that we live in illusion is central to ACIM, and also central to The Way of Mastery (The Christ Mind Trilogy). Readers of A Course of Love have a divergence of opinion about whether or not the world is ever actually “real.” I really don’t think it matters to Jesus whether or not we think this world is an illusion; thoughts about metaphysics are controversies that may simply divide us from one another. As in the quotation for today, we are encouraged not to sit in judgment of ourselves nor anybody else.

We don’t call judgment to ourselves, and in turning aside from this judgment, we live a better life. We are tolerant. And we continue with energy that builds up ourselves and others.

“What you experience you have directly and deliberately called to yourself.” This is the law of attraction spelled out in an opening page of this first book in WOM (Christ Mind Trilogy), “The Way of the Heart.” It says nothing less but that we are doing this unto ourselves. And A Course in Miracles says the same. (Jayem was instructed by Jesus not to read ACIM before or during his channeling, and so there is no chance that he was merely echoing things that he had read.)

Look with wonder today to the world in which we find ourselves. Even though the world is projection, we can see, in what we see, a harbinger of better things to come.

Continue with Openness to Revelation

“Go forth not as completed works of art but as permeable energy, ever changing, ever creating, ever new. Go forth with openness for revelation to happen through you and through all you encounter. Go forth joyously on this adventure of discovery. Be ever new, ever one, ever the beloved.
. . .
“Beloved brothers and sisters, You are The Accomplished.” (ACOL, A.48, A.50)

Today’s quotation ends A Course of Love (and ends our two-year teaching unit). It is perhaps not a clear statement, for many of us don’t feel “accomplished,” and we still think that there is more we need to know to “be” accomplished. In the final pages of ACOL, Jesus is asking us to rest, rest in the knowledge that we have learned and discovered much, and that we need to call an end to constant and unrelenting seeking. We will never know what we have found until we cease restless seeking for something else, something outside of ourselves. No, this will never do. We live “who we are” in the depths of our being, in the Christ-Self who has newly come out to play. The Christ-Self is now available to us, and this is where we live out “who we are.”

We will still receive guidance in the form of revelation. We are not cut adrift. We have a solid friend in Jesus, though now he is going to see that we depend more on our inner depths than on anybody else, even him. The inner depths hold the secret to enhanced living; the inner depths guide us truly, guide us securely.

Be satisfied! This is another way of saying that we need to live who we are. Our restlessness needs to find a conclusion. And when we turn to the pages of A Course of Love now, we will read what seems familiar to us, for we have walked far upon the pathway back to God.

Jesus channeled A Course of Love for us to establish a new identity, shorn of the ego. Trust that this new identity is in place and now needs only elaboration. And we have the heartfelt tools to effect such an elaboration. Our transformation is assured.

Dear God,

Thank You for being with me as I embarked on this long and sometimes tedious journey through A Course of Love. Teaching/learning is over for all of us now; we are just discovering a new life through our intuitions, the intuitions of a soft heart.

Be with me as I decide that there is an end to seeking. Happiness is its own reward, and a constant seeking is not a happy place. We do the work of spirituality well when we do it joyously. There is no better way to spend a life.

Thank You for guiding me to this realization.


Dialogue with Our Intimates

“You are not a “student” of The Dialogues but a full participant in The Dialogues. You have entered the final stages of revelation of Who You Are. When Who You Are is fully revealed you will realize that it is time to leave the classroom and live as Who You Are in the world. You will realize that your participation in the world as Who You Are is part of an on-going dialogue, and that it is an on-going aspect of creation by which the new will be created.” (ACOL, A.42)

We are not often considered “students” of A Course of Love, though we have been considered students of A Course in Miracles (until we become “teachers,” as in the Manual for Teachers). First, we do “learn” (as in the Course of Love proper and the Treatises), but we trade this idea in for a time in which we “discover.” Discovering is seen as a sharing experience; we discover in the bonds of relationship with others, all our brothers and sisters. When we learn, we are participating as unequals, learning from Jesus what will carry us forward.

By the time that we read the Dialogues, we are equals in this manner of discovering what life is and who we are. The dialogue with others becomes the most important way in which we discover. And this includes a dialogue with Jesus, who takes a personal interest in us and our lives. Eventually, though, we find that he wants us to stand on our own two feet, following the new knowledge that arises from the larger Self, God Himself/Herself, and the inner Christ-Self whom we all inside us.

It may still be confusing to us to read that we are to be “who we are.” We may not have left behind a restless search to be an ideal self, to be more than what we are. But Jesus says in ACOL that perfection is not required (he will correct all mistakes that we cannot), and we are eminently loveable just as we are. This comes as great relief to some, as disappointment to others. If we are not striving for perfection,, what is there to strive for in this life of ours?

We promote love’s extension—that is what we are after for all eternity. We turn to the expression of love as our correct substitute to lives spent trying to improve ourselves to some illusive ideal.

Is this expression of love not a laudable way to spend our days? Of course it is. And it is a restful concept that is head and shoulders above what we used to chase after as beings caught in the throes of egotistical challenges. As we leave the ego behind, we gradually come to love more, for no longer are we competing with our equals, our brothers and sisters. We are sharing with them, even as we are communing with God. The cooperative nature of true reality becomes the final lesson. When we live in cooperation with others, their lives become important to us. We love, and we love deeply. Our equality with all human beings gives us the basis for a laudable way to live our lives, in deep love and appreciation for ourselves and the other beings on earth with us.

Dear God,

I would express love today to all I encounter. I discover that this love makes life worthwhile, worth living. My achievements come later to be less important, because they are not trying to satisfy an egoic dissatisfaction with all of life.

Thank You for taking me by the hand and leading me. This guidance opens the way to a glorious existence. It gives me reason to live.


Relief from Obsessional Thinking

“Now, despite the rapidity of movement or lack thereof, to read the Trea¬tises together will likely feel as if it is almost a waste of valuable time. Thus, gatherings of those working with the Treatises will naturally include more sharing of experiences. The facilitator’s task is now one of placing these expe¬riences in context. After giving the group time to talk, the facilitator might choose a brief passage that will fit within the content of the sharing. Always it is the facilitator’s role to guide the individual group members away from inclinations, which may be strong during this time, to “figure things out.” Problem solving is to be discouraged. Trust is to be encouraged. Often a discussion can be facilitated greatly by the question, “How might we be able to look at this situation in a new way?” To encourage the gentleness of the art of thought over the relentless stridency of the thinking mind is always helpful. Obsessive thinking is always ruthless, judgmental, and wearing on the thinker. He or she needs help in breaking its grip and should never be allowed to suffer.” (ACOL, A.31)

We know about obsessive thinking, don’t we? It comes upon us at the most awful times, with our minds going around and around some matter as a record spins on its turntable. We don’t get anywhere with our obsessions. And A Course of Love is here to give us some relief.

Much of the Appendix is geared to instructions for those of us in discussion groups for ACOL. Here Jesus is particularly talking about the second part of ACOL, the Treatises. While previously, their dense prose may have attracted us, now we are encouraged not to get lost in trying to figure out everything. This “figuring out” is what leads to obsessive thinking. And our own brand of misery. Let’s be done with this, once and for all. Lead the mind flow. And let the heart give guidance to the mind, for the heart, being intuitive, doesn’t obsess.

The facilitator of group meetings has a lot on him/her. If group members are in a quandary about some part of ACOL, it is up to that facilitator to smooth things out. Other group members will help, of course, but typically their knowledge of ACOL is more limited than the knowledge of ACOL of the facilitator. Much sensitivity is called for by all members of the group, but especially the facilitator. He/she will make a real contribution to the new world we will be creating. His importance is all the more pronounced because he is listening to his heart and his guidance, not coming from a self-centered egoic stance.

Let distractions ease the obsessions that may form as we seek to “get it all” from A Course of Love. We won’t be immune to trying to study, but let’s do what we can to minimize this tendency, this temptation.

Dear God,

I have been prone to obsessions over my lifetime, but obsessional thinking is not Your way. Miracle-minded impulses are. The art of thought is based in miracles, and I ask for miracles today. Lead me to where and what I can do that is the best. Keep me mired in Your will.

Thank You for the soul-centered advice that Jesus gives us in the quotation for today. If we listen to our soul’s advice, our intuition, we will make much progress to a new and better world.


Faith Is of the Heart

“Readers who have not moved away from their desire to learn something that will feed their minds or egos will seldom continue to this next level. The next level brings with it the same situation the reader encountered in receiving the Course, but the reader will now encounter these situations in life. The reader is no longer only a reader. Their experience of this Course has extended beyond reading and beyond the classroom situation. Now a time may come when studying truly seems to be in order. The guidance provided by their reading may seem to come and go and their desire to rely on what they have “learned” will grow. They may desire to backtrack, review, or begin to highlight passages to return to again and again. New questions may arise and a desire for feedback or discussion grow stronger. This may also be precisely the time when the reader is so caught up in experience and learning “in life” that return to a group or classroom situation feels next to impossible.” (ACOL, A.26)

As we read A Course of Love, going through different phases, we reach a point that out learning/discovery moves into the outside world. We learn/discover from what is happening in our lives. But this learning/discovery is helped along by what ACOL has taught. We are applying what we now know. We will be the better for it.

If we resist this change, we will be resisting the whole progress of ACOL in both our mind and heart. And we don’t want to do this. Allow our mind/heart to be moved along by the progress that we have made. Resist nothing. It doesn’t matter that we don’t learn/discover in the old ways any longer; what we have now is infinitely better—a choice for what the heart will teach the mind. Our wholeheartedness, mind and heart combined, is the result.

We will likely be tempted really to study ACOL, intently and repeatedly. This might not be wise, for it is a return to the mind shorn of the heart. Let the heart lead where it wants. Be assured that Jesus’s words have inculcated the heart, and now our heart is taking the lead—as Jesus recommends for all of ACOL.

Jesus may have realized that A Course in Miracles could trip us up by providing, as he did, a treatise that gave the mind lots to chew upon. The mind can and will get tangled up if we don’t return to the intuitive longings of the heart. And, fresh from the ego’s clutches, we will wander as in a desert if we don’t let our Christ-Self lead the way. The Christ-Self best leads the way not by evidence, but by faith, and faith is of the heart.

Be relaxed today. Listen to the warmth that the heart prompts. Be assured that this is the best way, heart-filled, miracle-minded impulses that enfold us in God’s grace.

Dear God,

I would feel Your warmth today. This mystical sense welcomes my mind, even as it reassures me of the truths of the heart.

Help me, always, to live a good and clean life, supported in this endeavor by the truths that have come to me unsought. Thank You for guiding me so precisely.


Wisdom of Receptivity

“Through receptivity is the wisdom inherent in being who you truly are revealed. Being who you truly are, accepting your true identity, is the goal of this Course and of this beginning level of what I only loosely call a curric¬ulum. It is appropriate to remember and to be reminded at this level, that being true to your Self is not about reaching an ideal state or a state of iden¬tity exactly the same as another’s. It is also not about being selfless. These ideas too are part of the unlearning of this Course and are to be discouraged.” (ACOL, A.24)

We have a persona, called the ideal, that we attempt to reach. We did this especially when the ego was predominant. But being who we are is not about being an ideal; we don’t reach for something that always seems just beyond our reach.

We rest where we are, certain of a new identity that, while not perfect, is perfectly all right—ALL right. We can imagine that the more selfless we are, the more self-sacrificing we are, the better people we are. Not so, says Jesus in this quotation. We ask to have our mistakes corrected in us—and it is done. We ask to be accepted just as we are—and it is done. The ways of God prevail.

When we are receptive, in a receptive state of mind and heart, we are most ready to accept the words and meaning of A Course of Love. We don’t imagine the ideal, therefore. We accept who and what we are, just as we are. This will give us a peace that we have never known. This will give us God’s peace.

A Course of Love is about establishing a new identity, and “being who we are” is exactly that. Of course, we have been so confused by our egos that we haven’t really known who we are, and we probably don’t know, still. But glimmerings will come to us. And if we listen carefully to our heart, we will know more. The way back is not hard.

Dear God,

I would accept myself today just as I am, flaws and all. I would ask You to correct any mistakes that still lurk in the background. I am as sure that You will as I am sure of anything. Your promises are sure. With Jesus as Your agent, the flaws of the past will recede into the past.

Thank You for giving me the reassurance, always, of Your love for me. And all my brothers and sisters. We walk a sure pathway back to You. If the way seems long, we rest in patience. If the way seems short, we pick up our speed and forge ahead. But the end—You—is certain.


Way of the Heart

“The way of the heart is the way of the Time of Christ. The time of the Holy Spirit has passed. The time of the intermediary is over. The greatest intermediary of all has been the mind. It has stood between you and your own inner knowing, caught in a dream of perception.” (ACOL, A.19)

If we listen to our heart, we will be alright. Jesus is saying that failing to listen to our heart has been the problem all along. The mind has dominated, seeking for proof of God, seeking to perceive accurately from an egoic perspective.

We know now that the mind is the servant of the heart. The mind just confuses things when it seeks to analyze. Analysis is the way of deep study, and when we move into ease, we give up intense study, of this Course, of life in general. The mind tried to learn, but it got things wrong. Now Jesus has turned to our heart to have us form a new identity, an identity shorn of the ego. And, if we are fortunate, we will get it right this time.

We don’t really want to “perceive” at all, for this is the way of the mind. We want to know, and this inner knowledge is the way of the heart. We don’t need an intermediary, the Holy Spirit, to keep us unafraid of God. We trust God. We can go directly to Him/Her, and when we do so, with our heart, we are gentle and peaceful. Our solace is sure. Our inner knowing is the Christ-Self, and this Self will take us on days that are filled with smooth sailing.

The time of Christ is new and different, a time of new beginnings in this long saga of life on earth. Our way is sure now, for we turn to the closest aspect of ourselves that we can envision: our heart. No longer seeking proofs, we rest in knowledge that is non-egoic. We know that all others are our equals, and so we see aright—for the first time in eons.

Dear God,

Thank You for the rest You have given me on this morning of a busy day. May I let my heart lead, sure in its convictions of the knowledge that You alone can give.

Thank You for taking me by the hand and leading me. I am not scared of You any longer. I come directly.


Heartfelt Knowledge

“Let me be clear. The seeming lack of difficulty in this Course is where its difficulty lies. To give up difficulty for ease is more than some egos are willing to accept. To give up effort for receptivity is more than some can accept. Why? Because it is too difficult. It goes against all you have learned and the nature of the reality in which the mind has functioned. In turning to the heart we seek to bypass this difficulty as much as possible, but each will feel it to some degree, the precise degree to which they are capable of giving up reliance on what they but think has worked for them in the past.” (ACOL, A.18)

Many of us have a work ethic, work hard and succeed, not only in our jobs but in our family life as well. This is all very well, but it won’t get us to where we want to get in our spiritual life. Studying A Course of Love as though we were going to take a test on it, is the absolutely wrong way to go. If we relax in our reading/hearing of ACOL, we will let our inner Self discover in a way that the egoic mind never did.

Relaxing in reading a difficult and complicated text goes against the grain. But it is absolutely necessary. We will “succeed” in this endeavor to the extent that we let our Christ Self come out and play—yes, play—with the concepts. We have largely lost the will to play, unless it is a night on the town and involves alcohol. Our children know how to play, and we can see what play is all about by revisiting our own childhood. What did we like to do? How did we approach our first lessons in reading? It is not likely that we screwed our foreheads and concentrated with all our might. Instead, we responded with curiosity to the words on the page. The teacher was there to correct us if we read a word wrong. The Christ Self similarly corrects. We have nothing to worry about. Put some distance between ourselves and the concepts. Know that intense study won’t teach us more. A relaxed mind is not a little gift.

Here we come back to heartfelt knowledge. Let the softness of the heart teach. We will eventually give up traditional means of learning in approaching A Course of Love, with thought processes that will move beyond what we have previously encountered as “thinking.” We will let miracle-minded impulses show us the way. Always the way. And the way will be not only illuminating but also a love-filled experience.

Dear God,

I would let my heart lead when I reread A Course of Love. I won’t read with pencil in hand, ready to mark the most enlightening passages. I will let the knowledge on the page enfold me with its blessing. This takes reading with a soft heart.

Thank You for teaching me anew how to learn, how to discover. I am now at the discovery phase of taking in ACOL. And ACOL is blessing me. Thank You.


Listen to Our Internal Guidance

“The task of facilitators of such meetings of open hearts is to direct the reader away from ego mind and back to wholeheartedness or Christ-mind. “How do you feel?” is a more appropriate question than, “What do you think?” The sharing of experience is more appropriate than the sharing of interpretation. The sharing of process is more appropriate than the sharing of outcome. Facilitators will keep readers from attempting one correct inter¬pretation, as the only correct interpretation is that which comes from each
reader’s own internal guidance system. Group attendees will find themselves feeling less competitive or interested in asserting their beliefs as it becomes clear to them that unlike in other learning situations, there is no correct answer or specific set of beliefs to be adopted. The student begins to move beyond the need for shared belief to personal conviction and authority.” (ACOL, A.15)

Again Jesus is talking to groups who are discussing A Course of Love. We are to dwell on our feelings, not out thoughts. We are to dwell on what the heart says, not the mind. There is no one “correct” interpretation; we must listen to our heart to know what ACOL is saying to us personally.

We move into a cooperative stance with ACOL as our guide. No longer competitive, we simply see each other as equals. If there are individuals in our group who have not let go of the ego, we need to be very certain that we don’t fall into judgment of them. If we fall into judgment, we will be taking a step backward, and we will be threatened with forming a new ego to replace our old one.

This will never do. If we are to change or create a world, we must stand firm in what we know, and that means the miracle-mindedness that is the art of thought. Thinking as we have previously known it has fallen away. We wait to be told what miracles to perform, for guidance is sure. If we aren’t certain, we wait.

Sometimes our guidance comes only at the point of action, and we are held in limbo until then. This is not God playing with us, but only our own reluctance to know fully until it is time to act. We keep our minds from getting cluttered when we don’t try to figure things out in advance.

We are meant to depend on our Self, the Christ-Self who draws on God Himself. We are not meant to depend on what other people say. Our internal guidance system is the best available. Let’s use it.

Dear God,

I say often that I need to depend on guidance. Do I do it all the time? No. But I try. And that is the saving grace for me, the saving grace that You give me. Thank You.

May I look to others with a cooperative mind slant. My heart will tell me what to say and do, even what to think. And the thoughts will be miracle-ready.

Thank You.


Enter Discussion without an Agenda to Attend to

“Through receptivity, what your mind finds difficult to accept, your heart accepts with ease. Now you are ready to question what you must. Now you are ready to hear the answer that arises in your own heart or from the voice of the man or woman sitting next to you. Now you are ready to hear all the voices around you without judgment, to enter discussion without an agenda to attend to, to not be so anxious to say what you are thinking that you forget to listen. Now you are ready to let understanding come without the aggressiveness of going out to get it.” (ACOL, A.13)

We are meant to be in a somewhat passive state when we take in the truths of A Course of Love. This quotation refers to times spent in a discussion group for ACOL. We enter the discussion “without an agenda to attend to,” “not anxious.” We know that all of us are equals in the sight of God, that seeing others as our equals is what will eliminate anxieties as we talk in a group.

The Dalai Lama has said much the same thing. He relates that previously (many years ago), he used to be anxious when speaking to a group, but that that bad reaction ceased when he saw himself as one with them, one of them.

If we think that we are either worse or better than another, we will be scared of that other. And this is no way to be. The best composure comes when we are relaxed, sure of our being in God’s sight.

If we listen with our heart, we will recognize that all individuals are equal to us. It is only our mind that seeks to be superior, and the mind is sometimes a poor learner. The heart knows without proof, and the heart feels God with a warmth that takes away all agitation.

Be gentle with ourselves today. Know that others have the same inhibitions that we have, that they do worry about making an impression. But we don’t have to consider this worry legitimate; it is not. Be accepting of our brothers and sisters, and love them with a generous sense of both heart and mind. The benefits are great, the drawbacks nothing at all.

Dear God,

I would realize that other people do care about me, that I don’t have to make an impression in any sense at all. They will be accepting of me when I am accepting of them.

Thank You for this insight. It came from Your heart to mine.


Let Meaning of ACOL Be Revealed

“Now you may feel quite compelled to share your experience of the Course with others. What might you expect to find?

“Often you will find a desire to read the Course again—to read it aloud—to hear it spoken. This is a natural desire to let the words of the Course enter you in yet another way—the way of voice. Again it is not required nor even recommended that these readings be interrupted by a search for meaning. Listen. Respond. Let meaning be revealed.” (ACOL, A.9 – A.10)

Listening to A Course of Love is its own reward. And Mari is recording it now, with some available already on amazon.com. Before she has finished, we can always read aloud to ourselves or to friends of like-minded persuasion. The audible is yet another way that these truths can enter the mind and heart.

We are not supposed to invest heavily is a desire to “understand” all that A Course of Love says to us. This would be intense study and a strain. We are just to absorb what we can with any pass-through, and indeed Jesus has recommended pass-through in the pages of ACOL. If we are led to read and reread ACOL, we will absorb its message, a little more each time.

Share what you can with like-minded people. Don’t evangelize, though, for we have been specifically asked not to evangelize. People will be attracted to us when they see the difference in us. They will want to know what we do that is different. We read A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, and other channeled, revealed, words of Jesus.

“Let meaning be revealed.” Yes! This is the way; this is the only way.

Spend a few minutes today in reading/rereading A Course of Love. Let that be our meditation for today.

Dear God,

I thank You for A Course of Love, for surely its message comes from Your Being. Thank You for the warmth of my heart that I know when rereading ACOL. And the time of tenderness is a real blessing. Be with me as I seek, once again, to glean its beauty today.


Show the World the Real Person whom We Are

“In wholeheartedness, then, you are ready to return to a second reading of the Course. In wholeheartedness you will find difficulty falling away and understanding arising. You are beginning to know yourself in a new way. You are beginning to know yourself without the perceptions and the judgments of the mind. You are beginning to know yourself as you truly are and you will begin to hear the language of the Course as the language of your own heart.” (ACOL, A.8)

When we reread A Course of Love, we begin to feel as if we are saying some of these things ourselves. This is because we are listening with our heart, a heart that is part of the One Self. Moreover, our mind has now acquiesced to the heart, being led by the heart to a better way of thinking. Becoming as we truly are is one major outcome to reading ACOL. We have dropped pretenses, and we have turned aside from the ego. We are just ourselves, pure and simple. We don’t try to wear shoes that don’t fit.

If it seems as though ACOL was written just for each of us individually, this too was a goal of Jesus in the writing. When we assume our true being, we have more in common with each other than we have differences. Our distinct personalities don’t touch the core of us that is the same in all people. With this truth, we begin to comprehend why we have had so much discord in the past. We saw our distinctions as barriers to true communication. We might laud diversity in our culture, but many of us find day-to-day living with diverse brothers and sisters to be a real challenge. Knowing that the Self of each of us is composed of the same energies will go a long way to allow us to be accepting of uniqueness, accepting of sameness.

We understand more of ACOL when we reread it. It becomes second nature to us. There is no better way to spend our quiet time. A Course in Miracles prepared us for ACOL, and now we have the identity, the new identity, that ACOL hoped to establish for everyone.

Dear God,

Thank You for guiding my rereading of A Course of Love. Be with me as I seek to discover the depths in this information, to glean from it the true knowledge that Jesus would impart. Be with me as I drop pretensions and show the world myself just as I am.

Thank you for this gift of a great work. It built on A Course in Miracles when many of us were fearful of proceeding without an ego. Now we truly know that one is not needed.


Listen with Our Heart

“This is not to say that you will find this Course or the end of learning to be easy. Yet it is your difficulty in giving up your attachment to learning through the application of thought and effort that creates the perception of this Course’s difficulty. Thus it is said to you to take this Course with as little attachment to your old means of learning as is possible for you. If you do not understand, accept that you do not understand and go on. Listen to the words as if they are spoken to you, for such they are. Listen as you would listen to a friend in conversation. Listen simply to hear what is being said. Listen simply to let the words enter you.

“This is recommended for your first reading of the Course.” (ACOL, A.5 – A.6)

We are considering the appendix to A Course of Love now. Jesus gives hints that will help us in making ACOL ours. And the first and possibly most important recommendation is to take it easy with the Course. Listen to its words as you would listen to a friend. Intense study is not only unnecessary but undesired. We discover the peace underlying the word when we ourselves are peaceful. We can’t be peaceful with highlighter in tow.

Read the words with a gentle mind. Imagine that our hearts are welling up from within us. Listen to our heart as we read; let it tell us what we have long neglected to hear. The heart knows by intuition, not heavy study, not analysis. The heart will guide us rightly now, and in the end will guide the mind to better thought processes also. We will approach right thinking from a different sort of advice from Jesus. We will see the “art of thought” as a miracle-minded approach that will actually come very close to solving all of our problems, real and imagined.

When we read with a highlighter in tow, we think with our analytical mind, and we are very far from miracle-minded thought. Miracles come to us unbidden, and they solve problems that we didn’t even know that we have. Don’t tense the brow and become convinced that we can live well after much consideration of what ACOL says. Let the words sing. And singing should not be effortful.

Dear God,

I am willing to let the words of A Course of Love speak to my heart, at first only to my heart. Then I ask that my mind become engaged, but only with miracle-minded thought. I would know miracle readiness today. Send me on the missions that You would send me on, a clear mind and a soft heart to do Your bidding.

Be with me as I seek to discover the depths to ACOL. But not by struggle. By ease and the Love that You alone can give me.

Thank You.


Let the Heart Lead

“This Course is not for the mind but for the heart. It is not a way of thought and effort but a way of feeling, of ease, and of direct relationship. Again I say to you, in the direct relationship achieved in union, no learning is required.” (ACOL, A.4)

This Course is for the heart, for our feelings. And when we follow where our heart leads, we have ease of living. If we insist on the “should’s” and “ought’s” of the mind, we more than likely get ourselves tangled up. When in a quandary, doubting God, look to our heart. His Presence will infuse us with new power. And the should’s and ought’s will fall away.

Who would not want ease of living? Why does Jesus make such a big deal out of this in A Course of Love? It is the heart that doesn’t have to “try” to believe in God. Believing in God and His goodness are naturals for the heart. And we are not learning this, of course, for learning is of the mind. We are intuiting His Being from our heartfelt longings. The fact that we long for love is evidence that Love is all that there is, and that Love is God’s Love.

We are reaching God now through direct relationship, with the intermediary of the Holy Spirit no longer something that we feel we need to have. Direct relationship offers a solace, a love, that will give us a sense of warmth. It is often this warm feeling that leads me to understand that God is coming up from my depths. When I ask for solace, He is there to offer it; there is no time delay, for everything is present in eternity. No past nor future. Just now.

I wish very much to get across today that the heart can heal our many conflicting emotions. We aren’t giving our all when we live too much in our minds. We are logically analyzing, or so we are trying. And this will never allow God to act in His fullness in our lives. We need the warmth of our heart, and this will give us the everything that A Course in Miracles says that we truly want.

Give this new beginning of the new year, a chance. Let God speak to our heart. Rest in His ease. And see if the little difficulties of our lives smooth out. We are thus well-cocooned in God’s love.

Dear God,

Heal my stress today. I know that listening to Your guidance through intuition will heal my stress. Give me the grace to so listen. Give me the grace to realize that Your balm for a troubled heart is balm indeed.

May my overwrought this morning just fall away. It is such a pity that I ever let an overwrought state mushroom. I end this overwrought feeling now, right now. Thank You for letting me know how.


Time of Great Promise

“A major difference between A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love has to do with the movement into the Time of Christ, a time of direct learning in union and relationship with God. The word learning is loosely used here for no learning is needed in union and relationship.” (ACOL, A.1)

A Course in Miracles was channeled in the sixties and early seventies, and this period included the time of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is telling us here that things are different now; A Course of Love was channeled in the late nineties and early 2000’s, and we have now moved into the time of Christ.

Lest this seem surprising to us, perhaps it is more recognizable when we think of all of the psychic prognostications about the turn into the Twenty-first Century. For years prior, psychics were heralded the turn of the century as a time of great change; just maybe they were right. But even though bad things continue to happen in this new century, there is hope also. We think that we just might be able to effect a new creation in our world. After all, Jesus is telling us this in ACOL.

Our learning is characterized now as “discovery,” and this means that learning in the old fashion of intense study is not needed when one reads A Course of Love. We can read it as many times as we like, and we will never plumb the depths, for there is something new each time. Intense study misses the boat, for we are encouraged to “listen” with our heart. And the heart intuits truths that the mind cannot know until the mind has been informed by the heart.

Let us ask for a mind learning in union (One with God) and relationship (One with our brothers and sisters), and may we know that this two-pronged approach will reap many benefits. We will see the truth in this new era; let us believe this, and we will create it. We are creating like unto the Father now, and this is a great blessing. Our ego has been laid aside, and with it the mistakes of the past. We may still make correctable mistakes, for we are not perfect in this new world, but our error rate will decline.

Rejoice that we live in such a time of great promise. Rejoice that year follows upon year, and when we listen to the channeled works of Jesus, we are reassured that everything is proceeding in divine order.

Dear God,

On this first day of a new year, 2018, may we say a meaningful prayer of thanks that we have been given a new start. We are given much, and those to whom much is given, are also the recipients of great expectation for giving back. May we accept the challenge, and give back in full measure. The way is sure now; indecision and missteps are put aside as we leave the ego behind us in the dust under our feet.

Be with me today as I seek to enjoy the happiness that You wish for me. Challenges aside, this is a great day, the first day of the rest of my life. May I make it count for something.


An Endless Quest for Love’s Expression Is Eternity Itself

“What will there be to strive for? What quest will replace this quest for being? The quest for love’s expression—the quest to see, experience, and share, as many of love’s expressions as the world needs to be returned, along with you, to its own Self.

“Does this seem like a long and harrowing road? An endless quest? An endless quest for love’s expression is eternity itself.

“Be happy that there is no end in sight to this road you travel now. It is simply the road of what is endlessly creating like unto itself.

“You now know how to respond to love, for you are love, being. So be it.” (ACOL, E.27 – E.30)

So here is what we are about: an expression of love for all eternity. We need to be sure that we listen to these beautiful words in the quotation from A Course of Love, for love is a much-maligned word that promises more than we realize. It promises us everything, and everything is what A Course in Miracles says that we really want. We won’t ever be satisfied with separating a small segment of reality, and saying that we will be satisfied with that; we won’t be. And everything is ours, that is the beauty of it.

If we have wondered the purpose of our being, our very existence, then here we have the answer: an expression of love carried out through all eternity. If we think we don’t know how to do that, then we need to look within, where all expressions of love emanate. We will discover what it is we have been missing in our own little expressions of love. For the first time, looking within, we will see what Love really is all about.

Love is not just an emotion, but an attribute of universal consciousness. Our consciousness with God, Whom we all know to be Love through and through. We get ourselves tangled up when we imagine that all love is, is a feeling. Love is much more than that. As an attribute of consciousness, Love gave us our very Self. And the inner Christ-Self, now a knowing being, knows what it is to love. Let out of our depths, the Christ-Self wanders about a world, seeing with new eyes, our new eyes.

If we drop into low emotions, then let us rise up from that mire to new heights, knowing that all, all that we really have to do is love. This is not a mindless love, and certainly it is not a special love. On the contrary, it is a holy love felt with all our mind and heart, in wholeheartedness (as A Course of Love says).

Feel this holy love today. Don’t let anything hold us back from expressing the best that we have in us, and that, of course, is Love.

Dear God,

As we face a new year with new beginnings, let us leave not out Love that You show to us. You are showing us how to love with every right thought/action that we take. And we are discovering with a master, Jesus himself, who has channeled works such as ACIM and ACOL for our benefit. Be with us as we seek to keep an uplifted affect in this new year. There is no reason to be down about the state of the world, for we, as newly enlightened beings, have the power to effect real change, even unto creating a new world.

Thank You for warming me with Your Presence. May I be thankful that You are always living through me, expressing love as I will best allow.


Take Heart Now

“When you meet what you would have before seen as difficulties, as you encounter a world where love still does not seem to reign, when you meet that which would oppose love, remember that you are now the bridge between this creative tension of opposites becoming one. Remember that this is creation in the making. Remember that you are a creator. Never forget that in being who I Am being, you extend only love.” (ACOL, E.24)

We have a mission in this world. It is to spread our love, the love that we have felt from Jesus and God Himself/Herself, outward into the world. And when we encounter difficulties, this is just when we are needed, and needed badly. We can succeed in creating a new world, for we have the help of unseen angels, and we have the help of the Self who we are becoming, the Christ-Self who has dwelt within us, unknown while the ego ruled. And the ego has been banished for all time (we hope).

If difficulties arise in our little world, the spot that we inhabit with our significant others, know that turning to the Lord is our Answer. He knows when we have encountered something over which we have little or no control. And He will provide the means to eliminate discontent in our lives. We can listen, moment by moment, and the way to proceed will be told us. We don’t have to wonder if this is happening; we can know that it is. The way back to Love is set forth for us in A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and other works (like The Way of Mastery) channeled by Jesus, and, indeed, others as well. We don’t have to wander in the woods, lost. We can know, for knowledge is now ours.

If difficulties arise in the outer world, we may falsely think that we can’t make a difference. But we can. The thoughts of our inner mind make a difference. Prayer makes a difference. Only when we give up and think there is nothing we can do, do we find the way opened to us by God Himself. There are only seven degrees of separation between us and the whole world; this was written about a few years back. And these seven collapse into nothingness when we set our minds and hearts to making a difference, making a change for the better.

Don’t fret about difficulties; they will diminish as we walk further along our pathway. We need only hold fast to what we know now in order to know more. Knowledge builds on knowledge. And is the panacea that we need and want.

We are proceeding along the Way. Don’t lose heart now.

Dear God,

I would leave difficulties in the past, not dwell on what is now gone. If I dwell on the past, it may revisit me, as I will attract it by my thoughts and feelings. I am through with the dead past. I long now to walk into the sunlight with You.

Thank You for guiding me so precisely. And grant that my faith will enlarge to foster the best and highest that I know. That You know, too.


We Are Enough

“This difference, if you will allow it to come, will take away all worry, all thought about how you could be better, more, greater. If you still possess some things that you would consider character flaws or faults, forget about them now. In being they will be yours or they will not. You will be happy that you have these aspects of humanness or you will not and they will be gone. Do not expect the same unhappiness with yourself. You are fine. You are being. You are being fine. So be it.” (ACOL, E.21)

We have changed, and Jesus is saying that we are enough, just as we are. If we think that we are not perfect (and we aren’t), then we can just simply ask that we change. It will be done. Life is easier now; we don’t have to struggle so to give up old habits. Our new way of living is effortless, for we are living in the grace of the moment. Our movement toward Christ-consciousness has made all of this good thing happen. We are now living in the unity of One with our Maker, and in relationship with all others, our brothers and sisters who share this planet with us. We neither seek to be better or less than our brothers and sisters, and in this state of equality, much of our dissatisfaction with ourselves is gone.

We live well in this world that we are beginning to create anew. While the world may still be in a deplorable state for some time, we don’t have to do anything that exacerbate that state. Our way is simple: to live as children of God, beings, like Him, who love within a grand tradition. We live a mellow life, not allowing discontent to take over our days. And in the new way, we live with peace and harmony. We don’t do anything that is going to make the lives of our brothers and sisters any worse. We are good citizens of the world.

Dear God,

As this new year approaches, may we hear from You what needs to be changed. And then accept that change as being done for us. We are blessed by Your Love always and forever. We are walking a smooth walkway, and we are surefooted in the walk.

Show us what to do to improve, if improvement is needed. But I think we don’t need self-help manuals any longer. We have found.


Time of New Beginnings

“You will not realize that everything has changed until you “realize” or “make real” that change. Let this revelation come to you. All you need do is expect it to come and it will come. So be it.

You will also not realize that you have chosen nothing until and unless you realize that everything has not changed. Let this realization come too if it must. And make a new choice. The future is up to you.” (ACOL, E.11 – E.12)

“The future is up to you.” This is Jesus’ version of the New Age credo, “You create your own reality.” Few of us have taken this credo to heart, and those who have are frightened by it all too often. We have very rudimentary knowledge of how to control our thoughts, much less our feelings, and the idea that it is we who are in control, ultimately, is very scary, and also contrary to traditional Christian doctrine. We don’t make decisions, though, if we are smart, that don’t involve guidance from our Higher Power. In reading A Course in Miracles, this Higher Power is the Holy Spirit, but now we learn, in A Course of Love, that our inner Self is merged with God and gives us guidance about matters large and small.

We don’t flounder, thinking that whatever we think about will materialize. That isn’t quite what true reality is all about. We do watch our thoughts, keeping the slant positive (if possible), for negativity breeds negativity, like attracts like. We are well-advised to seek for guidance at every turn, moment by moment with hearts full, we live with our knowledge of God’s purpose with us. This becomes habitual; we live with God’s warmth, and He gives us the best that He can offer. His wish is that we accept His blessings always, though sometimes our own stubbornness gets in the way.

Let now be a time of new beginnings. So often we make New Year’s resolutions that don’t stick. Let them stick this year. Live from the heart, but engage the mind as well—“wholeheartedness,” as Jesus says. Live with a thought for other people, for the brief time of self-centeredness that we encountered in getting shorn of the ego is now over. We live best when we live in community with others, our brothers and sisters. There is a reason that we are in a world filled with people.

Take the time today to give some consideration, heartfelt consideration, to what we want to do in the New Year. We don’t have much time before January 1 will roll around. Make these moments count, to be ready to fulfill hopes and dreams in the best way in 2018.

Dear God,

I lead with my heart today, feeling Your warmth enfolding me. This warm feeling is my way of knowing that You are trying to get my attention as You live through me. I am one whole, merged with You. My finite mind struggles to know more, but I know that I will discover more when You deem that I am ready for revelation.

Be with me today in this cold wintertime. Be with me all the way through 2018.

Thank You.


Expect Heaven on Earth

“This little note is just included to tell you to expect this. Expect heaven on earth you were told. This is what it is. There will be no doubt, no indeci¬sion. Your path will be so clear to you it will be as if it is the only path in the world and you will wonder why you didn’t see it all along. Expect this. And it will be. So be it.” (ACOL, E.6)

Jesus is here heading toward the end of A Course of Love, and his words are reassuring. We are told to expect heaven on earth. And, in other words, we are told that our guidance will be sure. Most of the time we are told not to hold expectations, but Jesus’ advice is different. He encourages expectations, knowing that we affirm is very likely to come true. This is the law of attraction in action.

What will heaven on earth mean? This will differ from person to person, because everyone’s heaven is different. As concepts differ, so does the result. But most of us long for more calm and peace than this world has ever given us. And if this is what we want, we will receive it in our new “heaven on earth.” It might be useful to jot down those aspects of true reality that we value, for what we value becomes true. See what heaven on earth really means to us. If the words appear too mundane, then lift our sights to God Himself, and He will guides our pen as it writes on paper, or our fingers, as they type on a computer.

Be certain that guidance is happening now, right now, and this will reassure us. After all, we don’t want to set our sights too low. Jesus seems to indicate that we have it all, that we will never be satisfied until we do (this was a tenet of A Course in Miracles also). Pray for the insight that all will be well. Pray for insight about what to wish for. We have so long been contented with little that it takes some doing to elevate into a newly created world.

I have long done “blue-skying” in my journal. And that is exactly what I am asking you to do now. Let the sky above be all that stops our ruminations. Let the sky above offer a ceiling to our desires. And then nothing will stop their ascent.

Dear God,

On this day, please don’t let me “settle” for less than the best. Keep my thoughts, the thoughts of my mind and heart, elevated to new heights. Let me follow the inklings that I get for an ever-better future.

Thank You for guidance of long duration. So often I ask for guidance, but now it appears that You want me to make more of my own decisions. Still, it is You I turn to, for You dwell within. And we act as You decide, being part of Your very Being. This concept takes some getting used to, but once my mind/heart have wrapped around it sublimity, there is no turning back.

Thank You for being You.


We Are Pure Love

“You have returned to your true nature. Perhaps you will remember that within A Course of Love you were once asked to “Imagine the ocean or the cheetah, the sun or the moon or God Himself, attempting to learn what they are. They are the same as you. All exist within you. You are the universe itself.” (ACOL, E.4)

We are love personified. The only problem is that we just don’t realize it, and we make all kinds of problems for ourselves by being less than we are. It is such a pity!

But there is a way back to what we once were, and lost our way a little while. A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love give us the way. We turn away from the ego, regardless of what it still tries to tell us, and we form a new and more stable identity, a Christ-Self Who has been waiting for us to recognize Itself. We need to take ourselves in hand and realize the wonder of it all. Pure love: That is what we are!

If we don’t recognize this, we are still lost in dreams, still in illusion rather than true reality. And we ought to do what we can to move into true reality, and the sooner, the better.

Dear God,

The wonder of love is a blessing indeed. Thank You! And this love is what I am, what all of us are. May we relax in Your care and realize that coming home to You is easy. We just don’t fight the inevitable any longer, and coming home to You is the inevitable. We haven’t been happy in separation; it is time to try something new.

Help us to form this new identity of solid love that You have planned for us. Let the wonder of Your Being enfold us today. And maybe I do my part to make it so.


End Difficulties

“You are in relationship now only with love, and so nothing will be hard for you. Desire an old pattern to be gone and it will be gone. This little note added to the end of our mountain top time together is only here to help you realize and accept that this will be so. Do not expect difficulties and they will not arise.” (ACOL, E.3)

This quotation is worth its weight in gold. Reread it now, before I say more. Take the words to heart. Be reassured that all is well.

We have in our power the ability to end suffering, if not pain. We don’t have to add emotional distress to any physical pain that we are experiencing. And emotional pain can be banished entirely, though this is not always easy. Trust and see where it gets us. Trust and see if we don’t get glimpses of what to do next to stop the distress.

We are in relationship with love, and love does indeed serve us well. Our desires materialize. Pray for a peaceful mind and heart. Be assured that it is on the way. God does not will suffering for anyone, and when we get our minds to cooperate, and our emotions, we start to build a better present and future. Our expectations count for a lot, and so it behooves us to get to a place where we don’t expect bad things to happen. We can be healed, even in the midst of the worst that this world can throw at us. We can know that God continues to be good, and that He needs only our cooperation in trusting that the good will come to us.

Dear God,

I ask for a lot. I ask for my brothers and sisters to be healed this day. I ask for Your blessing on us as we go about another Christmas season. So much of our trouble is self-created. Help us to discover how to end the component of suffering that we add to the mix.

Thank You for guiding my fingers to write what may seem to be pie in the sky. I sense that what I am saying is the right prayer to pray today. Someone needs to hear it.


Conclusion to Endless Seeking

“Ah, imagine now what it will be like to have nothing left to learn, nothing left to become. The pressure is off. The alchemy has occurred. The coal has become a diamond. Ah, imagine now being able to forget all ideas of self-improvement, imagine how much time will be saved by this quest coming to an end. But what now will you do? What now will you be?” (ACOL, E.1)

We have finally “made it.” Jesus is encouraging us to be satisfied with our progress, not to keep seeking, to know that we are safe and in the hands of God. We are The Accomplished, though we may, for a long time perhaps, continue to doubt this. He has encouraged us to realize that there must come a stop to our seeking. We who have constantly wanted more, now have it.

He is assuming, of course, that all of us have received Christ-consciousness, and that is not for certain in all of us. All of us, though, have had glimpses of what Christ-consciousness means and is, and it is these glimpses that will save us. We will know, when we are particularly mellow and gentle with ourselves, that this is what Awakening really means. For us who have taken to heart A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, the Awakening is easy and abundantly gentle. We have been carefully prepared. All we have to do now is wait for God’s hand to lift us up. And then all will truly be well.

Dear God,

Thank You for the glimpses of You that I am receiving today. These glimpses offer me a warm and fuzzy feeling of well-being. Thank You so much.

May the day play out well. Stay with me, allow me to feel Your presence.


Conversing with Jesus

“When you turn the last page, will you cry tears of sadness that our dialogue is complete, that you will hear my voice no more? Or will you brave your own relationship with me? Will you turn to your brother and hear my voice in him? Will you be my voice as you turn to your sister? Will you carry the fullness of our relationship within you? Will you be one with me, and in being one with me never feel alone again? Will you let the emptiness of separation leave you once and for all?” (ACOL, D:Day40.33)

Using the imagination to write a dialogue with Jesus is not outside the realm of possibility. I find it very helpful, imagining what a beloved elder brother would say when I present with my little dilemmas. We know more about Jesus’ thinking processes than we realize. In going through his channeled works, a personality emerges. And it is consistent personality, though A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love are more formal than the verbal words from The Way of Mastery. In the latter, his humor shines through and through. And, as a result, we feel especially at ease with him.

Joan of Arc is said to have been accosted by someone who doubted the validity of her “voices.” He scoffed that it was her “imagination.” She rejoined, “Yes, it is my imagination. That is how God speaks to us.”

Use our imagination to pen a few questions to Jesus. This can be in your handwriting or typed on a computer. Sense what might be said in return, a personal message from our elder brother. We will not, any of us, be disappointed. The words that we get in such a fashion will seem better than anything that we could concoct. We will be reassured that here is a person who loves us unconditionally, with a love that is deep, abiding, and never withdraws.

So we need not stop this dialogue; we can see that it continues, and with a personal slant that has not previously been explored by us. Remember that Jesus comes to us upon a “single, unequivocal call” (A Course in Miracles); these are welcome words for me personally. Let them be for you too.

It is a wonderful thing to feel the camaraderie of our brothers and sisters, and the camaraderie of an elder brother who has walked the entire pathway, standing at its end to correct the mistakes in us that we have not been able to correct (this from A Course in Miracles). Express your willingness to leave mistake-prone behavior behind. Don’t give Jesus a great deal to clean up.

We can know a lovely present and an ever-improving future. Use affirmations that may occur as we are writing. These are strong indications of where we want to go in life, and they come bearing rich fruits.

Dear God,

I would imagine a dialogue/conversation with Jesus often. I would not let my imagination turn to the fanciful, making me wonder if I am deluding myself. The words of an elder brother are important to us, and Jesus is the elder brother that we have all longed to have.

Show me the way. Let my mind/heart be uplifted with a safe but joyous affect at all times.

Thank You.


Relationship of Jesus and Us

“Perhaps you have noticed that in yesterday’s discussion of who I Am to you and today’s discussion of who you are to me, that one has not been discussed without the other. This would be impossible. Because we are who we are in relationship to one another.” (ACOL, D:Day40.26)

Again today Jesus is talking about relationship, in particular the reciprocity of relationship. Just as in giving and receiving being one in truth (because we are One), just so relationship moves in both direction—out from us and back to us, with our brothers and sisters. Jesus exemplifies this truth with his own relationship to us, discussed in two different days of the 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain top in the Dialogues of A Course of Love. Relationship is a flow to and fro, and never is it more obvious than in our relationship to Jesus. While he may seem nebulous to our physical brains, he is anything but. His presence is one of the surest things on earth. When we call out, he comes.

While we may have trouble believing this, it is an axiom in both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. Jesus is our leader, our guide in ways that we have heretofore found impossible—for our relationship had not yet blossomed. Now we know that he is always available to us, and we are much the better for this knowledge. Let him lead, and we, follow. Our days will smooth out, conflict-free, and something better than we have ever known.

Relationship between Jesus and us is a two-way street. The same for the relationship between each one of us, distinct entities, and each one of our brothers and sisters. And all are our brothers and sisters. We are One in God, one in the Self Who is larger than just our entity.

If we want reassurance on our walk through life, we have it in Jesus. This is not a simplistic concept, but it can be understood as something very easy and simple. Take to him the secrets of our hearts, knowing that the secrets are already understood and forgiven by God, ready to be shared with Jesus. We are extremely lucky in this relationship with our savior, for he impresses upon us that he doesn’t have anything that we can’t have. All are equal in the sight of God.

Dear God,

Give me peace today, for I am a little jittery. That jittery feeling has no place in Your world, and it should have no place in mine. If I trust, the jittery feeling falls away. I would trust today.

Thank You for this holiday season. May my joy be complete as I seek to find likeminded friends and family with whom to share these days.


We Live and Love Eternally

“This Self with whom you have a relationship is love’s extension. It is the Self you long to be as well as the Self you are. This paradox has kept you as intrigued with the idea of self as with the idea of God. You have searched for a “one, true, self” as you have searched for a “one, true, God.” This search only makes sense to the separated self, who believes all things are separate and thus believes that its self, as well as its God, must be separate from what it is being. It doesn’t understand, until joining with the Christ Self, before becoming one with holy relationship itself, that relationship is an identity.

“God is a relationship with love. This relationship with love is all that provides for the I Am of God.” (ACOL, D:Day40.20 – Day40.21)

The theology of this quotation is especially apt as we seek to understand how relationship, holy relationship, can be so important to our knowledge of God. We are joining with the inner Christ Self, and in this joining we form a holy relationship that is unique to each of us. Our identity is tied up with the Christ Self, who forms the identity that we have been searching for in vain while we embodied the egoic mind. We have been searching for this Christ Self, and it is here with us now. We need search/seek no more.

We are led, surely and swiftly, to an immersion in love. This love shows us the Godhead, for we intuit God when we give our all to love. We can know God only when we are obsessed with love; this obsession is good, unlike the obsessions that plagued us when we were living egoic lives. Now our one hope and our one joy is a love that is not of this world. When we give our all for this love, we know a peace/joy/happiness that is beyond anything available to us prior. We are finally at home, even though our physical bodies still reside in this world. Our mind/heart occupies an ethereal world, though physical still, to us. We live and love eternally, and we know it for maybe the first time.

Dear God,

I would cease trying to “find myself.” That has been done for all time when I comprehend that the inner Christ Self is my “real” Self. This Self does not let me down; this Self draws peace to me in every encounter, sure of living well in a conflicted world. This Self knows how to live without letting the noise of this world get in.

Thank You for guiding me. Always I thank You for that.


Ask for Divine Advice

“Only in my relationship to you am I God. Only in your relationship to me are you who you are in truth.” (ACOL, D:Day40.15)

Jesus is speaking in a metaphorical sense here. He is not saying that he is the Godhead. He is one of us, but he has advanced farther along, and so he can lead us. He is speaking from a personal relationship to us, something that he advocates throughout the ending portions of the Dialogues of A Course of Love. He is very desirous of a personal relationship with us, saying that he can do more for us if we will so accept him.

As inheritors of the Christian faith, we can accept his offer easily and peacefully. He is not speaking to those of other faiths; he knows that other religions have value. So he is not the “only” way to God. But, for us, as Christians, he is the best way. He is our leader.

Accept Jesus’ offer to guide us day by day, even hour by hour and minute by minute. We can take pen to paper, or go to a computer and type—just to see where it leads. If we quiet down and ask for advice as to how to live our lives, we will receive it. Jesus has assured us in A Course in Miracles that he will come to each of us upon a “single, unequivocal call.” I accept him at his word about this. I have first-hand knowledge of his guidance.

The best way that we can live is to ask for advice, ask for guidance. We are not smart enough to live life independently; we are not intended to so live. We are placed in this world with others for a reason. Our egoic, independent natures were all a mistake. Let us take a better route through this world now, a route holding hands with our brothers and sisters.

Dear God,

I would ask for guidance today, as I do every day. I can’t live without your advice about how to live. Thank You for always, always and forever, being here for me.


Our Relationships Will Save Us

“The difference between you and me is that I am being God and also love, being. This is why I am all and nothing, the attribute-laden God and the attributeless love. This is why it can be rightly said that God is Love and Love is God. But I am also an extension of love, just as you are. This is all I Am means. There is no I Am except through love’s extension. How does love extend? Through relationship.” (ACOL, D:40.14)

Jesus has walked the whole distance. And from that focal point, he knows of the Godhead in a way that we don’t. He holds nothing, though, that we cannot attain. He will point out the way to us, has done so in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love (and other channeled works such as The Way of Mastery), and his way works. If we want to fulfill our potential, we would be well-advised to listen carefully to what he has been saying.

Love in God has extended to us; extension rather than projection, and there is a subtle difference in this. Projection made images in a foggy glass, illusions. Extension creates (doesn’t “make”) true reality, and is not true reality what we really want? This extension comes to us in our relationships, our relationship to the inner Christ-Self, to the larger Self Who is the Godhead Himself/Herself, and to our brothers and sisters in this world. In this world, these three constitute our reality, and in the extension of God’s doing, we dwell in mystical awareness of Him.

Our relationships will save us. Our relationships will enmesh us in true love, holy love, no longer special love. And this makes all the difference.

Turn to our relationships today. See if we don’t make a more joyous day out of the pleasures of company, our own, our God’s, and others—brothers and sisters–in our circle.

Relationship, holy relationship, is the Answer. And is there really anything missing when we have that?

Dear God,

Your Consciousness envelops all. I feel warmth and acceptance in Your love. I pray for this for everyone else also. I need no longer worry that I don’t measure up. I am created in Your image, and I accept the limitations that are mine in a finite world. But I reach in mystical fashion toward something grander. And with intuition, Your way becomes clear.

Don’t let me mislead myself. I long for honesty in my life, honesty that sees clearly with vision that is not of physical sight.

I would see with clear vision today. Thank You for enabling this.


Ask for Knowledge that Is Not of This World

“Your attempt at individuation and extension, an attempt consistent with the nature of your being, failed only because you experienced separation rather than differentiation, and fear rather than love.

“When I created, I extended my being, a being of love, into form. Through that extension, I became I Am. I became instantly because there was no opposing tension—only love and an idea that entered love, of love’s exten¬sion. As soon as I became I Am there also became all I am not, the Christ connection between all I Am and all I am not, and an I Am, called the son, who could become who I Am and continue to extend who I Am.” (ACOL, D:Day40.5 – Day40.6)

Despite Jesus’ best efforts, the “I Am” parts of the above quotation just simply are confusing. The I Am is an echo of Who God is, and Jesus is here affirming that he, as all of us, are a part of God Himself. We can rest easy, knowing that God is living through us. His best interests are ours as well, though we are finite and therefore limited, and He is the All. But we can know a mystical experience of that All, that One.

We made a self that we could not sustain. We experienced separation from God, though only in illusion, and just in something that could be undone.

And now we have undone it, with Jesus’ help and God’s as well. We know what was illusion, and could never be real. We cannot actually separate from God, Who is our very being.

There are indications that Jesus holds a very pivotal role in creation, something that he only hints at in the concluding chapters of A Course of Love. He speaks in metaphor, of course, when he indicates that he is the I Am. He has earlier said that he has nothing that we cannot attain, that he and we are equal. So let us take him at his word, and be reassured that life is going to get better when we take to heart the dynamics of true creation. True creation does not require illusion, and we are so used to illusion that we often don’t recognize true creation when it confronts us in the face.

Let the I Am that is Jesus enlighten us today. Ask for knowledge that is not of this world.

And it will be granted us.

Dear God,

My understanding has been flawed, having lived for eons in illusion. Keep my new insight on the beam, just clearly focusing on what Jesus has said.

Be with us today. Answer our questions about how to live our lives.

And may the new true reality engulf us with love.


See Love Afresh

“I did not make you in my image. I created you in love because it is the nature of a being of love to extend. Realize that it is only when being is added to love—only when love is in relationship with being—that love is given its nature. Realize that it is only when love is in relationship with being that it attains this quality that we are calling extension.” (ACOL, D:Day40.4)

Jesus is talking about a mystical creation here, that he, joined with God in all fullness, “created” us in love. He has in mind and heart an understanding of being that is true and good, and far better than what you and I made in egotic misdeeds. Jesus’ understanding of us is of beings who live in extension from God Himself/Herself, being part of His/Her Being.

Thus we differ from the image that is Jesus. In other words, his persona/personality is uniquely his, as ours is our own as well. We all are unique, distinct entities who share the personhood of the Deity. We thus have a God Who lives through us. His Being limitless, and ours is restricted, but we can intuit what He knows simply by asking. Often we will receive an Answer, and we will know the Source of the Answer because it will always ring true. Our inner Self, one with God, will know that what we are “hearing” is true.

Ask for more understanding, a better knowledge of what is what. None of us is meant to live in befuddlement. Ask, and we truly will receive. God does not keep secrets from His beloved children.

Love has been so talked about by every religion and every religious leader that to talk about it more falls a little flat. When we open our minds and hearts to what exactly is being said, we will comprehend with a knowing that makes the idea of love fresh. With the idea of a fresh love, we are finally getting the message, said so long ago and so often throughout the years.

Dear God,

I ask to have a fresh understanding of love today. I don’t want a hackneyed understanding, something that will seem too old to be meaningful. I ask to see with fresh eyes, non-physical vision. Only then will I truly see what I am asking to see.

Thank You for Your patience with me. It must get very wearing to see Your children so constantly going astray. I am attributing human qualities to You, and this helps me to understand how I would feel. In your limitless Being, You see All, and this gives you total patience with our foibles.