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Combining Intellect and Feelings

“Whether you be male or female matters not, as you are in truth, the union of each. The end of separation that brought about the resurrection brought about this union and the separation of male and female continues to exist only in form.

“However, we are talking now, in a certain sense, of an elevation of form. While this is actually an elevation beyond form, it must begin in the reality where you think you are. In other words, it must begin with form. You cannot await some changed state but must create the changed state you await.” (ACOL, T1:9.2 – 9.3)

We have heretofore been much concerned with roles that were clearly identified, and we all know from living in our culture that this is changing somewhat, in that women are taking on men’s former roles, and also the reverse for men. Women have been historically seen as more intuitive, living more in their feelings. Men have historically been seen as more intellect, living in their minds. And feelings have been associated with the heart, intellect with the mind.

As we allow the Self to emerge, we will see a natural tilt toward the opposites in what we perceive. Not all women listen to their feelings first, and not all men their intellect. But many women and men do react this way. And in the new age, women will listen more to their minds, and men, to their feelings. If we allow this union to take place, men and women will be, in the best sense, better able to understand each other because our gender roles will not be polarized.

Our culture is conflicted about whether this change is good. Very conflicted. And it is not for us in studying A Course of Love to take sides in a cultural conflict. It is enough to know that we are both made up of heart and mind, and that the union of each, in wholeheartedness, is the way that the Self will emerge. Many will still prefer to retain strict gender roles; many will not. But both have both mind and heart, and both parts of the psyche need to work together for the best outcome for us in this matter of developing Christ-consciousness.

Our forms will be elevated as we allow our self to be in union with the Self, a change that is based on the union of mind and heart that Jesus calls wholeheartedness. This elevated Self of form will be our new home base. And we will look out on a different world, a world that we are creating anew, even as our new psyches have been created anew. This is where we are heading, to a new world of evolved souls who have experienced Awakening. And this change is helped along by the use of feelings (heart) as well as intellect (mind). Of course, we don’t have to have conflict at all to see the positive change that feelings and intellect, together, can bring about. This is a natural emergence as we inhabit the elevated Self. And for this we can all rest in peace without bringing in cultural dichotomies that will only divide us.

Older adults (and people are living longer now) have long seen a closer interaction in marriage as they age. Women naturally become more assertive as hormones change, and men also undergo a similar hormonal change. This is not a product of our culture, except that we are, as said, living longer. This maturity can be seen as a good thing. We can understand each other better as our hormones shift and change. And Jesus is saying that much the same similarities are coming out in the union of the Self with our personal self. The ethereal Self, unlike the personal self, cannot be said to have gender, just as most of us believe that God does not have gender. The Self, as part of God, does assume gender when It emerges in form with a transformed personal self who has reached Christ-consciousness. But the divine memories linger, and this is the likely reason that Jesus begins the discussion of changes between men and women in the passage for today.


I know that I have become more assertive as I have grown older. I would not overreach this plateau, though, as assertiveness can turn into aggressiveness, and I would not have that. Be with me as I age. Help me to accept the natural changes that come with age, and to make of them something laudable.

I turn to my feelings often, feelings as in “intuition.” I follow intuition a great deal, and this helps me to navigate our world. Be with me as I seek to embody the intellect that must cooperate with feelings.

Thank You for being with me today and every day. I am in Your hands, always. And I seek to remember this.


Choose the Heart over Reason & Intellect

“You who have made a god of reason and of intellect, think carefully now of what your reason and your intellect have made for you. How terrible would it really be to realize that although you have tried mightily, a creation such as this cannot be made to make any sense at all? Those who have turned their backs on God and refused to believe in such nonsense have simply refused to make reason try to fit the unfitable without seeing that an alternative exists.” (ACOL, C:14.7)

Those of us who have carefully studied in school may still believe that reason is something of a god. We were also told in our religious studies that nothing in faith has to contradict reason, making of reason a god again.

Jesus feels differently about reason. He thinks that it can go only so far, and that the matters of reason and intellect have gotten out of kilter with matters of the heart. He has us turn, repeatedly, to the heart to find our answers. He suggests in this passage that we have tried and tried to make reason and the intellect solve our problems, but we have failed, because our intent was wrong. The heart, on the other hand, can lead us rightly.

The heart is the alternative. Nobody needs to think long and hard when Jesus says to “turn to the heart.” We know immediately what he is saying, and it resonates with us. Later on, he clarifies by saying that mind must be taught by the heart, and we must move into a fusion of heart and mind that he calls wholeheartedness. But the mind, made up of the reason and the intellect, has failed us mightily in the past, and if we are not careful, it will continue to fail us mightily in the future.

The mind developed the ego. We are trying to leave the ego behind as the prime mover in the realm of separation from God. Even though separation from God is actually impossible, in illusion we can make many things seem possible to us. Let the heart lead the mind into new and different realms. We will never regret this new direction, whereas we have much to regret from the ascendancy of the mind alone.

Our reason and intellect have been, all too often, misguided. Let the heart right their wrongs.

We will never be sorry that we have tried this new way.