We Are Ideas in the Mind of God

“ ‘God created man in His Own image and likeness’ is correct in meaning, but the words are open to considerable misinterpretation. This is avoided, however, if ‘image’ is understood to mean ‘thought,’ and ‘likeness’ is taken as ‘of a like quality.’ God did create the Son in His Own thought and of a quality like to His Own. There is nothing else.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-3.VII.11:4-7)

We are ideas in the Mind of God, another word, “ideas,” substituted for “thought.” This interpretation reveals George Berkeley’s Idealism, from the Nineteenth Century, an interpretation that resonated with me years ago in my first class in philosophy.

There is nothing in the universes at any vibration that is not “God-stuff.” God created us out of Himself, and even now lives through us, occupying our mind, heart, body to live in the world. Our mind, though, is finite, though it can draw on the Higher Power that possesses us, and thereby reach beyond ourselves to find answers to our problems, answers that are guidance in the highest degree.

“There is nothing else.” No, there is not. When we realize that we too are “God-stuff,” then we realize that we have the potential to be very holy. Holiness is born of the innocence that is our birthright. Our mistakes are wiped away when we understand the forgiveness is a type of love that has effected this.

Let us forgive ourselves today for what we only imagine are great wrongs. Let us forgive others who are in our shadow. Everyone does the best that he/she can, given his/her degree of understanding. And we have simply been mad, made mad by the ego. As we give up the ego, our false persona, we will walk into a new and glorious land, creating this world anew.

We Are an Idea in the Mind of God

“A belief system is not needed for the truth. Thus you can see that the beliefs put forth in “A Treatise on Unity” are necessary only to return you to the truth. Since there are no beliefs that represent the truth of who you are and who God is, we speak now of ideas or thoughts. If you believe that God created you with a thought or idea, then you can begin to see the power of thought. If you can believe that you created the ego with a thought or an idea, you can see where the power of thought is your power as well as God’s.” (ACOL, T3:7.2)

Idealism, in philosophy, contains the concept that everything that exists is an idea in the mind of God. While neither A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love do make this assertion, as such, the quotation for today comes close to Idealism. If we believe that God created us with an idea, and that we made the ego with an idea, our truth of being made in the image of God takes on new meaning.

But our ego didn’t mean us well, for we had withdrawn into insanity. We couldn’t be separate from God, we couldn’t live separately from Him, and still exist. So we postulated a separation. And then all the trouble began.

The ego has a belief system, and ACOL gives several instances of the beliefs held by ego. But, importantly, the truth has no need for a belief system—for the truth cannot be wrong. People don’t need to “believe” the truth; the truth simply IS. And while we may not fully understand what this truth is, we also know enough now to recognize that the truth will never let us down, as the ego has. This would in and of itself be a powerful incentive to drop the ego. And Jesus tells us by this time in our reading through ACOL, that we have removed the ego. We have let it wither away, not by actively resisting it, but by gently turning aside to the truth, to true reality. This true reality is of peace, love, joy, harmony—the positive emotions that we so long to feel all the time. This true reality is, in my estimation, a reality of intangibles that are eternal. And from these, we go forth to change the world, or, as Jesus hopes for most of us, create a new world. This we do by living extraordinary lives, though remaining ordinary people. And in this example of our being, we draw others to us.

Live life today as your best self. Don’t let it be a new persona, formed of a new ego-self. Recognize equality with all of our brothers and sisters. And walk a green earth again.


I first believed that You “thought” me into being when I was a teenager studying philosophy in college. And now A Course of Love seems to say something very similar. This helps me to know that I was primed for believing ACOL a very long time ago. Thank You for the blessing of ACOL.

Be with me today. Help me, as always, to have a good day. And give me motivation to enjoy good times in this world. You mean for us to be happy; you mean for me to be happy. And I am. Struggles can become a thing of the past.

Help me to know that struggle is not Your way. And when I follow You, struggle is not my way, either.


How to Strengthen the Holy Spirit in You

“The idea of the Holy Spirit shares the property of other ideas because it follows the laws of the Universe of which it is a part.  It is strengthened by being given away.  It increases in you as you give it to your brother.  Your brother does not have to be aware of the Holy Spirit in himself or in you for this miracle to occur.  (T78)”

Affirmation:  “The Holy Spirit is strengthened by being given away.”


1 – Live ACIM

This is a passage with deep meaning.  It suggests that we do not have to get our brothers and sisters to study the Course before they will derive great meaning from it.  They will derive that great meaning by our own living out of the principles of the Course.

2 – Set a Good Example

We have long taught in our world that one’s example is the best teacher.  Living what one says is far superior to giving the words.  Any parent knows this.  And if our words conflict with our living out of the words, the individual we are affecting will look to our behavior first of all.  We do a great disservice to Jesus if we study the Course and then do not live its principles among our most significant others.

3 – Strengthening the Idea of the Holy Spirit

When we give away our understanding of the Holy Spirit, we enrich our brothers and sisters.  The idea of the Holy Spirit is strengthened.  And they do not have to even be aware of what we are doing.

4 – A Miracle

Jesus calls this sharing of the Holy Spirit a “miracle.”  It will indeed seem so as we see our brothers and sisters more loving and peaceful, just by the fact that we are trying to share our understanding of the Course with them.


Dear Father,

May I share my understanding of the Course and the Holy Spirit, silently, with my brothers and sisters.  May I especially share this understanding with those most close to me.

We will bless our brothers and sisters by our own understanding.  May I not try to get anybody else to follow my way, but by my own following of it, may I lead others to You.