“[Y]ou are the power and the source for all that you think, all that you see, all that you feel, and all that you would be and do.  You abide in that freedom constantly.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” WOM, Chapter 14, Page 170)

We give lip service to the law of attraction, but all too often we don’t take it to heart and really live it.  We make the difference; we have that much power.

This is a secular way of viewing our world, but when we add spirituality to it, we benefit far more.  We try to live with only one hand to make a difference when we don’t listen to the New Testament, and learn that believing about the outcome of anything we do is vitally important.  Live with both hands today.  Let the power of a full commitment change our lives.

We make the difference in our lives and in the world we inhabit.  If all of us were to turn to the Force who guides everything, we would know a change for the better that would astound us.

Ever More Love

“The more you love, the more free you will feel.”  COL bk.2, 16:II

We do want to feel free, to be free, even in the midst of circumstances that might seem to hem us in.  And if we give ourselves up to love, this quotation, from Mary, says that we will feel more free, and the more we love, the more free.

We can soften our hearts even in the midst of a bad day, or turmoil, or suffering, or just pain.  We don’t have to let agitation take us over.  When we soften our hearts, we are opening up to love, and love will take us back home to God. 

It is just that simple.  Turn to the love in our hearts, and know that God is acting on our behalf all the time.  He would have us taste freedom.  And here we are getting the instructions that we need to experience the freedom that we want.


“Can you start to see how many feelings and thoughts you have drowned?  How little spontaneity has remained after ‘growing up’?  How many games have you stopped playing, pretending to look serious and mature?  The time has come when that is past!  Now we replace seriousness with freedom.”  COL bk.2, 9:IV

A Course in Miracles says that seriousness is of the ego.  And A Course of Love says that the patterns of the ego will linger even after we have given up egoic living.  These patterns may hold us back now.  Choose Only Love is saying that it is time to give up seriousness entirely, to move ahead in our lives with the freedom that a child of God deserves.

If we listen to the whispers on our mind and heart, we will know how to find freedom.  Nothing will hold us back any longer.  Certainly we will not attempt to be “mature” because we think games of life are no longer warranted.  Life is meant to be limitless and joyous.  This is what our new freedom will mean to us.

Get guidance for the next step by listening to these whispers that I am talking about today.  Whispers come to all of us, and if we are open to them, we will stop and take a look at the subtle thoughts that they are.  These gentle thoughts will give us a new life.  Choose Only Love calls it “freedom.”  A Course in Miracles calls it “limitless” and “joyous” living.  Are the two received books not saying the same thing?  Talking about the same incredible journey that lies ahead of us?

Be reintroduced to spontaneity in our pathway toward the future.  God’s guidance, the guidance of the inner Christ, and the Holy Spirit all will take us to a new place of contentment and peace. 

We won’t lose anything when we turn aside from seriousness, turn aside from egoic ways of living.  Take the high road as we give up our desire to hold the reins of our life so tightly. 

Be flexible in our decisions, turning on a dime when we receive guidance. 

Experience true freedom for the first time since childhood.

Forgive and Be Free

Until you fully decide to come into life as the presence of Christ, as the presence of Love, and to own each moment of your experience as wholly self-created, for no other reason than that you have chosen it from the perfect and infinite freedom of your unlimited being, life has not yet begun. (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 6, Page 79)

Have we truly been living? Or have we merely been existing? This is not an unimportant point. We have been creating our reality, and we haven’t known how to do that very well. We have often seen ourselves as victims of others, as victims of our experience in life.

This attitude is not accurate. We have been making the decisions that brought our experiences in life to us. We have been doing the manifesting. Just because we didn’t know how to do this very well is no reason to blame anybody else, to blame others. It has all been our fault.

Now Jesus is showing us the way to manifest, to truly own each self-created moment. He is teaching us how to live. We will not truly live until we know what we are about. Until we stop blaming others for our plight in life.

We are the instigators, the manifesting entities. We need to look with fresh eyes upon our experiences, knowing that in forgiveness of others lies our reward. They have not done anything, for they have acted in innocence, in illusion. True reality has not been affected. The harmony, joy, peace, mellowness are still here for us to dwell in. But to get to that height of passion, we need to recognize that our brothers and sisters have done nothing to us, in reality; they have just been pawns in a larger game.

Forgive our experiences and the people who seemed to perpetrate them. Forgive and thereby be free.


. . .[W]hen you look upon another person or another situation or another thing and realize that nothing in this world has the power to hurt you and nothing in this world has the power to take anything from you, you are free. . . The seeker is no more and only Christ walks this Earth. (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 6, Page 78)

What would it take for our Self, as the Christ Self, to walk this earth? We do have to release barriers, within ourselves, to Love. We have to let Love pass through us. Our experience of energy, through the chakras, changes. We realize in such moments that nothing in the world can hurt us, for we are enthralled by God. He is calling the shots. He is in charge.

We are free when we extend the Love that He has first given to us. We would not know how to love if we had not first experienced it from God Himself. “Because He first loved us,” which is a quotation from the New Testament. We can do all things now, because we are ready for living as created beings created to love. We are free to experience the world in a new way. Jesus even says that we have transcended birth and death, and that we seek no more.

Seeking is a constant thing for us, until we recognize that Love is all that we want. When we surrender to the Love in our heart, we are surrendering to God. A necessary step that will make everything that follows palatable. Our lives will smooth out.

We will be at home.


“These are the first two axioms of The Way of the Heart, to be built on, to be remembered and to be cultivated daily:
“I am created as my Father created me to be. I am free. And nothing sources my experience but me in each moment. Nothing has an effect upon me whatsoever, save that which I choose to allow to affect me.
“I need do nothing.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Chapter 2, Page 20 – 21)

We are the source of our experience, what we have chosen comes to us. But this is not the personality, something that we know all too well, for bad things do happen, and we would be considered masochistic if we ask for those. Our Christ-Self, the soul, chooses for us, and its choices are informed by a merger with the God Who lives within each of us.

The second axiom, I need to nothing, is also given in A Course in Miracles. Now this doesn’t mean that we sit back and forever relax in a passive sense or a passive attitude. This means that we don’t “achieve” enlightenment by good works. In this The Way of Mastery (the Christ-Mind Trilogy) and A Course in Miracles are in line with St. Paul of the New Testament. We don’t “achieve” enlightenment at all; it is a gift of God when our mind and heart have been cleansed of the subconscious egoic misthought that has previously held us fast. When God reaches down to us and lifts us up to Christ-consciousness, we realize that we don’t “have” to do anything. Our will is free. We stay in the driver’s seat.

Our real will is identical with the will of the Holy Spirit. We often think that, like Jonah, we are being forced to go God’s way. But this is a misconception of what is actually happening. We are joyous only when we are aligned with that which brings joy, and we will eventually learn that that which brings us joy is God’s way.

Remembrance Sets Us Free

“What you gain in truth is never lost or forgotten again, because it returns remembrance to your mind. What your mind remembers cannot not be shared.” (ACOL, C:31.24)

This passage gives an puzzling truth: How can we not forget again? We have to realize that what Jesus is talking about is a remembrance of ultimate things, of God and the universe. Of Christ-consciousness. And once this knowledge is truly gained, there is no turning back to forgetfulness.

And we will share these truths, for “What the mind remembers cannot not be shared.” We will want to share what we have learned. We would not feel whole unless we shared it.

Isn’t it good to realize that remembrance of ultimate things is returning to us? That the long, sad separation from God is coming to an end? Those of us who have been grateful for our good minds will especially invite the truth that we will remember even better in the future: Remembrance will return our minds to ourselves, allowing the illusory ego no say in the matter. This is really what remembrance means: No ego, and so the mind is once again free.

Jesus says a great deal about truth in A Course of Love. Truth may mean many different things to different people, but certainly here Jesus is speaking of God and His wisdom, the wisdom that He will share with us, and we in turn will share our interpretations with others. This truth does not go away; it is permanent. If we lapse, the knowledge comes back, and so when we gain in truth always. We certainly do not lose this knowledge, nor do we forget it. Our ways become the ways of God, and He leads us surely down the pathways of truth.

Dear Father/Mother,

I would know the truth that will set me free. I would know this truth today. I would not remember, and then lapse into forgetfulness; I would hold steady. Help me to do so.

Truth is a great benefit to the struggling individual. If we ask for the truth, it is given us, for You would leave no one out. With Your truth beckoning to our mind, we need worry no more. The things that we need to know will come to us; this is the remembrance, and I thank You for it.


A Place of Retreat / A Place of Safety and of Rest

1 – Freedom

“Freedom from want, freedom from lack, freedom from repression, are what we will now enjoy together on our mountain top retreat. We have not removed ourselves from life in any way, and yet we have reached a place of retreat, a place of safety and of rest, a place away from ‘normal’ life and the lack of freedom you have experienced there. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day Nine)”

2 – Blessings

What a blessing this quotation promises! We have all known a lack of freedom in our everyday lives. We have so much that presses us on all sides.

3 – No Worrying

But there can be an end to such thinking. We can walk through a normal day without worrying about relationships, work, love. If we are attuned to the Christ within, we will know how to let go of those things that impinge upon us. This does not mean that we give up on relationships, work, love—but we transform these everyday issues into something meaningful to ourselves. We walk through the day with nourishment from our everyday issues, even when they are difficult. We know intuitively what to do and what to say, guidance, and this guidance makes all the difference. We no longer wander in a fog of discontent. We are happy, regardless of whatever outside of us seems to rue our day. We don’t let anything rue our day.

4 – Mountain Top

These 40 days and 40 nights with Jesus on the mountain top are magical, but in a good sense—not in the sense of irrationality. We know that we will learn much, even though we are not learning in the way that the ego learned for eons. We are learning in a new way, an effortless way—and we will be much the better for it. Life does not await our recalcitrant spirit; life awaits our running forth to meet it.

5 – Arrival

“Allow yourself, now, to experience your arrival, your return to your true home, your return to your Self. Laugh. Cry. Shout or wail. Dance and sing. Spin a new web. The web of freedom.

“In other words, express your Self” (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day Nine)”

6 – Happy

Jesus seems happy as he speaks these words to his scribe, Mari. He wants us to be happy as well. Happy and released. What joy to know that we can be free in everyday life. Our wills are no longer imprisoned, for we have let go of the ego, and in the letting go have all things been given to us. Once we learned in A Course in Miracles that our will and that of the Holy Spirit was actually identical, that He speaks for us, we were well on our way to better days. We know that if we follow our guidance, we will live better lives. He makes the decisions “for us” that we were too confused to make. And those decisions lead to inner peace. And freedom.

7 – Confidence

“You who do not feel confident in your feelings, who do not feel confident in your ability to respond, who do not as yet feel the freedom of the new, allow yourself now, to do so. Allow freedom to reign, for it is your allowance, your choice, your permission, that will make it so. The only one who can stop you now is yourself. The only permission you ever needed was your own. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day Nine)”

8 – Freedom

We only needed our own permission to be free. Of course, we had to learn to follow guidance to be free, for with imprisoned wills in the egoic mind, we led sad lives indeed.

9 – Joyful

Now all of this lamentable mess is gone for good. Why would we not be joyful? Why would we not shout and sing and dance? We might not want to do such in the company of other people, but most of us have at least some solitude from time to time. I encourage you to seek out that solitude today, and to express your joy through your body. Follow Jesus’s advice to let your inner spirit out to play. The play is the result of learning made evident in the whole Self Who we embody now. The play is the way that things ought to be on a daily basis. Effortless living. What a blessing this is!

10 – Certainty

“Certainty of mind and heart has been realized by many. The expression of that certainty in form has not. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day Nine)”

11 – Elevated Self of Form

We want to occupy the elevated Self of form, something that hasn’t yet happened on a grand scale. This elevated Self of form embodies a state known by several names—Christ-consciousness (called such in A Course of Love); Awakening (called such in A Course in Miracles); enlightenment (called such in the Eastern religions). The concept is the same, and Jesus says that he is ready for us to reach this state on a sustainable basis.

12 – Sustainability

We want to reach certainty, and we want to sustain certainty. Jesus seems to lament the fact that more of us have not sustained certainty. He seems bent on leading us to that state through his 40 days and 40 nights with us. Perhaps this is why we have come; surely it is.

13 – Ideal Self

“Let’s begin this day with a consideration of the idea that you may have an inaccurate idea of an ideal self. . . .The image of the ideal self you hold in your mind, no matter what form it takes, is still an image, and must now be done without if you are going to realize freedom. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day Nine)”

14 – Persona

We often have a persona that we display not only to others, but also to ourselves. We almost never let ourselves drop the masks that we wear. That is because we have an image of an ideal self that we think we need to accomplish. Is this idea true?

15 – Mirage

An ideal self is still a persona, is still a mirage. And we need to drop the persona if we are to allow other people to see us as we really are. Perhaps we think that we will not be accepted if we share who we really are. For some of our brothers, this might be true. We cannot allow this to stop us. If we avoid anger and attack, two things that have been recommended elsewhere by Jesus, we will be better accepted. This does not mean that we will be making a persona that is untrue. This does not mean that we will be making an “ideal” self (for we could not do this if we tried).

16 – Who We Really Are

It means that we will be true to who we really are. Who we really are. Do we even know what this means?

17 – Consider

Take a moment to consider what is being said. Just let the masks drop, the persona melt away. Just consider being the Self that you intuitively recognize from within. This is enough to ultimately get us home, home to Christ-consciousness. When God will take that step is unknown to all of us, but it is inevitable once we have started out on the pathway home. It is God’s Will for us. Of this we can be sure.

18 – False God

“To work toward, or to have as a goal, the achievement of an ideal image is to have created a false god. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day Nine)”

19 – Concept of an Ideal Self

If we are tempted to keep our concept of an ideal self alive, we will have to know that we are making a god. None of us wants that. So it behooves us to study how to avoid making a concept.

20 – Stillness

A few moments of stillness with a look within will set us on the right pathway. It takes work to make a persona—no work at all to be our real Self. Keep this in mind, and avoid struggling to have this as a persona. We want the real Self.

21 – Ego

“As with most goals of the time of learning, it was an ego-centered goal, a carrot of fulfillment the ego but dangled before you in the place it called the future. As with all messages of the ego, it but says that who you are is not good enough. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day Nine)”

22 – Wrong Way to Live

This “ideal” state is a wrong way to react. We don’t want a false god. We don’t want to live amiss, and living amiss is what we will do if we reach for what we perceive to be an ideal. In the first place, we cannot know what an “ideal” would be. We are too much influenced by the ego in such a transaction.

23 – Relinquish the Ego

Most of us who study A Course in Miracles have been well-tutored in the fact that we need to step aside from the ego. Relinquishing the ego and forgiving our brother were significant emphases of ACIM. We need now to realize that the attempt to reach the “ideal” persona will engage the ego again, something that we desperately want to avoid; the ego will never get us where we want to reach—Christ-consciousness or Awakening.

24 – Live in the Now

We also need to live in the present, and the ego would dangle an ideal state as one always placed in the future. We err when we live in the past and the future, for that is itself is an impossibility, a mirage that gets us nowhere fast. Live in the Now. We will never be that ideal self, impossible as it is, for the ego will always convince us that there is one more thing that we need to do—one more and then one more still. It was in the attempt to let us know that we are OK exactly as we are that Jesus is channeling A Course of Love. This is blasphemy to the ego, but we are rapidly leaving the ego behind—just turning away from it and all of its hollow promises.

25 – Give Up Images

“Your freedom is contingent upon your ability to give up your images, particularly the image you hold of an ideal self. It is contingent upon your ability to accept that you are your ideal self. Yes, even right now, with all your seeming imperfections. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day Nine)”

26 – Ideal Self

Yes! This quotation gives us the crux of the matter. With the ego gone, we have become that which we sought to become. And we need to rest in that realization. We ARE the ideal self that we sought to become, even though all of us recognize that we still have imperfections. Jesus’s answer to these imperfections, stated in A Course of Love, is simply to turn aside from that which one would change. If one reacts with anger all too often, simply made a decision to let the anger go. The decision will affect all future actions. Anger is used as Jesus’s example with concentrated emphasis; this is because anger had been considered off limits to those of religious persuasion by A Course in Miracles.

27 – Serve

So, if we are the ideal self that we sought to become, what more do we do? We serve others, and in the serving of others, we nourish ourselves. We love and are loved in return. We rest in God’s grace, secure in the knowledge that a Higher Power is always there to rescue us from mistakes and to set us on the high road again.

28 – The Work

“For if you believe that we are proceeding to some predetermined ideal state, we will not succeed in the work we are doing here together. If you believe this, you will not accept your Self as you are. If you do not accept your Self as you are, you will not move from image to presence. If you do not move from image to presence you will never realize your freedom. If you do not realize your freedom, you will not realize your power. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 142)”

29 – Learning

This passage emphasizes the fact that we have been trying, through the past time of learning, to build an ideal self, which we believe would then express. But we want to express our Self without the goals of the forsaken ego, without trying to be other than what we really are. It is in our expression of our freedom to be as we really are that we express our Self, the elevated self of form.

30 – Express Ourselves

We are encouraged to express ourselves on this Day Nine in any way that feels appropriate–laugh, cry, shout, wail, dance, sing, and so forth. Any way is alright. All are blessings of the time of the coming Christ-consciousness. We are taught not to place any faith in our inaccurate notion of an ideal self, because this fiction was of the time of the ego, the time of learning. We are all different, and diversity in this world is a gift of God. We are meant to give up this fiction of an ideal self, or else we will not be able to express our real Self. We will not accept ourselves just as we really are, and that acceptance is what is called for.

31 – Freedom of Expression

We are not like the young child that we once were–the young child who felt free to express himself or herself in a carefree manner. Freedom of expression has become diminished in ourselves, and we must welcome it back if we are to move forward. We must debunk the fiction of an ideal self, and realize that this was only an idol, now an idol that we would leave behind. We will achieve confidence to express our real Self when we leave this false image of an ideal self behind.

32 – Alive

“You express the beauty and truth of who you are by being alive. It has only been your inability to accept this that has caused your grief and pretensions. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day Nine)”

33 – Striving

“You might ask now what is wrong with desiring to have the freedom to strive to be more and to do more. . . .You have just completed a monumental learning challenge and so your natural pattern would be to keep going now, to use the momentum of this learning success to achieve another. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day Nine)”

34 – Challenge

“This pattern will be easily replaced, however, as your acceptance of yourself as you are, the real challenge of this time, begins to grow and to build your confidence. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day Nine)”


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to accept myself without the ego. Be with me as I relax into the “play” that Jesus suggests for this day. I know that only through consciousness of You will I have the presence of mind to be at ease.

Thank You for these many words of Jesus. He is my guide, and I am very grateful.

I don’t readily accept Jesus as an equal; that goes against my thinking, as I have not yet assimilated A Course of Love. Help me to see what Jesus means by this assertion that he is our companion and our equal. I know that the Christ Self is in all of us, just waiting to come out. But my moments of Awakening are inconsistent still; I have not yet sustained Awakening. Help me to know what and how to think about this issue—today. I know that You often answer prayers immediately, and I ask for such an answer now.


I Am Free, Limitless, and Loving–as God Wills

ACIM Workbook Lesson 280 – for Friday, October 7, 2011

Affirmation:  “What limits can I lay upon God’s Son?”

“No thought of God but is forever pure.  Can I lay limits on the Son of God, whose Father willed that he be limitless, and like Himself in freedom and in love?

“Today let me give honor to Your Son, for thus alone I find the way to You.  Father, I lay no limits on the Son You love and You created limitless.  The honor that I give to him is Yours, and what is Yours belongs to me as well.  (WB436)”


1 – Limitless Release and Pure Joy

One of my favorite passages in A Course in Miracles says that we are to go throughout the day thinking of and experiencing “limitless release” and “pure joy.”  The release is limitless because all things are freed with it.  The lesson for today encourages this same idea of limitlessness.  We are truly free, though as long as we listen to the ego, we have an imprisoned will.  And this imprisoned will ultimately becomes intolerable for us, and we recognize that there must be a better way.  Bad things happen to us with an imprisoned will, because we experience pain, and while, the threshold for pain may be high, it is not unlimited.  God set the limits on our possibility to miscreate, and sooner or later all of us will return, though the return may take millions of years.  It is up to us to shorten that time, and each of us, it is said, saves a thousand years.  (These are paraphrases from ACIM.)

2 – We Would Not Have an Imprisoned Will

We would be free today, without an imprisoned will.  This means that we have recognized that God’s will and our own are actually identical, and, when we listen to the Holy Spirit, He is communicating to us what we really want.  We are not puppets, dangled by an indifferent god.  But we have failed to communicate with God, and He finds that His channels are closed.  We are asleep and need to be awakened.  God will effect this in us.  The ending, as said repeatedly in this blog, is sure.

3 – Creators of the Real World

We have the gifts of God.  He has nothing that He will not share with us.  We are meant to be creators of the real world, not makers of the illusory world.  Let us today walk into the sunshine with God, being led by the hand of Jesus.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for the moments of limitless release and pure joy which I have felt earlier today.  May the remainder of the day and tomorrow be filled with such moments as well.  I would not have an imprisoned will because of the ego’s dictates.  I would recognize that Your Will for me and my own will are actually identical, when I am sane and in my right mind.  Take all madness from my deluded mind today.

I ask to be made ready to be a creator in the real world.  I would not make illusions anymore.  I have only found flights of egoistic happiness, happiness that ended in tears.  Because I know that illusions bring tears, I know that illusions are not Your Will.  Guide me into the happy dreams the Holy Spirit brings, and then on into Awakening.  Thank You for Your patience with me, for sometimes I am way too stubborn for my own good.  Make me flexible enough to follow the guidance of Your Universal Inspiration consistently.