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Discover through Revelation from God Himself

“Imagine this first as a place where no learning is needed. Ah, you might say now, this you have heard before. This idea of no longer needing to learn has intrigued you since it was first mentioned, and yet it seems too impossible, too “good” to be true. You are too used to thinking of yourself as a learning being to truly experience the freedom of not being bound by this constraint. In all of your life, you can think of no ability you have not achieved through learning. And yet most of you have “discovered” some¬thing that comes easily to you, something you might have said or been told you have a natural talent or ability to do. These things some of you have practiced or studied to take advantage of your natural ability and in doing so may have found a continued ability to learn faster or achieve more in this area than those who are not seen as having a “natural ability” of this partic-ular kind. But because you are prone to comparison, many of you have been discouraged by not being able to be the “best” despite your natural talent or ability, and have given up “working hard” to be the best. Others who have achieved the highest possible acclaim for their talents find this acclaim unfulfilling once it is achieved.” (ACOL, D:8.2)

It is difficult truly to imagine what Jesus is saying in the Dialogues of A Course of Love when he tells us that the time of learning is over. I think he means our learning about spiritual matters, the way to salvation, the way to Awakening or Christ-consciousness. I think it unlikely that he is saying the our young people don’t need schooling; surely he isn’t saying that. He is talking to us who have read this far in ACOL, first learning about ultimate salvation from what he has told us, and now “discovering” through revelation from God Himself. Discovery is the hallmark now in our desire to reach a greater depth in our spirituality.

We all have natural abilities that were not found through learning. These natural abilities may have been honed through learning and study, but the ability came to us originally as a gift from within. We ought never, anymore, to compare our achievements with those of others; this is competition, and it is an old way of thinking. We will each excel where we are the most talented, and innate talent is a gift from God. We need ask for the best that we are personally able to achieve. We need not to become discouraged because another seems to do something better than do we. There is always something that we can do better than anybody else, if only to be the particular person that a significant other can best receive love from. And this is not such a bad example, for is not the giving and receiving of love our greatest gift on this earth?

So: Let us go on to discover what we are to do with the rest of our lives. Let us turn within for the guidance that will direct us with direct revelation from the part of God Whom we are, the Christ-Self. This Self, we can imagine, is eager to share with our little self, and if we only listen, we will accomplish far more than would 1,000 years of learning.


I would reach out to You today in a way that I have not done heretofore. I would be totally surrendered to Your grace, totally sure that Your way is best for me, totally at peace in sensing the depth of Your love for me. Thank You for giving me so often that sense of warmth that steels over me, comforting me that all is well.

Be with me as I seek to discover any and all future directions for my life. Let me be flexible and pliable in Your hands, ready to turn on a dime when You prompt a certain direction.

Thank You for always being here for me. You never lose track of me; help me never to lose track of You.