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Wholeness in Diversity

“Wholeness cannot be achieved without joining, thus the commonly known injunction of “where two or more are joined together.” If you would think of this in terms of “God” or the state of “Wholeness” or “Beingness” separating into more than one in order to know Itself, you would see that knower and known are one. You would see that two or more are needed in order for knowing to occur. To not know wholeness would be to be in a state of nothingness. Thus the joining of two or more are needed in order for wholeness to be known and thus to exist as a state of conscious awareness.” (ACOL, D:Day30.4)

This is the theology of A Course of Love. It is saying that God could not know Himself until He differentiated, or individuated, Himself into parts, and those parts included entities, souls, such as us. We can understand this best with the example that we have here, of two or more joined together, a biblical reference. God is in our midst when two or more of us join in supplication to Him. Jesus says the same thing about himself. It is reassuring to know that A Course in Miracles and ACOL are direct outgrowths of biblical knowledge imparted many, many years ago.

We would be in a state of nothingness if we didn’t have diversity in our wholeness. And it is Wholeness that we seek to know now. This Wholeness is the Essence of God.

We don’t have to “do” much; it will come to us when we are in relationship with our brothers and sisters. Then we can rest easy, knowing that all things come to them that wait. And waiting for Christ-consciousness to descend upon us is certainly one of the best ways to spend our time.

If we don’t wait patiently, we will have missed much of the blessing in waiting. So: wait patiently, pacing ourselves in activities that we know will bring God closer to our mind and heart. Then and only then are we primed for the good that will come.

Dear God,

I would know wholeness today, wholeness manifested in diversity. When I am patient, I can see the value of waiting until all is prepared for Your descent, Your descent to lift me up to You, wrapping me in Your Arms.

I offer myself to You, completely and totally. May this re-surrender, which I do often, be the very action that You most desire from me.