United with God Once Again

“In seeing the self as separate you have known fear and have been forced to reconcile fear with love.  Now, in coming back to relationship and union with me you have realized that you are not separate and now have striven against the ‘opposing’ force of separation.  With the acceptance of the Christ in you, you are returned to relationship and need no longer strive against the ‘opposing’ force of separation, for you no longer know it.”  (A Course of Love, D:Day40.8)

As we turn from separation, we turn from fear to love.  We may even strive actively to turn from fear to love.  We have realized that we aren’t separate (as we could never be, for we are part of God), and we have striven to get past these ideas of the ego with every force of our personality.  When we accept the Christ in us, we understand that we have returned to a relationship that has long eluded us, and now we no longer need to strive against separation.  We know intimately that we are joined with the Christ Self; we know intimately that we are “separate” no longer.

The separation is another name for what is usually called the “fall of man,” including woman.  If we think about it, we know that we are not living in a world that has been reconciled with God.  His way works; ours does not.  When we seek to turn our minds to a confident belief in ultimates that save, we will be alright.  We won’t be alright as long as we let our egotistical leanings move into the ascendancy.  We know this. 

It is only our lack of understanding of how God works with us that has taken so much time.  He knows no time, for time is simply an illusion—one well understood by our science now.

Turn to our inner knowing.  Turn today.

It will make all the difference.  Attract the good, don’t give any credence to anything that is substandard.