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New Adventures for the Physical

Note: I have started a blog of prayers in the spirit of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. It is called “Prayers to the Cosmos.” Here is the link:


Thank you for your views. — Celia

“Feelings come from the innate knowing of the self of form—in short, from the body. The body is the “given” form and while it was the perfect vehicle for learning in the time of learning, it is now being transformed into the perfect vehicle for the realization of the elevated Self of form. During this transformation, we work with what is as well as with the new and the forgotten.” (ACOL, D:Day10.12)

We are heading into what has only been hinted about earlier: the elevated Self of form. This does not mean that we are in a dualistic universe. This simply means that while we imagine that the self is real, we have a context in which to understand it. We can even choose to return again and again in physical form, if we like the experience of physicality. And many of us do.

What will the elevated Self of form do for us? We will have a physical embodiment for the Christ-Self who has loomed deep within us for our entire existence, going back eons. We will act in this world in a new way, for our old ways will be given up; we know better now.

We have lived for a very long time, going back in reincarnational lives, with an ego that sought to tell us how to live. We have had flights of joy, but these always descended into the blackness of despair. And this oscillations were endemic to us; we didn’t know how to be happy on a constant basis.

Now we are getting guidance that will tell us how to live better, a better life entirely. We are not doing things for egotistical reasons any longer, for we know where that leads—down into a pit of our own making. We need only to realize that service to others, our brothers and sisters, means service to the Almighty, our God Who dwells within each of us. He is showing us how to live, finally. Finally we are ready.

Dear God,

This day began brightly, even though the sky is overcast. May my attitude stay bright. May nothing come to mar the joyful experience which this day can and will bring, if You are willing. And You are willing. It is only my own inadequacies that mar a perfect day.

Be with me through thick and thin. Be with me. I can’t say this enough. I thank You for the blessings that You let fall upon my head. May they keep my Self close to You with every detail of this day.