Isolation, Deprivation, and Lack

“A major contribution of miracles is their strength in releasing you from your false sense of isolation, deprivation, and lack.  (T6)”

Affirmation:  “I wish the strength that comes from miracles.”


1 – The Oscillating Nature of Life

All too often our experience in the world, over the course of our lifetime, is not good.  We know some “happy” times, but these are balanced by dark times.  A Course in Miracles indicates that this oscillating nature of life is to be expected.  The sustainability of peace and joy does not come suddenly, unless revelation reveals the end to us.  And this revelation may not make Awakening sustainable.  In the beginning, it is likely that the glimpses will not last, but they will prepare us for what will last, when that time comes.  As long as we caught by the ego, we will know a movement forward, followed by a movement backward.  If we think about this, we will realize why it is true.  We have not been fully prepared, though the means are being carefully explained to us by Jesus in ACIM (from the Text).

2 – Miracles End the Oscillations

The “expected” nature of oscillations will happen until we come under the benign grace of miracles.  We then no longer feel so alone and lacking.  Jesus notes that this sense of isolation is a “false” sense, as we are indeed surrounded by the grace of Heaven.  Jesus promises that he will be with us when we ask.  He also mentions “Teachers of teachers” (M64) who help us when the need is there.  (And is there ever a time when the need is not there?)

3 – Ask for Miracles

We can ask for miracles and they will be ours.  All too often even advanced students/teachers of ACIM forget that “asking” is necessary.  We think, erroneously, that all should be given us without this humble plea.  But “ask and yet shall receive” (from the New Testament) is still the concept of ACIM.  This is the reassurance of Jesus, when he walked the earth, and, now, when he channeled ACIM.


Dear Father/Mother,

I ask for miracles today, in my own life as well as the others whom I encounter, plus the readers of this blog.  May we not oscillate from dark to light and back again.  May we know the stasis of peace and serenity always.

If the day seems to turn dark, may I know that this is an illusion.  Regardless of how difficult the outward circumstances appear, it is my dream.  May I invite instead the dreams that the Holy Spirit brings.  And may You be there to comfort me as I walk through this sometimes troubled world.  I know that projection makes perception, and I would project aright today, so that I might perceive aright.

Thank You for Your felt presence.  This means more to me than anything else, especially on days that are difficult.   Be with my loved ones today, and that includes people I have not even met.