Living Abundantly in This Troubled World

“What this means is that you will slowly translate all ideas of scarcity into ideas of abundance, all ideas of blame into ideas of benevolence. Thus you might, after this period of translation, rather than cursing your station in life and feeling badly that you do not enjoy the health, wealth or stature of some others, accept your current status and begin to feel more peace and joy within it. If you are not well, you may cope more easily with your discom¬fort. If you are not financially secure, you may congratulate yourself on desiring less and be more content living a simple life. If you have felt a lack of respect you may feel that what others think of you matters not and enjoy a heightened self-concept. While these would all be worthy aims they are not the goal toward which we work. These would be the consequences of new beliefs that are held but not lived. Soon these fragile states would be sure to feel threatened by some situation or person and judgment would return to label what is happening as “bad.” A “god” outside of the self would soon be called upon to intercede. Blame would be placed. A return to equanimity would soon prevail, for those dwelling in the house of truth would not long abide with such illusions, but the pattern of the old would not be broken. Suffering and strife would still seem to be possible.” (ACOL, T3:14.2)

Jesus talks of our fragility today. We move toward new ideas, and we want to believe them, but something holds us back. And then we are mired under by attempts to believe things that we really don’t want to believe.

Jesus talks of an attempt to call upon a god outside of ourselves. This is the way that virtually all of us used to think of God, but A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love give a new truth, a new secret: God is hiding out within us. And it is only when we let the ideas that He births within us, come out, do we live abundantly in this troubled world. This is what the Christ-Self is doing with the external personal self. This is what we are called to do.

We need to get to a place where real suffering is unheard of. We need to get to a place where strife is unheard of. The stakes are high. We know what happens when we are in egoic consciousness. Now the Christ-consciousness toward which we all move is getting the upper hand with us.

And nothing will ever be the same again.


I would let drop some aspects of my personality that I don’t like. But I am not trying to make a new “ideal” persona; I am just trying to drop flaws, and doing so in completely in line with Jesus’s words in A Course of Love.

Help me to go through this day without any anxiety. Allow me to change, cognitively, the propensity toward anxious thoughts that have long been a part of me. There is a way to live peacefully, and this way I seek today.