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You Have Never Left Heaven

1 – Help?

“There is no need for help to enter Heaven for you have never left. But there is need for help beyond yourself as you are circumscribed by false beliefs of your Identity, Which God alone established in reality. Helpers are given you in many forms, although upon the altar they are one. (M87)”

2 – Believable?

This is a lovely passage, but one that may be hard to believe. Have we really never left Heaven? It certainly seems that we have.

3 – The Self

The passage refers to the larger Self of which we are a part; this Self has indeed never left Heaven. The “false beliefs of your Identity” refer to the falling into the egoic state of mind, from which we would escape. We can escape by turning to the Helpers given us–the Holy Spirit (of primary importance), Jesus, other brothers and sisters, the Course itself, and the like. We are not alone in this world, and we would do well to reach out for help back Home.

4 – Release and Joy

It is a very loving thought to realize that we have never left Heaven. If we keep this one point in mind, it will lead us to the “limitless release” and “pure joy” that the Course speaks about elsewhere.

5 – Face of Christ

“The name of Jesus is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with Christ, a man no longer, but at one with God. (M87)”

6 – Elder Brother

This passage explains the true role of Jesus as the Christ. Elsewhere, repeatedly, Jesus in the Course refers to himself as our brother, our elder brother, who has walked the whole pathway, and who stands at the end to help us when we fail to walk the whole pathway. He will assist us. We do not have to feel alone.

7 – Christ-Consciousness

All of us are eventually to reach Christ consciousness (an interpretation, not spelled out in the Course). Then we will surely understand what Jesus has been trying to tell us.

8 – Face of Christ

When we see the face of Christ in all our brothers and sisters, we will know that we have made much progress. Seeing the face of Christ in our brothers and sisters is a prerequisite to finding our way Home.

9 – Along with You. . .

“Is he the Christ? O yes, along with you. His little life on earth was not enough to teach the mighty lesson that he learned for all of you. He will remain with you to lead you from the hell you made to God. And when you join your will with his, your sight will be his vision, for the eyes of Christ are shared. Walking with him is just as natural as walking with a brother whom you knew since you were born, for such indeed he is. (M88)”

10 – Comforting

A quite comforting passage, this indicates that Jesus has nothing that we too are not meant to have. He has just reached Home sooner, and therefore is in a better position to help us do the same.

11 – Part of the Christhood

We too are part of the Christhood. We have not assumed our place yet (at least most of us have not), but the time is at hand when we will. Studying the Course is our way Home. Other pathways are valid also, but we have chosen the Course, and it has been meant for us.

12 – Walking with Jesus

This passage indicates that we have walked with Jesus since we were born; we just have not been aware of this blessing. Let us now be aware of this blessing.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I realize the beauty of the fact that my Self has never left Heaven. Thank You for this reassurance. May I know where to turn and what to do to realize Heaven.

I appreciate the reassurance that You offer me continually. Help me to live through this day and to make of it a good day.


How to Overcome Uncertainty

“Uncertainty of any kind is doubt about your self.  This is why this Course aims to establish your identity, for from it all the rest will come.  (A Course of Love, 12.8)”

camille-monet-and-her-son-jean-in-the-garden-at-argenteuil-renoir-largeAffirmation:  “My identity is my Self.”


1 – How Often?

How often are we uncertain?  I would venture to guess that this state of mind happens very frequently.  We don’t know which way to turn.  If we have been students of A Course in Miracles, we know to turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance.  Now that we are studying A Course of Love, we know to turn inward to the Christ/Self within.  But do we yet believe that the inner self is really the inner Self/Christ?

2 – Christ Within

Probably not.  And that is what brings on the doubt.  We don’t really believe that we are good enough to hold Christ within us.  It is true that he is hidden from us when we are obstreperous, attacking, and angry–but we are (are we not?) learning to move beyond such undesirable states of mind and heart.  We are listening to our heart, something that we have done sporadically all of our lives.  We are listening to our heart if we are following the recommendation of ACOL.

3 – Perfection

The doubt that we are good enough to hold the Christ inside will fall away as we accept the good news that Jesus is telling us.  He assures us that we do not have to be perfect.  We only need to identify which character traits we would relinquish, and then it is done for us.  The intention is all.  And then the doubt will fall away.  We know that all of our brothers and sisters, likewise, hold Christ within.  We are not unique.  This assurance will help us to realize that we are not lost in grandiose dreams.  We are instead encouraged to accept the grandeur of our being, the grandeur that God welcomes us as His children, eventually as co-creators with Him.  And when the Self who is within, the Christ who is within, is accepted fully, we will not have any sense of false humility, not any false humility that is actually arrogance that we cannot be as good as God has created us.

4 – Accept Others

When we establish our identity as the Self/Christ that we are within, we will reach out with more acceptance of other people.  We frequently act badly because of a poor self-image, and this poor self-image will vanish in the glory of recognizing who we really are.  Then our Self will move to create the elevated Self of form, and we will not be quite so ready to denigrate the physical in our lives.  Yes, the physical is an illusion, but the illusion is quite solid to us, and to deny this fact is a particularly unfortunate type of denial.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I move closer to a full acceptance of the Christ/Self within me, as he/she is within all of us.  May I not feel that to think this way is arrogance, but actually not to think this way is arrogance.  Would we deny what we are learning about who we really are?  Who Jesus is teaching us that we really are?

Jesus has told us that we are the same as he.  And yet we find this difficult to accept.  May we seek forgiveness for our stubborness, a forgiveness that we need to grant ourselves, for God does not condemn and therefore does not need to forgive us.  We do not need to condemn ourselves either.  

Be with me today as I ponder these deep truths from A Course of Love.  There is little doubt that I can attract whatever I wish, and today I wish for Your mercy.  Be with me as I seek to reach for the stars, even as all of us reach for the stars.  This is not arrogance or grandiosity, but the sanest sense.  Thank You for leading Jesus to guide us to this knowledge.


The Ego Slowly Dies

“Once you are what you have learned, there is no room in which the ego can exist and,, banished from the home you made for it, it slowly dies.  Until this happens, the ego takes pride in what the mind has acquired, even unto the greater peace and contentment offered by your learning.  (A Course of Love, 2.19)”

Affirmation:  “I would see the ego die a little each day, including today.”


1 – A Wily Ego

I have often used the term “wither” in regard to the dying of the ego.  But Jesus hear speaks firmly, saying that the ego “slowly dies.”  The ego, as we all know, is wily.  And we even take unto ourselves the credit for our increasing peace and contentment while we learn; this is the ego speaking, for we ourselves, in the egoic state, are doing nothing to increase our peace and contentment.

2 – Christ-Consciousness

Jesus would have us identify with what we have learned, and I think that this is a secret to why many of us are heading now into the era of Christ, leaving behind the era of the Holy Spirit.  We are identifying with the higher Self, the Christ, in us, and when we do so, we recognize that looking inward and not perceiving that an external help, in the form of the Holy Spirit, is meant to make our decisions.

3 – Identify with the Christ/Self Within

But let us not move too carelessly, but move carefully.  The ego will still speak to us as long as it is alive in us, in even the smallest degree.  And we will be misled.  Let us commune with God, as A Course in Miracles asks us to do, and only when we know, internally, that a given course of action is right should we take the first steps in that direction.  This will then be the clue that we have identified with our learning, and that we are listening to the Christ within.


Dear Father/Mother,

I have made many promises to myself and God about the ego, but still the ego has hung on.  I do know that greater degree of peace and contentment in which the ego can take comfort.  But this is thinking that goes awry.

Today I choose instead of the ego a sweeter living, a calmer me, a more tranquil identity.  This inwardly focused identity is the Self that I really, and this Self conjoins the human and the divine.  Until I can live it, let me experience this blessing in snatches in my heart.  I would be through with the intellect trying to think its way into heaven.


Identity = God’s Child / Child of Man = Christ / Self

“The way to overcome the dualism that threatens even the most astute of learners is through the Christ in you, through the One who knows what it is to be God’s child and also to walk the earth as child of man.  This is not your helper, as the Holy Spirit is, but your identity.  (A Course of Love, P.25)”

Affirmation:  “I would overcome my ego with my spirit.”


1 – The Ego and the Spirit

The dualism is the perceived conflict between the ego and the spirit of ourselves.  In actuality, there is no contest, for the ego is nothing, and the spirit is all.  Yet we don’t see it that way, and therefore, until we learn better, we are torn between ego (which has ruled us for eons) and spirit (which wants to come into ascendancy).

2 – Christ / Self in All

This “spirit” is the Self, the Christ, in each of us.  It is described this way in A Course of Love, but not in A Course in Miracles.  In A Course in Miracles, the Holy Spirit was the Helper that we needed.  Now we are asked to look inwardly at the Christ in us.  And He/She is within.

3 – Our Inheritance

Our identity is as God’s Son (“Son” includes daughter) as well as a son of man (“man” includes women).  This seems to be a new kind of dualism, but it is not actually that way in truth.  We are simultaneously both–of God and of man.  These terms were used in the Bible for Jesus, and heretofore in Christianity, he has been viewed as the “only” Son of God.  In A Course of Love, we are asked to recognize that actually to be a Son or Daughter of God is the inheritance of all of us.  It simply remains for us to step forward and to accept our inheritance.

4 – Gender Neutral Language in ACOL

It is noteworthy, perhaps, to realize that gender-neutral language is used in A Course of Love.  Here we do not see “Son” and “son,” but “Child” and “child.”  In A Course in Miracles, channeled in the sixties, when the culture was different, the masculine terminology was used almost exclusively.  The masculine embraced the feminine, but for many younger individuals, the masculine pronouns were a hindrance.  The later channeling of A Course of Love makes correction for our later culture.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I come to understand with my spirit the conjunction of Christ and Self.  May I in no way let the ego intrude, for this would lead to misjudgment of the highest kind.  May I see no room for grandiosity in this, the truth of our being.  All of us share the Christ within, but we are not all conscious that this is our inheritance.  May we come to see and understand that God would have us recognize that Jesus has nothing that will not one day also belong to us.

Be with me on this day.  Help me to help others even as I help myself.  And may I reach out to all who seek what I do or say.  May I reach with love.  And may I make clear interpretations that are accurate and peaceful to all who read.


My True Identity Abides in You

ACIM Workbook Lesson 283 – for Monday, October 10, 2011

Affirmation:  “My true Identity abides in You.”

“Father, I made an image of myself, and it is this I call the Son of God.  Yet is creation as it always was, for Your creation is unchangeable.  Let me not worship idols.  I am he my Father loves.  My holiness remains the light of Heaven and the Love of God.  Is not what is beloved of You secure?  Is not the light of Heaven infinite?  Is not Your Son my true Identity, when You created everything that is?  (WB439)”


1 – We Make Personas

We all, in our egoic state, make personas, and then we live out what we are trying to present to the world.  This is an egoic image, and images cannot talk.  We find that others see through our personas, straight to our hearts, though they do not frequently see the love that actually resides there.  They think, sometimes, that they are seeing something that deserves rejection.  But nothing deserve rejection.  If we are prone to attack or anger, we are actually making calls for help, an an ACIM student/teacher, in his/her better moments, will recognize this.  We are acting at such time out of an ego that needs to wither away.

2 – We Are the Light of Heaven

We are the light of Heaven, though we do not often believe this.  It is not arrogance to so believe, because we are talking about the Self that is Christ, the Self as God created us.  But it is up to us to save the world, though not through overbearing means.  Not everybody is ready for our message, and many will actively discount it, believing that what we say is of the “devil.”  But there is no devil; there is only an ego that projects a devil.  This is part of the theology of ACIM.

3 – Hell Is Guilt

Even hell is not real, according to ACIM.  Hell is guilt that we experience right here on earth.  Of course, we can make images that appear to be hell, but that does not make them real.  Jesus asks if the number of pitchforks a devil carries make us believe in him/her more readily (a paraphrase from ACIM)?  Certainly not.  We either believe or not, but the extent of the delusion matters not.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I live today the real person that I am, the Self that You created.  May I not remain mired in an image of myself that is not true.  May I not wear a mask before the world.  Let me show my real Self, the Daughter of You, as You would have me do.

May today be good in all respects.  May I remain patient in trials, if they come, and may I realize that trials are but a chance to make a new choice, a better choice than something that I once chose before.  Be with me as I seek to live the Self whom You would have me be.