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My Present Happiness Is All I See

ACIM Workbook Lesson 290 – for Monday, October 17, 2011

Affirmation:  “My present happiness is all I see.”

“What I perceive without God’s Own Correction for the sight I made is frightening and painful to behold.  (WB442)”


1 – The Holy Spirit = God’s Own Correction

The Holy Spirit is God’s Own Correction.  He answered us (the solution is always with the problem, an ACIM tenet) at the moment that we forgot to laugh at our “tiny, mad idea” that we could separate from God.  The world that we see arose from this failure.  What we thought became capable of “real” effects, if only in what was actually illusion.

2 – The Holy Spirit = the Holy Comforter

Our world is indeed frightening when we do not invite the Holy Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to reinterpret what we are seeing.  We see pain and suffering, grief and disaster, and we fear that these tragedies will engulf us as well as our brothers and sisters, who are caught now in such unfortunate circumstances.  And these tragedies may touch us.  Will we lose our belief in guidance when they do?  Will we revert to an egoic view of a God who has abandoned us to ourselves, to our fate in an indifferent world?

3 – Our Way Is ACIM

We must not entertain such ideas.  They are so contrary to the tenets of our way, A Course in Miracles.  Our ideas are projected from within, and then our perception sees what we have projected.  If the internal is conflicted, the exterior will be as well.  If, on the other hand, we subscribe to ACIM tenets, we will make one decision, seeing that these things are not real.  We will recognize illusion for what it is.

4 – Let Us Help Our Brothers and Sisters

But we will not harden our hearts to our brothers and sisters in need.  We will rush to their aid, seeing their cries of distress as calls for help to which we are bound to respond.  We will offer the help that they are ready to accept, though we will not force our help upon anyone.  We will not share our ideas of salvation if they are not ready.  Jesus says that some are ready only for a smile (an ACIM statement).


Dear Father/Mother,

May I give to my brothers and sisters today what they need to have for salvation.  If they do not want to hear words of salvation from me, may I pray for them and bide my time for the day that they will be ready.  Heaven is always there for all of us.  When is what we decide.

May I feel the comfort that the Holy Spirit brings today.  When trials come my way, may I thank God for the strength to meet them, and may I realize that I have been given a choice to “choose again,” that this time I will get it right.  I pray that I will “get it right” today.