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The Experience of the Self Is God

1 – Day 32

“The experience of the Self is God. It is not from God It is not of God. It is God. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 211)”

2 – Concepts of God

Day Thirty Two is a comprehensive discussion of what concepts of God we have held at various points in our lives, and among various thinkers. These concepts are (1) God as Supreme Being; (2) God as Creator; (3) as a part of God as Creator, the concept that God exists in all that has been created. Then we are told that a “concept” of God is not necessary. Indeed, we have been told repeatedly that concepts are not needed for ourselves, for other people, or for God. Concepts are normally misleading, and even evidence of the influence of the ego.

3 – All – Powerful

Whether God is seen as Supreme Being or as Creator, He is seen as All Powerful. But we read, in the next sentence, that to see God as All Powerful is to disenfranchise ourselves. God does not intend this. We too are part of Him. We too are powerful.

4 – Relationship

Yet there is a further thought that helps us to understand. God must be in relationship to know Himself. This is why our union in relationship has been stressed throughout A Course of Love. God is one in being, but different in relationship. This idea explains our diversity, as well as that of the natural world. God experiences Himself in diversity. His is a Being of union and relationship, just what Jesus has been calling us to emulate in our lives in ACOL. We are limited in relationship, though, and thus we have limited power. As we move toward holy relationship, though, we reach closer to the epitome that is God.

5 – Example Life

“Jesus spoke to you of his life as an example life. Jesus was called the Son of God and also God. Those who understand the meaning of any or all of the example lives that have come as revelations of who God is, understand that those lives were not separate from God. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 32)”

6 – We, Too

Is it such a foreign concept to believe that what Jesus had, we can have, too. He said this, was quoted as saying this, in the New Testament. We were told that we would even do greater things than he had. Is this just pious nonsense?

7 – Jesus

Of course, we have not raised the dead, as it is believed Jesus did. We have not resurrected from the dead, as it is believed Jesus did. But our science has done much to bring back individuals from death—the experience of the tunnel, the light, and all such manner of representation of another realm that very, very ill people who have died and been resuscitated tell us.

8 – Being God

We know that being God, recognizing that reality, is not arrogance, is not of the ego. It is the supreme good sense, though we know not exactly what is being said. We know from A Course of Love that God differentiated himself into parts, and that each of us, each aspect of reality, is one of those parts. So do we really have trouble with seeing ourselves as God? We are not, of course, all that God is. We are not the union of all things. But we are in relationship, each to the other, and to God, and in this relationship, we understand what it is to embody God. If we pay attention. It is very necessary to pay attention in our daily lives to what is going on around us, even though we are told in A Course in Miracles that this reality is actually illusion, a dream. We learn from our surroundings what it is we need to say and do that will help others. And we are here only to be truly helpful.

9 – Everyone

‘Yet to believe that God is everyone can still make you feel as if you are not God. How can this be? This can be only because in your contemplation of this idea, you lose your sense of self. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 32)”

10 – Sense of Self

Do we lose our sense of self when we imagine that we are God Himself? Yes, the separated sense of self does fall away at such times, and if we are still too much identified with the personal, or little, self, we will think that we lose identity in God.

11 – Elevated Self of Form

But the elevated Self of form, elevated Self but still in a physical body, knows better. This Self reaches outside the dot that is the body, into the greater awareness in a circle that includes the Whole. We learn what it is to discover without “learning.” We learn to experience the revelations that God is sending to us constantly.

12 – Cease Learning

And we cease, finally, learning entirely. We let acceptance of what is pave the way. Through this acceptance, we discover the reality of a world that is real, despite the tendency that we have to see illusions. Our real world consists of the intangibles of peace, hope, joy, love, harmony, and the like. This is truly experiencing the real.

13 – Son of God

“Only Jesus was known as the Son of God and as God. This is why Jesus came as your teacher and was used as the example life for this work. This is the point that this work has striven to get across. That man and God are one. Not only is man God. But God is man and woman and child. God is. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 32)”

14 – All

This quotation makes very, very clear that God is immanent in the All, as well as the individualized parts of the Whole. God is man and woman and child. You can’t get much clearer than that.

15 – A Good Day

And so it is. It behooves us to give God a good day, and by this I mean that we ought to give ourselves over to the joys that He alone can bring us. We don’t want to dip into neurosis any longer—sadness, depression, hopelessness. We are God’s children, part of Him. With such an Identity, how can we fail to actualize that which we want to be? How can we fail, period?

16 – One in Being

“Could God be one in being, but different in relationship, to each of us? Could not God’s oneness of being be the consciousness we all share? Could not God’s relationship to everything be what differentiates God from us and us from God? (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 32)”

17 – Relationship

God is in a relationship with everything. We cannot say the same about ourselves. So there is a distinction between God and us, a very important distinction in that we are not omniscient. God speaks to each of us in ways that we uniquely can comprehend. He gives us what we individually need. We do have different personalities, different abilities, different talents. And so His communion with each of us differs.

18 – Live Fully

But He is us. Never let us forget that. And as we come to understand, without the arrogance of the ego, we come to live fully as the creatures that we are meant to be. Never forget that God Himself created us out of the stuff of the universe(s), the God-stuff. And when we use our free will to make a world that is painful, filled with suffering, and disastrous to our fellow human beings, maybe we grieve even God Himself.

19 – Being and Relationship

“God is the being and the relationship. You are capable of all the power of God’s being but you are powerful only as God is powerful—in relationship. Because God is in relationship with everything. God is All Powerful. Because you are in a state of limited relationship, you have limited power. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 32)”

20 – Limited Power

We do have limited power. And that is good, considering with what we have done with the power that we do have. We have made a world that is often savage in the way that it treats people, our brothers and sisters. Many representatives of God have come to earth to try to get us to mend our ways. And finally, a perfect being in Jesus, came to appeal once again to us.

21 – Fear

We need not fear. We will be saved from ourselves. God has not created beings who would self-destruct. He set the limits on our miscreations (from A Course in Miracles). He knows what we can stand and what we can’t. And he takes us out of the world when the world has become entirely too much for us. Pain is not without limit.


Dear Father/Mother,

It is insightful to realize that even God has to experience Himself/Herself in relationship, in diversity. I do not fully understand, but I do not expect to understand fully. My little self is not able to comprehend. As I reach toward the Self of form, I hope that my understanding will increase.

May I come to comprehend when it means to be a part of You, myself. May I leave off any tendency toward arrogance as I comprehend this magnificent truth. May my attempts to turn to You throughout my day meet with Your approval. May those attempts succeed. May I sense Your presence as I walk through my day. And may I say and do the things that I need to say and do that will be healing to my brothers and sisters.

May I move ever close to holy relationships with all of my brothers and sisters. Help me to do this today.