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The Ego

“So what is egoic consciousness?  You all know what it feels like to be absolutely certain that you are separate and alone, that you must rely on your own thinking process, and that no one beyond—not just the boundary of your body or skin—but no one beyond your unique, contracted sense of ‘I’ has any connection to you whatsoever, and no one cares.  And you lament, ‘I am alone.  I am separate.  How on earth am I going to make it?  I’ve got to figure my own way.  I’ve got to figure out how this world works.  I’ve got to make it happen for myself!’”  (“The Way of Transformation,” WOM, Chapter 16, Page 194)

This lengthy quotation gives an excellent understanding of what the ego has done for us. And we all can understand what it means, because we have all been there–with the ego.

But when we come to realize what this ego is doing to us, we reassess and move into a better world. We are not “separate and alone,” because we have each other. When we lapse into competitiveness with each other, we forget that we are all in this together.

Let us not forget today that there is a reason that we are in a world with billions more people–our brothers and sisters–in it with us. We can reach out and touch any one of them today, even just now. And our sense of isolation will disappear.

Reach out today. Know that God is blessing our “reaching.” He knows that we are not happy when we are all alone in our conception of ourselves. Let us tune into what reality really is–today. We can do so. We must do so.

You Are Never Alone

“You must forgive reality for being what it is. Reality, the truly real, is relationship. You must forgive God for creating a world in which you cannot be alone.” (ACOL, 6.1)

We thought that we wanted independence, autonomy. We thought that it was right and good that we stand on our own feet and make our own lives, to “do it my way.” But has this made us happy? And happiness is a function for us, as described in A Course in Miracles. Our “splendid isolation” has brought us nothing but grief. There must be another way (as Bill said to Helen, shortly before ACIM was channeled).

It is a startling idea to read that we must “forgive God for creating a world in which you cannot be alone.” We don’t realize that we have, in a sense, blamed God for the failure of our egos to establish our happiness as independent creatures, creatures not even needing God.

But it is also reassuring to know that we don’t have to struggle in isolation. We were never meant to be alone. We were meant to be sharing individuals in a caring world. This is our inheritance when we see aright. This is where we are heading as a world. To get there may take a very long time, but once begun, the end is sure.

So this definition of true reality tells us that it is relationship. Our holy relationships one to the other, I might add. This is what we will enjoy when we have given up the primacy of special relationships, relationships that are actually filled with the fear that we will be left alone and isolated. In the holy world, filled with our holy relationships, we are never alone. Others are there for us, and God Himself becomes Someone Who is not fearful to us, and so we can touch His Essence as well. Our inner Christ Self is joined to God, and with this sure foundation we walk a good earth.