Separation Is a Mirage

“The Father did not prevent the idea of separation from taking place. . . .But just as your ideas do not take on a life of their own even though they at times seem to, this idea as well had no ability to be more than what it was, except for as the son chose to participate in it.  (A Course of Love, 12.21)”

Affirmation:  “I choose to heal the ‘separation’ from God.”

Reflections:Edgar_Germain_Hilaire_Degas - ballet dancers

1 – The Choice

We made the choice to believe that we were separate from God; this passage makes that clear.  Of course, we could not really separate, but we could imagine that we had done so, and in the imaging our fantasies and illusions became very real indeed (at least to us).  We have suffered greatly by this presumed separation, for it is not natural to fail to communicate with our Creator.  We have played at atheism and agnosticism, but these are such dismal choices.  And in them we never find the satisfaction that we are seeking.

2 – Our Hearts

If we have intellectual doubts, perhaps it is time to turn to our hearts and to ask what feels right to them!  Our hearts do not need the intellectual assents that our minds do, and it is to our hearts that Jesus appeals in A Course of Love, especially in these opening pages of the first volume.

3 – Seeking

Even though we may turn to our hearts, we still may not be satisfied, and, if this is the case, we need to keep seeking.  If we seek, we will find.  We may not believe that we have chosen “not to believe,” but indeed we have.  And when we turn repeatedly to that which we do not understand, a warm feeling will occasionally engulf us, a warm feeling that is surely God Himself.

4 – Heal the Separation

When we heal this separation, we will be on our way to a much happier life.  I speak of the “presumed” separation.  Our egos will be frail by now, and we will not seek pleasures that turn to dust in our hands.  Our priorities will have gotten straightened out.

5 – Jesus’s Promise in ACOL

The best that we can do does include not obsessing over our lack of faith.  Just let the thoughts come and go, try to live in the present, and our inner Being will be better able to speak to us.  This is the Christ/Self within, and this is the promise that Jesus makes to us in A Course of Love.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would pray today to know what to do, and when.  I would ask to be guided to do my part in ending my belief in separation from You.  I know that this is a mirage, but it is a mirage in which I believed for a long time.  Let us get beyond that misfortune today.  With Your help.

Help me to reach out to others whom I see today.  We are all in this together, and we need each other.  May each of us spend what time seems needful in communion with You.  This calms us down and removes fear, a very practical outcome of communion.

May we not beat ourselves up over this matter of separation.  What has not occurred can have no effects.  And separation from You is absolutely impossible, for I am a part of You.  You dwell within each and every one of us.


Let Jesus Take Your Hand

“I do not attack your ego.  I do work with your higher mind, the home of the Holy Spirit, whether you are asleep or awake, just as your ego does with your lower mind, which is its home.  (T65)”

Affirmation:  “Work with my higher mind.”


1 – Elder Brother

This is Jesus speaking.  He is our elder brother (a Course concept), willing to help at any and all times.  It is important that Jesus does not attack our egos.  Elsewhere he tells us that attack is never justified, and he himself exemplifies this assertion.

2 – How to Solve Problems

As time goes by, and we have spent more of that time studying A Course in Miracles, we may find that our mind delivers to us, perhaps psychically, the answers to our questions and the answers to our problems.  It is normally better to pray (or “commune”), ask our question, express thanks with the assurance that the answer will come, and then get busy with something else.  Then and only then does it help to get quiet and to ask again.  It is very, very likely that the answer that has been eluding us will pop into our minds, seemingly unbidden and with great ease and comfort, with a sense of clarity that we have heretofore lacked.  This is the miracle, visiting us in a very practical way.  This is the Holy Spirit’s attending to our needs.  And we would not forget to say “thank you” for this blessing.

3 – At One with the Holy Spirit

It is reassuring to know that we have help in trying to change our minds to be at one with the Holy Spirit.  We surely do not understand what all of this change entails, and we need counsel that is sure and lovely.  Jesus provides this, but silently, nearly always without our being aware of his presence.

4 – No Idle Fantasy

There is a passage elsewhere in the Course that invites us to imagine our holding Jesus’s hand as we go about the world.  He asserts that this is no idle fancy.  We cannot understand how this is possible, but Jesus is one who has made it Home, and we dare not doubt his word.  We never need to feel alone or lonely again.  Not only do we have Jesus, but also other companions of whom we are not usually aware.  Surely there is no reason to be afraid, though, as very human people, we will probably still succumb to this temptation to fear for ourselves.  In our better moments, passages such as the one above from the Course can be our reassurance that all is truly well.


Dear Father,

I need help, now and always.  Help me to keep my mind in close cooperation with the Holy Spirit, and not dip into ego-oriented desires.

May Jesus help me, as he has promised.  Then I can rest assured that all will go well for me in this world.


My Saviors = God’s Sons/Daughters

ACIM Workbook Lesson  266 – for Friday, September 23, 2011

Affirmation:  “My holy Self abides in you, God’s Son.”

“Father, You gave me all Your Sons, to be my saviors and my counselors in sight; the bearers of Your holy Voice to me.  In them are You reflected, and in them does Christ look back upon me from my Self.  Let not Your Son forget Your holy Name.  Let not Your Son forget his holy Source.  Let not Your Son forget his name is Yours.

“How many saviors God has given us!  How can we lose the way to Him, when He has filled the world with those who point to Him, and given us the sight to look on them?  (WB428)”


1 – Our Brothers and Sisters Are Our Saviors

My interpretation of the passage, including the prayer, is that our brothers and sisters are the saviors that Jesus means.  What a glorious promise this is!  We are certainly not in solitude in our world, and the real Self of the others is our lives mean only good for us.  Of course, we do not always recognize their well-meaning attitudes toward us; all too often, we are privy to the attack and anger that peoples a world run by egos.

2 – Egos are Illusory

But we must realize that egos are illusory, a part of our belief about ourselves.  In actuality, all of us do the best that we can at any given time (an interpretation, not stated in ACIM).  Even though we perceive ourselves as kind, we still feel guilty, because we know that we have made mistakes, and usually we have not forgiven ourselves for those mistakes.  We live, therefore, in a hell of our own making.  I have mentioned before in this blog the important statement from ACIM that God does not forgive, because He has never condemned.  But we have condemned ourselves, and the egos of our brothers and sisters have likewise, upon occasion, condemned us.

3 – Finding Our Way Out of the Mire

How do we find our way out of this mire?  We take this passage at its word.  We are surrounded by our saviors, and our saviors are even those who have sometimes (as we perceived it) “done us wrong.”  We are in this together.  We go home together, even though this return, the end of separation, may take millions of years.  The process is set in place, and let us be grateful to Jesus that this is so.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would look to my brothers and sisters today as my saviors.  We are certainly not meant to find our way through this world alone.  We can pray, commune, with You, but sometimes we are so distracted that we cannot concentrate well.  Then we are led to turn to the others in our lives who are there for us.  May I do so today.

I would find joy in the promise that I will be there for my brothers and sisters, even though it might take millions of years for the illusory separation to be healed.  May all of us on salvation’s course save time today, so that the millions of years are shrunken.