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Peace Breaks Out with Glad Rejoicing

“We will begin by working on a state of neutrality in which the war is no longer fought, the daily battles cease. Who wins and who loses is not of concern to us here. Peace has not yet come. But the white flag of surrender has been waved and dropped upon a hallowed ground where neutrality will for a short time reign before peace breaks out with glad rejoicing.” (ACOL, C:2.22)

When we seek to change from the state of insanity to something sane, we may need to take it step-by-step. A state of neutrality may need to happen first, before our movement into Christ-consciousness. We, in this state, remain open to all that would be shown to us. We are surrendered to whatever may happen. We will not have to wait long.

Our lives get better at this point of surrender. We are no longer fighting daily battles, because we are endeavoring to live the life that God would have us live. We have fought such battles in fighting life and the best that we have in us. Our ego has undermined our good intentions, and, of course, we know that good intentions are never enough. Our ego would undermine anything that we sought to do better, because surrender means that the ego dies. The ego knows this.

We are gradually walking into the sunlight. We are not fighting useless and senseless battles any longer. We are resting a bit in neutrality, waiting for peace to arrive. And arrive it will, and soon. We need this peace.

Be assured that our time of trials is almost over. When we surrender to God, following guidance of the Christ Self, we know a peace that will never leave us. We are experiencing real love for God, and He knows that all we need to Awakening is to experience this love consistently. He will not tarry long before He looks in on us—and then the blessing of Awakening will rest upon us.

Pray that none of us will have long to wait.

The Easy Way Out

“Resign as your own teacher. Accept me as your teacher and accept that I will teach you the truth. Find no shame in this. You cannot learn what I would teach you without me. You have tried in countless ways and can try still again. But you will not succeed. Not because you are not smart enough. Not because you will not try hard enough. But because it is impossible. It is impossible to learn anything on your own. Your determination to do so only blocks your learning. It is only through union with me that you learn because it is only in union with me that you are your Self.” (ACOL, C:1.10)

In this passage Jesus asserts that his Self and our Self are one. And that we need him to make proper decisions. On our own, we cannot choose rightly; we just get lost in mindless meandering. Here Jesus is taking his place in this teaching volume of A Course of Love as our teacher. (Toward the end of ACOL, he will resign as our teacher, saying that we have now learned from him, and that he is our companion in the future.)

We cannot learn on our own, even when we try the hardest. We need a wiser soul to take charge and lead us out of the maze in which we find ourselves. And Jesus, as our savior, takes this task of leading us out unto himself. What a blessing for us this really is! We don’t have to struggle to get free of eons of bad choices. He will show us the easy way out of the mess that we have made of our lives. He knows how to do it, and he is using A Course of Love as one gigantic teaching tool.

There are other pathways, of course. But if we find an affinity with A Course of Love, it behooves us to accept the savior who is channeling that work. And I believe that this is indeed Jesus. Many others believe this as well. And indeed we find many wise sayings in ACOL that vie for a place among the best advice ever given.

Let Jesus help today. Read the first volume of ACOL with new eyes. Accept Jesus as the savior, the teacher, who can lead us into creating the new world that he so wants us to become part of. What do we have to lose but our agony?

In Patience Possess Our Souls

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“Oh, Child of God, you have no need to try at all, no need to be burdened or to grow tired and weary. You who want to accomplish much good in the world realize that only you can be accomplished. You are here to awaken from your slumber. You are here not to awaken to the same world, a world that seems a little more sane than before but still governed by insanity, a world in which it seems possible to help a few others but certainly not all others, but to awaken to a new world. If all that you see changed within your world is a little less insanity than before, then you have not awakened but still are caught in the nightmare your ego has made. By choosing to reject yourself you have chosen to try to make sense of the nightmare rather than to awaken from it. This will never work.” (ACOL, C:P.14)

We need to forgive ourselves as well as others; this is what Jesus is saying when he notes that we tend to reject ourselves, to make sense of the nightmare in which we find ourselves. Until we forgive, we are sitting in judgment, and we know that judging complicates our minds and makes us feel uneasy, ill-at-ease, awkward, and afraid. No one can judge and hope to live well. So let’s give up the rejection of ourselves, the judging, the lack of forgiveness, as a bad way to interact with our very entity.

We can find a little way through this world just by living the holy dreams that the Holy Spirit sends; these are happy dreams. But if we are content just to dream dreams, we are making compromises with reality. We are only a little sane, and we need and want to wholly sane.

True sanity comes with Christ-consciousness, and Christ-consciousness usually comes in stages, in glimpses. We intuit the end long before we experience it. And the intuition leads to an Awakening that doesn’t have to be traumatic. We will led gently, as down a garden path. Indeed, we might think of our pathway toward ultimate salvation as a garden path.

Jesus calls us “the accomplished” in ACOL. What does this mean? It means that we have made progress—finally. But it is not a progress that the ego would anticipate. It is progress that we make in humility, but not in self-abasement. We give ourselves credit for how far we have walked in this garden of a world. We give ourselves credit for what the Christ Self has accomplished in us to integrate mind and heart into wholeheartedness.

We are easy with ourselves, content to know that we are doing what Jesus has encouraged. We don’t denigrate our progress, nor do we exalt ourselves in a final burst of egoic thinking. We just attend to our business in this world, and that is our Father’s business, just like Jesus in the synagogue at age 12.

Have patience. At the end of the third part of A Course of Love, the “Days” of the Dialogues, Jesus indicates that we may make the trip to the mountaintop many times, though this is not his wish for us. But we may go many times in our reading. This in itself is not bad. The time is already set, and there may be little that we can do to speed up that time of the coming of Christ-consciousness.

Above all, don’t get frustrated about our perceived slowness. Jesus would not have that. He is ever-patient with us, and we must be so with ourselves.


We Are Spirits Having a Bodily Experience

“The miracle sets reality where it belongs. Reality belongs only to spirit, and the miracle acknowledges only truth.” (ACIM, T-1.IV.2)

We are spirits having a bodily experience. We are not primarily bodies. Even when we have reached Christ-consciousness, and even when we have sustained that Christ-consciousness, living the elevated Self of form that Jesus extols, we still are, at base spirits. Our spirits can recognize a miracle when we see one. Skepticism has been discarded, and we revel in the glory of a true reality that is always and only miraculous.

Our true reality has spirit, then, at its base. And until we recognize this as what true reality really means, we will be to some extent at loose ends. We like physicality, or we would not have incarnated in flesh. Don’t you think we had some choice in the matter? (A Course of Love is silent on this question.) If we did have some choice, then it is true, as Jesus says, that the choice to occupy an elevated Self of form in an eternity is really ours.
Nobody needs to make a decision like this now. The world as it exists today would not be desirable as an eternal home. But a portion of the entity who we are might very well choose to live on this earth, bringing ourselves and others to salvation. Jesus says in A Course in Miracles that the return of everyone to God may take millions of years. We do not have to be daunted by this suggestion. We can, instead, be grateful that our existence is about to take on new meaning in this world. We have the means before us to reach Christ-consciousness, to live with miracles surrounding us all the time. We have the new revelations (as I view them) of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. Both books speak to our time, in language that understands secular psychology (hence the emphasis on the “ego”) and, at the same time, acknowledges the depth of generations to a mystical tradition.

We are truly in an enviable position now. We are in the time of Christ, a time awaited by many for centuries before us.

Give Up Isolation as a False Idea

“You communicate with no one, and you are as isolated from reality as if you were alone in all the universe. In your madness you overlook reality completely, and you see only your own split mind everywhere you look.” (ACIM, T-13.V.6)

Reality is not isolated, a theme that I have emphasized in this blog. We can derive great comfort from hearing that we are not meant to be fiercely independent, separate from each other in splendid isolation. We are meant to lean on each other, to share, to join. We are not going to be able to live independently all the time anyway; life will pull the rug out from under us at pivotal points, and we do not need to rue this experience. We may chastise ourselves, thinking that we are too “weak” at such times. But this is a misnomer. We are never meant to go it alone. We don’t have to do so. Nothing in life or in our experience demands this of us.

What a blessing this actually is! We now know, if we take to heart this quotation, that we are joined to one another. We are differentiated in relationship, but we are in unity as One. And so we are actually joined one to the other.

We need to communicate with each other. We don’t need to stay in madness, with a split mind of separation and unity vying for ascendancy. The mind is split, all of our minds. The Holy Spirit (as A Course in Miracles would say) or the inner Christ mind (as A Course of Love would say) are “struggling” to take over, thereby freeing us. But there are probably still elements of the egoic, separated mind that vie for ascendancy.

But we know enough now that we don’t want the ego to try to run our lives. This ego is actually the “devil” or “Satan” that we have feared. But as a product of our own thinking, the ego does not require our fear of it. It is just best turned aside from. Not in resistance, for that will make the ego strong, because defense makes what it would defend against. Instead, just know that we need a whole mind, split no longer between unity and separation. The way is clear. Just sense our joining one with another, and our ego will be undone. Immediately, though it may arise from time to time, over and over, until banished for good in Awakening or Christ-consciousness.

Our World Has No Boundaries

“Through this transparency, the reality of the One Self being also the many, or the all, is apparent. The spaciousness of love, the lovely complexity of form, the awesome majesty of nature, all are visible within the One Self because of the invisibility of the one boundary-less Self of form.” (ACOL, Dialogues, Day 13, 13.6)

This quotation is part of the theology of A Course of Love, and it needs some context. We are said, once we reach Christ-consciousness, to live in a “spacious self.” This spacious self, encompasses areas outside of ourselves, enfolding others, whether they be exhibiting positive or negative traits. But others are not badly influenced by this enfoldment; they are helped by it, for we are all One Self, One with God. Our Self is therefore “boundary-less,” even though we have form, physical bodies.

We see many other bodies that don’t all look as we do, and this is part of the “complexity of form.” But we don’t make judgments, as did the ego, about these other bodies that are diverse. We welcome such complexity, some diversity, yet knowing all the while that we are really One with others, One with God, and One in our innermost being, the inner Christ Self.

Don’t let the theology throw you. Jesus doesn’t require that we understand with our thinking mind. He wants us to experience with our open heart. And in the openness of heart, we will come to experience and to understand.

And that is all that is required.

Sense the Vibes

“Imagine the air around you being visible and your form an invisible space within the visible surroundings. This is the reality of Christ-consciousness. Consciousness may seem to be embodied by form but the reverse is true and has always been true.” (ACOL, Dialogues, Day 12, 12.2)

The assertion in this quotation may seem very strange indeed. But there is a Oneness to reality that we often miss. The Self that we are exists out in the open; inside, we all too often miss the mark, especially if we haven’t yet opened to the inner Christ. Our little bodies don’t keep the Self apart from our environment. Intuitively we know this, for do we not sense “vibes” that are seemingly outside of us? Of course, we all do sense these vibes, though we may not, until later on, put much credence in them.

Now is the time to put credence in vibes. We will live much better, for these psychic attunements are evidence that we are opening to a larger reality.

So consciousness is outside of our physical bodies, our physical form. We are a solid mass of physicality in our bodies, but we exist in the ether. We are not isolated, encased in bodies. When we think about this a little, we will be reassured.
Despite what the ego used to tell us, we don’t really want to be so independent of each other. We know, somehow, somewhere, that we are mean to be in concert with one another. This sharing of being is what life is really all about, what life is about when it is truly lived.

Let’s truly live life today, sharing and in concert with one another.

Every Day Better in Every Way as We Walk into Wholeness

“This change is predicated on all the changes that have come before it, including, and most particularly, on that which was most recently spoke of, that of apprehending the new reality of wholeness. It is not wholeness that is new, but the reality of wholeness that is new. The reality of being able to experience the variability of separation from within the state of wholeness is what is new.” (ACOL, Dialogues, Day 18, 28.8)

Have we really left separation behind? Yes, we have, though in the beginning of sensing wholeness, we will still know some of what is in the house of illusion, and that is the “variability of separation.” A Course of Love indicates that we are in the house of truth, but outside the house of illusion—because the house of truth encompasses the All, the house of illusion as well. We don’t try to go back in and pull out those who are still trapped within the house of illusion; that is not our task, our role. We witness from the house of truth. And that is all.

Wholeness is a blessing that ought to be sought, for our sight is much keener when we are seeing the whole. What does wholeness mean? It seems to me to be the last step on the pathway to Christ-consciousness, surely the greatest wholeness of all. If we see in totality, we see accurately, but this does not mean that we are still always lost in illusions of what true reality really means. We have moved beyond that, and we have indeed made great progress to have done so.

We are after true reality, and the reality of wholeness is new to us. This creation of the new is a major theme of A Course of Love. We would leave behind our leaden feet as we walk sprightly on, with Jesus holding our hand. He will do so, though no one on earth can imagine how that might be. Perhaps he clones himself; perhaps souls that are very advanced can do such things. Seeing and sensing Jesus have been reported by many in traditional Christianity, and so this assertion (which occurred in A Course in Miracles) does seem more plausible than not.

The means are there for us. We need only ask for help. And then the reality of wholeness will be a surety for us. We will not wander, aimless and alone, in a forest of malcontent. Every day will get better, an improvement over the one before.

Walk into a New State of Being

“A new state of being is a new reality. It is linked with your notion of who and where you are, for who you are and where you find yourself, and experience yourself, are your reality.” (ACOL, Dialogues, Day 29, 29.7)

Which of us would not sometimes want a new reality? A new “you”?

I venture that this receding mirage is in a dream in all of us. And the surprising thing is that here A Course of Love says, Jesus says, that this new state of being is a new reality, a new reality that we are can have, indeed are entitled to.
What a blessing! (I say that so often in this blog, for there are so many blessings in our reading of ACIM and ACOL.) This new reality will be one, according to ACOL, of the heart—or the heart and mind joined in twain, wholeheartedness.

This wholeheartedness is such a comfort on rainy, gray days. And even a sunny day can take on the dreariness of a gray day if we are not cognizant of our many blessings. We can have this new reality. I don’t think that the new reality comes just as we awaken; I think that it comes prior to that. In A Course in Miracles, we hear of the “happy dreams that the Holy Spirit brings,” and we are comforted. In A Course of Love, we are bade to listen to the inner Christ Self, and to be comforted thereby. (We have been told that we are living now in the time of Christ, that the time of the Holy Spirit is past.) Would it not make sense that the Self could and would comfort even before Christ-consciousness descends upon us.

I am a case in point, because I have not yet awakened. I sometimes wonder how I can help others if that is my situation, but when we are in the same boat, that help comes easily. I know where you are coming from. And some of that is frustration, for we want it all—not in an egoic sense, but right in line with divine wishes for us. Yet if we have not yet awakened, there is a reason, just one that we don’t yet know. And we can reach out and speak to those in a similar situation. We can be patient, learning through observation, vision, and revelation (from ACOL).

Living Our Christ-conscious Self

“We discuss being what you represent in truth. We discuss the elevation of form. And what we have discussed thus far is the acceptance of form as what it is. This is the new reality you have desired. To live as who you are in form.” (ACOL, Dialogues, 5.19)

Jesus describes in A Course of Love that it is entirely possible to live in this world in our bodies as our real Selves. He calls it occupying the “elevated Self of form.” This is a condition that is ego-less, in that we are not living the little, or personal, self that is ruled by the ego—but instead living as our Christ-conscious Self, the inner Christ Self whom we all have in our depths.

At one point Jesus talks about this situation as a new choice, never made before in our world, and he says that he will not predict the future, that he does not have the means to know what we will do with this new embodied Christ-conscious Self in form (in body).
This new choice is probably welcomed by many of us, for we are used to the physical body and have difficulty imagining ghost-like embodiments, such as we might enjoy after death. We like our bodies. We don’t like our separated state, embodying an ego that doesn’t mean us well and leads us into suffering.

The good news is that when we eliminate the blocks to love’s awareness, we can come into our own as Selves. We can be Christ-conscious, which is another way of saying Awakening or enlightenment. This new state, never before sustained, is the aim at which A Course of Love moves. A new identity. And all of us need to give up attack, give up judging, give up planning (unless guided to do so), and give up fear/anxiety. These are barriers to the new reality.

Do Not Blame the Victim!

“No victim is to blame for the violence done to them. No sick person is to blame for the illness within them. But you must be able to look at and see reality for what it is. Just as we are telling you that new beliefs and ideas will lead to a new reality, old beliefs and ideas let to the old reality, a reality that will still exist for some even after it changes completely for you.” (ACOL, Treatise on the Personal Self, 19.12)

This is Jesus’s definitive answer to the question of “blame the victim.” Intuitively, we have known that to blame the victim is wrong, but perhaps, with all the talk about our “creating our reality,” we lost touch with the idea that to blame the victim is misguided. We are heading into a new reality, a reality without victims. The old reality had victims, sometimes desperately so. But we need to realize that the new reality will leave aside such desperate means to an end. Our ego will have fallen away, and with it the harshness of everyday life.

What does it mean to say that we heading into a new reality? Our new reality will be salvation personified. We will know what it means to live by the intuitive guidance that comes from our inner Christ Self. We will not think of this guidance as somewhat external to ourselves, as we (erroneously) thought of the Holy Spirit. We will know that the new way that we live is coming from our essence, and that this essence is in a bonding with God, for we are a part of Him.

True reality brooks no delay in coming. It is important that we remove the blocks to Christ-consciousness, or Awakening, so that we can get on with the business of this new reality. The world needs us to remove the blocks keeping us from attaining our real potential. The world is in desperate straits. Let us act today to stop judging, stop attacking, and stop making meaningless plans.
Leave behind fear, for that was a symptom of egoic living. Walk onward, along our paths, and know that Jesus is there with us. He is there with all of us. We cannot understand this, but I personally do believe it. He can clone himself into as many parts as are needed, with his entire essence being in each part. An example of a hologram.

So we walk forward with a clear mind about what “creating our reality” really means. We don’t harbor dark thoughts that the sick did this unto themselves. This frees us to be compassionate. And we need compassion, along with love, more than anything.

Glimpses of Christ-Consciousness Will Offer Invulnerability

“An attitude of invulnerability is necessary now. It is not arrogance or a means by which to flirt with risk and danger. It is simply your reality.” (ACOL, C:25.13)

We are invulnerable, though we have seemed to be anything but, so far in our experience on earth. Our reality is a reality of invulnerability, for when we are in our reality, nothing can harm us. Illusions no longer have any punching power. We do not cringe in the face of denunciations from the outside, for we know that we would be cringing in the face of illusion, and illusion can do nothing to us.

We do not test out God by getting in situations that put our physical form in harm’s way. This would be arrogance and a flirtation with risk and danger. We do not tempt God. We simply recognize that invulnerability means that no longer is struggle our way. Struggle is not the only way to growth, though it is the way that we have used heretofore in our illusory world. We grew mightily when pitted against forces greater than ourselves.

Give up this old way of reacting. We can grow easily and effortlessly, for we are not complete in all particulars when we have reached Christ-consciousness. God will still fill us out with new gifts. We will do more, not less. But we will do so from a place of repose. God seeks our rest, our relaxation, not our fervent pushing of the rock of Sisyphus up the mountain, only to have that rock fall to the foot of the mountain once again—with the process to be repeated. This is the way of the ego, which would have us seek and seek, never to find.

So ask God for invulnerability. He will respond. And in the invulnerability we will, once again, get a glimpse of the way that he would point out to us, over and over, until we get it right.

Walk into Your Natural State

“This faulty perception of union would keep you from the goal you seek, the goal that is no goal but your only reality, the natural state in which you exist but for your decision to reject your reality and your true nature. (ACOL, C:8.12)

When we seek to reach union by way of having the upper hand, the power, in our relationships, we seek amiss. This is the “faulty perception of union” to which this quotation points. Our true nature is found not here, but our true nature is our reality. And that nature is a Self that knows no judgment, no attack, and who seeks to love always. This true nature is the nature that we embody when we have changed consciousness to the consciousness reflected in Awakening. But we are not able to make this shift in consciousness solely of ourselves.

God makes this decision, of this we have been told often. We need to realize, though, that Awakening is God’s will for us, and thus our own will as well—for our two wills are actually one, always and forever. We might think that we are not worthy of God’s action toward us in Awakening, but this somewhat misstates the case. We have to let go of all things that stand in the way of Awakening. Only this much can we do. We cannot reach Awakening from a force of personal will.

We need to give up planning, to give up attack, to give up holding judgments one against the other.

Our planning now becomes only that which we deem in our deepest heart to be needed. This is the directive that comes from the inner Self, the guidance that is internal. Previously we relied on the Holy Spirit, and He is within as well, but we nevertheless saw His guidance as standing apart from our deepest Self. It was not thus, but we were not yet ready to conceive of the Almighty in any other way. This was the way of A Course in Miracles. Now we walk the way of A Course of Love. Where before we looked to the Holy Spirit, now we look to our inner Christ Self. The time of the Holy Spirit is ending, and we are in the time of the second coming of Christ. Hence the terminology differs.

Similarly, we also give up attack and holding judgment one against the other. The two concepts are usually linked in our minds, for we attack that which seems to be difference, and inferior, to ourselves, something against which we can judge as being “wrong.”
It is not really thus. The way that we are looking upon may be less enlightened than we wish to be, but we are actually all equal in the eyes of God. Only time separates us, and time does not really exist.

So if we do these three—give up planning against contingencies to come (as a defense), give up attack, and give up judgment—we will have done quite a lot to remove the barriers that have kept God from moving in our direction with Awakening. We cannot do this alone, though—never alone. We need His help, and His help is only a heartfelt request away.

Undoing in Atonement, Once Begun, Is Unstoppable

“In order to remember unity you must, in a sense, travel back to it, undoing as you go all you have learned since last you knew it, so all that remains is love. This undoing, or atonement, has begun – and once begun is unstoppable and thus already inevitably accomplished.” (C:19.19)

We are said to travel backward in time, rolling up a metaphorical long carpet, until we arrive at the place where separation occurred (or seemed to occur). Each part on our journey without distance must be undone–each individual part. And then we will be back to Oneness, Oneness with God, Oneness with our Christ Self, awake in Christ-consciousness, occupying the elevated Self of form.

The ending is certain, and the atonement, or undoing, has begun for all of us reading this now, for we would not still be reading if we had not asked for the journey to begin. When we go backward in time, we are returning to love, and in that return is the everything that we have wanted. Love gives us all that we really want, and the closer we get to the end of journey, the better we will understand the truth of this. Atonement is unstoppable, and for this we ought to be grateful. Though we are prone to endless procrastination, and we may wander from the path, we will inevitably return, for free will sets the limits on miscreation. We cannot forever stay apart from God, for this would actually counter our real will, which in truth is one with His Will.

The undoing does not have to be complex, though it is usually so experienced, especially before the elevated Self of form is sustained. We have gotten ourselves so tangled up in our minds, perplexed by egoic notions of separation, that miracles are needed to save us. And those miracles are forthcoming. We can walk into the light at any time, though God Himself decides the exact moment. If we love completely, we are, in a sense, already there; we are having a glimpse of Christ-consciousness, and this glimpse, this satori, will sustain us until sustainability is actually achieved.

Correct False Thinking and Reach Enlightenment

“Miracles are thoughts and I am the corrector of false thinking. You have been made ready for this correction and your belief in correction, or atonement, is the final belief that must be put into practice.” (ACOL, T2:12.1)

This definition of atonement is only slightly different from “undoing”—correction. Here Jesus is emphasizing that when we accept atonement for ourselves (and also offer it to others), we will be freed of false thinking. Think what a great promise this indeed is! To have our false thinking corrected is to have the ego wear away. The ego is no more! Now we can get someplace.

Jesus encourages us to have a miracle-minded frame of mind. Perhaps we don’t fully understand what this means, but it is simply that we live in the best reality that we can imagine. Life works out, and when it seems not to do so, we call upon a miracle to right things. The miracle is always there for us. Our perception of that miracle may take a while in the working out, but the miracle will always heal, always set us right. We need only ask, because we are definitely asking in God’s Will.

So atonement is correction of the way that we have previously thought, the falsity that has engulfed us. Let us be grateful today that there is a way out of the separation, that the elevated Self of form awaits, that Christ-consciousness awaits.

When our minds are right, we will no longer project illusions, but will experience the real world by our projections, projections that make our perceptions of this world. We cannot know what this means until we experience Christ-consciousness, but then the miracle happens, and we know that we are seeing for the first time.


Atonement Is Correction of Errors in Perception

“Being willing to be forgiven is the precursor of atonement, the state in which you allow your errors to be corrected for you. These errors are not the sins you hold against yourself, but merely your errors in perception. Correction, or atonement, returns you to your natural state where true vision lies and error and sin disappear.” (C:9.35)

We have long worked with our perception, because we perceive an erroneous world, a world of illusion. We project outward this erroneous world, this world of dreams, illusions.

Jesus would have us here return to our natural state, “where true vision lies and error and sin disappear.” This true vision has nothing to do with the physical eyes; it is a sense of inward rightness with God, a sense of inward justification with the inner Self, or Christ. A Course in Miracles said that true vision would follow once we had perceptually seen little edges of light around the same familiar objects that we have always seen. ACIM continues to say that true vision will follow shortly afterwards, shortly after seeing these little edges of light.

Now we are moving into a relinquishment, finally and completely, of the ego. And when we have done this, our true vision will take the place of what we have viewed before. Our physical eyes will still see the same familiar world, but our inner vision will have been transformed.

This transformation is what we are all seeking, the Christ-consciousness that Jesus is trying to effect in A Course of Love. Christ-consciousness is enlightenment, called Awakening in A Course in Miracles. The transformation is the same.

A Dawning of Psychic Attunement

“God gives special gifts to His teachers, because they have a special role in His plan for Atonement. Their specialness is, of course, only temporary; set in time as a means of leading out of time. (M-4.1)”

We will develop some new abilities as we ease into our new role as the saviors of humankind. These include psychic abilities, which Jesus makes clear in this section of the Manual for Teachers. But this is not a reason to be prideful; we know that pride is false, that it is an egoic reaction. And we are quickly moving beyond the ego. We are moving beyond desire to be “special.” We simply want to live peaceably, in happiness and with a sharing of the gifts that have come so easily to us.

As time passes, all of us will come to see that the special abilities that we develop now are not a means of raising us higher than our brother. They are a means of saving our brother, once he has given us the nod that he would like to know how we received the light that seems to be in us now.

All God’s gifts will one day be shared equally among all His children (an idea from A Course in Miracles). We therefore have absolutely no reason to allow jealous feelings to rear their heads. We need not to allow the ego that much of a toehold in our emerging consciousness of God’s plan for salvation.

Holy Relationships

“It is extremely difficult to reach Atonement by fighting against sin. . .A holy relationship is a means of saving time. One instant spent together with your brother restores the universe to both of you. You are prepared. Now you need but to remember you need do nothing. (T-18.VII.4-5)”

We love our significant relationships, and when these are cleansed to become holy, rather than special, relationships, we have found the one person given to us to love. In our love of him, we find it in our heart to forgive entirely, and in the forgiveness do we speedily reach Awakening. We need “do” nothing. All is given to us in the fact of our holy relationship, spending instants of time in league with our brother and with God.

We can’t win by fighting against sin. We have, in the first place, only made mistakes, because there is no unforgivable sin. We find this hard to believe, of course, in part because of other teachings that we have taken to heart. But Jesus in A Course in Miracles makes it easy for us. He says that we are always forgiven for our mistakes. We rectify what we can, of course, and this is only common sense. But there are some mistakes that only Jesus can rectify, and he has said that he stands at the end of the pathway to salvation to resolve what we have found impossible to resolve.

If the universe is restored to us, we know reality. We are enlightened. We have Awakened. And for all this, we need only walk the pathway to salvation by holding our brother’s hand. This fact alone saves time, unlike years and years of what can be tedious contemplation. This means, with our brother, works. When we feel that we love purely, we have forgiven. And God will act immediately to lift us up to Awakening.

The Criteria for Awakening/Enlightenment

“This step [to Awakening], the smallest ever taken, is still the greatest accomplishment of all in God’s plan of Atonement. All else is learned, but this is given, complete and wholly perfect. No one but Him Who planned salvation could complete it thus. (T-17.II.3)”

This is the epitome for those of us living in this world. And this world ceases to be in illusion for us when we have Awakened. We live in the real world, in truth and in reality. This quotation praises God, though elsewhere we have been told that He does not need our praise. Jesus is in awe, I think, from the perfection of the plan. God restores us to full awareness of what, in actuality, we never left but thought we had: Heaven on earth.

God’s gift of Awakening is a free gift, given as soon, and just as quickly, as we are ready. He does not brook delay; He will act as soon as we have fulfilled the criteria, which are an end to self-doubt, a failure to attack, a cessation of judgment of ourselves and others, and a stop to planning, obsessive planning, against contingencies to come (a defense, and all defenses are anathema to God). This sounds like a lot, but just one thing, fully done will resolve all complexity. When we truly forgive our brother, Awakening will be granted to us. We live in happiness and we offer salvation when we have forgiven. And those are our function as children of God.

Purification Is of God Alone, but for Us

“In preparing for the holy instant, do not attempt to make yourself holy to be ready to receive it. That is but to confuse your role with God. Atonement cannot come to those who think that they must first atone, but only to those who offer it nothing more than simple willingness to make way for it. Purification is of God alone, and therefore for you. (T-18.IV.5)”

This is another of the very reassuring passages in A Course in Miracles. We don’t need to “do” anything to “get ready” for Atonement. We just need to be open to receive. God will do the rest. He makes the decision about when we are ready for enlightenment, Awakening. He (metaphorically) reaches down to lift us up, and then nothing is ever the same again—nothing, that is, if we sustain the Awakening. We will in all likelihood have glimpses of Awakening from time to time before we will respond wholeheartedly enough to sustain what is happening to us.

Nobody can tell you what Awakening is really like, until those glimpses have come. Jesus does say one thing of great importance, the dawning on our minds at this point that “I need do nothing!” This is a masterful signal to our minds and hearts that God does not require things of us. He only wants us as we were created to be. We will want to do things for God, once we are Awakened, but we will know that nothing takes the place of the glorious sense that we are accepted just as we are, because we don’t have to merit anything.


Ann Glover O’Dell has a powerful story to tell, one that we all would benefit from hearing.

More than 30 years ago, she experienced a powerful transformation that students/teachers of A Course in Miracles would call Awakening, and students/teachers of A Course of Love would call Christ-consciousness. She has spent much of the past years pondering the ramifications of what has happened to her. She underwent a powerful change of personality, from a driven individual to one who recommends simply “being.”

Ann has a web site that I recommend to you:


Her book, based on her experience, can be found by clicking on simply the word “book” on the left-hand side of her web site. The book is available to you at no charge as a pdf file. The first half of the lengthy manuscript details the experience of transformation that enveloped her in, largely, three significant days. The latter half of the book is scholarship, based on wide reading that sought to bring form and order to her experience.

There are other parts to her web site: poetry, meditations, journal entries, and a blog of newly published material that introduces her philosophy of living.

Ann is a personal friend, in my town, whom I have known for nine years. Only in the last year, though, have we become closer, and I found out about the remarkable passage that she has made. I recommend her book and her web site without reservation.

The Living of Christ-consciousness in Physical Form

“This is akin to being stranded in a foreign land with none of the ways you learned how to adapt in the past being of service to you. That is how new this is, and more. But the difference is that you are not alone and that you are not in a foreign land but returned to your home of origin. (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the New, 12.26)”

1 – New Era

We, here in the New, are living in a new era. It is not enough simply to think of it as the era of Christ, because all too often we think of this as an era for Jesus, as he was 2,000 years ago. He has never said anything like that in A Course of Love. He stresses that you and I are in a dialogue with him in which we are learning in new ways, but, mostly importantly of all, we know that we are learning in the best way because we are sharing with him and with our brothers and sisters.

2 – Design

“There was an overall design that ensured optimal learning and that design was known to you in the pattern of that design, a pattern that was part of the pattern of your thoughts, even after the ego came to rule your thought system. Without this pattern, the ego could have succeeded in becoming the ruler of the personal self. (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the New, 12.27)”

3 – God

This quotation indicates that God Himself had a pattern for us from which we did not depart in the eons that the ego ruled. This is what is meant by the term “design.” The ego, however, was never the ruler of the personal self, because the design was not compromised. We did what we did only in illusion. God was not mocked.

4 – Christ-consciousness

“What will help you to remain doubt-free and thus fear-free and continually able to sustain Christ-consciousness, is coming to know the new design, and the new patterns that reveal the design. This new design and the new patterns. . . [will] be communicated through our continuing dialogues with one another. (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the New, 12.30)

5 – Jesus

Jesus wants to have a continuing dialogue, and part of that dialogue becomes the final part of A Course of Love, 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain top with him. This section of ACOL is masterfully written to channel us toward Christ-consciousness on a sustained basis. Jesus says therein that he has no intention for us to go to the mountain top repeatedly; we can do so, but that is second best.

6 – No Idle Fantasy

We might believe that Jesus himself, who says that he is holding our hand (something that is “no idle fantasy,” according to A Course of Miracles), can dialogue with us in unique fashion to our individual needs. He does not spell out this scenario, but he hints at such a possibility, and well we might want him to react to us in ways that no proof on earth could explain. In this quotation he talks about our continuing dialogues, and it is hard to speculate what he means unless it is a personal dialogue with each of us. This new design and the new patterns are not fully explained in the final part of ACOL, and so it is not out of the realm of possibility that Jesus is here with us, supernaturally, making a real difference in our lives.

7 – Comfort

Even if we can’t come to believe this, we can recognize that to entertain such a possibility is comforting in the extreme.

8 – Teacher No Longer

“I do not have the answers that would continue to make of me a teacher and you a student. The answers to the elevation of the personal self and the living of Christ-consciousness in form are yet to be revealed and shared. This is the time that is before us. . . . (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the New, 12.32)”

9 – Resignation

This is the point in which Jesus makes clear that he is not going to be our teacher any longer. A little farther over in A Course of Love, and he “resigns” as our teacher. We are to see him as an equal in our future lives. Our personal self, if all goes well, will be sustained as the Self that is one with God. Our communication with God, which has been disrupted, will be reestablished, and we will commune easily and well. The Holy Spirit’s era is over; this is really what is pointed out in the passing of His era.

10 – Egocentric?

The time before us is hallowed ground. We don’t have to worry that to think such is egocentric. If we have come this far, we know that we don’t react as we once did to egocentric notions. Now we are heading into the future, with Jesus by our side (though no longer our teacher). The future looks bright. Sustaining Christ-consciousness is the goal that Jesus holds out to us. May we see glimpses more and more, and then may the sustainability be assured.

Dear Father/Mother,

I long for a sustained awareness of Your love, and I can have that sustained awareness in its fullness only when I have reached and sustained Christ-consciousness. Guide me day by day, hour by hour, even minute by minute, as I seek to give up the old ways and come into the New.

May this day go smoothly. May it be like a worthy pearl on a string of pearls that will never break, one day following another into greater and greater value to You. I long to be of use to You. Help me to do that without dipping into the old ways of egoic thought.

May I find the brothers and sisters with whom I can interact the best. May we share our love in a wholly good way, and in the sharing may we come to know You as well as ourselves better.

Thank You for Your blessings.


Christ-consciousness Is Our Innate Consciousness

“Again let me remind you that we are speaking of the new. There has always been a state of consciousness that we are here calling Christ-consciousness. There has never been a sustained Christ-consciousness in form. . . . It [Christ-consciousness] is your innate consciousness, a consciousness far too vast to be learned but one easily shared by all. (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the New, 12.22)

1 – Jesus

Jesus is here alluding to his recommendation that we, ourselves, assume a Self that is of form, physical form. And that we remain on earth to sustain this form, this “elevated Self of form.” Previously, many who attained this state did not long maintain the body (from A Course in Miracles). But we are encouraged, though not required, to give another possibility a chance. We are encouraged to remain in physical form on a sustained basis, exhibiting Christ-consciousness on a sustained basis, and thereby embody a new choice for all humankind.

2 – Revolutionary

This is a revolutionary bit of news. Jesus is nothing if not stirring. He also says (elsewhere) that he will not predict the future in A Course of Love, that he himself does not know what will transpire, that our future is yet to be written—and to be written by ourselves.

3 – Physical Bodies

We are strongly protective of our physical bodies. Most don’t want to end their lives prematurely, unless they are very ill or very depressed. Most don’t choose suicide, however difficult and traumatic our circumstances may be. We want to live; the instinct is very strong.

4 – ACIM

Previously, in A Course in Miracles, the intangibles were given so much sway, and we were taught in the Workbook that only beyond this world was there anything that would satisfy us. There was seen to be nothing in this world of lasting value.

5 – Material Wealth

We may still believe this about material wealth. Much of our obsession of gaining more – more – more was egoic in nature. And somewhere along the line in our searching we have come to realize that the material, regardless of how much it is, is never enough. We want something more, and we have come to realize, for readers of spiritual material, that this something is spiritual in nature.

6 – Christ-consciousness

If we could retain our physical bodies, but enjoy the happiness of an elevated mind and heart, in Christ-consciousness, perhaps there is something indeed in this suggestion of Jesus that is worth serious consideration. Time will tell if more of us do move into Christ-consciousness. We can only remove the barriers to this experience; we cannot effect it on our own. This choice, the element of timing, belongs to God Himself (according to A Course in Miracles, where this experience is called “Awakening).

7 – Elevated Self of Form

Let us consider what an elevated Self of form would do, and then let us quickly go about ridding ourselves of the selfish impediments, the attack and anger, the violence, the lack of forgiveness, etc., that are impediments to God’s action in reaching down and lifting us up. This world needs better minds and hearts to create it anew. This is what Jesus is about. This is also what we are about.


Dear Father/Mother,

Grant me the singleness of vision to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is standing in the way of Christ-consciousness on a sustained basis. May I be patient only with Your timing, but not patient at all with my foibles that are hindering Your quick action.

Help this day to be a calm influence on this world—my world—and everyone I encounter. May I take my place as one who is trying to do the right thing. May this good intention be buttressed by Your particular guidance, in whatever way You send it.

Thank You.


You Must Share Christ-consciousness

“You, as a being joined in Christ-consciousness, must share this consciousness in order to know it. It cannot be grasped by the singular consciousness. . . .The singular consciousness would act like a computer with a full drive and reject the information or be overcome by it if such were possible. (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the New, 12.23)”

1 – Sharing

We cannot only hold Christ-consciousness unless we share. Our limited minds could not contain this great gift otherwise. Overdrive for the mind.

2 – How Share?

How do we share? Any and every way. But we are repeatedly told in A Course of Love that we are not called to proselytize. We look for teachable moments, when the brother or sister of ours is ready. We never forst our understanding on another person. That would be the surest way to turn them off. Even mild statements about what one believes can be taken wrongly, if another is not open. Resist the urge to share when that sharing would be a turnoff.

3 – Speaking

But if another is open to how we are behaving now, then is the time to speak. When we reach Christ-consciousness, we will be different—most loving, most especially, but also calmer and more Self-contained. We will seem different to our nearest and dearest, and they will want to know what has happened to us. That is the time to share.

4 – Christ-consciousness

“Such is not possible, because Christ-consciousness is not available to the separated self. Christ-consciousness is the consciousness of unity for unity is what is. (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the New, 12.23)”

5 – Separate from Others?

If we cut ourselves off from others, we won’t reach Christ-consciousness. This quotation makes this clear. We are seeking unity with all, unity and love. Don’t be fooled into thinking that love is a superficial emotion that everyone says. It means something very different to the Christ-conscious than to others. It means that we know that we are One, that God is One, and that we are joined in love or alienated in fear.

6 – Learning

“But realize, those of you who would mourn this [learning] as a loss, that you have already achieved all that was possible to achieve as an individual. The purpose of individual learning was the return of unity! (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the New, 12.25)”

7 – Ego

Our egoic past has long sought learning as a mean of separating, a means of separation. We are through with this idea, this part of our belief about ourselves that has been the ego. And so don’t lament that the old way of learning has passed.

8 – Observation

We probably do not yet fully understand what it means to go beyond learning. Basically, it means that we aren’t still seeking for salvation in the next spiritual text. We know that we have reached a culmination, of sorts, and we rest easy. We will be told by our Self whatever we need to know from now on. This Self will look out on a changed world, and observe the differences that are seen. This observation will teach us all that we need to know.

9 – Guidance

If this explanation still seems incomprehensible, still wait for guidance to reveal more. Contemplate the ideas from the quotations from today, and know that all that we need to understand will come to us when we give guidance the time and willingness to get through.

10 – Self

The Self will guide.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to do the things today that I think I need to do. Don’t let me get lazy in my spiritual life. I need You always. I don’t survive well, let alone live, when I am turned away from You.

May this day go well, something that I nearly always ask. You know my needs; I am sometimes confused about what they really are. Clarify my Self today. Let me come home to You from time to time for brief moments. The way home sometimes seems long, but I know that You would not have it so. Let me be calm and think of You. This will always take me home, at least for the moments that my mind is quiet.


Jesus Willingly Resigns as Our Teacher

“Can I teach you to do this? My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, as you once willingly resigned as your own teacher, I now willingly resign as your teacher. In unity there is no need for teachers or for learners. There is need only for the sustainability of Christ-consciousness in which we exist together as creators in unity and relationship. (Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 11.3)”

1 – Shocking

The first time that we read this quotation from A Course of Love, it may seem very shocking. Why would Jesus cease to be our teacher? What will we do without him? Do we have to be without him?

2 – Jesus

No, we don’t have to be without him. Jesus is inviting us to be co-creators in a sustained elevated Self of form. We are supposed to co-create the world, no longer the egoic world, but a better world, a world worthy of being sustained in our new state of being.

3 – Good News

This is very good news. He is trusting us who are reading A Course of Love to see if we are ready to be co-creators with him. He is perhaps more sure than we are that we are ready. We hang back, fearful of egoic manipulation of our environment. We fear the arrogance of the ego.

4 – Ego

But, if we have been taking ACOL to heart, we have dropped the ego. It is no longer. So we are ready to step up to the plate and assume our mantle of an elevated Self. Be not shy; do so today.

5 – Co-creation

“This is the beginning of our co-creation. . . .No longer regard me as an authority to whom you turn, but as an equal partner in the creation of the future through the sustainability of Christ-consciousness. (Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 11.5)”

6 – Equal Partner

Can we see Jesus as an equal partner? This surely is too good to be true. Yet Jesus says it, and I believe him. We may still oscillate from elevated Self to something lesser, but the potential of sustainability of the elevated Self is always there.

7 – Calm

Try to remain calm today. I find that telling myself to be “calm” leads to a mellow feeling and a willingness to follow internal guidance. Then I feel forever justified in God’s sight. The oscillations slow and then cease; the elevated Self of form seems to be a reality.

8 – Jesus

Talk to Jesus in your mind. Tell him that you are ready to be a co-creator. Let him tell you what to do next. He will not delay.


Dear Father/Mother,

I thank You that Jesus shows so much confidence in me. I would be a co-creator with him, and sooner rather than later. Help me to have a good day in Your grace. Help me to reach out to Jesus in my mind, and to develop the same sort of confidence in myself that he has in me.

Be with me today. May I move into the sustainability of Christ-consciousness, keeping my form as a physical being but being transformed into the elevated Self of form.

Thank You.


We Disconnected from God in the Detour into Fear

“You are now beginning to reach the stage of understanding wherein you can realize that it was not some separate ‘you’ or some species without form who at some point in time chose to express love in physical form, and so began this experience of human life. You are now beginning to be able to understand that it was God was made this choice. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 8.1)”

1 – Ego / Physical Form

We have long thought that the ego and physical form are synonymous. But they are not. We came into form, due to God’s decision, but it was ourselves who took the wrong detour—the detour into fear that is the ego. God didn’t make this decision, we are led to believe by what Jesus says in this quotation. We did, from, according to A Course in Miracles, a “tiny, mad idea” about which we forgot to laugh.

2 – Christ-consciousness

Would we do this again? Even after sustaining Christ-consciousness for some time? We might, and so it behooves us to avoid attack, avoid judgment, and avoid planning against (bad) contingencies (unless prompted by guidance).

3 – Not Bad

So matter is not bad. Being in physical form is not bad. There is a way to be in physical form and stay true to God. And that is the place that we are heading—Christ-consciousness. When we leave fear behind, we will be well on our way.

4 – God and Us

“I say this because only now are you beginning to be ready to hear that you and God are the same. That when I say ‘God made a choice’ I am not saying that you did not. I am saying that a choice was made within the one mind, the one heart, and that this was your choice as well as God’s choice. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 8.2)”

5 – Embodying God

We are seen here as part of God. We embody Him. It is just that simple. He is experiencing life through us, the only way that He can experience, because the whole cannot experience without contrast; parts can encounter contrast, and thus God can experience through all the parts of “us.”

6 – Blasphemy?

This may seem like blasphemy, but I did not say it; if we believe that Jesus channeled A Course of Love, our guide has very good credentials indeed. Our leader. The one who sets us back on course.

7 – Disconnect

“What happened in the case of human beings, was a disconnect from your own true nature, which in turn caused a disconnect in your ability to express love, which in turn caused a disconnect in your ability to know God, because you did not know your self. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 8.6)”

8 – Journey without Distance

This explains the detour into fear, which caused the need for the return, a “journey without distance,” as A Course in Miracles says. When we detoured into fear, we lost our real self, necessitating return. And we are now well on our way for that return. That is the blessing. We have found the way at last.

9 – Mind

“What God, in effect had to do, what you in effect had to do, in order to live in a nature inconsistent with what God could not disconnect from, was disconnect from God. Since God was the center of your being, it was impossible to disconnect your heart and still live. What could be disconnected was your will, or in other words, your mind. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 8.8)”

10 – Separation

This passage explains how the separation came about–the separation from God. We disconnected our minds from Him, and we went astray. Elsewhere we learn that it was a conscious choice, and that God acquiesced in it. We were too eager to move ahead of His Way. We were like rebellious adolescents. And so He let us have our way.

11 – Adolescents

There is a lovely exposition of this by way of a comparison with parents who let their rebellious adolescents go their own way. They do not try to stop their headstrong tendencies. They do not disinherit them. The parents know that they must let go. And God knew this as well.

12 – Guidance

Today us resolve today not to rush headlong into situations for which we have no guidance. We are trying to depend on self alone when we do this, and we will feel fear (an ACIM tenet). Let us determine to leave fear behind, knowing that it has always been a conscious choice. Let us determine to make Heaven on earth as our daily walk continues.


Dear Father/Mother,

Please help me, today, to undo the separation that exists between You and myself. It is time to go Home, not to Heaven but to the real world in this world. Help me to return Home today.

Be there for me, I ask of You. I cannot make this “journey without distance” without You.

I turned away into fear, and I would disown fear today. I have had many anxious moments in my life, but I would be done with such foolishness. And foolishness it is. There is nothing fear, when I know that You walk in me. How could there be? Thank You.


We Must Eliminate Fear and Judgment to Sustain Christ-consciousness

“You cannot sustain Christ-consciousness while fear remains in you, just as you cannot sustain Christ-consciousness while judgment remains in you. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 7.5)”

1 – Fear and Judgment

“Fear” and “judgment”–the two nay-sayers in the search for Christ-consciousness. How many of us truly can say, today, that we never experience either of these two emotions?

2 – Difficulty

That is the difficulty we all encounter as we seek to move forward. Only God Himself can reach down and bridge the gap (an ACIM tenet).

We will see glimpses of Christ-consciousness, and then we will recognize what its sustainability will do for us. Certainly whenever we experience moments that are completely joyous, we have left behind fear and judgment and entered into a new life. May we come to understand how to sustain this new life, beginning today.

3 – Planning

A Course in Miracles mentions one other mistake that will keep us astray: planning against contingencies to come. In the worldview of ACIM, we are to depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance of what to do. In the worldview ofACOL, it is dependence on the inner sense that we have, because we have walked farther along the pathway. And the God that is within.

4 – Natural

“This is all that makes up the difference between your natural state and your unnatural state. As your natural state returns to you through a heart and mind joined in unity, your body too will exist or abide within this natural state. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 7.5)”

If we eliminate fear and judgment, we will become more natural. And is naturalness not a blessing worth pursuing? If we are more natural, we are more as God intended us to be. It does not mean that we have to be super-religious. It does not mean that we never again will make mistakes. It does not mean that we will always follow the straight and narrow.

5 – Personal Self

If there are aspects to our personal self that we wish to change, we can just turn this over to the universe, and trust that that change will come about. Especially if we perceive that trait to be a mistake. God wants us to be natural in living, and if this means that we turn to the secular, I trust that God is the God of the secular as well.

6 – Attack, Judgment, & Planning

We need to realize that naturalness does not include attack, judgment, planning against presumably dire outcomes—and all three of these prohibitions are evidence of fear. We need to turn from fear to love. Love is the only emotion that is strong enough to overcome fear. But a strong enough sense of love will overcome fear in every instance.

7 – Personal

Have I reached this pinnacle yet? No, of course not. But that is my aim. And when I feel fear (which is usually unreasoning), I try to go within and just pray for stillness. I talk to God, who is deep within me. I think He always hears.

8 – Unreal Reality

“The only thing that has created an unreal reality for your heart and body has been the inability of the mind to join the truth with your conscious awareness. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 7.5)”

9 – Awareness

We need to be aware of the changes that are happening within us. And our awareness of those changes is what has been missing.

10 – Heart

“Your heart has now heard the appeal of this course and worked with your mind to bring about this acceptance of the truth, a truth your heart has always known but has been unable to free you to accept without the mind’s cooperation. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 7.5)”

11 – Mind

Listen to your heart. Don’t try to ask for the proof of God’s caring that our minds might ask for. The mind and the heart need to work in conjunction, but, according to A Course of Love, with the heart taking the lead. We have been honed by eons of egoic fear to listen to our minds; that is why it is important now to give the heart the ascendancy.

12 – Heart in the Right Place

Nothing we do are say can make any difference when our hearts are in the right place. Of course, we want to do the right thing, but we actually need to do nothing at all except bask in the love of God’s Spirit.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I leave fear, judgment, and unnecessary planning in the past today. Leaving these behind is my only hope. Help me to be consistent as I long to follow Your way.

Be with me today when I slip and make mistakes. I do not want to make mistakes, but I am human, and mistakes happen. Correct my misdeeds and wrong thoughts, and lead me back to the pathway toward Christ-consciousness.

Help me to say and do the right things today, knowing, internally, that You don’t require anything at all of me. You know that I will do want to follow Your way, and You know that I will do what I can. But none of this is required. You just want me to be happy in Your grace. Thank You for granting me this insight.


Share Christ-consciousness Directly for Its Sustainability

“The changes those who have existed in Christ-consciousness have wrought have been great, but they did not sustain Christ-consciousness, primarily because they were unable to share Christ-consciousness directly because of individual and collective choice. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 6.7)”

1 – Not Sustaining

This passage talks about individuals who lived in the past, and also perhaps about ourselves, when we experienced Christ-consciousness, but did not sustain it. As hard as it may be to understand, we did not sustain it because we chose not to do so. Elsewhere we learn that we returned to attack, judgment, and planning for an uncertain future (ACIM tenets), and that it is these thoughts that kept us from sustaining the elevated Self of form.

2 – Revelation and Eckhart Tolle

Twice I have experienced periods of revelation, but I did not sustain the elevated Self of form. Eckhart Tolle indicates that there may be many such moments in our lives. But gradually the Way is opened, and we do sustain the Self. A Course in Miracles talks about this Self, but is not specific about what is meant. A Course of Love is quite specific, and we would do well to study the parts of the volumes which emphasize the elevated Self of form (the physical being, but with Christ-consciousness).

3 – Elevated Self of Form

We have chosen not to sustain the elevated Self. But let us make a better choice as we come more fully to receive God’s revelation. He needs us to save His world. As has been often stated, Jesus needs our hands and feet (a biblical tenet). So there is continuity among the Bible, ACIM, and ACOL. We receive the teachings for which we have become ready. And we may pray that our world is ready now to receive the revelation directly from God. ACIM explained the means to revelation; ACOL builds on this knowledge, and Jesus assures us that it is knowledge (not perception).

4 – Time of Christ

“You have the unequalled opportunity now, because you exist in the Time of Christ, to directly share Christ-consciousness and thus sustain Christ-consciousness. You can pass on the inheritance you accept in this fullness of time. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 6.8)”

5 – ACIM and ACOL

We are said, now, by A Course of Love, to live in the time of Christ. This is a great blessing, and one that has not been made evident in A Course in Miracles, which was written in the time of the Holy Spirit.

6 – Reach Out

We must do what we can to reach our brothers and sisters, those who are at least open to the things that we are coming to believe. There is great urgency in this, for the world is in a very dire place. We are not bade to proselytize to those who are unable or unwilling to listen, but we are encouraged to share when the time seems right, what others are open to what we can say.

7 – Jesus

The way is not hard. Jesus makes it very, very easy on us. We only have to forgive (as encouraged in A Course in Miracles), let go of the ego, and establish the new, real identity that is ours as Sons and Daughters of God. We can do this, if we are open to it. An awareness of a new identity is all around us, ready to be accepted if we are only in line with the most sharing concepts that Love can offer. We are not in this alone. We are in relationship to others, and together we form a unity that cannot fail. Only time seems to stand in the way, and time is an illusion (a tenet of ACIM and ACOL). We need to walk into eternity holding Jesus’s hand. We need to put into practice the tenets of Love that we already know.

8 – Simple

It is just that simple. Slow down, be mindful of our surroundings, and invite enlightenment. The Way will open, probably first in glimpses, and then with the sustainability that Jesus so urgently wants.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I share the good news that You have given me. We can now share Christ-consciousness, and then come to sustain it. This is the secret which those of the past did not fully understand. May many of us understand, and carry out this injunction to share what we have knowledge of, what we know from Christ-consciousness. Only then will we sustain the elevated Self of form.

Please be with me today as I seek to share my knowledge, given by You. May I not assume more than I really know, and may I share only what is true.

Thank You for the glorious day that is upon us. We are living in a new time, a time fraught with great promise. Help us to do our part to share that new time in the best way that it can be shared, not in coercion, but in freedom.

Thank You for a good day. May the day extend into tomorrow, and the day after. May all our days become good ones, basking in Your light.


We Can Choose What We Wish to Create

“The only guarantee I can offer you is the guarantee that you are who I say you are and that I speak the truth concerning your identity and inheritance. What you choose to do with this knowledge is still up to you. What you choose to create with this knowledge is still up to you. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 6.2)”

1 – The Future

The fact of our responsibility in the matter of choosing our future can be daunting, but should not be, because we do not have to choose alone. We have helpers, including Jesus, and, if we have listened internally, we have our inner direction.

2 – Freeing Concept

This concept is a very freeing one, even though it may frighten us as we think of the implications. Reality is not scary as long as the ego has been relinquished. Pray that this is so for us today.

3 – Heaven on Earth

We will choose to create a heaven on earth. I am confident of this, because we have seen evidences of those who reach for Jesus’s word and abide in it. Today let us pray for what our parts should be in creating this heaven on earth.

4 – Jesus

Jesus says in this quotation that he has led us surely to understand both our identity and our inheritance. Our identity is the Son/Daughter of God. Our inheritance is the living out of Christ-consciousness as the elevated Self of form. We can choose what we will create in this elevated Self, but if we are to remain in God’s Will as elevated beings, we will choose aright, knowing that we have left the ego behind forever. This, according to Jesus, is a new choice, a choice to be physical, yet to be in God’s Will. Our detour into fear via the false self of the ego is finished, gone for good. Now we have a new destiny to walk into, and even Jesus does not know how this will look, for he says that he will not predict the future; the future is yet to be written—by us.

5 – Ultimate Reality

This new way of looking at ultimate reality is a blessing indeed. In A Course of Love, Jesus indicates that the physical form is not to be denigrated, that it has value as a holy manifestation of a part of God—us, as the elevated physical Selves. It is a glorious and exciting future that awaits us as we work out our destiny in a newly restored world. Let us walk surely to God today, as we seek this new destiny, freed from the restrictions of an imprisoned will that the ego had forced upon us. Our wills are now free, for we know that we share with each other. There is never any need to return to an idea that we would want to be separate. We were not made for separation. And now we know this.

6 – Part of the Whole

We are freed to be part of the Whole, part of God, but also part of each other and every living thing. Let us walk serenely down the pathway that these ideas from A Course of Love take us.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I know my part in helping to create Heaven on earth. May I understand the knowledge that is imparted to me by You. May I neither overestimate or underestimate what my part can be in making a better world for myself, and my brothers and sisters in this world.

My inheritance is sure. I have long realized this truth. Help it to become ever more real to me today.

I have long been interested in the concept of inheritance, feeling certain years ago that that word meant something more than inheriting from my family. Thank You for what I feel was a psychic flash that would eventually be explained. Thank You for the explanation. And may my brothers and sisters comes to know that we share and share alike in this inheritance from You.

Be with me for the rest of this day, and may tomorrow be dedicated to following Your Way as best I can see it. Thank You for showing me how to slow down and be with Your Presence in everyday life. May I rest in Your goodness always, never turning back to an egoic interpretation of my life.


Our State of Consciousness Is a Part of the Consciousness that Is Christ-consciousness

“Your state of consciousness, be you alive or dead, asleep or awake, literally or figuratively, is a part of the consciousness that is Christ-consciousness. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 6.1)”

1 – The All

We are part of the All. That is what is meant. We, in our elevated Self of form, constitute part of what is meant by “Christ.” And even before this elevation, we still hold the Christ deep within; we just don’t recognize this inner Self, at least very often. But we are never alone.

2 – Christ-consciousness

“Christ-consciousness” is a term not well-understood by those of us who are still in a state of moving toward Awakening. If the way seems long, we are to be content (according to A Course in Miracles), because, once begun on the journey without distance, the end is sure. We may know fleeting glimpses of Christ-consciousness, often before we move into the sustained state. These fleeting glimpses are the revelation that something even better is coming.

3 – Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle has much to say about the state of Enlightenment, or Awakening. He notes that this is not a constant state in the beginning, normally. It fluctuates. When we are at peace, in joy and contentment, we are seeing a glimpse of what we will experience, without drama, on a continuing basis later on.

4 – Christ

So keep in mind the Christ is within, waiting to be experienced. This change will come suddenly, in a moment, so that we will know when we have made the transition to Christ-consciousness. This is the miracle, for what can make this new state of being so sudden and so real? We are beloved of God. He would have us make this transition sooner rather than later, and He will move as soon as we have fulfilled His criteria. We will not to wait a moment longer.

5 – Believe

The best that we can do, until that moment happens, is to commune with God, to study ACIM and ACOL, to believe that what Jesus tells us will happen, will actually happen. Our own sense of skepticism may be holding us back. Drop that skepticism today, for this is within our power. Do all within our power to make the transition, and then know that God will act when the moment is truly right.

6 – Transformation

As a friend of mine says, transformation is for everyone.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I sustain Christ-consciousness today. May I realize the state of mind and spirit that is without fear. Be with me as I seek to know Your truth.

If the way to Christ-consciousness seems long, be with me as I seek to be patient. The ending is sure, once the pathway is taken. Thank You for walking along with me, and occasionally for “carrying” me.

Thank You for guiding me gently. Thank You for the new comprehension that I have today. May my gratitude to You be palpable to You. And may I sustain any glimpses of Awakening that I have.


The Elevated Self of Form Knows Now What Previously Was Only Known in the After-Life

“But I tell you truly; it is no different than the time that is upon you right now. The after-life has simply been a time of increased choice because it has been a time of increased awareness. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 5.13)”

1 – Jesus
Jesus is here saying that we can know in the elevated Self of form those things that formerly we could only know after death, on the Other Side (“the after-life”).

2 – Death

Now we can have this awareness without crossing the barrier of death. What a lovely thought for those of us who have always had lots of curiosity about the true nature of reality.

3 – A Knowing

Enjoying the knowing that comes to us is a great boon. We need not fret and struggle so, but rest in the knowledge (and it is knowledge) that all is well. What happens is meant to happen.

4 – Knowledge

As we move into sustaining the elevated Self of form, we will know many things, rather than perceive many things. We will also know that we know. This new time is a time of increased certainty. We do not have to wait to know much; we are here imbedded in a course of study that assures us that our egos are gone, and that we are in an in between state that will soon be merged with a state of Christ-consciousness. This, at this point in A Course of Love.

5 – Christ-consciousness

Know that Christ-consciousness is not a change at all, but much more a new awareness of knowing. Because we are listening to Jesus and following his Way, the transition will be smooth and gentle. That is a great blessing, because previously many individuals went through much turmoil at the time of transitioning to Awakening. But we are not hurled into reality; we are carried each step of the way. And more and more of us are experiencing the new reality.

6 – Home

Be assured today that we can all find our way back home, and soon. We do not have to wait long. Be careful, though, of affirming Christ-consciousness until enough time has passed that we will be certain that this is not just a glimpse of Awakening, but a sustained state of being. It is wise to keep one’s own counsel in these matters, because many there are who do not understand at all. Others do not recognize miracles for what they are, and the miracle of Awakening, maybe least of all. Many do not even know yet the possibility of this blessing.

7 – Transition

Just walk easily in our world, glad that the transition, when it comes, has actually come. Keep your own counsel. Be restrained. The time of Christ is upon us, and we would be wise to follow the pathway pointed out by A Course of Love. Of course, there are other pathways for people who have not chosen Jesus has their guide. But if you are reading this, still, you have chosen Jesus as your guide in life. And he guides well. Listen, and be reassured that all is well.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I rest in certainty that the after-life will be something which I will enjoy tremendously. But let me not live in longing for that which is ahead. May I live in greater awareness and greater choice today, in this world, as well. May I enjoy the real world that shows before my eyes as I let illusions, the dream in which I am caught, dissipate.

Thank You for the greater awareness and greater choice for today that You have already granted me. May my gratitude color the interactions that I have with others today.

Be with me today to help me to overcome those aspects of my personality which I feel still hold me back. I would walk gently, avoiding anger. I would be grateful for all blessings, eliminating attack. I would seek beyond perception to a knowing about ultimate reality. These are the things that are on my mind and in my heart today. Help my wholeheartedness to effect a cure from undesirable traits. And thank You.


We Can Learn Now What Was Previously Learned after Death

“Because you have now made a new choice, a collective choice as one body, one consciousness, to end the time of the intermediary and to begin to learn directly, you are given the same opportunity now that was formerly reserved for you only after your death. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 5.12)”

1 – Learning Directly

Learning directly is looking within for our answers. God is within (as well as perceived–and known–as without). He will lead us surely. We do not have to doubt. If we have experienced salvation, we will know what to say and do. We do not have to hesitate.

2 – Self-Perception

Of course, we will not do “crazy” things, though some of what we are bade to do may seem embarrassing to us. Jesus says in A Course in Miracles that this conclusion of ours comes from a shabby self-perception, that the words that come to us are truer by far than something we would falsely imagine might be better. We are bade to offer these words that come to us without doubt. Just a few times of doing so will assure us of the validity of Jesus’s advice.

3 – Direct Revelations

“The direct revelations that will come to you now will transform you as surely as did those that came to so many others after death. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 5.12)”

When we have experienced Awakening, the separation from God is over for sure. And we can learn directly from Him, via revelation, many of those things that previously, Jesus says, we only knew after death.

4 – Happy Realization

What a happy realization this is! To know by direct revelation is promised to us by Jesus in A Course in Miracles, even before Awakening. We catch glimpses, because God offers these to us. But to get to the end requires knowing the means, and A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love give us the means. (The ACIM reference is given in the Text.)

5 – Prayers to God

We may have wondered if God knows about us, and there is much difference of opinion among Course students in this regard. God speaks through the Holy Spirit, prior to Awakening, and He speaks more clearly, even, through revelation, when we have experienced Awakening. There is no reason to be controversial about this difference of opinion about what God knows. We each have a course to teach, a different course for each teacher of God, and so there will of necessity be different interpretations. My own take on this asks the question, Why would Jesus have addressed prayers to God at the final parts of the Workbook if he (Jesus) did not think that God would hear those prayers?


Dear Father/Mother,

May I learn directly from God today. This is the favored way in the time of Christ (as in A Course of Love) rather than in the time of the Holy Spirit (as in A Course in Miracles). For some time I may vacillate between the two ways of knowing (as opposed to perceiving), and I ask your patience with me as I experience a new way of seeing.

Be with me today. May fear leave me forever. May the love that is Yours come to encompass my brothers and sisters, and myself, so completely that I am lost in that love.

Help me today. Thank You for all of Your help in times past. I feel reassured that Your help is always present, and I need but ask to have myself surrounded by helpers. Thank You for this. Thank You for everything.


Make a Choice for Christ-consciousness Now

“I am calling you to make this choice now. This is not a choice automatic to you in human form or even upon the death of your human form. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 5.11)”

1 – Jesus

Jesus would have us to accept Christ-consciousness now. He says that we are ready. Will we forever doubt?

2 – Seeking

Often we think that there is something else that we need to learn. We believe that the next book, or the next speaker, or the next documentary, or the next prayer, will lead us more easily than what we know already. This is not so. Jesus would have us rest in the present moment, sure of him and sure of ourselves. Our union with Christ will be the only Guide that we need.

3 – Self-Help Literature

Often self-help literature implores us to improve ourselves, but this is not what Christ-consciousness is all about. Frequently self-help is to improve the dream that we are in. Christ-consciousness is the call to awaken.

4 – Rest in Surety

When we are called to awaken, we cease turning to the next book, the next system of thought, the next whatever. We rest in surety that we know, because God has granted us knowledge, and we are leaving mere “perception” behind. Let us choose for knowledge today.

5 – Minds

We do not cease using our minds, though. A great deal of energy is freed up when one has experienced Christ-consciousness, meaning that the mind may become even more curious about life in general. Moments of living become crystalized in one’s experience. One enjoys, in a deeper way, the experience of living in this world.

6 – Free Will

“You are given the chance, just as you are being given the chance now, to choose your true nature with your free will. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 5.11)”

7 – Release

We have to use free will to ask Divinity to release us, but we don’t hold the keys to the timetable. God alone knows that timetable of Christ-consciousness. Before we sustain it, we do experience glimpses. Always, when attack, or judgment, or planning against contingencies to come, accompany our walk, we will lose touch with the sustainability of Christ-consciousness. (These are tenets of A Course in Miracles.) And Jesus, in A Course of Love, lets us know that he needs, our significant others, and our brothers and sisters—even God Himself—all need us to move into a greater awareness of Awakening.

8 – Prayer

Let’s make the decision that we want this greater salvation, and ask in prayer for it to come sooner rather than later.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to follow the guidance that comes to me inwardly. This guidance will surely and safely lead me to Christ-consciousness. This is the elevated Self of form, about which A Course of Love speaks so eloquently. This means that I do not have to die to experience the knowledge that only You can give. Please grant me knowledge to live and love today, this day in all its fullness.

Thank You for Your guidance. If I do my part, it is most certain that You will do Yours. You have only been waiting until I was ready. I am ready today.

Be with me today, as always. I need Your close communion, the reverence that I feel that sets my day aright. Thank You for granting the awareness that something has changed for me. Thank You for effecting that change. May I always increase my contribution to others. May my words always reflect what You would have me say. Thank You for your support in everyday life.


Make the Choice to Be Aware of Who You Truly Are

“To align your will with the Will of God is to make the choice for Christ-consciousness, to make the choice to be aware of who you truly are. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 5.10)”

1 – ACIM vs. ACOL

A Course of Love builds on A Course in Miracles, because the latter had counseled that the Will of God is actually our own real will. This does take the conflict out of our feeling that we are puppets on a string, doing God’s will (which we wonder if we really want to do). We are not puppets. God is the divine spark within, and when we reach inward, we come to know what it is that we ought rightfully to say and to do.

2 – Holy Spirit / Christ Self

ACIM focused on the Holy Spirit as our guide. ACOL counsels a movement, a time, beyond the time of the Holy Spirit, with movement into the time of Christ. We will know what to say or do without strain. Life will move easier for us. We will not feel that tug of resistance, of which so many of us are familiar.

3 – Conflict

The time of the Holy Spirit often meant that we did what we realized we should do, but without wholly wanting to do so. ACIM says that this will result in anger, suppressed or expressed. The time of Christ is different, in that we realize that doing what we sense inwardly, once we have tested it for truth, is the best result. We will cease our struggle, because we will realize conclusively that to do God’s will is to do our own.

4 – Nudges Identical

The nudges from the Holy Spirit are exactly like the nudges of the Christ Self. You, in all likelihood, won’t intuit any difference. You may, I hope, be more willing to follow the inner Self immediately, but this is not for sure. Sometimes, even with the Self in the ascendancy, we will be resistant to the guidance that we receive. We will surely know when we have crossed over into Christ-consciousness, but the nudges will not differ from what we have always known. And perhaps there will be time delay before we really realize that, yes, we are verging into Awakening. Usually, though, there is a moment in which we will know that we have left the old behind. That moment is our saving grace. We will know that we are home free.


Dear Father/Mother,

May the strain of “deciding” for the Holy Spirit leave me. May I devote myself to following what I know to be Your will in ease and peace. May my struggle cease, because my inward knowledge is guiding me.

Help me to decide for the consciousness of Christ today. Jesus has said that I am ready; may this wonderful declaration come true in my life in joy and wholeness. May I remember again what I forgot long ago.

Thank You for the guidance that knows when You have acted in my life. Thank You for the assurance that is mine today. The Way You point to is Your Will personified. Help me to sustain that Will in my life, daily, weekly, and monthly—on into the distant future.


Physical Form Is an Extension of God Energy

“Your form does not contain your heart, or the Energy of Creation, or God. Your form is but an extension of this Energy, a representation of it. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 5.5)”

1 – Form

By “form,” here, is meant the physical form. And Jesus says that this physical, little self, can be the elevated Self of form at any time that we truly desire it.

2 – Patience

Surely we return to daily living with a greater understanding once we have made this understanding our own. We live with more patience, and, when stumble, we reach out and reestablish our equilibrium.

3 – Awareness

Keep a clear head and heart as we progress. Do not let despair of attaining our goal deter us. We have attained, but perhaps we live in unawareness of this. Let the awareness come today.

4 – God = All

“God can thus be seen as the All of everything and life, or the Body of Christ, as all that makes up the seemingly individual parts of the All of everything. Christ-consciousness is your awareness of this. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 5.6)”

5 – Christ-consciousness

We are aware mostly through Christ-consciousness, and we do have glimpses of Christ-consciousness long before it is sustained. God is the All, and here we learn that we can think of the body as the Body of Christ. It is a manifestation of the All, the Godhead. We know this, but sometimes we think that it is too grandiose to consider.

6 – Grandiosity vs. Grandeur

Believing that something is grandiose is usually of the ego, and grandiosity is a great trick of the ego. We need to recognize grandeur when and where it occurs, though, and God is the most complete of the All in grandeur, of course.

7 – Life-altering

Christ-consciousness is not a real change. When it occurs, sometimes it is life-altering, and therefore scary (at first), but often Christ-consciousness steals in almost unawares. There is a change, but it is gentle. It is carefree. And it is heartwarming. We have nothing to fear. Mostly, when we have followed a course of study such as A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love, Christ-consciousness may even steal in so gently that we realize, in retrospect, that this is what we are now encountering. Certainly this is a great blessing. Don’t forget to say “thank You” to the universe, and God in the Ultimate.

8 – A Metaphor

“You might say that your finger does not, then, have free will. It cannot express itself independently of the whole.
“The same is true of you! You cannot express yourself independently of the whole! It is as impossible as it would be for the finger to do so. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 5.9)”

9 – Choice

This is an explanation that is new to us. But it explains why “choice” as we knew it with the ego is no more. We decide for the All, and we decide in consultation with either the Holy Spirit (as A Course in Miracles says) or the Christ within, the Self (as A Course of Love says). We don’t go off wily-nily on our own.

10 – Whole Body

We don’t need to relinquish all self-motivation, but we do need to rein it in. We are choosing for the All when we are conscious of God’s place in our lives. Free Will of the “finger” thus considers the whole body, the All of the Everything.

11 – Free Will

“Free will does not make the impossible possible. It makes the possible probable. It is thus probably that you will use your free will in order to be who you are. But it is not guaranteed! It is your choice and your choice alone that is the only guarantee. This is the meaning of free will. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 5.9)”

12 – Jane Roberts’s Seth

When we verge into probable realities, we know why psychics cannot accurate predict the future. The probable futures are numerous, almost without count. We cannot understand this, because our finite minds cannot wrap around such a concept. Seth, the entity that Jane Roberts channeled in the last century, expands our minds about probable futures. And these books were among the first of New Age literature. Many current writers learned first from Seth.

13 – Choosing

We will choose aright, if our minds are in sync with God, but we may also choose to keep the ego alive. We probably won’t do that, but we just may.

14 – Choose Aright

We don’t want to let the ego rule anymore. If we are reading this, letting go of the ego is our choice. When free will have chosen rightly. Let us be grateful today that we know what is right. Let us pray for the grace to do it.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I recognize that my physical self does not contain my Essence. My physical self is only a representation of God’s Energy. These words do seem obscure, but help me to understand today.

May I attain the elevated Self of form on a sustained basis. This is the Christ-consciousness that will elevate my life to that level to which You wish me to rise.

Thank You for a glorious day, once again. May I right myself quickly if I fall out of alignment with good sense. I mean to be helpful and loving; let my own inner demons fall away so that I can enjoy Your peace and joy now and always. Inner demons are a metaphor for refusing Your call to me. May I not be guilty of this transgression now or ever again.


The Many Forms Are Made One Body through Christ-consciousness

“The many forms are made one body through Christ-consciousness. . . .Awareness of this one Source of energy, and thus that this one energy exists in everything and creates the life in everything, is Christ-consciousness. It is also what we have been referring to as heart and as the center of your being. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 5.3)”

1 – Energy

Energy is in everything, and that may (and probably does) mean that life is in everything, even supposedly inanimate objects. We do not have to believe this to have a good life, but opening our minds to the possibility enhances life for us. Many forms – one body. What a good thought!

2 – One

This one “body” means that All is One, and All includes us as well as God. We are separate in any sense at all. We know that God dwells deep within, covered over by our illusions of our self as seen in the ego—until we choose, make the choice, to give up the ego. Then there is a gradual reduction in the ego’s hold on us. Finally, one glorious day, we realize that we have walked into Christ-consciousness. And a glorious day this is indeed.

3 – Awakening

Many who subscribe to A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love have a gentle Awakening, a gentle coming to Christ-consciousness. This is because Jesus has prepared us well. He makes the transition for us non-jarring and easy. We need fear nothing. Indeed, we need do nothing, as he says in ACIM.

4 – Christ-consciousness

The day will dawn, soon, when all of us will know Christ-consciousness. Then we will ask for and receive our inheritance of joy and peace. Only what belongs to us in truth, and we will want nothing more than this. Let us ask today that this dawning day come soon for all of us. We need it, others in our circle need it, and the world needs it. We need to create a new world. Let’s be about just that, but, first, be sure that our hearts are right with God. Otherwise, all of our doings will be misguided.

5 – Heart

Surely we are aware that our heart is the center of our being. Many, throughout the ages, have spoken of this. A Course of Love joins mind and heart to “wholeheartedness,” and this is the ultimate. We use our intellects, but we are not trapped by them. We listen to the guidance that comes from within, and this is coming from the Divine within. Then we are truly living in Christ-consciousness.

6 – Inward

We are led back inward at every point. We get the guidance that we need, then, to reach outward to our companions along the way, our brothers and sisters.
7 – Energy and Matter

All is energy, the energy of God. Matter is only a form of energy in which the vibrations have been slowed down. Because of this slowness, things do not always happen suddenly. The Now is always available to us, though, as Eckhart Tolle points out in The Power of Now. We can have the Awakening that we long to have. We have been prepared, and A Course of Love is one of Jesus’s avenues to show us the way. ACOL builds on the previous understandings of A Course in Miracles.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I know today that my heart is the center of my being. May this bring me ever-closer to Christ-consciousness.

Thank You for always being there for me. I say this often. You do not need to hear it, but I need to say it. Thank You for Your manifold blessings.

Thank You for the dawning of a new day, a day in which I know joy and peace. These two emotions are, in fact, all that I really want. Everything else is a detail. I would seek You first, and in the seeking I will come to know my real Self. Jesus guides me; You speak to me through the Holy Spirit and my inner Christ; and this world presents things that make the way easier. Thank You for being there for me on this long pathway. Thank You for walking further along this pathway with me just recently. Yom Kippur this year was truly a Day of Atonement for me; thank You for the many blessings of that day.

Be with me in this day. Help me to sustain the frame of mind that I have developed, with Your help. Guide me, sustain me, make me happy—for happiness is a function of mine, and only in my own happiness can I truly reach out to and help others.

Thank You. Again, today, I say “thank You.”


Human United with Divine Creates a New State of Being

“What you are called to do is to, through your multitude, sustain Christ-consciousness, and thus create the union of the human and the divine as a new state of being. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.18)”

1 – Christ-consciousness

Keep the goal of sustaining Christ-consciousness ever before. Do not lapse into discontent if the day seems hard. On this earth there will be times of doubt. But we know the truth of Jesus’s teaching. He has made his teaching clear for us to comprehend.

2 – New Being

We are asked to have a new being, one that embodies both the human and the divine. The human and the divine has always been our birthright, but we did not know how to reach it until now, perhaps. Now we do know, and we are bade to drop uncertainties and doubts, and to walk into the sunlight with Jesus.

3 – Better Pathway

When we encompass the human and divine as one being, we will know a better pathway. We can read and pray, we can reach out to Jesus (who is always with us), and we will live a happier life. Do not despair, whatever we do. Keep in mind that we have much help, and that Jesus is the companion that we seek the most. He will never let us down.

4 – Special Day

This can be a special day in our sequence of days and nights. We can make great progress today; we can have a breakthrough. We know enough, have enough knowledge, to bring about real change, in cooperation with the Powers that be. God is with us, the Christ Spirit is with us, Jesus is with us (though we really cannot understand how). This day let us turn aside from the thought that we are guilty beings encased in a separate form that isolates us from all others. This idea is a myth, a myth of our egos. And until we realize that we are actually guiltless, we will be lost in fears and anxieties from time to time, for we think that we are disobeying God.

5 – Not Sins, Only Mistakes

We have not sinned, but have merely made correctable mistakes. This thought eliminates the attraction that sin seems to have for us, and we rush to correct the errors that we have made. Then we realize that guiltlessness is our inheritance in this world. We can remove the blocks to the awareness of love in our world, and when we love deeply, there is no room for fear and anxieties.

6 – Light

Let us walk into the light today. Let us have a new beginning.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I come to understand today, in my innermost being, what You are asking in the union of the human and the divine. May I come closer today to sustaining this state of unity. Please be with me today when I falter and seem to fail. May I not falter and seem to fail.

Thank You for Your presence in my life always. May I know that I am a part of You. Jesus has said this, and I believe it.


To Sustain Christ-consciousness

“To sustain Christ-consciousness in form is creation of the new. My one example life could not sustain Christ-consciousness for those who came after me but could only be an example. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.18)”

1 – Christ-consciousness

Jesus could not do it for us; he could not guarantee that Christ-consciousness would come to all of us when we ask for it. But we can learn much from his life. We can study Scripture, and thereby come to know more fully what Jesus asks of us. He asks nothing more than we accept what is ours for the taking. He asks us to realize that his way is an example life for us to follow.

2 – Jesus’s Gift

But we do not have to be crucified. That was his gift to us. He sought to show us what defenselessness would effect, and in what has happened after his life, we learn. In this lifetime, we can follow a much gentler pathway than Jesus knew, and he would have us to do so.

3 – No Discouragement

Do not be discouraged if the way seems long. We are set in the direction that we wish to travel. Flow with life; do not shrink from exploring all that life holds out to us. This does not mean to dwell in the depths of misdeeds, but to reach for what is best and right for all of us.

4 – Example Life

The example life is explained elsewhere in A Course of Love as well. Jesus makes plain that this was what he intended in his life on earth. We too can be examples for one another; we can follow an example life.

5 – Ego

If we don’t soon loose ourselves from the bonds of our ego, we won’t be in any shape to forgive the world, to offer salvation to the world that so badly needs it. We are at a crisis point in our world’s progress in time. Eckhart Tolle makes this plain. If we don’t soon awaken, our world will not survive, according to him, and he is not at all certain that in fact this world will survive.

6 – Outcome

But if we all do our part, the outcome will not be so dire. Let us seek together today to find out what that part really is, and then set about doing it. Salvation is our only function, a tenet of A Course in Miracles. If we wish to do our part, we ourselves must be saved first.

7 – God’s Will

And this is very possible, for it is completely in God’s Will for us.


Dear Father/Mother,

I thank You for all the blessings that you have bestowed on me–especially these latest words from Jesus in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. They have changed my life. Thank You for this.

May we love with the love of the spirit.

May today go well. May I find what this day is to bring to others as well as to myself. May this insight come easily and peacefully.

Thank You always for being there for me. Your Voice speaks to me all through the day, in a silent inner monologue that is coming to me as my own voice as well. May this dynamic lead me to You today and always.


Jesus: “I Am Calling You to Transform”

“I am calling you to the new. I am calling you to transform. I am calling you to Christ-consciousness. I am calling you to everlasting consciousness even while you still abide in form. To be cognizant or aware of everlasting consciousness while you still abide in form is to be fully aware that you have life ever-lasting. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.12)”

1 – Worry and Anxiety

Worry and anxiety and fear will hinder Jesus’s gifts for us. We will not transform if we allow these emotions to overtake our good sense. Here he is calling us to join him in understanding. We know enough with our minds. A Course of Love calls us to join our minds to our hearts in wholeheartedness. Then we will be ready to accept the Christ-consciousness that will make all the difference.

2 – Patience

If the way seems long, A Course in Miracles counsels patience (but not in so many words). We have determined our course; would the boons be denied us? I think not. We may go through dark nights of the soul, but waiting on the other side of our dark nights is the blessing of union with God that is a felt oneness (a statement by Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now).

3 – Ask

Let us today humbly ask for the gift of Christ-consciousness. And then may we believe that Christ-consciousness has been given to us. We will not always trust our feelings, as they can mislead. We know in our hearts that when we ask, we do receive. Receive today, and rest in peace–even when the “feeling” is absent. It has come, and it will be felt in the future.

4 – Barriers

The way in which Jesus speaks to us now is to let us know that he is expecting us to remove the barriers to Christ-consciousness within ourselves. He never says that we are responsible to transforming into Christ-consciousness, but he does imply that we have something to do with the process.

5 – Ego

What we have to do is not hard. We have to so live as though we are not an ego. That is all. Egoic thinking will always place Christ-consciousness farther in the future for us. And we will remain unhappy, for the ego always gives to take away. The idea that we are to live as though we are not an ego is from A Course in Miracles. But I see A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love as part of the same cloth. If we resonate with the one, we will resonate with both.

6 – ACIM Workbook

Doing the Workbook lessons in A Course in Miracles will do much to remove the blocks that are keeping us from Awakening (Christ-consciousness). If we do them the way that Jesus says (though which of us can, truly, over time?), then we will be well on our way to accepting his pathway to salvation. There are other ways to make ready for Awakening, including contemplation, but Jesus calls this way “tedious” and “very time-consuming.” Our way is to remove the ego by forgiving our brother (and sister). Our way is to turn our special relationships into holy ones. What a joyous way this indeed is!


Dear Father/Mother,

I know that my words today are earnest. I also know that I do not always “feel” anything. May I know that feelings can mislead. May I leave fear behind and know only love in a guiltless world.
I know that You want Christ-consciousness for all of Your children.

May I do my part, whatever You may say, and may I always do my part willingly.


The Elevation of the Personal Self Is Long Overdue

“The change in the form you now occupy, the change I have spoken of as that of elevation of the personal self, is a natural part of the pattern of life-everlasting. It is long over-due. It is long over-due because you have rejected rather than accepted your inheritance. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.8)”

1 – Open

We have to be open to the change in our form that Jesus asks of us now. What does this mean? It means that we will accept the promise of Christ-consciousness that he is holding out to us. At first we may not sustain this Christ-consciousness, but we will see glimpses. When fear or judgment or planning for the future in a defensive way intrude (ACIM tenets), we will fall down. But when fear, judgment, and planning are left behind, we can once again invite God to show Himself within our hearts. And He will do so.

2 – Inheritance

Christ-consciousness is our rightful inheritance. Let us accept it today, regardless of whatever outward difficulties may remain.
3 – God Himself Takes the Action

We cannot just will, though, this change in our personal selves. As A Course in Miracles makes clear, it is God Himself who “reaches down” (a metaphor) and calls us to Awakening. Awakening and Christ-consciousness are identical (an interpretation, not stated in either ACIM or ACOL), though the term “Awakening” is used consistently in ACIM, and the term “Christ-consciousness” is used consistently in ACOL. We must open ourselves to God’s action by prayer and reflection. Preparation is necessary, as ACIM makes clear.
4 – Revelation

As ACIM says, revelation may occasionally reveal the end to us, but to reach the end, one must understand the means (which are being explained in ACIM, and, by extension, also in ACOL).

5 – Rest Contentedly

Once we have made our preparation, we can rest easy. If the way seems long, we can still rest content. We are assured that once begun, the end of the journey (Awakening, Christ-consciousness) is certain.

6 – Ego

As the quotation says, we have been rejecting our inheritance; our inheritance is Christ-consciousness. And life has gone on for eons while we listened to the ego, which informed the personal self and left us, presumably, no way out.

7 – Inner Christ

There is a way out, and we hold the key in our hearts. We do know that the inner Christ will lead us away from self-centeredness through the ego to a self-less service to other people. We will not be left out of this equation, though. We will come into our own, for we finally be at home in God. Our Communication Link, the Holy Spirit, will have made the way plain back to God, and our inner Christ Self will welcome the union with God that we will find in this new state of the elevated Self of form.

8 – Transformation

Physicality will not be rejected, but will be transformed.

The way is smooth. Let us take it today, as far along the pathway as we can go. Then let us wait in patience for God Himself to take the step of lifting us up to Him.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I realize that Christ-consciousness may come into my life gently and easily, almost as though it is nothing “special.” We will know that it has come, first, in glimpses. May I enjoy those glimpses today. Jesus would have me to sustain Christ-consciousness while in my physical form on this earth, and I would have it so as well. That would take me beyond just “glimpses.”

Let this affirmation be Your Will as well as mine, since I know that Your Will is also my real will.

I would invite my inheritance today, no more delay. I would try to do what You ask of me, so that I am ready for Your greatest blessings. Thank You for the blessings that you rain down upon me. Thank You for always being there for me. And may I fulfill Your bidding, as I know it is what I wish as well.


Finally Ready for A Course in Miracles, by Elena Capitanul-Conea

Note: First in the series “Saturday Features,” written by viewers of this blog.

On my spiritual journey I came across many techniques, mentors, systems, books on “how to become more…” or the “X steps to achieve that…” type of readings.

Nothing stuck until this year, when we all know is a “no more excuses, just do it” type of energy. No buts and maybes, just go for it! If you are wavering, of course the Universe will quickly put you on your fast track towards awakening. It’s time!

So this year for me it was one with profound spiritual shifts, integrating yoga and meditation in my daily spiritual practice. All the knowledge I joyfully and very curiously read about was pushing me to bring them into manifestation, put them into practice. And while looking for guidance I came across Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now book which references in many occasions the ACIM. So I thought, hey! This sounds familiar! I’ve heard about it before…couldn’t remember when or how, but I knew that book and I crossed paths before. So one night while reading Gabrielle’s book I just felt the urge to go online and buy a copy. The calling was very strong and I even found it on sale?! Now it’s stored in my Kindle app waiting patiently to begin our journey together.

While I gave myself the time to embrace the teachings that resonated with me, I considered it was also a good time to do some de-cluttering in all aspects of life. While in some, the Universe has a big saying, I pretty much need to take care of my own email. So, while browsing and deleting all unnecessary old emails, I found a label called ACIM with numerous excerpts from the Course dated more than two years ago. Smiling, I told myself “I know you have patience, but I think your patience ran out!”.

So here I am now! I just finished Gabrielle’s book, which planted the seeds and steered me towards ACIM (again). I don’t know if I am ready for it! Do we have to be? Is there a proper time? I think in my case it needed some preparation…or maybe I didn’t have my heart opened enough to acknowledge it the first time I hold the book in my hands. Yep, I did that too! And I put it back on the shelf thinking “oh, this is too big, too heavy, too much for me”.

But I am not scared anymore! Ok, maybe I am…just a little! But this time I am not backing out! So no more excuses for me! I am ready! I have the Course, my notebook is ready! Here we go!

P.S. For whosoever is reading this and thinking that by missing an opportunity they lost precious time and that life could have been significantly different if they hadn’t, please STOP. Nothing is lost, nothing is wasted. All comes to us in proper due time.

But I have to say it, God has the best sense of humor!

Life Is Governed by Seasons Natural to the State of Love

“You do not realize that your nature, and the nature of your life, like that of all around you, is governed by seasons natural to the state of love, seasons of regeneration. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.2)”

1 – Springtime

This passage suggests that there is springtime in our heart. As the years go by, we experience ebbs and flows, but always we return to the flow, the regeneration. When times are tough, we can look upward, figuratively, and realize that, as often said, “This, too, shall pass.”

2 – Regeneration

The fact of love as the source of regeneration is important. When we fail–when we attack, when we judge, or when we make plans against contingencies to come (ACIM concepts)–we fall away from the better understanding that we know in our hearts. This “falling away” can last some time before we find our way back to the right pathway. But this season is one of wintertime, and wintertime is followed by springtime, the regeneration. When we, with help of God, find love for ourselves and our brothers and sisters, again, we are born afresh, we are back in regeneration.

3 – When Young

When one is 21 and something bad happens, we do not realize that life is full of ebbs and flows. When young and we are hurting, we do not have the life experience to know that things are going to get better. So the suffering may be very intense. Let us share with our brothers and sisters, and perhaps especially our younger brothers and sisters, this truth of the flow that will return. Regeneration happens because God loves us.

4 – Inheritance

“My life, death and resurrection revealed the power of inheritance, the power of the Father, as one of life-giving union. I called you then and I call you now to this inheritance. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 4.6)”

5 – Union

Jesus is saying here that we have an inheritance from God that is a solemn promise: a life-giving union. Our union with God, which we allow once again when we reach Christ-consciousness, is the means by which we come into this inheritance, an inheritance planned all along for by the power of salvation. There is no greater promise in all of Scripture than that we inherit from our Father a life-giving union that is eternal. Life-everlasting, beginning right here in the flesh, in our physical world of form.

6 – Joy

This solemn promise is yet one of joy, for we realize that nobody can take away from us this inheritance intended from God. We may not all reach Christ-consciousness, but very likely we will have glimpses of this exalted state. And we will carry these glimpses back into our more mundane, daily lives lived outside enlightenment.

7 – Divine

We can have a taste of the divine, a taste of Awakening. And when we know that salvation comes from us (an ACIM tenet), we know that we have something to do with the timing. When we fulfill the requirements, Christ-consciousness is ours, though we do not know God’s timing on this.

8 – God’s Mission

Let us today resolve to fulfill God’s mission for us, being patient, ever patient, for his timing of the fulfillment of enlightenment. He has asked us to save the world, though not by imposing our ideas on reluctant brothers and sisters. We will know when others are open to our new ideas, and we can share. Otherwise, we are not encouraged to proselytize by either A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love. And this takes the pressure off us.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I feel springtime in my heart, even though it is autumn. May I know your love with such a great knowing that all is well with me. May I be patient today if something goes awry.

Thank You for the ease with which I have lived most recently. If regeneration is happening for me, then thank you for this word from Jesus that explains this happening.

May we all have a good day today. May we remember to thank You for the blessings that rain down upon us, ever and always. When we are sad for some reason, we aren’t grateful, and this cuts off the supply. You need a happy learner, the Holy Spirit needs a happy learner, and I would be such today. May my brothers and sisters make the same affirmation. Thank You for guiding me to this all-important decision to make each and every morning, before facing the day.


Heaven on Earth in Our Physical Forms

“. . .[T]he nature, even of form, once returned to its natural state of love, is one of unity and everlasting life. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.13)

1 – No Need to Die to Experience Heaven

This passage comes very close, in my opinion, to a promise that we can know “Heaven on earth.” We do not have to die to experience the joys that previously were believed by our forebears as reserved for the afterlife.

2 – Everlasting Life

The “everlasting life” is a phrase that has heretofore been reserved for the afterlife, although traditional Christianity does teach that one joins into this life once one has been “saved,” in the old-fashioned sense. But it does seem that A Course of Love goes a bit farther in its promises than anything that has appeared previously, even in other New Age thought. The term “unity,” used so often in ACOL, appears in this context. This unity always refers to unity with God, inside and outside, and in particular the unity that we share with our brothers and sisters in this world. This makes us all One, and One with God (a tenet of ACOL).

3 – Love

How can we know the joy that everlasting life holds out to us, even in this sometimes troubled world? And even in our sometimes troubled personal world? We must remember that in our better moments, we realize that we love and are loved. This twin concept, loving and being loved, is not new, but it is newly emphasized and interpreted in A Course of Love. We have been told repeatedly that at this point, we have left the ego behind. And so, we have actually left fear behind, leaving only the love that we have longed to have.

We may still know fear from time to time. Christ-consciousness does not always come suddenly and completely, with a complete break with the past. Awakening does not either, and the two concepts are so often linked that they may be seen as one and the same. That puts ACIM and ACOL on the same wave length, because Christ-consciousness is trumpeted in the latter, and Awakening in the former.
And we can know this joy in physical form. That is a basic tenet of ACOL, and in this ACOL emphasizes something that is not made firm in ACIM.

4 – Celebration

That we can champion the physical form may well be cause for rejoicing, maybe because we are so used to this form—not remembering any other. But if we are to encourage salvation (and this is our function as the light of the world), we will need to have a communication device to do so, and that communication device is the body (ACIM tenet).

5 – The Best

It is reassuring that we can have the best that God intends for us while still in the physical body. We don’t have to die to experience great joy, to experience Heaven on earth. Our Heaven on earth is here waiting for us, here and now.

6 – Join with Heaven

Let’s join with this Heaven today.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I love and, if it is Your will, experience love today. May I know that any lack of love that I perceive is simply a disguised call for help (and love) on the part of the other person. Surely I will know Your love today, in my mind and spirit, even if not always in my emotions.

May Christ-consciousness descend upon me today. I do not know this state on a continuing basis, but may I catch glimpses of this glorious state today.

What part is my decision in coming into Christ-consciousness? I ask for an answer to this question today. I wish to do my part, but I also wish to wait patiently for Your timing. May this day go well, with my following Your guidance to be and know all that You would have for me.


Vision Is the Means to Know

“The physical form is not the natural or original form of the created. Vision is the means by which the original nature of the created can once again be known. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.12)”

1 – Prior?

This passage suggests that we existed in a spiritual form before we were born into the physical world, to have the physical form that we accept as natural. And the elevated Self of form, which we have oft said, is what we are reaching for in this world.

2 – ACIM

A Course in Miracles does not make the specific statement that we existed in a spiritual form prior to birth into the natural world. But ACOL does. Perhaps many of us who are students of ACIM have assumed our spiritual pre-existence, though.

3 – ACOL

In ACOL, we are told that we can use our newfound vision to recapture the essence of that spiritual state, but we do not have to die to recapture it. Physicality is not a false state, one to be lamented. ACOL is quite specific about the heights to which we can climb while still encased in the physical. ACIM refers more specifically to the illusion that is the physical world, and this has led some students to deemphasize the physical as one to be regretted because of our fall from grace. ACOL is more optimistic. It definitely does not champion immortality in the physical form (it denies this elsewhere), but the fact that the physical seems real to us is less discounted. We are to take advantage of the joys that such physical reality can bring to us, not in any immoral sense, but in more of a joyous way than ACIM suggested.

4 – Vision

When we turn to vision, we are led to understand that we can see with our wholeheartedness the joys of physical form. Note that this vision is not of the eyes, but of the mind and heart combined. We know in a way that we can only know when we are whole.

5 – Original Nature

“Once the original nature of the created becomes observable in physical form, physical form will surpass what it once was and become the new nature of the created. There is no reason why the original nature of your being cannot become a being the nature of which is form if you so choose it to be. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 3.12)”

6 – Edgar Cayce

We can choose physical form for ourselves, and indeed many of us must, if salvation is to come to all. Edgar Cayce said that the Sons of God came to the earth to rescue the daughters of men—that unless the Sons had come, then the daughters would have been forever lost in physicality that was not the best essence of what God’s children were meant to be. (“Sons” and “daughters” are metaphors, not to be considered gender-specific.) Jesus says that the return may take place over millions of years, as the separation took place over millions. So there is a need for us in this physical world. To be an effective presence, we need not to discount the world of physical form, or to denigrate it. We need to enhance it to the best that the world of form can become. And Jesus is giving us the means in A Course of Love.

7 – Elevated Self of Form

We choose the elevated Self of form as an awakened spirit of ourselves. We know enlightenment, Christ-consciousness, in this form. We choose once again, and in this choice the separation is healed for all of our brothers and sisters—over time.

8 – Reincarnation?

This is another of the quotations that implies reincarnation, though we are encouraged in A Course in Miracles not to take a stand on reincarnation, as it will limit our usefulness. Not everybody so believes.

9 – The Now

The best thing that we can do is to recognize that all time is the Now, and that time, as spread out, allows us to experience life. Thus reincarnation is not something to get lost in, in ruminations of lives lived or to be lived, for all is the Now. Those counterparts of ourselves, if they exist, are just as much present now as they ever were.

10 – Salvation

Be mindful today of the great imperative that has been placed upon us. We have a role in salvation, a role each of us fulfills in a unique way. And for this, we give thanks. Let us do our part, and all will proceed quickly to a positive outcome. The separation will have been healed, and all of us can then choose whether or not we will return in the form of the elevated Self. There will then be no more imperative of this (an interpretation, not stated in ACIM or ACOL).


Dear Father/Mother,

May I revel in my physical form, especially when I feel that it has been elevated to my Self. This may not happen all at once, but I may have glimpses of this glorious state. May I have glimpses today.

Thank You for being there for me, in good times and in bad. Nothing can be really bad when I know that Jesus is holding my hand as I walk through this world.

May this day go smoothly. May all my days go smoothly. You would have it so. I am not to get impatient when things don’t seem to go my way. Everything is perfect in its unfolding. Only my own stubbornness limits my effectiveness. And I would be flexible today, to turn on a dime to Your guidance. Help me to do this, today and always.


In Childhood We Bought into Fear through No Fault of Our Own

“Even the most loving parent, like unto your most loving image of God, having brought a child into a fearful world, became subject to the tests of time. Thus did the world become a world of effort with all things in it and beyond it, including God, weighed and balanced against the idea of fear. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.6)”

1 – Childhood

This passage recalls to mind our childhoods, which were often tainted with the image of a fearful world, because that is what our parents believed. Even religious parents carried this image to a great degree, believing, if they were particularly protective, that we, their offspring, must turn to them to be “saved” from a world that would do us harm.

2 – Jesus

Jesus would have us lay all this conditioning behind. We are in an unsafe world only if our perceptions show us such a world. And even in harsh conditions, we can rise above. We, of course, do not always do so, because war and natural disasters test us to the limit. But, as Eckhart Tolle says, we can avoid turning pain into suffering. This statement is not made specifically in either ACIM or ACOL, but Jesus does say in ACIM that we do not have to learn through pain. There is a better way.

3 – Ken Wapnick

We must be realistic about what Jesus is saying, because, as Kenneth Wapnick (a writer and scholar of A Course in Miracles) has said, there are two levels to A Course in Miracles. One I would view as an ideal, sometimes not achieved; the other, the more practical, day-to-day world in which we find ourselves. We can find this Ideal more often than not through our communion with the Holy Spirit (as in ACIM) or our assumption of Christ-consciousness (as in ACOL). We are not alone, and we do not have to walk our pathway alone. There is a spiritual world that impacts our own, and it would be well for us to turn to spiritual guidance more often than not.

4 – Judgment

“All judgment is the cause of fear and this effort to weigh love’s strength against fear’s veracity. While you chose to believe and live in a world the nature of which was fear, you could not know God. You could not know God because you judged God from within the nature of fear, believing it to be your natural state. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 3.7)”

5 – Fear

As long as we are lost in fear, we can approach God only as though we were in a foxhole. We cry out to Him in desperation, asking for His help.

6 – When?

But when else do we commune with God? Do we seek Him when the day is going well? Do we thank Him for the blessings which so surround us? This type of communal prayer is, to my mind, what God really wants from us. A Course in Miracles, in an anthropomorphic sense, says that God is lonely when the minds He created do not commune with Him. He then says, in effect, “My children sleep, and they must be awakened.”

7 – Awakening

We need to awaken, and we need to realize, first of all, that this prayer for Awakening is strictly in line with God’s wishes for us. When we give up sleep, we will be in communion with God virtually all the time, whether or not we realize it. This is the goal that awaits us all. And it is a goal that all, sooner or later, will reach.


Dear Father/Mother,

May we forgive our parents for the conditioning that they, in their innocence, gave us about living in a “fearful world.” Let us realize today that this world is fearful only in our perceptions of it, and these perceptions, with the help of the Holy Spirit, can be changed.

May we walk into the sunlight today. May we take Jesus’s hand and walk without fear. Mighty companions walk beside us along the way.


Embodying Joy, Effortlessness, and Love

“For every being there is a natural state that is joyful, effortless, and full of love. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.6)”

1 – Natural State

Again, today, we see that our being can embody a natural state that is, as stated, “joyful, effortless, and full of love.” What a wondrous promise! We spend so much of our time in effortful endeavors. Is it not a glorious promise that we don’t have to spend our time this way any longer? Why did we struggle so, when the Holy Spirit and the inner Self were there to help all along. God’s help is a free offer, totally free. He wants to assist us. But we have been so stubborn. Let’s seek a better way today.

2 – Can This Be?

I think that we have trouble believing that this natural state is actually attainable, at least prior to receiving Christ-consciousness. The full gift is present only in the awakened state, of course, but before that blessing we can have peace. As we give up the ego, we can and do have peace. There is no other way. Choose to do the egoless thing. Turn aside from the egotistical. We can tell when the ego beckons to us, and we fall before our face in senseless worship of what the ego says to us. This makes no sense. The ego gives us nothing that we want. Nothing that we need.

3 – Ego

Every time that the ego beckons, stand firm. And then the day will arrive sooner rather than later for the blessing of Christ-consciousness.

4 – Study of ACIM and ACOL

How do we find this natural state? Study of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love is a first step. A great deal is not said about prayer in either set of volumes, but much is assumed. A miracle, though not chosen consciously (because that might be misguided, which is an ACIM tenet), can bring about the desired natural state. It is true that we may not stay within this blessing, but, as time passes, we will see this real world (an ACIM tenet) more and more often. And ACIM also tells us that revelation may occasionally reveal the end (Awakening) to us.

5 – Mountain Top with Jesus

The journey to the mountain top with Jesus, in the Forty Days and Forty Nights of the ACOL Dialogues, ends with our acceptance of the elevated Self of form, the acceptance of Christ-consciousness. More and more individuals in our world are reaching this state, as other writers, such as Echhart Tolle (The Power of Now, The New Earth), have stated.

6 – For Today

May we take more tentative steps along this pathway today.


Dear Father/Mother,

Please be with me today as I seek an anxiety-free, natural state that is effortless and joyful. I know with all my being that this is what You wish for me. May my little self not get in the way. May the ego remain withered away.

Whatever the day brings, I know that I am surrendered to You. That in itself is a blessing, just to know that. Thank You.

Thank you for this glorious day, a gift of another day from You. May I do nothing to rue the day. May I enjoy my moments, my minutes, and my hours. Then coming home to You before bedtime is the culmination of a day well spent.

I would spend the day well today.


Invulnerability as the Self of Form Manifesting Christ-consciousness

“This displacement of the original intent can be simply stated as the displacement of love with fear. It is as simple as that. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.4)”

1 – Original Intent

The original intent was not to live in fear as a physical self. This came about because of our “tiny, mad idea” (from A Course in Miracles) that gave birth to the ego. And with the birth of the ego came the manifestation of fear. The original intent was to live as an elevated Self of form, in a physical body, to experience what that reality would be. We are trying again to get it right, all of us. We are trying to leave fear behind.

2 – Fear and Love

As discussed yesterday, the two emotions (according to both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love) are fear and love. For far too long, we have been ruled by fear in all its distressing disguises. Now it is time to turn to love in a serious, meaningful way. There is no other way that we can save our world. The time is crucial now to make the decision for love.

3 – On Earth

When we do make the decision for love, we will manifest the original intent of our sojourn on earth. In time, we will change into the elevated Self of form, a Self that is part of the Christ-consciousness of all of our brothers and sisters, one with ourselves. May this day come sooner rather than later.

4 – Fear

As strange as it seems, it is hard to give up fear, because our minds hold spasmodically to the old records that just go around and around in our minds and our actions. If we recognize that, when we feel fear, we are actually wanting to feel love, that we are actually expressing a call for love–then there is hope for ourselves.

5 – Call for Love / Expression of Love

A Course in Miracles indicates that all that happens is either an expression of love or a call for love. So fear is actually a negative that is a call for love. This is true for everyone, and when we can realize this and make it our own, we won’t be so quick to reduce attack for attack, anger for anger. We will know that, whether or ourselves or others, it is just that we have momentarily forgotten what we want, and we are expressing a need for help in the only convoluted way that we can. It is also said in ACIM that everything is a call for help that appears to be something negative. Surely we want to rush to our brother’s side with solace, when he just wants to be comforted, when he is in a bad place.

6 – Jesus

Turn to Jesus as our companion, and ask his help. He has promised to be there for us, though to believe this requires an act of faith that our reasoning minds cannot understand. There are spiritual laws in operation in our world of which we know nothing. That is how, I believe, Jesus can be everywhere and with everyone simultaneously. In the Workbook of A Course in Miracles, Jesus says to imagine that we are holding his hand, if this will help us; and, he assures us, this will be no idle fantasy.

7 – How Can Jesus Be Everywhere?

How can this be? How can Jesus be anywhere, and everywhere, at the same time? The only logical explanation that we know in our secular world is what Jane Roberts’s wrote in the Seth books: that one entity can be simultaneously in more than one place. So Jesus would be able to clone himself, so to speak, appearing wherever and whenever a person makes to him “one unequivocal call.”

8 – Jane Roberts’s Seth

In Seth’s books, this concept has its counterpart in the concept of “counterparts,” in which other parts of our Self live our lives simultaneously in various parts of the globe, with different birth and death dates. This means that the Self that we know here is actually part of a multidimensional Self, with reincarnations separate in time as well as place. The Now is still all there is, but time is spread out so that we can experience things.

9 – Safe

These “selves” still all only experience different versions of the two emotions of love and fear. And the fear is always of the ego. Hence, when we have reached Christ-consciousness, we will know a certain sense of invulnerability. We will recognize that we are perfectly safe, because we will have given up all grievances (tenet of the Workbook of A Course in Miracles).


Dear Father/Mother,

May I hold Jesus’s hand throughout today, knowing that he will lead me along the path to love and away from fear. May I put my doubts aside and realize that there are spiritual laws in this world that we do not now dream of. Jesus’s presence is surely one of these laws.

I have fairly often asked for Jesus to come to me, and I have experienced a sense of peace at the asking and its aftermath. I have never had such a vision, but feelings count for much. Thank You. Thank You for Jesus’s dedication to salvation and to help all who ask. He is there for us; may we be there for him as we seek to bring salvation to all who are at all interested in what we have to say.

Thank you for helpfulness today.


Seeing with the Vision of Christ-consciousness Is upon Us

“Seeing with the vision of Christ-consciousness is already upon you. You are in the process of learning what it means. This treatise is here to help you do so. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 2.33)”

1 – Transition

This passage clarifies the point of transition. We are ready for Christ-consciousness, but we may still have questions, and it is these questions that the “Treatise on the New” seeks to explain to us.

2 – Give Ourselves to the Experience

Certainly no transition is without bumpy spots. Neither will this one. But it can be effortless if we give ourselves to it wholeheartedly, as Jesus asks in the first volume of the series of A Course of Love. We are used to hearing the Holy Spirit, and most of us are used to rejecting His advice from time to time, even when we know in our deepest being that what He bids us say or do is the right choice.

3 – Inner Knowing

Now we will take the next step into the time of Christ. We will follow our inner knowing without the struggle that we sometimes experienced when trying to follow the Holy Spirit. Previously, we were often weak, often indecisive, when the Voice of the Holy Spirit asked us to say or do something that made us uncomfortable. Jesus described this situation well in A Course in Miracles. He even said that what the Holy Spirit bade us to say or do might be embarrassing to us. But this, he said, was a misperception coming from a “shabby self-perception,” and would best be left behind. All of us have struggled with this advice, sometimes with more success, sometimes with less.

4 – Unconsciously

Now we are at the point of allowing the guidance that we receive to be received unconsciously, if we so will. God has promised this; Jesus has passed the Word along to us in A Course of Love. This becomes the effortless way that we will live in the future, once we have accepted the promise of all that this way of life holds out to us. This is the essence of living in Christ-consciousness. Let us not allow indecisiveness to delay us further. May we accept this promise today.

5 – Internal Guidance

It seems right to say that our guidance will come internally, but how will we hear it? Will there be nudges of guidance such as the Holy Spirit gave us?

6 – Nudges

Based on my limited experience, I think that the nudges that we get from the inner Christ-consciousness will be virtually indistinguishable from the nudges of the Holy Spirit, except that I do think that Jesus is working with us as more willing followers. We will not get stubborn nearly so often. We will recognize that nudge as a celestial accompaniment to our day, something that is going to give us a better day.

7 – Identical to Holy Spirit

The nudges themselves are, I think, identical to the nudges that were given by the Holy Spirit. When I had glimpses of Awakening on two occasions many years ago, my guidance was exactly the same in “nudges” that I had earlier come to recognize as being from the Holy Spirit. The intuition is identical. But how we respond to it is not.

8 – Respond More Readily

If we are on the beam, we will respond much more readily. We are more willing followers of Jesus now. And we know that what he encourages us to say and do is right on.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I see the vision of Christ-consciousness today. May I know what lies ahead for me, if I follow what Jesus has been saying to me. May I offer the words that he gives to me without embarrassment, and may I listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit until such time as my guidance is received internally, without any strain at all.

Be with me today as I seek to leave attack, judgment, and unneeded planning of the future behind. When I have done that, I will know that God will be willing to take the final step for me to reach Christ-consciousness. Thank you.

May this day go well. Remove any confusion that I still have over the guidance that I receive. If the guidance in a given day seems to change, help me to know if I have edged into a new probable reality. Help me to follow Your guidance, minimizing my own confusion.


We Exist in Union with God

“It [true vision] is believing that you exist in relationship and union with all and that each encounter is one of union and relationship and purpose. . .purpose that will be revealed to you because you exist in union with the Source and Cause of revelation. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 2.32)”

1 – God

God is the Source and Cause of revelation; this is a tenet of A Course in Miracles as well as A Course of Love. A Course in Miracles indicates that miracles do not last, and that we should not contrive to bring them about, as consciously chosen miracles can be misguided. Jesus himself is the one that tells us what miracles to perform, and he gives us the grace, with God, to perform them. (This takes a bit of faith, as we must believe that Jesus is available to all at all times.) Revelation, according to A Course in Miracles, proceeds from God to us–but never the reverse. And revelation is what reveals the end to us.

2 – Christ-consciousness

What is the end? It would seem from A Course of Love that Christ-consciousness is our ultimate goal for this era. We are told in ACOL that this is the time of Christ-consciousness, that the time of the Holy Spirit is fading away. This idea may be one of the more controversial in A Course of Love, especially to those of us who have come to depend upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit in going about our daily lives. Are we to be bereft of this guidance?

3 – Holy Spirit

Not at all. As previously described in these postings, the (sometimes) slower guidance of the Holy Spirit will be replaced with an almost unconscious inner knowing of the next step to take. We will be led without having that sometimes painful moment of choice that allowed us to choose differently from what the Holy Spirit bade. Do not fear, though, that guidance will be removed precipitously. As long as we want to learn our next step through listening to the Holy Spirit, I believe that that option will remain open to us. It is only the culmination of a long process that leads us rightly to think and do the best without conscious thought. And we do not have to expect a sudden transformation that would be unsettling. Jesus remains our guide throughout both the time of the Holy Spirit and the time of Christ-consciousness (though in the latter he is revealed as a companion rather than a teacher). Let us put our trust in him with complete knowledge–and it is knowledge and not perception–that he will be there for us in all situations, mundane or “important.”

4 – Era of Christ
There is some confusion about eras in A Course of Love, in that we are told therein that we have left the time of the Holy Spirit and have entered the time of Christ. There are those whom I know who prefer to cling to the Holy Spirit, and would these individuals be bereft? There are many who still turn every day to A Course in Miracles, many also who have never heard of A Course of Love. And many who depend on other spiritual writings. The emphasis upon the Holy Spirit in this time of Christ is yet strong. I think that the Holy Spirit still acts for individuals who put their faith in Him. God would not leave us without a very present help in time of trouble.

5 – Intuition

We who still find our home in the Holy Spirit will, I think, still hear Him through intuitive nudges as well as other means of guidance. (I have written of some of these ways we get guidance in “The Gift of Guidance.” See the “Features & Reviews,” at the top of the blog to access this writing.) These intuitive nudges may sometimes come from our Christ Self, and we not even be aware that we have crossed into the means that are intended for us in this era of Christ.

6 – Guidance

Guidance is sure. We need to ask, and ask frequently. Our lives will flow effortlessly when we remember to ask, remember to seek guidance. The more often that we seek guidance, the better our lives will go—for we will know what to say and do, and we will be in the right corner with God.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me today to know Your way, at least sometimes without conscious thinking or feeling, but through simply knowing. This is the final goal of this latest course from Jesus. May I come to understand more today.

Thank You for leading me, gently, throughout all of my life’s pathway. When the way seemed hard, You were actually “carrying” me. If today seems hard, may You “carry” me.

May I remember to ask, and to ask frequently today, for the next right action. I would make of this day a good day, and this choice is impossible outside of guidance. I may never know what I miss unless I ask.

Help me remember. And thank You.


True Vision Is Seeing with the Expectation of Revelation

“. . .[T]rue vision is seeing relationship and union. It is the opposite of seeing with the eyes and the attitude of separation. It is seeing with an expectation first and foremost of revelation. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 2.32)”

1 – ACIM

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus assures us that true vision does not have anything to do with the vision that our eyes have, or the world that our eyes behold. True vision sees beyond the illusion that is this world. It is an internal concept that one can enjoy when he or she has left behind the belief in separation from God as well as separation from our brothers and sisters.

2 – ACOL

A Course of Love, as we have repeatedly described, is based in large part on this theme of relationship and union (often called “unity and relationship”). The words are repeated so often that perhaps we lose sight of their true meaning, but a simple return to what the words themselves mean can set our minds and hearts at rest. We are in relationship to the All, which includes our brothers and sisters as well as God, but this All is actually One (i.e., unity). This easy definition will go a long way toward helping us to understand that Jesus is not asking us to believe or to live the impossible. We can live in unity and relationship, and indeed we will want to do so. Only in that way can we come to know the fullest meaning of salvation, the fullest extent of Awakening to Christ-consciousness.

3 – Perception

We all too often depend on our perception to determine our reactions in this world. This is discussed at length in A Course in Miracles. But we are also told in ACIM that projection makes perception. And who would want to live a projection from ourselves that shows us an evil and suffering world? We will not be blind to suffering when we move beyond seeing in this way, but we will see the larger picture–almost miraculously–and in no way will be tempted to blame our God for this state of affairs. Just as Jesus promises, we can know “pure joy” and “limitless release” on a daily basis. These two phrases can be the way that we view this world, as Jesus has bade us to do constantly. Only then will we know the peace that is held out to us in both ACIM and ACOL.

4 – Revelation

We want revelation to review the end to us, and this glimpse does frequently come when we study A Course in Miracles. Jesus indicates that revelation will occasionally reveal the end to us, but to get there the means are needed—and those means are being carefully explained in ACIM. Revelation is intensely personal and cannot be meaningfully communicated. The revelation cannot be “proved” to anybody (nor would we want to do so). God uses our inner sight to appeal to that which we can understand, said in a way that only we could understand.

5 – Visions

Visions (hallucinations) are miracles, not revelation, because visions are perceptual. Knowledge is revelation. This distinction between perception and knowledge is given repeatedly in A Course in Miracles. Our Guide, the Holy Spirit, and God Himself give knowledge, for knowledge is only of God.

6 – Ask of the Holy Spirit / Christ Self

What would we like to know that we don’t? Ask questions of the Holy Spirit, and He will answer. He will never leave us bereft. We have a Guide Who does not fail. In this era, we are bade to ask questions of the inner Christ Self. So there is a progression between A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

7 – Magic

Our own attempts at magic are pitiful in comparison to the knowledge that we will get by asking of the right Source. We put our faith in pills, incantations, affirmations—and some of these are good, at least some of the time. But we don’t get the full benefit of God’s grace until we put our faith in Him and Him alone—and His Communicator, the Holy Spirit.

8 – Our Lives Smooth Out

Then our lives smooth out, and all goes quite a bit better. Maybe, first, just a little bit better, but this little bit expands as our dedication increases. And when we do the Workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles, our minds change to accommodate the knowledge that God wills for all of us.

9 – Personal Interpretation

I see the Bible, A Course in Miracles, and A Course of Love, as progressions to match our culture of the time. God’s revelation in the Christian orientation is one way that we find our way home. Jesus is the leader whom we have chosen. There are other ways for people not receptive to Jesus, but his way is our chosen way, and in this we can rest secure. We will find our way home, and soon. In ACIM and ACOL Jesus is leading us, step by step, to Awakening to Christ-consciousness. In the latter part of ACOL, we see this as the elevated Self of form, the form that we occupy in this physical world. And we need to sustain this form, a feat that Jesus declares has never been achieved in this world.

10 – Time of Christ

Times are different now. We are living in the time of Christ, and light floods our planet. We will find our way home, and soon.


Dear Father/Mother,

You would have me to experience true vision–the revelation of a new world that only You can bring to me. In revelation, You reach down to me, and You bless me. I ask for this blessing today.

Be with me as I go about our sometimes woeful world. May I keep my head in the clouds, but my feet on the ground, grounded in You.