Jesus: “Father, One that Has Birthed Me, Why Am I? Where Am I? Who Am I?”

“I began to learn to ask of that Source, that mystery, ‘Father, One that has birthed me, why am I? Where am I? Who am I?’ My desire increasingly became to know the truth that could set all mankind free. I discovered that unless that freedom became fully manifest in me, it made no sense to talk about it with others. So I sought out the greatest of minds, the best of teachers. And yes, I was blessed by a family structure already dedicated to understanding the mysteries of what they knew as God. They led me to many such teachers.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 10, Page 121)

Here, in The Way of Mastery, Jesus is talking about his experiences while a young man on earth. He sought to understand what he did not understand. He sought direction. But he turned inward also, as other passages around this one make clear. He knew that there was ultimately only inward divine help, that others could not map out a way for him.

So it is for all of us. We turn to our heart, and then we come to know what has eluded us until now. God speaks through the heart more often than any other way, though he can speak through teachers, companions, significant others. Divine revelation knows no timetable, and we must be patient, on earth, for the unfolding of that which we do not yet know.

An unhealed healer cannot help others very much; that way is limited. Jesus wanted his own freedom made manifest, before he sought to have a ministry. He sought to set all humankind free. And he succeeded beyond anyone’s dreams.

Jesus is our leader in The Way of Mastery, A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love. He is reaching many who don’t talk about it in their everyday life. But he is succeeding in turning around the world that was heading in the wrong directions. His “celestial speedup” (as called by A Course in Miracles) is working.

And we can be very, very glad that it is.

Divine Revelation

“Learning, dear brothers and sisters, does come to an end, and that end is fast approaching. Coming to know through learning will be of the past as soon as Christ-consciousness is sustainable and you begin to come to know through constant revelation of what is. True learning has had only one purpose—the purpose of returning you to awareness of your true identity. Be done with learning now as you accept who you truly are.” (ACOL, T4:8.17)

I think Jesus makes the startling assertion that we should be through with learning because he is very desirous for us to just stop seeking for more and more spiritual guidance that is outside of ourselves. Our proper orientation in this time of Christ is within, to listen to the Self who is aligned with the Divine, God Himself, deep within the central core of our being. We have sought from the learned wisdom of the ages for so long that we are more or less trapped in a continuation of that pattern. That was the pattern for the time of the ego, but, as Jesus says, if we have come this far in A Course of Love, we have given up the ego as a bad idea, a motivator that failed to motivate, a savior that failed to save. We were never safe in the arms of the ego, but that was what our insanity told us—regardless of all evidence to the contrary. We are safe only in the arms of God, our Creator and Sustainer.

Learning is pushed aside in favor of revelation of the Divine from deep within us. Revelation of what is, not prescience about what the future will bring. We live in a consolidation of probable realities, and so no prognostication can always be accurate. This is why psychics often fail; we move into a new probable reality. (Much about probable realities can be found in Jane Roberts’s Seth transmissions.) Jesus also makes clear in ACOL that his words to us will not be predictive, that it is probable, but not for sure, that we will make the right decision for God, present and future time. It is probable, but not guaranteed. Our free will may delay what is an inevitable return to God.

Doesn’t it sound good to hear that divine revelation will be our way to know in the future, and maybe even in the present? To know what God is saying to us will take some times of meditation, prayer, and contemplation. If we don’t get still, the message will just fly over our heads. And never enter our mind and heart at all.

Be willing today to listen to God’s guidance, our deeper Self’s guidance. Ask, in fact, that this deeper Self make our decisions FOR us. That way we will know, if we are listening carefully, that our choices will be right not only for ourselves but also for all others. Life is a win-win, as Marianne Williamson says, when we are aligned with God.

If in doubt about anything that seems to require that a decision needs to be made, turn it over to a Higher Power. Then get still and take time to listen. We may have to be patient, because what we might need to hear can come only after certain changes have been wrought in us. It is said that God says, “Yes. No. Wait.” And we need to develop the patience to wait, for divine timing is not the same as ours. This lifetime we are in is a mere eye blink in eternity. Go with the flow, and don’t fault God if He asks us to delay a bit before we can see what He is working out.


I have a question on my mind today. I have re-surrendered to You, asking for an answer. What I am hearing is not what I, right now, want to hear. But I have asked You to guide me to want for myself what You want for me. That is the great paradox. I create my reality, but I surrender to You, knowing that my real will and Yours is always and only the same.

Be with me throughout this peaceful and mostly leisurely day. When I am quiet and still, I can hear better, and I hope for an assurance about this question sooner rather than later. Change me so that I am ready to hear Your answer.