Reaching God

“When I told you to concentrate on the phrase ‘Here I am, Lord,’ I did not mean ‘in this world’ by ‘here.’ I wanted you to think of yourself as a distinct consciousness, capable of direct communication with the Creator of that consciousness. You must begin to think of yourself as a very powerful receiving and sending channel.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-4.VIII.8:1-3)

Jesus is first talking to Helen, but, as usual, we can appropriate his words to ourselves. We can communicate, as a “very powerful receiving and sending channel,” with God Himself. If this is too threatening to us, then the Holy Spirit will mediate. This is the whole purpose of the Holy Spirit, of course, to draw us back to God when we are in fear that would prevent a direct channel to the Almighty.

A Course of Love, sequel and continuation of A Course in Miracles, postulates a more direct route to God. In this age of Christ, it postulates, we are capable of direct communication with God, no longer so fearful of Him that we need the Holy Spirit as mediator. The age of the Holy Spirit, ACOL says, has now passed. We are to derive our guidance from the Christ-Self who dwells within each of us. This Christ-Self, still a learning being until morphing into discovery through observation and an informing by the heart, is capable of accurate choices. This Christ-Self is being healed, through and through, all layers of the subconscious. And when this healing is complete, we will know Awakening/Christ-consciousness/enlightenment.

God dwells within and without, though we project the world from the Mind. I believe this world does not really exist, because the Mind is all, and the Mind is, at base, Spirit. This non-dualistic world view gives a way to understand that God is everywhere at one time. We are “God-stuff,” and out of his individuations/differentiations of His Being, we develop as His children.

God then knows us as His own. Finiteness does serve a purpose, to experience, because knowing the Whole, as God does in His Godhead, would make experiential effects not separate from Cause, and thus unknowable. (This interpretation is based in part on Neale Donald Walsch’s “conversations” with God, and is not found in ACIM/ACOL.)


Gladden Ourselves

“Have you really considered how many opportunities you have to gladden yourself, and how many of them you have refused? There is no limit to the power of a Son of God, but he himself can limit the expression of his power as much as he wills. Your mind and mine can unite in shining your ego away, and releasing the strength and beauty of God into everything you think and will and do. Do not settle for anything less than this, and refuse to accept anything but this as your goal. Watch your mind carefully for any beliefs that hinder its accomplishment, and step away from them.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-4.VI.11:1-5)

Certainly everybody has experienced times when, in retrospect, we might say that we have been our own worst enemy. This is, I believe, what is happening when we have refused opportunities to gladden ourselves. We seem to wallow in self-pity, never a very laudatory experience. When we are so absorbed by self-pity, it certainly makes it hard for anybody else to sympathize and to emphasize with us. Our own self-centeredness at such times makes inevitable the truth that the ego will be in the ascendancy.

Jesus will join his mind to ours, and the two of each of us can shine the ego away. His offer is a free offer, with no strings attached. And should not we make the tiny effort to accept his free offer? Only a “little willingness” is necessary, as Jesus says elsewhere in A Course in Miracles. The Holy Spirit will take our little willingness, and make it into something mighty. Jesus will cooperate with us as we seek to leave the remnants of the ego in the dust under our feet.

We need God’s strength to finally take tentative and hesitant steps toward accepting His great blessings for us, His blessings in a world that is slowly giving up the ego as a very bad idea.

When tempted to indulge in the misery of self-pity, let us lift our thoughts with an effort of the will, and let God’s grace show us a world that will gladden us.

Relax in God’s Grace

“In your own unconscious, deeply repressed by the ego, is the declaration of your release: God has given you everything. This is the one fact which means that the ego does not exist, and which therefore makes it profoundly afraid. In the ego’s language, to have and to be are different, but they are identical to the spirit. It knows that you both have everything and are everything. Any distinction in this respect is meaningful only when the idea of getting, which implies a lack, has already been accepted. That is why we made no distinction between having the Kingdom of God and being the Kingdom of God.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-4.V.16:1-6)

So: God has given us everything!! This declaration surely doesn’t mean right now, but intuitively it can mean just that. When we draw on ultimate meaning, we draw on what we both have and are, and this is the infinity of God Himself. Like a hologram, the Whole of everything is within us, though our finite mind cannot comprehend this universal blessing. Our ego cannot comprehend, period. And so it shivers in dread and fear. But we don’t have to do that; we can immerse ourselves in the love that God’s greatest blessing to us. And in this blessing, we know that we partake of His grandness.

We do not have lacks. Oh, we think we do. But the fulfillment of need is only a motion away, a creative motion in which we rest in what we have, in gratitude that it is enough. We may, it is true, lack for material things, but this need be only temporary, for God’s storehouses are full to overflowing with what He can and does give to us.

Our spiritual needs are met immediately at the point of asking, for these intangibles do not wait on time or place. Our emotional needs, sometimes the greatest of our needs, may be resolved with a heartfelt prayer asking for help. And in asking for help, we know that we are not truly experiencing lack, for the help arrives, and all is well.

If this seems “pie in the sky” thinking, just relax in God’s grace. Try not to let skepticism stop the good from coming to us. This is egoic thinking, and we have determined to leave the ego behind. If we fall into egoic thinking at the first sign of trouble, we are asking of the wrong source. Ask for God’s help, and we are asking aright.

We both have and are the Kingdom of God. Ask what this means, and rest in surety that the Holy Spirit will answer, in terms that we can understand.

Ever Mindful of God’s Love Given & Received

“Let us ask the Father in my name to keep you mindful of His love for you and yours for Him. He has never failed to answer this request, because it asks only for what He has already willed. Those who call truly are always answered. If you become fearful at this, remember: ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before Me’ because there are none. You still think there are.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-4.V.12:1-5)

Do we still imagine gods that are other than our Creator, God Himself/Herself? The ego certainly does, and by this I mean the endless desires that we have for many, many things in our life, often material things. These become gods in their own right. We don’t have to subscribe to a “devil” figure to imagine that we are being tempted to put other gods before our Maker. We do this automatically and incessantly when we cozy up to the ego.

The many things that we admire and love more than God are mirages in the desert. Jesus says elsewhere in this complete edition that the thing to do with a desert is to leave. Certainly that is what we have to do with the ego; we have to turn aside, ever so gently, so as not to be sucked into a quagmire. We need to turn aside and give our allegiance and love to the One Who truly deserves it.

Remember that God loves us. And, buried deep within us, is our response of love. We know that love makes the world go ‘round, and when we love God, we come to see that the universes as well thrive on love.
If we think that we don’t love God, think a bit about what or who we do love. If this is true love, and intangible, then we can find God in this source. Loving this known bit of God can turn us on to God Himself.

Sometimes it is easier to love something little than the big, all-encompassing Source of Love Himself.
This small, intangible, love will take us to God. We have trouble because God is ineffable, and we don’t know how to get a handle on Him. This is as it should be. Turn within, and see if we don’t sense Love from the Almighty.

His blessings will lead us to Him.

Ask for Our Inheritance

“The Bible has many references to the immeasurable gifts which are for you, but for which you must ask. This is not a condition as the ego sets conditions. It is the glorious condition of what you are. No force except your own will is strong enough or worthy enough to guide you. In this you are as free as God, and must remain so forever. You can never be found except in honor, and that is always voluntary.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-4.V.11:4-9)

This asking is not a greedy rapaciousness. This asking is for our rightful inheritance. God intends good things for His children, and we are His children.

When I was young, I did not want to be greedy. I once ate a large portion of a package of cookies, at one sitting, and my mother, once she became aware of what I had done, told me that I had been “greedy.”

This crushed me. A small incident from childhood that was instructive.

This unhealed incident from my childhood has sometimes kept me from asking God for what is actually my “due.” God is not limited, and His gifts are abundant. Unlike a box of cookies, if we ask Him for what we want, and get it, there will not be less available for everyone else.

The storehouses of Heaven are filled to overflowing. Let the damaged areas of our conditioning fall away if we have hesitated to come to God with our legitimate desires.

He wants to give, and give, and never cease giving. We have only to accept, with a full heart.

God Is Glorious

“Against this sense of temporary existence, the spirit offers the knowledge of permanent and unshakable being. No one who has experienced the revelation of this can ever fully believe in the ego again. How can its meager offering to you prevail against the glorious gift of God?” (ACIM, COA ed., T-4.V.8:1-3)

This “sense of temporary existence” travels with the ego. We know, somehow, that the ego is not real, that it is an illusory form of existence that has entrapped us. When we listen to our spirit (and we may here think of the Holy Spirit), we know that there is a “permanent and unshakable being” in the midst of our very soul. And this revelation will calm us and give us a new lease on life. This knowledge of what is really permanent saves us. The obvious next step is to cease listening to our ego—just drop it, gently.

If we resist the ego, it will become stronger, for resistance signals strife, and the ego is strong in strife. How do we just turn aside?

First, we drop the ego in little ways. We become attuned to understanding when we are acting egotistically. Often this comes when we are insensitive to the needs and desires of our fellow men and women. We behave with a “me first” compulsion. While thinking of our own needs can be and is, often, necessary, this sense can be taken to extremes.

We can be living within the ego even when the impulse is not strictly egotistical. We can simply be self-centered, and this is an egoic state of mind. If we find that we are putting #1 first in every situation, we can think again.

We can always turn to the heart, as A Course of Love encourages, to bypass the willful thinking that gets us into such trouble. As we turn to the heart, a place that has always been devoid of the ego, we discover anew how to live.

The heart informs the mind, and then we realize that both egotistical and egoic trains of thoughts consume us no longer.

Go to God

“All separation anxiety is a symptom of a continuing will to remain separated. This cannot be repeated too often, because you have not learned it. You are afraid to teach only because you are afraid of the impression your image of yourself will make on other images. You believe that their approval of your image will exalt it, but that your separation anxiety will increase. You also believe that their disapproval of it will lessen the anxiety, but at the cost of depression.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-4.II.12:1-5)

This quotation is composed of fairly complicated psychology, something that Helen and Bill (co-scribes of A Course in Miracles) could understand easily, but maybe not the rest of us. When we get anxious, it is likely to be that we are fearful of our separation from God. We will not articulate this, because it will remain under cover, deep in the unconscious, where it will arouse confusion but be unavailable for healing.

This has to end. When we look to others for approval, often we are seeing those other brothers and sisters as images. Somehow we know that this isn’t right, that others are not images, but real people, and so we become afraid of our own interpretations. We will, with the ego in ascendancy, be glad, enlivened, when others give us approval, but we will realize that somehow this is not right—that we are equal to that other, and his/her approval should not be defining moments for us. Our separation anxiety will increase, for we are not being true to the real Self, the Self Who is one with God. We will get depressed if others disapprove of us, but this too is a false stance. Others should not hold such power over us.

Do not get lost in interpretation. Know simply that anything that increases separation anxiety ought to be avoided, just as much as the separation itself. When we have reunited with God, no separation any longer, we will know the truth of this.

Until then, we will remain befuddled. This simply means that we must ask the Holy Spirit for help in sorting out our emotions.

“Go to God,” when we are mixed up, tangled up, is awfully good advice.

God’s Joy Makes Its Way into This World

“The dreamer who doubts the reality of his dream while he is still dreaming it is not really healing the level-split. You have dreamed of a separated ego, and you have believed in a world which rests upon it. This is very real to you. You cannot undo this by doing nothing and not changing. If you are willing to renounce the role of guardian of your thought system and open it to me, I will correct it very gently and lead you home.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-4.I.9:3-7)

This is Jesus’ promise to us: He will correct our thought system “very gently and lead you home.” Let us take him at his word. Let us see what he has to say to us in A Course in Miracles and other recent channeled works like A Course of Love and The Way of Mastery.

We have been dreaming a world. That is why we learn in ACIM that the world does not exist, that it is all illusion. When we awake, the world will be called the “real world,” and we will see clearly for the first time. In the midst of the dream, we will know how to live. We will live in peace and harmony with never an egoic nightmare to disturb our peace. This is why the meek shall inherit the earth. The meek have humble egos, and this, their secret, will become ours when we listen to the inner leading of the Holy Spirit (or the inner leading of the Christ-Self, as set forth in A Course of Love).

We do have to be willing to change, and this is hard for us, because we have slowly built up a world that seems to make sense to us. The fact that this world truly does not make sense just shows the extent we have gone into madness. Our minds, entrapped by the ego, have been anything but clear. Our minds have been lost in a special form of insanity in which we were joined by most people on earth.

This insanity is slowly ending. Jesus says elsewhere that the return may take millions of years, as long as the separation took to happen and maybe longer. This depressing thought does not have to be viewed as depressing if we realize that God’s joy makes its way into this world as well. Our joy is complete when we cease to nurture suffering and listen to guidance that signals love.

Pain doesn’t have to turn to suffering, when we understand enough. When we walk a joyful way, with God, we know that the vicissitudes of this world are intangible and unreal. We turn to the truly magnificent blessings given to us, in gratitude for the sight of a world that Jesus calls “real.”

Let us walk on in hope for the glory of a mind and heart returned to our Creator.

When Will We Ever Learn?

“The mind can make the belief in separation very real and very fearful. And this belief is the devil. It is powerful, active, destructive, and clearly in opposition to God, because it literally denies His fatherhood. Never underestimate the power of this denial. Look at your life and see what the devil has made. But know that this making will surely dissolve in the light of truth, because its foundation is a lie.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-3.XI.9:1-6)

Now we know what the devil concept was all about. We know that it is really the egoic notion of things, lived out in separation from God. We could not truly separate from Him, because we are part of Him, but we could live, with the ego, as though we are separate. And therefore alone. And the ego is the symbol, as well as the essence, of fear. Thinking we are all alone in the universe will frighten the most courageous.

In the egoic world, we thought that if there were good, there had to be a counterbalancing of evil. Contrasts were the way that the drama proceeded. And there were so many dramas! We felt the height of joy, but just for a moment, before we were dashed down and in misery, despair. Is this any way to live?

We can’t live in this illusion any longer, because we know better now. As children of God, individuals within whom He dwells, our real will for ourselves is not a contradiction from His will for us. This truth can be hard to accept, for the separation has been long and cruel. The Holy Spirit will guide us gently to the truth that the wills are the same. How could they not be, when God is living through us?
God’s way is true reality; our parody of His creation has been and will always remain, illusion. Not being real, our illusion weaves fanciful imaginings that bring us down, and down, and down, repeatedly?

When will we ever learn?

Communion with God

“As long as perception lasts, prayer has a place. Since perception rests on lack, those who perceive have not totally accepted the Atonement and given over themselves to truth. Perception is a separated state, and the perceiver does need healing. Communion, not prayer, is the natural state of those who know. God and His miracles are inseparable.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-3.VII.15:1-5)

This quotation gives us an understanding of the movement from traditional prayer, as supplication, when we are perceiving, into communion with God, when we know instead of perceive. This is an important distinction, because we need to comprehend very precisely, or we will feel bereft, without a God to Whom we can appeal when things get rough. And they will still sometimes get rough.

When we commune with God, we go into a very deep place that is calm and tranquil. We never frantically try to get His attention, something that we are prone to do in supplication when we are distraught. The God we are seeking is deep within us, so deep that we had lost sight of Him earlier, when the ego ruled.

But now we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, an Intermediary Who leads us into God’s presence when we still cling to tendrils of fear of Him. Later on, in the age of Christ (actually where we are now), we will approach God directly, for we no longer will be fearful of His Being. We will know that we are in a right relationship to Him, and we will not foolishly think that He is going to judge us for trying, in illusion, to be separate from Him.

So we seek communion with God now. This is the blessed state all the saints enjoyed. And it is here for all of us now.

We Are Ideas in the Mind of God

“ ‘God created man in His Own image and likeness’ is correct in meaning, but the words are open to considerable misinterpretation. This is avoided, however, if ‘image’ is understood to mean ‘thought,’ and ‘likeness’ is taken as ‘of a like quality.’ God did create the Son in His Own thought and of a quality like to His Own. There is nothing else.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-3.VII.11:4-7)

We are ideas in the Mind of God, another word, “ideas,” substituted for “thought.” This interpretation reveals George Berkeley’s Idealism, from the Nineteenth Century, an interpretation that resonated with me years ago in my first class in philosophy.

There is nothing in the universes at any vibration that is not “God-stuff.” God created us out of Himself, and even now lives through us, occupying our mind, heart, body to live in the world. Our mind, though, is finite, though it can draw on the Higher Power that possesses us, and thereby reach beyond ourselves to find answers to our problems, answers that are guidance in the highest degree.

“There is nothing else.” No, there is not. When we realize that we too are “God-stuff,” then we realize that we have the potential to be very holy. Holiness is born of the innocence that is our birthright. Our mistakes are wiped away when we understand the forgiveness is a type of love that has effected this.

Let us forgive ourselves today for what we only imagine are great wrongs. Let us forgive others who are in our shadow. Everyone does the best that he/she can, given his/her degree of understanding. And we have simply been mad, made mad by the ego. As we give up the ego, our false persona, we will walk into a new and glorious land, creating this world anew.

God Just Loves

“God is not a stranger to His Own Sons, and His Sons are not strangers to each other. Knowledge preceded both perception and time, and will also ultimately replace (or correct for) them. This is the real meaning of the biblical account of God as ‘Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.’ It also explains the quotation ‘Before Abraham was, I am.’ Perception can and must be stabilized, but knowledge is stable. Fear God and keep His commandments is a real scribal error. It should read, ‘Know God and accept His certainty.’ This error is why the commandments are almost all negative, in contrast to my statement: ‘Thou shalt love.’” (ACIM, COA ed., T-3.V.11:3-10)

No, we are not meant to be afraid of God, if by fear, we mean apprehension. We are meant to know God, and as time passes, we will come ever more into this bliss. Jesus here contrasts his own new revelations, as recorded in the New Testament, with the harsh portrayal of God in the Old Testament. Jesus proclaimed a God of love, the Old Testament, a foreboding Figure—hence the negative tenor of the Ten Commandments.

The God of the Old Testament was all egoic, a projection of the scribes who were lost in egoism. Good and bad, right and wrong—all was slated through the eyes of a God Who could be very fierce, denunciatory toward His children. Jesus, with kind eyes, encouraged little children to approach him, and he loved with a deep and abiding love. The difference could not be more striking.

When we love as Jesus encouraged, we come to know, as opposed to perceive. And this knowledge is of a God Who wishes His offspring well. It is of a God Who lives through us, for we are part of Him. This is the new revelation in Jesus’s channeled writing, so new on the scene of our world. This is the view, of Gods in miniature that we are. God, in living through us, is constantly leading us to discover that His way is benign. We know this, when we listen to our heart. We know that our Maker, living through us, is wishing us well, loving us, for his creation will hold together only when the laws of love are obeyed.

The laws of love are open to us. We advance when we love; we fall back when we are caught in negativity. The only way that the universes could survive is if they were predicated on love for the discrete parts, one part feeling and expressing love for another. Anything else would self-destruct.

Walk along in peace borne of love for our fellow men and women, our brothers and sisters. The advantages will unfold before us, with nothing to trip our foot upon as we walk.

Commend Our Spirit into the Hands of the Father

“Nothing can prevail against a Son of God who commends his spirit into the hands of his Father. By doing this, the mind awakens from its sleep and remembers its Creator. All sense of separation disappears and level confusion vanishes. The Son of God is part of the Holy Trinity, but the Trinity Itself is one. There is no confusion within Its levels, because they are of one Mind and one will. This single purpose creates perfect integration, and establishes the reign of the peace of God.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-3.III.9:1-6)

We need to surrender to God; this is what commending the spirit into the hands of the Father actually means. When we surrender, we are literally one step away from Awakening. We are not relying on our puny little self; we are relying on the God within Who makes all things happen.

When the mind awakens from its sleep, we have enlightenment. The way may yet be long for some of us, but for others, it is just a step away. Jesus is hoping that his channeled writings will take humankind to the next level, the level of Christ-consciousness. Eventually all will occupy this level.

The Trinity explains a great deal, and for this we are dependent on traditional Christianity. All parts of the Trinity are within each individual. To objectify God, and not know what one is doing, is a misstep—though objectification can give us something to rely upon. As long as we know what we are doing.

Turn to the Holy Spirit today, and ask to be show mysteries. God would keep no secrets from the prepared mind and heart. He wants us to know Him.

Images of God

“So far, this course has had only indirect recourse to God and rarely even refers to Him directly. I have emphasized that awe is not appropriate in connection with me, because of our inherent equality. I have been careful to clarify my own role in the Atonement, without either over- or understating it. I have tried to do exactly the same thing in connection with yours. The next step, however, does involve the direct approach to God Himself. It would be most unwise to start on this step at all without very careful preparation, or awe will surely be confused with fear, and the experience will be more traumatic than beatific.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-3.I.6:1-6)

We are asked to read through the Text of A Course in Miracles in right order. Jesus says that if we don’t, if we skip over, we will become fearful, and when we are in fear, we are not good learners. We are heading into a direct route to God Himself, the means of our living when we have moved beyond the indirect approach of the Holy Spirit. In the meantime, listening to guidance from the Holy Spirit is less terrifying.

Bottom line, we are scared of God. We think He blames His children for leaving Him, and, in a projection of our own, we think He is mad with us, very angry.
This is Old Testament thinking, Scripture for another time and place. The image of God in the Old Testament is very different from the loving God whom Jesus presented to us in the New Testament. In the Old, God was seen as judgmental and angry with His children, surely a projection of the ego. In the New, we are primed for the revelation that
Jesus made so clear, that God is Love, and that God envelops us with that Love, blames us for mistakes not at all. He knows us through and through, indeed lives through us, for we are not separate.

We do not approach Jesus, appropriately, with awe. But we are rightfully in awe of God, awe but not fear. Being scared of the One Who knows us through and through, and holds nothing against us, makes no sense at all. Any other conclusion is the work of the insane ego.

Irresistible Attraction of God

“The real meaning of possession should be clarified. Fear of possession is a perverted expression of the fear of the irresistible attraction of God. The truth is still that the attraction of God is irresistible at all levels, and the acceptance of this totally unavoidable truth is only a matter of time. But you should consider whether you want to wait, because you can return now, if you choose.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-2.I.1:1-4)

Here we begin Chapter 2 of the complete A Course in Miracles. This part of the new ACIM is quite technical with psychological dimensions. But even a lay person can understand some of what is being said. Of course, Helen and Bill undoubtedly understood it all.

Perhaps we have had a fear of possession by evil spirits. Here Jesus says that this is a perverted expression of our fears about God.

We know, deep within, that we are One with Him, and we don’t know what to make of this, I think because we still fear Him so. This fear is the reason for the creation of the Holy Spirit as an intermediary between God and ourselves. But we have nothing to fear, and as we go further in ACIM, we will come to see that.

We are irresistibly attracted by the love of God. When we think on these things, we know that there is nothing we really want besides this love. And the love that we feel, however imperfectly we feel, gives us limitless release and great joy.

We are home free when we give into this feeling. Trust a little, and let the sense of God’s indwelling comfort us through and through. When we sense the comfort, we won’t be afraid any longer.

God Never Leaves Us Stranded

“This is a time of knowing who you are and who I Am while at the same time, holding, or carrying, the mystery within you. That mystery is the tension of opposites. It is time and eternity. Love and hate. Good and evil. In other words, All and Nothing. It is the tension of individuation, a tension that has existed since the beginning of time, between time and eternity, between the attributeless love and the attribute laden being. Between the one being of love and the many beings of form, between love’s extension and form’s projection.” (ACOL, D:Day39.38)

This is a lovely passage that seeks to merge opposites, reality’s true expression in our world. We may reach for the positive, but until our vision is perfect, we also see the negative. If our vision is perfect, the negative doesn’t appear negative to us; our sight of deplorable conditions sees beyond them to a radiant future for all. We know that all will work out eventually, and sooner rather than later, if we do our part.

We need to know “who we are” if we are to see conditions transforming before our eyes. We need to be real, be truthful, and be aware of the differences between honesty and complicity in untruths. This requires true knowledge of ourselves, the kind that Jesus is extending to us with every word, especially toward the end of A Course of Love. He is drawing together all the threads of what he has begun with us, culminating in language that is beauty.

We are individuated or differentiated beings, part of God but not limitless as He is. We are finite creatures, but we can come to know more when we have aligned ourselves with His goodness.

We have form in this world, but it is not form that captures us. We are leaving illusion behind as we walk the pathway that God has set out for us. We are truly walking into a new and different world, one in which atrocities will cease to be real to us. We will not be heartless in this world, but we will see differently, and we will see God’s love extending even in the worst, deplorable human situation.

God never leaves us stranded.

Dear God,

I know that you would have me cease to look on the bad things of this world with a head that is shaking in disbelief. Our free will makes for bad situations sometimes. But we can see differently, but not heartlessly. I can know that You will resolve the situation when the ones involved get their thinking and their feeling in the right place, the place that You are constantly pointing out to anyone who will listen.

Thank You for letting me know that You are not heartless, even though our world seems on the edge so often. Turning to You resolves difficulties, even the worst ones. You give a solace that can’t be touched by deplorable conditions in our sad world.


How Have We Seen God?

“Thus your ideas of the universe and your ideas of me have been inseparable projections. As have your ideas of the universe and your ideas of your own self.

“Have I been a benevolent God in your universe? Then you have been benevolent and seen your universe as a benevolent universe.

“Have I been a judgmental God in your universe? Then you have been judgmental and lived in a judgmental world.

“Have I been a powerful God who can work miracles? Then you have been a powerful miracle worker.

“Have I been a distant God who does not show his love for you or others? Then you have been distant from yourself and those you love.

“Have I been a God you have sought and never found? Then you have not found yourself.

“Have I been a fair God? Then you have been fair and the world has treated you fairly.

“Have I been the God of your religion? Then you have been religious.

“Have I been a God of vengeance? Then you have been vengeful.

“Have I been a God of love? Then you have been loving.

“Have I been all of these? So, too, then, have you, and so too has your universe been.” (ACOL, D:Day39.19 – Day39.29)

Jesus is saying that our projections onto him have been a reflection of how we see God Himself. And it has been projections. What we have held in our heart, we have seen in him—when we took him seriously as a part of our faith.

Jesus seemed to me to be judgmental. I know that I don’t see myself, now nor in the past, as judgmental, but I have been keen on “fairness,” and this is a judgment. Someone once told me, a friend in childhood, that he had had a dream in which I had screamed, “It isn’t fair!” I realized as soon as he said it that he was seeing something in my very soul. And I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t like to be seen so clearly at that tender age of about 12.

Read over this list, and see where you see yourself. This can be very insightful, as well as disturbing.

The good news in A Course of Love is that this doesn’t have to be something that we stay with. We can give up our projections as easily as we acquired them, a largely unconscious process.

Just ask to feel love as an extension of our being and of God’s Being. And the projections will melt away.

Dear God,

Help me to project no more. Never a good idea, it is devastating as we seek to walk into Christ-consciousness. Our love needs to be whole and complete, nothing that inferior ways of viewing You could allow.

Be with me for a good day, something that I ask often. The day is busy, but I never want to lose sight of You.


Peace & Understanding through Living Union with God

“By simply being, you have been “part” of God but you have not seen this as what it really means either. You have seen this as being separate, or at most as being “a” part of God—as if you are a drop of water in the ocean—and in this example reemphasized the mightiness of God and the lowliness of man. The “part” of God you have been being is being. You have been a feeling, thinking, creating, perceiving being. The “part” of God you have not been being is union. Remember, God is being in union and relationship. This is what God is. God is being. God is relationship. God is union.” (ACOL, D:Day37.27)

The quotation for today emphasizes our merger with God, for we are no longer in illusory separation. We have previously not been in union with Him, for we believed ourselves not to be in union, and the believing had made it seem so. Now we are being in union with God—and in relationship with Him and everyone else as well. Our unity and relationship will mean that we are one with the All, and yet a discrete, distinct part who can interact, well, with everything and everybody.

Because the union is primary, we know a peace and understanding that used to elude us. Relationship brings this truth available to us, for if it were not for relationship, as distinct we are one to the other, we could not experience anything.

God is in a similar situation. He differentiated Himself (also Herself) into diverse entities so that He too could experience the All. The relationship makes this possible, as we have said. The union and the relationship give us a mystical comprehension of God, the Whole.

So: God is being, God is relationship, God is union.

This is our new understanding, brought to us by A Course of Love.

When we dwell on these truths—being, relationship, union—we will know a certainty about living that we have never known before.

Dear God,

I long for mystical insight into You. Jesus, in the Way of Mastery, said this, but in different words. He has longed to know You intimately, and in saying this, he echoes the sense that we all have that something has been missing from our reality. We have the facts in hand now that can make tomorrow different. Now we can understand, even with our finite minds and hearts.

Help us to be grateful for the insights that Jesus has given in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, and also the Way of Mastery. His insights offer us a new and different reality for our future. His insights are teaching us how to experience God and live in that knowledge.


An Understanding of God that Comforts

“This “link” is very powerful. Where willingness is demonstrated, this link can be moved to be, rather than “just” a link, a cooperative relationship. This cooperative relationship, accessed through willingness, could also be called the “being” that you appeal to when you appeal to God. Knowing
what you are coming to know about the true nature of God should thus not leave you feeling bereft of a God you can feel close to, appeal to, thank and praise. But doing so can also be confusing if it leads to thoughts of God as a particular being. Yet the idea of God as Father, introduced and championed by Jesus Christ, was also created by Jesus Christ. Thus is the power of man and God together, the power of creation. What this is saying is that there is a God the Father to relate to and that this God the Father does not negate God, nor does God negate God the Father.” (ACOL, D:Day37.22)

What a relief! Some parts of A Course of Love seem almost non-theist about God. But here He (also a She) is given back to us. We have not lost a God to pray to, a comfort in times of difficulty, a peace that passeth understanding when we are feeling especially loving, mellow.

The Father (as called by Jesus) is with us still. I think that His Godhead retains a Mind/Heart that is open to us as well as being all-knowing, omniscient. He is not, to my mind, lost in relationships always, but His unity (His oneness) is very real. This gives me great comfort in the middle of the night when I awaken from a bad dream and pray for solace. God seems to come up from the depths that I share with everything and everyone, and then he offers me peace. This solace is much needed at such times.

Keep in mind that we have not, in the prose of ACOL, lost a God to pray to. But we aren’t to see Him as the bearded Man in the sky, on a throne and all that. We are not (we learn elsewhere) in need of a “concept” of God at all, for God is beyond concepts. Our little minds, even with the aid of mysticism and intuition, cannot comprehend all that He is. We know better than to try to carry God in our hip pockets.

Our understanding of God will develop over time, as we walk ever closer to Him. His magnitude is something that He gives to us as well. Be willing not to know the Whole. We don’t need to know the Whole to lead a happy, productive, and worthwhile life.

Dear God,

Keep me satisfied about You. Keep me willing to allow God to be God, something that my finite mind cannot fathom. This is the way that it ought to be, a numinous that moves me ever farther along the spectrum back to You.

Be with me today as my mind/heart descends from these lofty concerns. I would be careful not to build a new ego, as Jesus takes me ever closer to a knowledge of You.


We Are a Spark of Divinity

“But more fundamentally than even all of this, you might ask, if you are one in being with God, is it being said that you are being God? That you have been being God even within the limited parameters of life as you have known it?

“Unfortunately, this is not what is being said. What is being said is that you are simply being. You are being a feeling, thinking, creating, perceiving human being because this is what you believe yourself to be.” (ACOL, D:Day37.15 – Day37.16)

We have not been “being” God, even though God lives through us. We are human beings who are merging into the real Self, the Christ-Self, drawing upon the Self Who is God. We have a spark of divinity in us, and it is this that will save us.

This spark of divinity infuses the human with greater, more abundant traits. We are “feeling, thinking, creating, perceiving,” and this multiplicity of activities for our Christ-Self will be what we use to move into a new reality, a new reality that is finally and completely “true.”

If we imagine that we are not good enough for God, we will fall down in our attempts to live in an improved way. He has always called us “innocent.” We can see in little children the innocence that they possess. It is just this innocence that God sees in us all the way through our lifespan. We have nothing to fear. He loves us just as we are, though I can imagine that He wishes mightily that we would get our act together and limit our mistake-prone condition.

God is here with us, living through us 24/7, all year long as well. He means us well; we are His children who went astray, but He is here to take us back home with Him.

Dear God,

I would not ask for more than is mine. But everything is mine. I have read this in A Course of Love, that everything belongs to us, and that we will be unhappy if we separate a little piece of reality, and say, “This is all I want. This will satisfy me.”

It won’t satisfy long. And that is the rub. I know that our God-given gifts are abundant and very real. And may I use them today to reach higher than ever before, to move my arms toward God as He (metaphorically) reaches down to lift me up.


Mystical Comprehension of Oneness with Our Creator

“You have, quite simply, been being. The simple truth that you are a being makes you one with God, who is being. This truth, however, has escaped you. So you have been being the particular self you have “known” or perceived yourself to be—the self you were defined as at birth—a human being—something you have seen as separate rather than distinct from the divine being who is God. Because you are being, however, (and note here that you are being, and God is being, and that it is not being said that either you or God are “a” being) you have power—the power of being which is the power of thought, feeling, creating, and perceiving or knowing.” (ACOL, D:Day37.13)

The most distinct part of this quotation for today is the parenthetical thought, “note here that you are being, and God is being, and that it is not being said that either you or God are ‘a’ being.” This thought makes solid our absolute oneness with God, that the being that is He and the being that is us are one and the same, though, as said elsewhere, each of us is not, except mystically, in relationship to everything and everybody. We are finite, but our being merges with God, and His omnipotence allows Him to be in relationship to everything and everybody.

At times we can sense in a mystical sense our oneness with everything and everybody, but these intuitions are necessarily fleeting. If comprehension of the oneness were retained, we would not long hold on to this body, this finite piece that we are.

Previously, we imagined ourselves separate from God, and this led to all manner of mischief and misunderstanding. We fell into an insane way of thinking, the ego, and we thought that we were really alone, even though we might be in a room with many people. Now we know better. We are one with the All, with God Himself. And with this knowledge, we have an understanding of true reality and true power. We are saved from the egoic machinations.

We are not separate from God, though we are distinct from Him in our finiteness. Let us invite a mystical Presence that will tell us, once and for all, that we are not separate. Let us invite a recognition of the merger with God that we all embody.

Dear God,

I long for mystical confirmation of my oneness with You, and, thankfully, I have had this confirmation upon occasion. I must live in this world, on this earth, for a time longer, and so I do not want to keep my head in the clouds too long. I would stand securely with my feet on terra firma, but I invite my mind/heart to spend a while in the clouds above. This is not unlike what Jesus has had us doing with our trek to the mountain top while we remain firmly grounded in our lives on earth.

Help me to welcome Your reach to me, so that I am once again solidly here and yet solidly in Your fold as well.

Thank You.


God Is All Compassionate Being Everywhere

“One of the reasons you have been as intent as you have been on your idea of a separate and particular God is that you want to believe that there is a compassionate being in charge of everything, looking out for you, there to help when you are in need. God is all compassionate being everywhere—not one being of compassion! In union and relationship you realize this. And you realize that all compassionate being everywhere is a consciousness or beingness that you share. And further, you realize that what is possible is for you to become the one being of compassion that you already are in God.” (ACOL, D:Day37.9)

Do we think we need a “separate” God to pray to? Is that what is holding us up in believed this truth that God and we are One. God is compassion Being everywhere, and so there is no real problem here. I pray to God often and with complete assurance that I am heard, for He is my very being, though in my finiteness I make mistakes.

God doesn’t make mistakes, but we are discrete beings who are not omniscient. When His Being is everywhere, it is all-knowing and all love—no mistakes at all. We can’t understand the difference fully, but if we let our heart talk to us, we gain some wisdom. Our heart intuitively knows God’s Presence and His peace, and that is enough. Our heart leads our mind to stop its incessant questioning, its incessant doubting.

All compassionate being everywhere! What a concept! We have learned from A Course of Love, though, that a concept of God is not only unnecessary but also impossible for us to attain correctly.

Let us turn to God as we understand Him, as in 12-step programs, and then let Him “talk” to us.

We will not be disappointed.

Dear God,

I get intuitive insight that seems more than just my little, finite self. Is this intuitive insight really coming from You? I hope so. The intuitions are virtually always on task, right on task.

Be with me today. Help me to refrain from complaining about the little things that might go wrong in a lifetime. There is so much gloriously right that I am ungrateful to focus on any minor detail that seems to have gone awry.

Thank You.


Heart Knowledge of God Tells Us that He Exists

“God remains God who is one in being with all, and God also is given form, or is, in other words, differentiated. God is All in All. And God is also All in One and All in Many. God is still the Creator of All, but God is also now the Creator of One, the Creator of the experience of one life, or many lives, the experience and the experiencer of life. Through differen¬tiation, God is you as you are God. God retains oneness of being and also becomes a being in union and relationship—in short—a being in union and relationship with you.” (ACOL, D:Day36.17)

Here we have more explanation about Who and What God really is. He is living through us; it is just that simple. Perhaps the pains to which Jesus is going with his theology about God will soothe and comfort us. We are not alone; we have the greatest Power in the universe fueling our true Self.

How could we separate from God at all, ever? Of course, we couldn’t, but we could imagine that we did. And this fantasy, an illusion, is what has made all our trouble for ourselves. Now we are ready to make a new choice, an informed choice, to know that God is the All, the One, and the Differentiated in unity and relationship as well.

We cannot know God through our minds. He is too big for our finite minds. But we can intuitively, mystically, sense Him through our heart. If we open our heart to be big and expansive, and forgiving, of our brothers and sisters, we will have taken a giant step as A Course in Miracles tells us. But A Course of Love expanded on ACIM’s tenets, and it is ACOL that told us just simply to listen to our heart.

If we listen to our heart, we will know that we don’t have to “prove” God’s existence. We will just know that the Whole is good, joyous, and harmonious—a Whole that is friendly.

Dear God,

Einstein asked if the universe were friendly. And this morning I am asking the same thing. And getting an answer through my heart.

I wondered when I was quite young if the universe were friendly. At that time, I was a church-goer, but not yet a confirmed believer. I am now, and I thank You for effecting the change in me.


Our New Choice Is to Be One with God

“To be a being of feeling, thought, creativity and knowing or perception is to be one in being with God. Accept this, for this is what God is and what you are. This is being. To be one in being with God and yet to exist outside of the powerful state of relationship and union has been a chal¬lenging choice. A god-like choice. A choice for a new kind of experience that has led to the creation of an unreal reality so populated by the god-like and the god-less, so near to replacing creation with destruction, so joyous and loving, and so hate- and pain-filled, that you have been moved to a new choice.” (ACOL, D:Day36.15)

We now know that we want to live differently from our egoic days, our times of (illusory) separation from God. Jesus has carefully explained the means back to God for us. We need but listen. A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, Way of Mastery, and other channeled works, not to mention the New Testament, tell us, in the Christian tradition, how to make our way back. We need simply to be attentive.

We know that we need the next step in spiritual evolution—Christ-consciousness, Awakening, or enlightenment. We aren’t in total control, for God makes the decision as to timing of the bestowal of this blessing. Our task is simply to remove the blocks we have barricaded ourselves behind, the blocks that prevent us from seeing love in any and every situation. Even the most hostile acts are a cry for love, and we know this now. Forgiveness will go a long way toward removing the blocks to the awareness of love.

Be with us today as we seek to join with God in an ever-closer walk. Our new choice will sustain us. Our new choice will show us how to live triumphantly.

Dear God,

I would be soft-spoken today. Slow to anger, slow to disharmony. I would know harmony in my daily life, as much as possible, from now on. I do know that I will slip up, but Jesus stands at the end of my pathway to correct any mistakes that I can’t correct. This is promised in A Course in Miracles.

Thank You for guiding me, ever so gently, I see now, throughout my life. There have been some times that I rued the good life that I actually had, and I ask You to take from me any tendency to rue anything now. I will start from where I am.


We Must Be about Our Father’s Business

“This is a true starting over with the true realization that giving and receiving are one and that both are within your power. This is starting over with the realization that you can give yourself a new set of circumstances and a new world by creating it as your experience. This is starting over with the realization that you are now the creator of your experience. You have always been creating because you have always been one in being with God who is endlessly creating. But you are only now a creator in union and relationship.

“The difference here is all the difference in the world. (ACOL, D:Day36.9 – Day36.10)

Because all of us are actually one, in union with God though possessing distinct personalities, we are creators in union and relationship. Being in union and relationship is a new experience for us, for we lived discrete lives, and we believed that not only were we separate from each other, but we also believed that we were separate from God.

Changing our minds and hearts about something so central to our existence is bound to create a different experience. And it is this new and different experience that will make the world seem different to us. We will be about the new business of changing/creating newly in our world, creating along the lines of what our true guidance prompts us. And we will not be disappointed in what we find. Our lives will take on new meaning, for our own transformation will become the backdrop for the transformation of our world.

These are exciting times! Jesus has led us gently, and with much repetition (for emphasis), to the place we occupy now. His words in A Course of Love have entered our heart, and then our heart has changed our mind. We have already made inroads into transformation. All of us have had glimpses of enlightenment, however brief. Our peace is greater than we have ever known before. We are on the road to a greater tomorrow.

Let our changing experiences prompt us as to how to change the world. And how to create a new world. We don’t make changes without careful preparation, and we are being prepared every day.

We can all see the internal changes that have been wrought in us over the time that we have read A Course of Love, and the external will but mirror the our interior. We must be about our Father’s business, not unlike the way that Jesus was at age 12. We have delayed long enough. Let us begin.

Dear God,

I ask for your guidance as I seek to make my way in a world that seems increasingly to be foreign to me. I would ask for guidance to transform the world that encircles me with a new truth, a new true reality. May my interior, led by the Christ-Self, tell me what next to think, say, and do.

Thank You for guiding me this far. You haven’t dropped me yet, and You won’t. As Your child, I know that as I listen to You, I will be gently corrected, if need be, and gently prompted toward the next right step on my pathway back to You.


God Trusts Us

“Your experiences in their totality you call your life. Yet you have stood apart from these experiences—all of them. You can look back on your life and see its form. You could write an autobiography describing every expe¬rience you encountered between your earliest memory and the present moment and it would say nothing about you if it related the experiences only as physical events. Your experiences may, in their totality, be called your life, but they cannot be called you. You stand apart. And yet in your choice of, and response to your experiences were you revealed, because, in this way only, were you a creator.” (ACOL, D:Day36.3)

When we lived through eons previous to now, we lived our experiences and responded to them, making them what we would. In that sense, we were a creator, though what we made was all illusion, informed by the ego.

Now we know something better. We are truly creating true reality, and in this our experiences and our responses to them create in a way that has been denied us previously. Now God can trust us more, knowing that nothing we create will put the universe in jeopardy. Formerly, He had to restrict us, because otherwise we might have made something bad that would be lasting. This does not contradict free will, which we have always had. But, as A Course in Miracles says, we had an imprisoned will, and in this we destroyed our true freedom.

Now we are walking into a new day. The light illumines the environment ever more brightly. We see with a vision that is not of this world. And in the seeing, we create anew. Indeed, we are prompted to create a new world entirely.

The “you” that we have been, now and previously, stood apart from our experiences that were viewed as physical events. It is in our responses that we truly become distinct. And our responses now are ever better. This is why God can trust us now. He knows that we will create well in a state of mind and heart that has not be accessed previously.

Dear God,
I would walk into the sunlight today, with You, with my new vision. I would see things that have been denied me before. I can see most clearly when I am relaxed and mellow. I ask You to move toward my personality with relaxation and mellowness today.
I do have some control over how I respond. I am not an automaton. I do have free will, and Your will and mine are actually identical. I certainly won’t fight You any longer; that attitude was gone a long time ago.
Be with me for a mellow, relaxed, and perfect day. Thank You.

God’s Presence Enfolds Us

“In your relationship to God, who is your being, you can know relation¬ship to everything, because in this one relationship, you are in relationship with all. Thus you need not become a world traveler, a joiner, an activist. You simply must become aware of all that you are.” (ACOL, D:Day35.1)

This “knowing” is an intuitive knowing, not an actual one, for we are not omniscient, as the Godhead is. We are in relationship to the All when we are in relationship to God, though, and an intuitive/mystical comprehension makes all the difference in the world. If we realize ourselves, we can realize God. We won’t need “proof” of His existence; we will simply know that He does exist. His Presence will enfold us; His Love will give us the grace to proceed with confidence in our world. Nothing and nobody need deter us; we are assured of success when we depend on His grace.

We are not prevented from being world travelers, joiners, and activists. We may want to do all or none of these. In changing/creating a new world, we may indeed need to become just those things. But it is not mandatory to change ourselves in order to get to know God. He is living through us, closer to us than our breath, for we are a part of Him. His way will become ours, when we are ready to give over self-will.

The theme song of the last part of A Course of Love is to become who we really are, being who we really are. Change is gradual. But we don’t have to twist ourselves all out of shape to be who we are; just relax in God’s Arms, and all is well.

Dear God,

I ask for Your Presence to overshadow me, now and every day. Your Presence wraps me in a cocoon of love, and this love tells me, intuitively, what to say and do. It is the most important part of my relationship to You—being cocooned in Your love. This state of mind and heart allows me to do many things that would otherwise be impossible for me.

Thank You for taking such good care of me throughout my life. I haven’t always realized just how much care You have given me. I hope that I do realize it now.


As We Merge into God

“Say to yourself, as you confront the events and situations of your world, that you are being in relationship. It is to your being that the people, places, events and situations that make up your world appeal. It is in your response that who you are being is revealed.

“You are being a who. Your who is your individuated self. But your who is also your representation of being. The two becoming one—the indi¬viduated self becoming one in being—is the aim toward which we have journeyed together.” (ACOL, D:Day33.5 – Day33.6)

What does it mean to say that we are to become the “individuated self becoming one in being”? This is the merger with God, with the Self Who is beyond us, but still part of us. We are “being” as God is “Being.” But we are finite, because we are a differentiated (individuated) part of the Whole. He is omniscient; we are not, finite creatures whom we are. But we need to grow all the way up to God, to heal the separation entirely, and that means Christ-consciousness will enfold us. That is the aim toward which we walk; that is what Jesus desires for us all.

When we respond to others in our world, we are being revealed, to them, as who we are. We become who we are only in relationship, just as God becomes Who He is in relationship to everything, the diverse parts that He has formed from His Whole. Our relationships with others, as these relationships become holy, will transform us. So “who we are” is therefore revealed in relationship.

Our will carries us only so far. We have to realize that we are children of God, and His Godhead retains prerogatives. It is He Who decides when we are ready for Awakening. We can sense it coming, but we cannot know. We can remove the blocks to its arrival by removing the blocks to love—for when we love perfectly, we are awakened.

Yet perfection is not required of us in this world. Jesus stands at the end of the pathway to correct all mistakes that we could not. His perfection makes us perfect. And this is not an ego thing.

Dear God,

Thank You for the blessings that have rained down upon me. Thank You for Your nearness to me, a nearness that sometimes is shown to me by the feeling that steals over me. You are bountiful in Your perfect goodness, and for this bounty I am very grateful. It is all that I want, just You. You are the Essence of all good things that I could ever desire in this world.

Be with me today for a blessed day. Walk with me when I stumble, indeed, pick me up. And I know You will. You have made me very sure of You. And I am grateful for that.


Know God through Mystical Insight

“Only Jesus was known as the Son of God and as God. This is why Jesus came as your teacher and was used as the example life for this work. This is the point that this work has striven to get across. That man and God are one. Not only is man God. But God is man and woman and child. God is.” (ACOL, D:Day32.14)

What—or Who—is God? Until we have come to a new understanding of this puzzle, we will continue plugging along in our daily lives without attracting all the good that can be ours. I like to imagine that God is like a new husband who is eager to please his wife. When she thanks him for the little things, he delights in doing more, and then more, for her. God also seems to appreciate our gratitude in the little—and big—things. This is love in action. This is a fearless condition, for a lack of gratitude is a very, very fearful experience (though we may not recognize it as such in the beginning).

Jesus is our example life in A Course of Love. This doesn’t mean that there is literally no other way for men and women to approach God, for people differ, and there are religions that speak to those differences. For those of us brought up with the Bible, it is just easier to resonate with Jesus. We don’t have to get sappy sentimental about him; Jesus is a very rugged character, very mature, with one who takes himself lightly and expects us to do the same. Seriousness is very often of the ego, and A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love have both cautioned against identification with this false notion of the self.

Now, our true Self is available to us, because if we have been following ACOL, we know that the Christ-Self is the real deal. We are no longer a captive to the ego, and we need to be very sure that we don’t form a new ego as we proceed. This would be a step backward of major proportions, and so unnecessary. If we see all our brothers and sisters as our equals before God, we will not attempt to compete with them for anything. We will see the value of cooperation, and in that cooperation, we live and let live, on equal footing with all.

Our understanding of God must come through mystical channels, for our finite minds (and hearts) are not big enough to understand him with our intelligence. He is simply off the charts. So we rely on a mystical intuition of His Being to wrap us in love, protect us, and act in this world to make it a changed place.

Dear God,

I thank You for the fact that I don’t doubt Your existence any longer. Years ago I was an agnostic, but I put those ideas behind when mystical insight came into my life. This was a great blessing, and I was very fortunate to have this experience at a tender age. ThankYou.

I ask for Your Arms to enfold me with Your Presence. This benefit will carry me through all the years left to me in this world.


God Is Living through Us

“The experience of the Self is God. It is not from God. It is not of God. It is God.

“If all of life is the oneness that is God and God has chosen to experience that oneness through relationship, then you are also that experience and are in relationship with God through that experience.

“Here we must revisit the concepts of oneness and manyness for if you retain any notions of God that are inaccurate, they will arise here.” (ACOL, D:Day32.1 – Day32.3)

“The experience of the Self IS God. Here we find the unvarnished truth in all its glory. We probably still have trouble recognizing that God lives within us, and lives through us—but here it is. We still have unconscious and conscious misgivings that we are not the people that we ought to be, and that we certainly cannot be living experiences that are God.

Set aside doubts, and consider that A Course of Love just may be right. ACOL consists of a cohesive world view that does not deviate from the assertion that our separation from God was always illusory, and led to an illusory reality, and that we are now on the road back to true reality, where illusion reigns no more. We are living a new Self, one that has been covered over, on the inside, for eons. Of course this new idea takes some getting used to!

God IS living through us, and our experiences are His. Surely we want to give the Deity a new day, and when we drop into vestiges of separation and rebellion, we are doing Him and us a disservice.

Let God speak from our depths. Let Him tell us how to live. When we do, we will never look back. The way forward is too enticing.

Dear God,

I would use my best thinking today to intuit what the depths of me are saying. I know that You rule those depths, and that my contribution is simply, always and forever, to give You a good day. What other way can I say it, if You are living through me?

Be with me on this pleasant, sunny day, as I enjoy my sun porch. Nature is so close; You are so close. I enjoy being intimate with You. There is no more joyous feeling to entertain.


Joining with God & the Cosmos

“Now let us consider this in terms of experience. As knower and known are one, experience and experiencer are one. In other words, one must expe¬rience in order to know. It follows then that what is experienced is what is known. It also follows then, that to not experience joining is to not experi¬ence wholeness. Stated another way, the self cannot know the Self without joining with the Self. The Self must be the knower and the known, the expe¬rience and the experiencer. The quest to join with God is this quest. The quest to be the knower and the known, the experience and the experiencer. The culmination of this quest then, is joining.” (ACOL, D:Day30.5)

What this means is that we are joining with God, with the illusory separation finally and completed banished from our experience. We are joining with the Christ-Self who dwells within each of us independently, but we are also joining with the Self Who embodies the Godhead, and this larger Self reaches to us with intuitions and mystical awareness that will change our life forever.

Here in Day 30 of our 40 days and nights on the mountain top are the simple words of a consolidation of our being with God Himself. Truly, He has always been living through us, but we have not been aware of this aspect of the cosmos. We are mistakenly seen God as outside ourselves, a Deity to Whom we prayed for consolation and solace, a Deity Who might grant our prayers or might not. This old-fashioned idea was never accurate, but it was the best that an unawakened populace could muster. Now awakened individuals point and have pointed the way to a new era of sovereignty for our very souls. We are created in a new world; we are no longer imagining that we are powerless, dependent on a God Who might or might not listen to our supplications.

God is our very soul, differentiated into entities of which we are One. This new way of viewing our Maker is enhanced by our grown-up status. At last we have come into our own with God. We listen to guidance, and we make decisions that mystically reinforce our Oneness with Him.

Dear God,

I know that You hear me. You are closer than my own breath. Our Oneness lifts me up today, in sureness that You hear. Your consolations and solace are not lost on me; I am sure of You. May I refuse to develop any other false ideas about You, the ones that said that we were separate and apart. Now we are One, and I revel in that discovery.


We Express God Uniquely

“You might think of yourself as a channel through which union with God is expressed and made real here and now. There is no other time. There is no “higher” self waiting to do what only you can do. There is no one else who knows what you know the way you know it or who can express the unknown in the way that you can express it. The unknown can only be made known through reception and expression. Call it what you will for what you call it matters not. Throw out all the words that express the unknown in ways that you would not, and find your own. Each way is needed.” (ACOL, D:Day22.10)

We are herewith encouraged to be unique in our expression of godliness. Jesus wants us to express our direct relationship with God in any way that seems suited to us, right to us. Each of us will say and do different things in this world, and he indicates that all of these varying ways are needed.

We can make a difference. It is entirely up to us what we say or do, or even think, that will make this difference. God deals differently with each of us. He knows what is best suited to our temperament and our personality.

Ask Him to guide us. He will do it, though, because He is speaking through the Self of which we are a part, we may think that it is just ourselves making the decision. Guidance now is very quiet and in no way seems to be imposed from without.

Of course, guidance was never imposed from without anyway. The Holy Spirit is a part of us, too. But we were more held back by our ego in times past. And so the ways of the Holy Spirit did not seem as natural to us as the guidance from the Christ-Self does now.

Be with us today. Be with us everyday. We must do nothing to mar this bond that we now have with God, this direct relationship. Fears are from the past, not to touch us now.

Dear God,

Be with me as I seek guidance from my Self, the Self Whom You share with me. You are living through me, lest I forget this truth of the cosmos. Keep me gentle. Keep me safe. Let me do Your will, which is mine as well, today and always.


Share the Secrets God Tells Us

“This is the very function that you have waited to have revealed to you, the function you have known you are here to fulfill, the function of direct union with God.

“It does not matter that everyone’s function is the same because no one expression of this same function produces the same results. No one who is in union with God is in union with the known. Yet it is as if through this union you have learned a great secret that you long to share.” (ACOL, D:Day26.5 – Day 26.6)

We aren’t in touch with what is already known when we are in direct union with God. He is the great Unknown, but this direct relationship is what A Course of Love has prepared us to experience. It is the culmination of all that Jesus has been sharing with us in ACOL.

As I have noted, in ACOL we have moved into the time of Christ, the time of the Holy Spirit having passed. In the time of Christ, we are no longer fearful of God, and so we don’t need to have an intermediary who will soothe our fears.

We know that there is nothing to fear about God, though we may quite likely remain in awe of Him. This is natural and normal.

But this is not the same as trembling before His Majesty. Our fears were from the ego, and we are passed that now. So we commune, gently and often, with our God. And He tells us things that are perhaps unlike anything He tells another.

Our expression of what we have gathered in revelation will be different as well. We won’t even be able to reveal what this very personal nature of revelation truly means; we will just “know.”

Be sure today to spend time in contacting the Almighty. There is no better way to spend time. He has much to tell each of us, information unique to each. And His help is, as always, a free offer.

We lose nothing by submerging our entities in God. We are actually coming into our unique personalities for the first time ever. Our unique and true personalities.

Dear God,

I would listen for Your prompting today. My times with You are incredibly sweet. Thank You.

I appreciate that You know now that I am no longer fearful of You. I do not tremble in fear, unsure how to approach You. My approaches are what You want. Jesus says that You have been lonely without me.


God in Us

“It has been in the relationship of observation that you have interacted with all other life forms as well as with inanimate forms. In the relation¬ship generated by observation, those forms have been perceived as real. That observation produced the solidity and mass of the forms you observed. Yet it is the spirit that animates form that is real. Informing could be understood as making the spirit known in the form of physicality. It is not simply the bringing of spirit into form but the making known of spirit in form. What you made known through judgment-free observation was but the precursor to what is made known through informing.” (ACOL, D:Day15.6)

If we want to interact well with our brothers and sisters, and the larger world, we need to let the spirit who animates us take precedence. And this spirit is God Himself. He lives through us, animating and enlivening us. He always means us well. He acts when we, our little personal selves, don’t feel up to acting, when we are downhearted and depressed. God can dispel this ennui, and He does do so.

We are made known through our spirit, and this spirit informs us of what we need to know. This spirit is the Self, the All, the Whole, the One—God Himself. We are made known through physicality, in this world. And we discover much in this world that will give us joy and lift our burdens. God always stands ready to help, to assist us to come into our own.

Don’t let a gray day take away our good sense. We know that God wants us happy, and would we not give Him a good day—for as He lives through us, He experiences. This is a point that is often overlooked in A Course of Love. The Almighty has a stake in how we live our lives, for His is an indwelling Spirit Who sees and knows all.

We observe the outer world and the inner. And then we are in-formed by the Spirit of God Himself. This is the new way, no longer learning in the old fashion. If we open ourselves to God, we will experience the best that life has to offer. If we keep anxieties at bay, we will live better. And God Himself will thank us, for as we live, so does He.

Dear God,

I would give You a good day, and this means that I lean on You for comfort and solace always. I don’t get keyed up with anxieties, because I trust in You. And the day that You live through me becomes glorious indeed.

Be with me for a good experience. And in the “being,” give Your Self a good day as well. This I ask in Your will.


Our Love Is the Love of God

“The love that is found in the relationships of the one Self with the many is the love of God. There is no other love. God’s love is constantly being given, received, and felt in relationship. God’s love is your love. Your love is the love of God. God is love.

“Thus is explained the relationships and the forms emptied of love. Where there is no love there is no God present. Where there is no love there is a lack of godliness or what you have defined as evil. A complete lack of love creates formidable obstacles, or in other words, obstacles of solid form that contain no spaciousness. Solid form is actually a void, a substance devoid of spacious-ness, a form that is form only. These forms are still encompassed by the loving space of Christ-consciousness and thus are easily rendered ineffective.” (ACOL, D:Day13.4 – Day13.5)

We are completely surrounded and taken up with the love of God—when we allow it. If love is not present, Jesus explains in theology unique to A Course of Love that this solid form resulting needs to be taken up by the “loving space of Christ-consciousness” and thus “easily rendered ineffective.” This is how, in ACOL terms, evil is overcome with love.

We do not, therefore, have to retain our fears about the nature of evil. Love always overcomes the lack of love, or the evil that some individuals still insist on maintaining. If we are ourselves truly “right with the Lord,” we have nothing to fear from the machinations of those who don’t follow the way of Heaven. The way of God. No harm is ultimately done at all. This follows the injunctions of A Course in Miracles, in which all of us are seen as innocent. Our misdeeds have been done in illusion, and thus have no meaning apart from the illusion of reality in which we find ourselves.

True reality—the experience of love and its characteristics of harmony, peace, joy—comes to us when we have finally put aside our fear and judgment and let God Himself transform our being into a being of light, a Christ-conscious being who walks this earth with good will toward all. Even the most “evil” appearing individual still left on this earth. The Christ-conscious know that there is nothing that can be done that will harm his/her entity. Even the loss of life is not bad, for we simply move from our form into our ethereal form on the Other Side. Harming the body is harming the illusion of a body, in my opinion. So nothing has really been done to us at all.

Love does overcome all barriers to its complete and total experience by any one of us. Love is not said by Jesus to “conquer,” though, for we are not in a war. We are gently and peaceably led by the hand to a new reality, our true reality, in which Love (with a capital “L”) is all that we will experience. Nobody’s “evil” deeds can touch us here in this new reality.

Dear God,

Help me to be afraid of nobody. I would still protect myself by not walking down dark pathways at night. But I would not obsess about it. I would know that no hand can touch me that You have not allowed to touch. You know best, and one of the things that You know best is that fear and judgment are not a part of Your world.

Thank You for guiding me, ever so gently, to a peaceful, mellow day. A glimpse of a better world. Such has been my experience today. And I much appreciate the truth of what You have shown me today.


Listen to God in the Silence

“Remember that you have been told since the beginning of A Course of Love that the answers that you seek lie within, and that their source is your own true identity. You have been told since the beginning of this Course that this is the time of the second coming of Christ. What we have just discussed is what both of these statements mean. This is the culmination point of these two great objectives coming together in you and your brothers and sisters.” (ACOL, D:Day10.22)

Here we learn that the answers lie within, and within is where God is (though Jesus does not say this at this point in A Course of Love). The idea of our identity being within, and the time of Christ being now, are actually linked. We have moved beyond the need for an intermediary for God; previously, the Holy Spirit was our Link, and He was needed because we were afraid of God, afraid of direct contact with Him.

We have now learned enough to know that we have absolutely no reason to be anxious about our reaching out to God. We can believe that He talks to us in silence, soothing our ruffled feathers, easing our mind and heart. The Christ-Self, part of God Himself, is the Source for our identity, and also the Source of guidance. We are well-supported in our lives. And this is something that we have not always known.

I think of my fear—and I don’t mean “fear” in a good sense—when I was growing up. Most of us thought of God as a sort of celestial Santa Claus Who was watching our every move, ready to punish us if we faltered. How wrong we were! Our children will know better, for we will teach them the new guidance from Jesus in A Course in Miracles and ACOL (also other writings such as The Way of Mastery). Many of us carried a little of this abnormal fear into our adult years. But now we too know better. It is a much better place that we occupy now.

Jesus never says in any of his channeled writings that he will return in physical form to the earth. I suppose that that way is left open. So what he is here saying by the “second coming of Christ” is our own assumption of the Christ spirit, our new identity. Jesus holds out many such promises to us. It behooves us to listen, in the silence, to God, to see what our next steps ought to be.

Dear God,

Keep me close today. The day began easily and peacefully, and I hope that it ends that way also. You wish it for me. It is only my own failings that give me less than a good day.

May my attitude toward You be healed if there is anything amiss. Be with me as I seek to discover how to live well.


Turn to the God Within

“When I call you to replace conviction with reliance, I call you to replace belief in an outside source with reliance upon your Self.” (ACOL, D:Day10.16)

God is within us. Our Self, a part of Him, is within as well. When we place reliance on the Self, called in A Course of Love the “Christ-Self,” we are placing reliance on God Himself.

We don’t pray to a God Who is somewhere “out there.” We pray to a God Who is deep within. And I believe that he listens. We place our reliance on the Self who is a part of God. And our reliance is well-placed indeed.

“Projection makes perception,” (from A Course in Miracles) and it is a universe that we project from within. “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin,” as the medieval quandary asked. We are in that position now as well. As we withdraw a belief in a god who is “out there,” we need to realize that we don’t lose anything. Placement is all, and His placement is within us. We are safe and sound. We have comfort. We have love. And the world we see is not his handiwork, but the very stuff of God Himself. There is no other “stuff” that it could be, for “God-stuff” is all that there is.

What does it mean to place reliance upon the Self? Well, first of all, what it is not is a sense that we have to go it alone. The world is filled with friends and potential friends, and the part we can’t see is filled with companions unseen, often angels, who comfort and sustain us. When we place reliance on the Self, we are knowing that we are “enough,” enough with all this available help. Our independence can be a barrier that is best left behind.

So: Turn to the God within in prayer today. He will sustain us. He will make all things right. He can and will heal a neurotic, a form of thinking that is a pattern from the ego. He will lead us to withdraw all support from these vestiges of an era now gone by.

Our Self, shorn of the ego, is enough. Dwell a while in the light of God’s countenance. Let Him be there for us.

Dear God,

I would join with You today in a manifesto of rational and peaceful thought. I would leave behind all neuroticism, a vestige of the ego.

Be with me to make of this a good day. It is enough. I am enough when I am with You.


Depend upon God — Not upon Our Fragile Self

“See you now why the certainty of union must be combined with the confidence of the self of form? Certainty is knowing that this power exists. Confidence is the expression of your reliance upon it. To rely on your own power is to rely on the connection that exists between the self of form and the Self of union and to, through this reliance, tie the two together so that there is no seam, no boundary, no remaining separation.” (ACOL, D:Day10.2)

We are heading into a new time for us, a time in which the higher self is merged with our physical self, what is here called the self of form. The higher self is here called the Self of union, and in this joining with are merged with the Universe, with God Himself, with the All, the One. Can we understand what this means? Do we want it?

Even in our limited state here on earth, in this world, we know that we want to have the power to be who we really are. And without an ego, we may be at loose ends for a while. This, as Jesus said earlier, is not a state to be prolonged, for if we don’t form a new identity, we will likely form a new ego, and the lamentable process would start all over again. This we don’t want. This we just can’t allow.

How do we form a new identity? We don’t depend upon our fragile selves alone. We know that we are hindered by finiteness, but God is not, and we are a part of God—with Him being deep within us. Turn to God, therefore, and ask that this new identity of Self be established, and established firmly, for of such will come a newly created world. This newly created world we will establish, the next step in our evolution to the elevated Self of form. We will be One with God, and we will know it—for the first time. We will be at home in all the universe.

A new identity is what Jesus is planning for us now. The final pages of A Course of Love tell us exactly how this new identity is to develop. We are merging our form with our unseen Self, and in this change will come all things good.

Dear God,

Help me to form this new identity that I need so desperately. Help me know how to keep the ego in remission, for many exist who have formed a new ego on the ashes of the old. I would not do this. I would stay close to You always, my Protector and Defender.

Thank You for abiding with me through the night. Thank You for traveling with me through this day. And may I never forget You. Please, You, don’t forget me.


Accepted in the Eyes of God

“You are the “same” or “as” accomplished as every enlightened one who has ever existed. Without realizing this, however, your unique expression of your accomplishment will not be realized.

“Your freedom is contingent upon your ability to give up your images, particularly the image you hold of an ideal self. It is contingent upon your ability to accept that you are your ideal self. Yes, even right now, with all your seeming imperfections.” (ACOL, D:Day9.23 – Day9.24)

What does “ideal” mean, but to be accepted in the eyes of God? He has never rejected us; he always heals us. And with this healing comes a happiness that can’t be rejected by us. We think that we have to do things to be accepted in our own eyes, but we have very flawed vision, even as God is calling us the “accomplished.” We are accomplished, but not in a sense that appeals to a withered ego; we are accomplished in that we have always been innocent, even in our wrongdoing, wrongdoing that was simply composed of mistakes. Correctable mistakes, and if not correctable, at least forgivable by us. God does not forgive, for He has never condemned (A Course in Miracles). We hold ourselves very guilty in our own sight; that is all, and that is the mistake.

We need to stop trying to be something “ideal,” for this is a false idol. And false idols have long been understood to be wrong thinking in the extreme. We do have imperfections, of course, but we are still justified in God’s sight. And that is ALL that counts.

If we want to be free, we need to accept these tenets of A Course of Love. We need to know that we just accept ourselves as we are, knowing that any imperfections will be worked out without our struggle. We don’t have to struggle to be good; we simply abide in God’s presence, and He takes care of the rest. If we could believe that we are already our ideal self, we would make much progress. Otherwise, we are too hindered to accept God’s offer of Christ-consciousness.

Listen today to intuitions of what might really be true: that we are OK as we are. This is a great blessing, and one that will follow us through the day. It will give us a happy day, and our happiness is a great desire of God Himself.


Dear God,

Thank You for being with me and sending Jesus to comfort me as well. He comes with a single unequivocal call, and it is this promise that I have claimed. I accept that I am alright as I am, even though I see presumed imperfections, imperfections that don’t harm me in Your sight.

Be with me today as I seek to make my way through a sometimes troubled world.


Dialogue in the Silence with God

“The idea of your “potential” was a useful learning tool and one that served the purposes of the Holy Spirit as well as those of the ego. The idea of your “potential” and your ability to be “more” than what your limited view of yourself would have you be, was a necessary tool to call you to the learning that would return you to your true identity. But the time for such tools is over.” (ACOL, D:Day9.16)

I think the problem with continuing to think about our “potential” is that it calls us to think of an “ideal” persona, something that is a false idol. Why can’t we get it through our heads that we are alright just as we are? Why do we think that we have to improve, and improve constantly?

Of course, we want to be better people; that is what is going on here. But if we think that God will love us more when we improve, we think wrongly. God loves us deeply, far more deeply than we love ourselves. That is the bottom line. We can ask to be better people, but we don’t do ourselves any favors when we contort ourselves. We will improve in our personality traits as time goes by, and we stay on our pathway to salvation. But this change is a gift of God; nothing that we can do personally will alter our primary makeup at all. This is hard for us to believe, of course, for the ego has had us on a treadmill of constant “improvement.” The fact that it was a dead end to improvement has seemingly escaped us.

Ask for the improvement that we think we need. God will answer, and answer quickly. Just dialogue with Him, listening in His silence for what you think an all-knowing, loving Father would say.

We might not be far off base.

Dear God,

I think wrongly when I obsess over wanting healthy thinking processes. These will come by letting go, letting go to You. Telling myself that does seem to help a little. I am ready for my own little self-improvement campaigns to end.

Be with me on this beautiful, warm day. I wish for my quiet day to end with a healthy frame of mind. My heart will tell my mind how to accomplish this. I trust You to guide.


May God Enfold Us in His Arms

“As was said earlier, all of your images are false images. Isn’t it possible that none are more false than this image of an ideal self? Not having false idols is an ancient commandment. An ideal image is an idol. It is symbolic rather than real. It has form only within your mind and has no substance. To work toward, or to have as a goal, the achievement of an ideal image is to have created a false god.” (ACOL, D:Day9.11)

We still think that we are not good enough. Even as we sit in meditation, attuned to God, we think that only if we could be better somehow, maybe we would feel justified in His sight.

Give up these useless ideas! Jesus is telling us that we are trying to be something that we are not, and this something that we are not is an “ideal” self, a false idol. God accepts us just as we are. Cannot we do the same? Is that so very hard?

It actually may seem very hard, but it is not. We have an embedded idea of what persona we want to present to the world, and this persona is often our ideal self. Sometimes, of course, we just want people to accept us exactly as we are, and this desire is fuel for the best solution: Be who we are. Even if there are things about us, characteristics, that we think are undesirable, they do not change us in God’s sight. He knows the real Self, deep within us, who has longed to come out for a very, very long time.

Spend some time just concentrating on accepting ourselves, just as we are. When we accept ourselves, it won’t be so hard to realize that others can and will do the same. That God does the same. That Jesus does the same. Our mistakes can be rectified, and can thereby be overlooked. If restitution is important, we will know that—though we can get ourselves very tangled up when we are in a judgmental frame of mind. Drop all judgments, and come with wholly empty hands to God our Father (from A Course in Miracles). He will show us how to accept ourselves just as we are.

Engage in a dialogue with God today, on paper or in our mind/heart. The way back is not hard. I keep saying that in this blog. But it is true. We just need to drop all pretense of what we think we “ought” to be, and just allow God to enfold us in His Arms. He will make right all that seems wrong. He will meet us at the gate of our home.

Dear God,

Be with me today, as I seek to know that what I am is really alright in Your sight.

Thank You for the answer to this heartfelt prayer.


Come before God with No Mask

“Now you may have been thinking—again, at least subconsciously—that your “real” Self has no feelings of dislike, and in this confusion have been “trying” and even “struggling” to accept what you do not like in order to be more true to an ideal self. Yet this ideal self is not the self you are right now. You cannot accept only an ideal self. This is nonsense. Can you not see this?” (ACOL, D:Day8.7)

When Jesus says that we cannot accept only an “ideal” self, one that we aren’t right now, he is telling us that we cannot accept a persona. And a persona has been what we are used to, what we have been presenting to the world throughout our whole lives. And it was always wrong. First, we formed our false persona by accenting to what our growing ego told us. And we suffered, for we had highs and lows, every high followed by a low of the same intensity. Our egos were always being undone, for they were not the real Self, the Christ-Self, who wanted to come out and live a little. Our false personas thus did us a great disservice, giving us a false face to present to the world, and dragging us down at the same time. We were never given anything of ours to hold for all eternity. Our joys, our flights of happiness, always had a down side. They did not present the real Self.

When Jesus tells us to accept ourselves as we really are, to be who we are really, he is saying to come before our God with no mask. He means the same for our presentation to our brothers and sisters. We don’t try to be something that we think is somehow “better.” We just go with the flow of our lives, and, without the ego (now), we offer a true likeness of ourselves to others. “Be who we really are” means just that.

If we persist in trying to be something that we aren’t, some “ideal” that we aren’t, we will be lost to our real being. We need to realize that what we are is “good enough,” that we don’t make ourselves over to have a holy instant. These changes used to be the doing of the Holy Spirit; now Jesus says that it is just the Self, a part of God, who directs us and directs our changes over time.

What a great blessing it is to realize that we don’t have to make ourselves over into something that we aren’t. Change, prompted by the real Self, will direct our transformation to something better than a superficial “ideal.” Our transformation will allow the true Self to shine forth.


Dear God,

It is only an old pattern that would have me try to be something that I am not. Help me to be accepting of the self who is changing, under the guidance of my real Self, to something worthy of You. Help me to give up false notions of what is a good and presentable image. Let me become what You would have me become—nothing more and nothing different.

Thank You for granting me new life today. I am stepping out from under a cloud when I allow my true Self to show. Help that true Self to be worthy of You.


Invite Reverence & Closeness with God

“Does this work of acceptance seem never ending? It is until it is replaced by reverence, just as learning was unending until it was replaced by accep¬tance. The conditions, however, of this time of acceptance are not the conditions of the time of learning, and so you will soon see that the diffi-culty of the time of learning truly is behind you.” (ACOL, D:Day6.32)

Acceptance means an acquiescence, or, as a Buddhist master said, “Be willing to have it so.” But there is a paradox here: Acceptance, and being willing to have it so, are not passive states. Instead, in the scenario that A Course of Love is presenting to us, we will be very busy about our Father’s business in changing and/or creating a new world. This new world is the culminating thought of ACOL, what we will spend our time changing/creating once Christ-consciousness has been sustained in us. First we have glimpses of Awakening, then we maintain that state over time, but after that we truly do move into the sustenance of enlightenment. And, with that, nothing is ever the same again.

Communing with our Maker gives us, often, the sense of reverence to which Jesus refers. It is a harmonious state, a mellow state, a few moments of true relaxation that invite our desire to have these states of being be permanent in us. Reverence and awe are due to God, but awe, especially, is due nobody but God. Reverence, on the other hand, can be a feeling that engulfs us when we are feeling especially loving and especially loved. Reverence is close to holiness, and who among us would not want to experience the truth that we are indeed, right now, beings who are holy? Time has no meaning in eternity, and we are, as Jesus has affirmed often in ACOL, the “accomplished.” We ought to think about that assertion when we have an especially difficult day.

We are leaving learning behind, in that we need to accept that our seeking should be at an end. We have indeed found, now, and referring to the learned wisdom of the past, to authorities of the past, will not do it for us. We are in a new time, a new day. Our source of wisdom now is from within, the authority of the Christ-Self whom we are now just coming to know. Our union with the Self who embodies everyone will allow thoughts from beyond ourselves to take up residence within us. And often, this guidance will seem so apropo that we won’t realize that we are drawing on union to find our answers.

Invite reverence today. Allow it to become our naturally manifesting state of mind and heart. Reverence is healing, and in its wake we will come to know much that has been veiled from us.


Dear God,

I want to live differently now than I have lived in the past. I want to be at your beck and call, irregardless of what my little self would plan for the day. Take me at my word, and give me my marching orders. Then the way will be clear for me to wrap myself in a cocoon of Your love. What more could I ask?
Thank You for this beautiful world. May those living on it become harmonized with the call for Love that is sent out from the heavens.


Union with God

“Union is being fully who you are and expressing fully who you are. This is the miracle, the goal, the accomplish¬ment that is achieved through the reign of love, the maintenance and finally the sustainability of union.” (ACOL, D:Day5.17)

We have heard that love is the answer for so long and in so many ways on the spiritual path that we may be numb to it. This is unfortunate, for love truly is the answer. If we love enough, we can live the life of unity that Jesus espouses in A Course of Love. If we love enough, we don’t have to worry so much about being “perfect” (whatever that means). Love invites the mellowness that in turn invites a glimpse of Christ-consciousness, the state of mind and heart that is the state of union with God.

Who would not want a miracle today? And miracles will rain down upon us when we get right with God. When we wish to live in union with Him, we are asking in His will. And it will be done to us. It is just that easy.

When we are in a good mood, the mellowness envelops us. We see more, for we see in unity—even if only for a few moments.

Let us ask today that those moments be elongated into an experience of union that will take us beyond ourselves—to God Himself.

Dear God,

I have just felt an intuition of union with You, and with it came a lessening of fear. May this lessening expand to fill all my waking hours.

Be with me today as I seek to elongate union.

Thank You.


We Are Trying to Reach God

“There is a similar type of focus that will serve you now. It is not a tool, as is meditation, for you are no longer in need of tools. But you have taken yourself away from the ordinary world. You are on top of the mountain. What is this all about? Why have we gathered together here? It is said that during my forty days and forty nights I meditated or prayed. It is said that I fasted. You have been told that you are here to fast from want. You know that you are here to experience both the old temptations and the new. You realize that this is the purpose of our time together here even though you have not put this purpose into words and put these words into your mind. What is the focus of which I speak, the focus that is not meditation, the focus that is not a tool? This is a focus on access itself.” (ACOL, D:Day4.34)

The access that Jesus speaks of in the quotation for today is the access to unity, something which has been stressed over and over by him. This unity is two-fold, of mind and heart, and of the inner Christ-Self with the Self of union. We are, at base, trying to reach God. We are trying to have a direct relationship with God, one no longer mediated by the Holy Spirit.

If we are not fearful of God, this access to direct relationship with God is the most natural in the world. It is the only natural thing in the world. We have twisted ourselves in such knots because of our long interaction with our egoic notions of what the real world is actually like. And we have been wrong. The real world, true reality, is a benign concept that leaves no room for fear, no room for pain and suffering. We will ourselves to a better life with God’s blessing. It doesn’t mean that we will never again be anxious, or that we will never again feel pain of any kind. We are not perfect here, and these things do occur. But they do occur less often. Our dreams of this world become happy dreams, something that A Course in Miracles counseled repeatedly. Our dreams become something that we want, not something that we fear to experience. Our dreams settle down into a realization that God and His glory are what we are really after when we pray.

God is very easy to reach, because He approaches us in silence. When we reach out with a full heart, we touch His garment, much as the sick woman touched the hem of Jesus’s robe years ago, and he felt his energy go out to her. Now we can have this reassurance on a daily basis, many times a day. We can and will know that God’s energy is all about us, sustaining us. We are well-supported.

Dear God,

I would be happy today, blessed in Your sight. You have long blessed me, and for this I am grateful. I ask only for Your indulgence with me a little longer. Don’t let my doubts hinder my development as a multidimensional person. Don’t let my doubts hold me back.

The way home is clear. Jesus has pointed it out. I need only walk with steady pace and head held high, looking up to the heavens. And with this attitude, I know that I am safe.


Answer Lies in Unity with God

“This feeling of being misled is another cause of your anger—one of the primary causes, in truth. Not only has all that you have learned led to an inaccurate world-view in the here and now, but to an inaccurate world-view of the past, of the hereafter, of me, and of God. Not only has your mind been misled, but your heart and soul as well.

“What could bring solace to an anger so profound? How can you be certain you are not being misled once again?

“The answer to both come in the stated purpose of A Course of Love: Establishing your identity. You needed to first know yourself as a being existing in union before you could know anything else with the certainty you seek, for union is the treasure that has been locked away from you.” (ACOL, D:Day4.21 – Day4.23)

Jesus essentially says that we are angry because we are beginning to realize that the religion that we believed has not been explained accurately. Jesus does often fall back on the Bible to explain the theology that he expounds upon. But the theology that says that the world, the physical universe, is the handiwork of God, and that God Himself stands outside His creation, is, in the words of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, inaccurate. God is immanent in His whole creation, in the theology of ACIM and ACOL. The union that Jesus speaks of at the conclusion of this quotation is a union with God Himself, basically.

The union is a union of heart and mind that expands to cover union with the inner Christ and the larger Self Who still “lives” in the larger cosmos. Jesus explains this hard-to-explain concept by likening our bodies to a dot on a large white surface. The dot reaches out to the whole, though we are often unaware that that is what we are doing in our mystical moments. The whole is the greater Self Whom we share with the All, God Himself, and all of our brothers and sisters. The image is captivating.

But what about our anger at not knowing about this unobstructed universe? What about our anger at what has seemingly been done to us when we have been in pain and suffering? We need patience, patience to know that these questions of ultimate concern will never have satisfying answers in our world. I do believe that we will know somewhat more after death, on the Other Side. But even this is not for sure. There are psychic writings that indicate that we don’t know all that much more after death in regard to ultimate reality. In mysticism here on earth, we can discover much.

Take a moment today to invite the mystical. See what prompts we get. We may be led to a treatise we read long ago. And we may find much comfort in it. There is no end to the ways that God can reach us. And we now have a direct relationship with Jesus to guide us.

Let that be enough.

Dear God,

I thank You for the mystical moments of yesterday that have led into a good morning today. Mysticism is my way, as I realized in college, standing at a bus stop, looking up at the starry sky. May I not forget that moment of genuine insight. And thank You for the glimpses into the Ultimate.

Be with me today as I seek to get through another creditably. Be with me as I seek You. You have never failed me, even when I have doubted You. And now I thank You that the doubts have fallen away. You are here. You are with me. Thank You.


Change from Within—from God Within

“Let me assure you of what you already know, that everything about my life was purposeful. That challenge was meant then, and continues to mean now, a call to a new choice. It asks that you challenge your world-view in a most thorough manner.

“The problem with this throughout the centuries has been a tendency to challenge one world-view only to replace it with another of no greater truth or value. My challenge has been reacted to as a challenge to be external¬ized, a call to create a new system. But nowhere in my example life is such a system found despite all attempts to make it so.” (ACOL, D:Day4.17 – Day4.18)

There is no “system” in Jesus’s words and actions, because meaningful change comes from within. That doesn’t mean that we don’t call on other people, but ultimately it is up to us to change from the inside out. This type of advice helps in all kinds of problems.

Our world-view has been based in the ego, and now we have learned that egoic thought is just insanity, madness, a way of thinking that is confused and confuses us. At this point in A Course of Love, all we have left of the ego are egoic patterns, but these can be very powerful shapers of our destiny. We need, slowly but surely, to drop the egoic patterns—the tendency to consider something that is egotistical, to depend on ourselves alone, and then to try to go it alone. We need other people for solace and companionship. Our new world-view does not exclude relationships.

We are making new choices all the time. Now we are asked to make new choices in line with this course. And we can. Listen to the heart. What is it saying to us? How might we live better if we stayed in a mind and heart united to a higher purpose?

The way back to God is not long and hard. He will answer us, when we ask. The problem is that we think we know all the answers. There is a stubbornness that develops in people who are on the spiritual pathway. But humility would check our forward march. We don’t know everything; in fact, we know very little. In the face of the cosmos, we need to look up and seek direction. Then the change from within will be well-sourced.

Dear God,

Help me to have a good day. May all of my choices be sourced in You. May I lead no one astray. May You inform all my decisions.

The way back is not hard, but it is impossible if I think that I have all the answers. You do have the answers, and You will share then with me when I ask. I ask now. I ask every day.


God’s World Is Better than We Think

“The ability to learn is given to all in like measure. The conformity of learning, however, is the product of an externalized system. That you all attempt to learn the same things, and in coming to identify the world in the same way—the way that has been taught—think that you have succeeded in learning, is the cause of the insanity of the world and of your anger with the way things “are” within the world. This is an anger that stems from lack of choice. When you are “taught” the “way things are,” where is the room for choice? Where is the room for discovery? And to find out that you were “taught” incorrectly! Why should you not be angry?

“You are here now not to relearn or be taught what life is all about, not to relearn or be taught the “way things are” but to discover what life is all about and to discover the way to remake things as they are.” (ACOL, D:Day4.9 – Day4.10)

Projection makes perception, as A Course in Miracles is famous for telling us. Now A Course of Love lets us know that what WE discover about the world is best. Does this not seem to say that we are creating the world that we view?

We didn’t use creativity when we listened to learned authorities about what was going on in the world. We swallowed whole what we were taught. Jesus is saying now that we were taught incorrectly, and that this source of error is part of our problem with anger. Why would we not be angry when we discover that we have been taught incorrectly?

What is the source of right teaching? It comes from within us. We are now living the inner Christ-Self, the Christ-Self Who will lead us to discover all things rightly. This new method of living will soothe and caress us with its caring, for never does this inner Self chafe us with perceived wrong thinking. This new method of living will take us home to Heaven, a Heaven on earth that we have waited long to find. To “discover what life is all about and to discover the way to remake things as they are” is a great promise, the promise that lies ahead of us now. Let us not slacken in our zeal to discover the way things really are. Let us listen to Jesus’s words and be reassured.

Dear God,

I am reassured this morning that all will be well in my world. There may be some hard times ahead for all of us, but we don’t have to let pain turn into suffering. We can leave out the emotional component of suffering, for the emotional is what undercuts us the most.

Thank You for encouraging me to discover on my own. This process of discovery is surely never-ending, and its never-ending status is what is so encouraging. I will never get to the end of my creativity in discovering the universe in which I want to live, and my own knowledge of that universe will create what it is that I will be seeing.


A Straight Line Back to God’s Heart

“What you have begun to see is that the mind is not the source of certainty, no matter how much knowl¬edge it attains. What you have perhaps begun to see in similar terms, is that money is also not the source of certainty, no matter how much it enables you to attain. Certainty, in other words, comes from somewhere else. This some¬where else we have defined as your true reality, the reality of union. Living in this reality, the reality of certainty, is the only key to abundance.” (ACOL, D:Day3.47)

Our true reality is a reality in which we are in union with God and we recognize this. We are merged with the Whole, the One. How do we attain this? It may seem not to be easy, but we can prepare in ways that we don’t readily recognize. We need to get fears and anxieties, judgments and attack, out of the way in our normal, everyday life. Fear and judgment is not natural to God; they are remnants of the ego misstep.

How do we remove fear? This may be easier said than done, for fear seems to come upon all at once, sometimes, an emotion that overcomes us and debilitates us both. I have found deep, fervent prayer to be this best antidote to fear. If we know that we are not all alone in the universe (and we definitely are not), we will know that Help is on the way. And then the fear will subside, sometimes gradually, sometimes in a miracle, all at once.

Judgment also separates us from union with God. If we are not joyous, we are in judgment of someone or something. The only thing that keeps us from joy is thinking ill of another (this from A Course in Miracles). And this “thinking ill” is judgment. We have more control over this opinion than we may realize. We simply pray for good will to return, and often it is done immediately. Nobody likes for joy to flee.

The Self of union with God walks an easy pathway in this world. Walk easy always; we do have some control over this. We are not meant to live uptight lives. “Relax,” I hear often in my morning prayers. And I try to heed. Relaxation in the midst of every busy doing on which we are sent is an elixir of great value. We relax, and God’s peace overshadows us. We relax, and all is well.

Dear God,

Be with me this moment, the start of all moments in the day ahead. Let me take to heed the admonition to relax into the day. Jesus knows best, and his advice seems to come through to all of us who listen. His advice seems to come through to me.

Thank You for the great promise of today. May I walk a straight line back to Your Heart.


Solace in God’s Care

“You have been told that the time of the Holy Spirit, the time of a need for an intermediary between yourself and God, is gone. You have been invited to know God directly, and to develop a relationship with God. It is only in knowing God that the relationship of abundance will be made clear to you and break forever the chains of want.” (ACOL, D:Day3.35)

These are very welcoming words from Jesus, words in which he encourages us to develop a direct relationship with God. He knows that we don’t fear God any longer, in that we aren’t afraid of Him. Our fear had sprung from the authority problem, as outlined in A Course in Miracles. We somehow thought we had created ourselves, and in this assertion believed subconsciously that God was not going to forgive us for this affront to Him. Now we know better; we know that there is a supreme Creator Who created all of us as differentiations of His Being. And because we know this, we aren’t afraid of God and so don’t need an intermediary (the Holy Spirit) to listen to our prayers and to answer them. We can go right to the Source.

I am very reassured by this passage. It helps to pray prayers with “suction” (as I have heard), suction meaning deep and heartfelt communion with the Godhead. It is communion now that we will live best, communion with our Maker. All of our brothers and sisters can help us, including Jesus, but perhaps it is the very best to go to God Himself. He does not have feet of clay, as some others may.

We have gone past the time of the Holy Spirit, now living (as Jesus says) in the time of Christ. We have understood that our inner Christ Self is one with God, and that the Self of union is the greater One from which we draw. Our bodies occupy a tiny dot in a vast expanse of white space, but we have access to the whole of the white space. And when we drop on greater knowledge, we live better.

Turn today to God in our prayers. Let Him know that we are no longer trembling in terror of Him. Our solace in His care is assured. Our lives take on new meaning as we invite the Lord of Hosts to a place in our hearts and minds. Be reassured that He is living through us just all the time. That is the ultimate reason that suffering has no meaning. If God Himself experiences right along with our tiny minds and small hearts, then what have we ever to fear? The Lord of All can take care of us and Himself as well.

Dear God,

I re-surrender once again. I have a better day when I begin that day with a re-surrender. This act puts me in Your flow, and gives me an assurance that You not only walk with me, but that You also embody me. Yet Your mind is infinite, and my little differentiated self is finite. Is there no better reason to realize that I need You—always and forever?

Be with me for good days. Give me balance, no ups and downs of drama. May I take Your hand as I walk through this day. May I remember to take Your hand for every day.