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“Allow yourself, now, to experience your arrival, your return to your true home, your return to your Self.  Laugh.  Cry.  Shout or wail.  Dance and sing.  Spin a new web.  The web of freedom.  (A Course of Love:  Dialogues, p. 140)”

Affirmation:  “dance and sing”


From the Forty Days and Forty Nights in the Dialogues of ACOL is found the preceding.  It is from the day entitled simply “Freedom.”

Certainly our freedom frequently brings us happiness.  And Jesus, in A Course in Miracles, assures us that we do not have to learn through pain.  Our joy is a God-given right, and even though some times are tough during the course of a lifetime, we will have an easier pathway if we remember that we need to choose joy whenever it is at all possible.

Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to find joy today.  I know that it is out there, waiting for me, if my attitude is right.  Help my attitude to be right.

Thank You for these words of reassurance.  “Dance and sing” are positive affirmations of life.  Help me to affirm life today and everyday.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 139:

I will accept Atonement for myself.

Day Nine: Freedom

“For if you believe that we are proceeding to some predetermined ideal state, we will not succeed in the work we are doing here together.  If you believe this, you will not accept your Self as you are.  If you do not accept your Self as you are, you will not move from image to presence.  If you do not move from image to presence you will never realize your freedom.  If you do not realize your freedom, you will not realize your power.  (A Course of Love:  Dialogues, p. 142)”

Affirmation:  “Help me to understand that I am not to proceed to an ideal through the ego, but must accept the Self as it is now without ego.”


This passage emphasizes the fact that we have been trying, through the past time of learning, to build an ideal self, which we believe would then express.  But we want to express our Self without the goals of the forsaken ego, without trying to be other than what we really are.  It is in our expression of our freedom to be as we really are that we express our Self, the elevated self of form.

We are encouraged to express ourselves on this Day Nine in any way that feels appropriate–laugh, cry, shout, wail, dance, sing, and so forth.  Any way is alright.  All are blessings of the time of the coming Christ-consciousness.  We are taught not to place any faith in our inaccurate notion of an ideal self, because this fiction was of the time of the ego, the time of learning.   We are all different, and diversity in this world is a gift of God.  We are meant to give up this fiction of an ideal self, or else we will not be able to express our real Self.  We will not accept ourselves just as we really are, and that acceptance is what is called for.

We are not like the young child that we once were–the young child who felt free to express himself or herself in a carefree manner.  Freedom of expression has become diminished in ourselves, and we must welcome it back if we are to move forward.  We must debunk the fiction of an ideal self, and realize that this was only an idol, now an idol that we would leave behind.  We will achieve confidence to express our real Self when we leave this false image of an ideal self behind.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to accept myself without the ego.  Be with me as I relax into the “play” that Jesus suggests for this day.  I know that only through consciousness of You will I have the presence of mind to be at ease.

Thank You for these many words of Jesus.  He is my guide, and I am very grateful.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 102:

I share God’s Will for happiness for me.