Enfolding Everyone in Our Experience of Christ-Consciousness

1 – Invisible Space

“Imagine the air around you being visible and your form an invisible space within the visible surroundings. This is the realty of Christ-consciousness. Consciousness may seem to be embodied by form but the reverse is true and has always been true. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 12)”

2 – Spacious Self

Jesus describes something called the “spacious self” on this day. He sees this self as an invisible space that encompasses our being. And we encounter others, outside our invisible space, that we can enfold. This would help explain why sometimes people seem very approachable; we have enfolded them into our invisible space.

3 – Form

We are not ultimately form—not at all. We have believed that the form of the body encompassed our minds, but this is not the way reality really is. Sure, we live in an illusion, but still the solidarity of form seems real. Yet it is a mirage. The solidarity of form is a mirage. When we embody the spacious self, we reach out to others from invisibility, enfolding them unto us. Then we really can communicate as One, as the All that God and we really are.

4 – Merging

“The merging of form with Christ-consciousness is this merging of the Self with the unconditional love of the One Self. The One Self loves Its Self. There is nothing else to love. The One Self is the All. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 12)”

5 – Elevated Self of Form

This explains the elevated Self of form, a concept defined repeatedly in A Course of Love. We seek to embody Christ-consciousness as the All Whom we are, but we do so within a visible body that is nevertheless not true reality, for true reality is formless. Yet, because we live on earth, we need a form to communicate with others; and so the form is provided.

6 – God

The elevated Self of form is knowing that we are living reality with God. We do love unconditionally when we occupy this form. And sustaining this form is what we are seeking to do. Not just to form that reality, but to sustain it into eternity.

7 – One Self

The One Self is the All, and so in loving ourselves as that One Self, we also unconditionally love everyone else as well. This is true reality, unconditional love in a Self that can be seen, viewed, by our brothers and sisters here in this world with us.

8 – Space

“Navigating this endless space as an expression of love is the simplest thing imaginable. All you must do is listen to your Self. Your Self is now a feeling, conscious space, unhindered by any obstacles of form. (ACOL Dialogues, p. 155)”

9 – Relationship

This Day Twelve we learn what being relationship is all about. Jesus calls upon us to rely on feelings within an empty form (a spacious form), because consciousness is not form. Our Self occupies emptiness in space, and by this we can easily join with others in this invisible space.

10 – Pets

This description is not totally clear in this first day of description. More days of description are to come. But this is the introduction to relationship with others, human and non-human. Jesus says that it is easy to join with non-human forms in invisible space, and when we read this, we may think of how easy it is to join with our pet companions.

11 – Unity

This space that we occupy is the space of unity, and with this assertion Jesus once again returns to his oft-repeated exhortation to join in unity and relationship in Christ-consciousness. He says that navigating this space is the simplest thing imaginable, once we follow our feelings and not our thoughts.

12 – Obstacles

“When an obstacle of form, be it human or material in nature, seems to present itself, all you must do is remind yourself that space has replaced what was once your self of form. Feel the love of the space that is you. All obstacles will vanish. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 12)”

13 – Loving Disappearance

We can make obstacles disappear, and this is not evil. It is ultimately loving. These obstacles, human or non-human, are enfolded into our spacious self, and then we can communicate as One. We reach out to the anger and the attack, the defensiveness and the rancor, and we just enfold into our spacious Self. We don’t fight; we don’t retaliate. We just reach out and enfold, in a healing gesture.

14 – Proceed in ACOL

This is part of the theology of A Course of Love, and the concept does raise a number of questions. We will know more as proceed through the coming days in our journey to the mountain top with Jesus.

15 – Space

“Not all forms will be met as obstacles. Forms are only as real as the perceiver perceives them to be. Thus your space will effortlessly join with the space that is free and open to joining. There is no boundary between space and space. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 12)”

16 – Perception

When we have a perceiver in front of us, another human being, then the form appears to be solid. When we have something that cannot perceive, the form is enfolded instantly. There is no barrier of perception.

17 – Non-Human Obstacles

“Non-human obstacles have no need of being deflected for their boundaries have not been made solid by perception. A seeming obstacle of non-human form is easily enfolded in the space of the One Self and can be moved or passed through.

“This is joining in relationship. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 12)”

18 – Love

This quotation, as an earlier one, suggest why it is so easy to love our companion pets. They are not resisting us in any way through their form. They do have perception, but it is not akin to the egoic perceptions of other people who cause us difficulties as we walk through life. The pets are open to being enfolded in our being by love.

19 – Others

Would that everyone were so constructed! And this is where we are heading on this earth Everyone will embody Christ-consciousness eventually. And we will have Heaven on earth.


Dear Father/Mother,

I have long known that my feelings, and my following of them, are my way to salvation. Now I see that not only is salvation held out to me by feelings, but Christ-consciousness as well. Truly I am blessed, and I thank You.

Thank You for this good feeling that I have today. I get the impression that I am gradually, almost without noticing it, moving into Christ-consciousness. I have had glimpses in the distant past, and those glimpses did not last, were not sustained. I would sustain this new feeling that I have today. Help me to do so with the effortlessness that You say is due me. I can do nothing, just myself. I am totally dependent on You. You make the choice of Christ-consciousness for me, but I do pray that it be soon. Thank You.

Be with me as the mountain top experience proceeds, and I come to see more clearly. Guide my inner eyes to see more clearly. Guide my relationship to All. Thank You.