Creative Ideas that Just “Come to Us”

“Like the natural abilities you discovered existed within you prior to the time of learning, ideas are also discoveries that you make, discoveries that exist apart from learning. Ideas “come to you.” They are given and received. They are surprising and pleasing in nature. You may think that they are the result of learning, of thoughts you have contemplated and struggled with. You may think that all of your previous learning and thinking merely resulted eventually in a new idea being birthed, but this is not the case. Heredity can be cited as a cause for talent, but what is heredity but that which already exists within you? So too is it with an idea. An idea already exists within you, but is awaiting its birth through you.” (ACOL, D:9.12)

New and creative ideas come to all of us, of course. In some cases, we think that our prior learning has prompted these creative ideas. But not often, and maybe not at all; Jesus says not at all. These creative ideas are discovered by us from the realm of unity, the place beyond the body where the Self has a home, too. This larger Self influences the elevated Self of form in coming to greater understanding as well as bringing new and different ideas to fruition on earth.

These discoveries of ours, these new ideas, are a source of great joy to us. Often we will go along for many years with inklings nibbling at the edges of our brain, only to have a jewel of an idea descend upon us one fruitful day. And we need to rejoice when this happens. As we go along in bodies that have been elevated by the Christ-Self, we can truthfully see that this phenomenon will be enhanced over time. Our minds and hearts, combined, will see that the new is created. The old has passed away. And we will be surprised and pleased with the new way that our mind seems to be working. But it is a mind that is informed by the heart, and therein lies the difference from the separated self, the self that we thought had disengaged from God. Of course, this hadn’t really happened, and now we know what illusion really is. Our days are better now, lived in reality.

God is living His life through us. Our inner Christ-Self is a part of God, a part who knows what to do and what answer to make when decisions need to happen. And these decisions are often informed by ideas that seem to come from beyond us, from the realm of unity, where the larger Self resides.

This is metaphysics, but it is metaphysics that Jesus makes very real to us in A Course of Love. We don’t have to accept all of it when it is a new idea, but over time, the truth of these statements will appear more and more real.


Thank You for joyous surprises of discovery. I depend on guidance. Only my own stubbornness limits how much I receive. The guidance comes in its own time, sometimes very late in my estimation. But it comes not a moment too late. Thank You.

Be with me for an energetic, happy day. My “laziness” is actually a form of just low energy, but I would be free of that today. Keep me engaged in life. Don’t let me separate myself from my brothers and sisters. We are in this together.


How to Strengthen the Holy Spirit in You

“The idea of the Holy Spirit shares the property of other ideas because it follows the laws of the Universe of which it is a part.  It is strengthened by being given away.  It increases in you as you give it to your brother.  Your brother does not have to be aware of the Holy Spirit in himself or in you for this miracle to occur.  (T78)”

Affirmation:  “The Holy Spirit is strengthened by being given away.”


1 – Live ACIM

This is a passage with deep meaning.  It suggests that we do not have to get our brothers and sisters to study the Course before they will derive great meaning from it.  They will derive that great meaning by our own living out of the principles of the Course.

2 – Set a Good Example

We have long taught in our world that one’s example is the best teacher.  Living what one says is far superior to giving the words.  Any parent knows this.  And if our words conflict with our living out of the words, the individual we are affecting will look to our behavior first of all.  We do a great disservice to Jesus if we study the Course and then do not live its principles among our most significant others.

3 – Strengthening the Idea of the Holy Spirit

When we give away our understanding of the Holy Spirit, we enrich our brothers and sisters.  The idea of the Holy Spirit is strengthened.  And they do not have to even be aware of what we are doing.

4 – A Miracle

Jesus calls this sharing of the Holy Spirit a “miracle.”  It will indeed seem so as we see our brothers and sisters more loving and peaceful, just by the fact that we are trying to share our understanding of the Course with them.


Dear Father,

May I share my understanding of the Course and the Holy Spirit, silently, with my brothers and sisters.  May I especially share this understanding with those most close to me.

We will bless our brothers and sisters by our own understanding.  May I not try to get anybody else to follow my way, but by my own following of it, may I lead others to You.