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Equality of Miracles

Note: This blog post starts a consideration of the Circle of Atonement’s edition of A Course in Miracles, the first four chapters, which include many words deleted in previous editions. The Circle of Atonement, headed by Robert Perry, editor, and Greg Mackie, assistant editor, went back to the handwritten notes of Helen Schucman to present this phenomenal edition.

This edition offers the opportunity to learn what Jesus really said to Helen and Bill (Thetford). In line with Jesus’s instructions, though, personal references to Helen and Bill are not included in the Text proper. (Instead, the COA team offers cameo essays available at the end of the new edition to round out the full story of the scribing of ACIM.)

The Course in Miracles community owes a heartfelt debt of gratitude to the COA team for their contribution to ACIM scholarship.

– CH

“1. The first principle of miracles is that there is no order of difficulty among them. One is not ‘harder’ or ‘bigger’ than another. They are all the same.

“2. Miracles in themselves do not matter; they are quite unimportant.

“3. Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense, everything that comes from love is a miracle.

This explains their lack of order. All expressions of love are maximal.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-1.1-2)
The Circle of Atonement edition makes much clearer than previous editions that a miracle is an expression of love. Of course, one could always read through the lines and realize that love was at the base of a miracle. But Jesus does spell this out in no uncertain terms in the notes that Helen took initially.

Our expressions of love, as miracles, may be big or small, but miracles are not subject to a categorization that would defy the miracles. It is not harder to perform a “big” miracle than a “small” one; Jesus dismisses all evidence of big and small as being of no relevance. After all, if we follow him the way he intends, he will send us on missions to express love, to perform miracles. Personally selected miracles are apt, he suggests, to be misguided.

Our attention to Jesus in regard miracles thus becomes paramount. We don’t select the individuals to whom we are sent anymore than the miracle itself. We decide, in submission to our elder brother, Jesus himself, that we will let him make the decisions about miracles and their recipients.

We are merely instruments, or, as he says later, “special agents” sent on a mission.


Published in Miracles magazine (Jon Mundy, publisher) and on amazon.com.

by Celia Hales

The Circle of Atonement has recently released a fantastic new resource for lovers of A Course in Miracles, an edition based on the original handwritten notes of Helen Schucman. Robert Perry, editor, and Greg Mackie, assistant editor, assembled a team of experts who worked over ten years on this edition. It is truly a labor of love on their part. Masterfully done, it restores some 45,000 words to the second edition published by the Foundation for Inner Peace in 1992 (and republished, with Helen’s supplements, in 2007).

I came to know of this edition from Lisa Natoli of the Teachers of God Foundation, a foundation supporting the work of those who love A Course in Miracles. I was surprised when I read that this new edition is the one that she will now use, even though she had earlier felt that the FIP edition was sufficient. On the strength of this recommendation, I purchased the new edition by the Circle of Atonement, billed as a “complete & annotated edition,” and since reading it obsessively for several days, I have become completely enthralled with what I find.

First and foremost are the 45,000 restored words to A Course in Miracles. Several chapters in the beginning part of the Text, particularly, were at issue. One’s understanding of miracles as expressions of love will be much enhanced.

Throughout the new edition (almost 2,000 pages) there are substantive footnotes on almost every page, well-written, cogent, respectful to the original. In going back to notes of Helen, we can even now see what words Jesus emphasized when he was speaking as an internal voice. These words are faintly underlined, making me feel that I were listening to Jesus himself. Cameo essays are in the back of the volume, cameos that highlight the very personal nature of some of Jesus’s words to Helen and to Bill Thetford. In keeping with Jesus’s professed intentions, the personal words to Helen and Bill were not included in the Course proper, but are described in some detail in 33 cameos.

Why this new edition seemed necessary is covered in detail in an appendix. I read this with great interest, and concluded that Robert, Greg, and their team were right: A complete and annotated edition is needed. The new edition is available for $48 from the Circle of Atonement; also available from Amazon.

This is simply a fantastic editorial feat. Recommended most enthusiastically by a long-time lover of A Course in Miracles.