Holy Love

“The delights of our holy love will be given to all.  Thus, those who are most called to love can enjoy our beauty, and join our song of praise and gratitude.

“To give ourselves entirely will be the hallmark of our expression, serving love, the joyful fruit of our union.  By virtue of this, the world will have a new light.  Those who seek comfort will find it.  Those who long for truth will receive it.  Those who grope for love will stop looking, for because of our divine union, they will recognize that love is what they are, and that their being goes wherever they go.”

“The time of truth has come.”  Choose Only Love, bk.7, Prelude.

In the Prelude to the last book in the series, we are ushered into a new era, a new era that all of us reading will experience.  

We would not have gotten this far in Choose Only Love unless we were taking to heart its bounteous message.

Take our places in the great endeavor we are embarking upon–a new world on Earth.  We will succeed, for we have the Love backing us all the way.  The positive will win out in the end.  Negativism defeats itself, if not immediately, eventually.