“There was a chance this time would never come.  This is what I am saying.  You have a destiny to live.  To do what you are here to do is to be who you are here to be.

“Can you imagine what the world could be if each one lived as who they are here to be?

“If being and doing were one?” Memoria

Note: This is a first post from Mari Perron’s new reception from Mary, something Mari is publishing under the title, Memoria.

We hear much about “being who we are,” and “being” rather than “doing.” A Course of Love discusses this the first time. Recent other channelings do as well.

Here Mary is saying that being and doing are one. If we live from who we are, we will operate from a single place, and this place is a place of being AND doing.

We do all have destinies to fulfill. And if we reflect on what that destiny truly is, we will know how to proceed. When we pray, and a quietness and peace come over us, we are hearing God in a way we can understand.

Otherwise, it is as if we were driving a car at night without any lights.

Turn to God to get your automobile lights on.


I think we plan our lives before we are born.  If so, given that I have always spent much time in thinking about what I should do next, I’m sure I planned carefully on the other side. 

I once had an intuition that my growing-up years went just as intended.  I wanted to emphasize working hard on academic pursuits and developing the impetus to achieve.  Now when I question the advisability of all that, surely some balancing act is taking place.

All of us enter life with a script that is filled with challenges and hurdles meant to build Character in the highest sense possible.  But, as Wordsworth says, we forget about this intention (“. . .Shades of the prison-house begin to close/ Upon the growing Boy, . . . .” 

Consequently, we attend alumni reunions with a bright smile, making conversation that lies about a successful life with rarely a cloud in the sky.  Instead, we should drop our masks and admit that life has been tough.  After all, we planned it that way—each and every one of us.


Let us look at the real act that makes manifest: devotion. Heart and soul working together to fulfill destiny. “Knowing” where you are meant to be and what you are meant to be doing. Mirari.

Not all of us are ready for such certainty as Mary expresses in this quotation.  We may not yet understand where we are meant to be or what we are meant to be doing—much less “know” it with any certainty.

But Mary does not leave us hanging.  She tells us the secret to “knowing”—and it is devotion.  Listening to our heart and soul.  Listening to God in the silence that speaks to us.  We are never left bereft.  God beckons, “Come to Me,” and then He opens the floodgates of love that transform us.

We all have a destiny to fulfill.  Or we may have several different purposes over our lifetimes.  Purpose is everything.

Ask for our destiny today.  God does not keep secrets from us.  We will know all we need to know when His time to reveal arrives.  And for this time to be now, we only need devotion—and to ask Him for a knowing.

Exciting Paths

“The distinctness of your own path will be made visible and you will see that it may be quite different from the others with whom you are coming to know, and perhaps quite different than you thought it would be. You will be shown that you can enter the dialogue with all and still focus, or place your attention, on areas that might not interest others in the slightest.” (ACOL, D:Day15.26)

This very reassuring passage gives us a clear view of what lies ahead for us: an easily seen path that may diverge from the paths we have taken in the past. Not only may it be different from paths that we have taken in the past, but our new path may differ from the paths of our friends. One thing is certain: We will have a certainty that this new path is the right and true path for ourselves. This assurance comes with the territory of living wholeheartedly, i.e., with a combined mind and heart.

Today’s passage is actually exciting news. Don’t all of us want to think that the path laid out for us is something good? That it is something unique to ourselves? That it will take us home to God? Of course, of course. And we have this time acquired a way to know all of this, for A Course of Love (and A Course in Miracles) have given us the bottom line authority for our life planning. We know that we will succeed when we persevere in the way that is being shown to us. We know that God is good, and that He lives life through us. Our path is, according to ACIM, a recapitulation of past times. It is like a carpet that is being rolled up, taking us back in time to the beginning, where we made the detour into fear. The detour that became the ego. Now we are assured that these times are over for us. Our way is much, much better now.

Take a few moments to consider the path that we are on. Ask questions of God, as You perceive Him to be, about our destinies. We will not be kept in the dark. We will be told all that we need to know. This may not be far in the future, though. Just as a car’s headlights illumine only 200 feet ahead, that is all we really need to see, for the 200 feet recede into the distance, taking us anywhere we aim the car. We might be able to handle knowing the whole future. But rest assured, we will be told as much as we are prepared to hear. And we can pray to be prepared to hear ever-greater spans of time. Time, being illusion, does not interfere with God’s knowledge of what is ahead for us.

Let our paths form a straight line back to God. Let our paths be something that excites us. We will not be disappointed. We will be blessed by the path that has been given us.

Dear God,

I ask to see a little of the future. I ask to keep my mind and heart on the beam of Your love. When I am thinking about creating the best future, I have Your Ear. Let me patiently work out my future in prayerful consideration with You.