Invitation to Determine Our Purpose in Life

“In the depths of your heart is inscribed the purpose of your existence.  Knowledge of that purpose is what we call the wisdom of the heart, an essential part of your self.  All carry it.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 7:III

As we read this third book of the series, Choose Only Love, we discover that our purpose, the purpose of all of us, is to be who we really are.  The way in which being who we really are will play out is going to different for each individual, for we are distinct, though all are one in Christ.

Obviously, this knowledge is meant to be reached once we have following along our pathway, once we have given up the ego, and we are living as the children of God, no longer thwarting Him, sure that His will and our true will are one and the same.

Do spend time today figuring out what your particular mission is.  If you have read this far in Choose Only Love, you have rejected egoic claims on your life. And now is the time to be clear about what your real purpose is.

There can be few better ways to spend time.