The Ocean or the Cheetah

“All that you desire and cannot learn is already accomplished.  It is accomplished in you.  It is you.  Imagine the ocean or the cheetah, the sun or the moon or God Himself, attempting to learn what they are.  They are the same as you.  All exist within you.  You are the universe itself.  (A Course of Love, 3.2)”

Affirmation:  “All is accomplished.”


1 – A Part of God Himself

This passage is not meant to be read in a grandiose way, but in a grand way.  We are a part of God Himself, and this concept is not often understood.  Mystics do understand, but what they have often said has been interpreted to be blasphemy.  Jesus himself said many things, as quoted in the New Testament, that were considered blasphemy.  Now he is telling us again exactly where we stand.  We are a part of the universe(s), and we actually have no reason to try to “learn” what we are.  As this passage says so vividly, the ocean or the cheetah would not attempt to learn what they are.  And neither should we.

2 – Accept the Practical

These are theological underpinnings of A Course of Love, and, as such, can be controversial.  It is best for us to step aside from controversy and to accept the practical aspects of ACOL.  Does believing this passage make our lives easier?  Does it make sense out of our experience?  If so, then entertain the possibility that Jesus is not misleading us here.  Indeed, in my experience and the experience of a good many others, Jesus simply does not mislead.  How could we imagine misleading by one such as Jesus?

3 – A Hologram

We are seeing in this passage a kind of hologram.  Each part contains the whole, as the whole (as incomprehensible as the whole might be) contains each part.  Our Self does not think in small ways, and neither should our personal (what I have termed “little”) self.  We would do well to consider Jesus’s statement in this passage, and to take it as a lodestone for our lives.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for this most vivid image of the ocean and the cheetah, each who would not think of “learning.”  We do not need to learn much more beyond what we already know.  We are reaching the “Accomplished,” a step on the pathway that we reach a little farther along in A Course of Love.  Thank You for these blessings of our rightness before You.  But correct our failings, even as we celebrate that You have blessed us with all that is good.

Be with us today as we seek to have a good day with our brothers and sisters.  When we imagine the ocean or the cheetah, we don’t try to imagine any learning at all.  And blessed is the day when we can just “observe,” without laborious learning.