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Life Is a Matter of Relationship

“When you fully realize that the only way to know the Self is through relationship, your concerns about concentration on the self will end. Life is not a matter of self versus other. Life is a matter of relationship. Life is not a matter of human versus divine, but a matter of relationship between the human and the divine. Life is not a matter of one living thing versus another, but of the relationship between all living things.” (ACOL, C:27.7)

God cannot even know Himself if He is all that there is. This is the fundamental reason that He differentiates Himself into parts, parts that include all of us individually. We are in relationship, then, and so is He. This is not dualism as I understand the term. This is a metaphysical true reality that is indispensable to the working of all universes that exist.

We are in this together. We have each other, and this suggests that we are not meant to be obstinately independent from each other. We are meant to be One in that relationship, though, and this is the truth of all universes as well. We are all One, and in the oneness we find our small part of reaching God. A hologram is our best way of understanding. Each part is a part of the whole, contains the whole, though each part does not comprehend what—or Who—it has in its entirety. This is a human comprehension that is actually metaphor, but it will take us a long way toward a fuller understanding of Who God is, and who we are.

We are in relationship with each other (which includes relationship with God), and, concurrently, we are in relationship with both the human and the divine. As we progress along, we will eventually embody the elevated Self of form, and this is a full blending of the human and the divine. This is what true relationship of the human and the divine means.

Let us take the hand of each of our brothers and sisters, and the “hand” of God as well, and in this joining we will know full relationship. Our oneness is a oneness of relationship. We therefore know the “unity and relationship” that A Course of Love mentions so often. And we will walk in a merger that nevertheless retains understanding of the parts of the whole. Thus we can know both God and man/woman at once.

Dear Father/Mother,

Our minds strain to imagine You, and this may not be the best use of our time. Our minds cannot comprehend the Ultimate Who You are. We will never be smart enough.

But we can know love. And in this love we catch a glimpse of Who You are all about. When we love, we are touching the Divine. And when we touch the Divine, we are at Home in You.

Thank You for being here always for us as we wander through this sometimes difficult world. With the Self, we will know more peace. May we know this Self today.


Transformation in This Day & Age

“The transformation from a state of separation to a state of unity is a miracle indeed, for this transformation requires recognition of a state that you cannot recognize in separation. While this is a paradox, it is not impos¬sible for the simple reason that you never left the state of unity that you do not recognize. Your lack of recognition can thus be overcome by remem¬bering the truth of what you are.” (ACOL, C:18.19)

We are told in both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love that we are simply to “remember” what we have forgotten. We are traveling back in time to an early moment when all that we had ever known was unity. Then we got impatient to experience more, and more, and then “more” became a trap for us. We weren’t ready for such wide-ranging experience that would eventually culminate in being outside God’s will. We were eager, too eager, and in ACOL we are told that God let go, and allowed our presumed separation, a separation that could not happen in truth, but in which we could believe. This is the “fall” that our biblical Genesis records.

We have been united with God, though, deep within, where we could not access when our minds were befuddled. We are a part of Him, and thus the separation could never happen at all in any meaningful sense. But we could think that it did, and therein lay our downfall.

We are making our way back now, and the transformation is coming soon for many of us. A Course in Miracles paved the way for much that has transformed in the last 50 years, spiritually. Any reader of self-improvement books and spirituality will note the degree to which ACIM ideas have made it into the common religious culture. Now we are poised on the brink for the same spread to happen with A Course of Love. These days are exciting indeed. We must humbly seek to do our part to follow in the pathway pioneered by Jesus.

Transformation that will return us to unity includes, of course, a melding of heart and mind. But it is the heart that will lead us more surely in this time. Everyone reading these words knows what we mean by “heart.” And knows intuitively how to access heartfelt attitudes.

The transformation will be sped along by ordinary people leading extraordinary lives. Others will join us, and then the great, widespread Awakening will dawn.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I listen to my heart today, in mellowness and in love. Your will is that I follow what my heart shows me, and in this is my salvation. Help me to keep myself calm as I go about my daily routine. I know that Your way is always best, and it is only residual egoic tendencies that would lead me astray. May the ego die a silent death in me today.

Be with me as I walk through this day. Help me to be of service to others, as they will also seek to serve me. Your way is one of service. May the direction of service bond us all.