Gentle Whispers of Guidance

What are good intentions but a choice to do what you can, alone, by yourself, against great odds? This is why good intentions so often fail to come to be at all, and why, when every effort has been made, the outcome seldom seems worth the effort. You cannot earn your way to heaven or to God with your effort or your good intentions. You cannot earn, and will not ever feel as if you have earned, the designation of a person of such worth that you are deserving of all that God would freely give. Give up this notion. (ACOL, C:P.19)

We have often seen ourselves as unworthy, unworthy in the sight of God. While Jesus seeks to dispel this error, he does note here that we cannot merit our way to heaven. We try to be good, but we will always fail, even in our own sight. Thus we have such good intentions, only to be thrown on the ground, totally dejected, when once again we have failed to live up even to our own hopes. We realize (or we need to) that we cannot effect salvation for ourselves. We can remove the barriers to the acceptance of love, but that is all. Yet removing the barriers is a great step forward, something that we can give ourselves—but not our ego—some credit for.

The Self acts to remove these barriers. We are guided by the inner Christ Self further to accept Jesus’s great promises for us. But we don’t try to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, an endeavor that is bound for failure.

We, in every instance that we can muster, follow the gentle whispers of guidance as to what we need to do and say next, even what to feel. We learn that this is enough. Always enough.

And Jesus’s way, pointed out in ACIM and ACOL, gets us home.

Is there anything else that we want? Just be patient in the gathering of this new era. Don’t get frustrated with yourself if Christ-consciousness doesn’t come when we wish. Jesus never intended for us to get frustrated and confused about our coming into our own as children of God, awakened children of God.

Overcoming Frustration

“It is only through union with me [Jesus] that you learn because it is only in union with me that you are your Self.  All your effort is based on disbelief of this truth, and on your attempts to prove that this truth is not the truth.  All that this effort brings you is frustration.  (A Course of Love, 1.10)”

Affirmation:  “union with Jesus”


1 – Jesus

It is my interpretation, based on A Course in Miracles, and assuming that A Course of Love is a sequel channeled by Jesus, that Jesus is saying here that those who choose him must go “through” him to Christ-consciousness.  He is our chosen leader.  But A Course in Miracles mentions other teachers who will speak for God also.

2 – Edgar Cayce

This can be confusing, because A Course of Love seems to say that Jesus is the only way.  This is a belief held by many traditional Christian faiths as well.  And, continuing with the New Age theme, it is also a position taken by Edgar Cayce, the psychic from Virginia Beach, whose foundation is now the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

3 – Reject Controversy

But let us reject controversy, though it is important we be aware of differences of opinion about Jesus.  I choose him as my leader, my elder brother, and so I listen when I think that he is speaking to me through scribes such as Helen Schucman/Bill Thetford and Mari Perron.  I also entertain the idea that he may speak more directly to me, though I do not dwell on this thought, because I could easily be mistaken.

4 – Christ/Self

When we unite with the Christ in Jesus, we unite with the Christ in our Self.  That is what is being said in this passage for today.  And this is where we are heading, though it may take longer than we hoped.  We do not know how long it will take, because time is an illusion, and time to God means something very different from time to us.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I reach out to Jesus today, having made the choice of him as my leader in matters of faith.  Others choose differently, and that is, of course, perfectly acceptable before You (though many do not hold to this idea).  I would accept Jesus as my elder brother, who walked the pathway ahead of me, and thus can lead me through the brambles and thicket.

May all of us choose today the leader that we would have.  If we are not ready to make that choice, You will be with us nevertheless.  I do believe that You know what is happening in our illusion, for that is my experience (though others believe that You do not enter the illusion that is our dream).  

May we step aside from any controversy or theological stance that divides.  May we pray as One today, to You as our Creator.