We Have the Company of Heaven with Us

“You are never alone and have never been alone.  I refer not to the company of the world, which is transient, but to the company of Heaven, which is eternal.”  COL bk.2, 16:I

What a wonderful comment to read:  that we are never alone and have never been alone!  We may be isolated in our daily lives now, but we have the “company of Heaven.”  And this company is eternal.  Who is involved?

Angels, of course.  And entities we have known who have passed over to the Other Side.  Plus advanced souls who seek to help us from their greater knowledge.  And especially, in the company of angels, the particular beings assigned to us, our guardian angels.  And then there is God Himself Who listens in on our prayers with patience, knowing that there is nothing that we need, but realizing that we don’t know this. 

Our needs are answered at the point that these needs are recognized.  Of course, we can’t see this, and we often think ourselves in a worse place than we are.  But if we settle down, calm our overwrought mind and heart with praying to the One Who loves us beyond all imagining, we will succeed at being enveloped by peace.  And this peace, if we woo it, will stay with us indefinitely.

We are never alone.  This in itself is a great way to soothe a troubled breast. 

Yes, we have the company of Heaven.