We Can Live Well with Mystical Insight

“The first thing I ask you to forget is your need to find a place where blame can be placed. You who have been waiting to get to the “hard part” of this Course may find it here. The idea of blame is incongruous with the idea of a benevolent Creator and a benevolent creation and as such is the only blasphemy. To blame yourself is as senseless as blaming others and your inclination to place blame upon yourself must be given up as well. When it is said that you are the cause it is not meant that you are to blame for anything. Although many a child has been blamed for his or her failure to learn, blame of yourself is as uncalled for as is blaming a child for lessons yet to be learned.” (ACOL, T3:10.3)

All of us have, in our history, blamed God for the fix that the world, and ourselves, have been in. We did not see how the loving God whom we had been taught about could have allowed suffering so horrendous to engulf our world. Because we could not see any “why” for suffering of such intense proportions, we turned our anger on God. Even very religious people have harbored anti-religious sentiment by blaming God for the sad state of our world.

We don’t have anyone or anything to blame, or Anyone. A reason for our plight has been given in A Course of Love, and it is that we were just too impatient as a species to learn what had to be learned to live in physical form. We strained at the boundaries of ourselves to push aside a God Who seemed to be holding us back. And He let go, knowing that adolescent rebellion could be handled in no other way. Free will would be respected, for this was His own free will as well, as He lives through us, being the part of Him who we are.

Why would blame be the only blasphemy? It is the way in which we reject ourselves as well as God. It doesn’t allow the Christ-Self to function as the heart center of the self that it represents. We cannot love and hold onto blame, for the blame will pull us back every time. We cannot reject God and hope to live abundant lives. Because He lives through us, we must know that what we are experiencing is what He experiences as well. Maybe. Some believe that God does not know of our plight in this world, that only the Holy Spirit and the Christ-Self can help us now, that the Christ-Self is the true savior. Jesus himself seems to sign onto this belief in A Course of Love, and there are indications of the same in A Course in Miracles.

Whatever ultimate reality may be, we can only live well with mystical insight. We cannot live well by trying to figure everything out, because our minds are finite. The personal self does not know ultimate reality; the Christ-Self comes closer, but even here there are aspects of ultimate reality that go unknown. Do we have to know more to live well? I think not. Our eager minds have been given solace in the new revelations of ACIM and ACOL, and we can live well with the knowledge that mystical insight gives to us. Mystical insight is a knowing that knows but cannot speak of what it knows. But the heart, embedded in love, directs our course. And what more do we really need to know than that?

Thank You for the mystical insight that You gave me just this morning. I need time just to “think,” to be grateful, to feel surrounded by love. And I took that time this morning. Thank You for encouraging me to take some time out.

Be with me to curtail my tendency to feel like complaining about every little thing that might go wrong. This does not become me. It does not become any of us. I need to know that this grand world still holds joy for me and joy for others.

The way back to You is assured. Thank You for this understanding.