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True Meaning of Love

“Your faulty memory has caused you to believe love can be used to keep you safe, to make you happy and bind to you those you choose to love.  This is not the case, for love cannot be used.  (A Course of Love, 9.3)”

Affirmation:  “May I come closer to understanding love today.”


1 – Bind Closest?

Many of us subscribe to a definition of love that is not unlike what Jesus has said in this passage, by implication, as incorrect.  But when we look at the conclusion of the passage, that “love cannot be used,” then we more readily agree.  We know that sometimes, even when we have studied the Bible, A Course in Miracles, and A Course of Love, we still would try to bind closest to us those whom we love the greatest.  Is this really wrong?

2 – Two Solitudes Turned Inward

In the manner in which we do so, yes.  When we bind closely to us those whom we most love, we are all too likely to force those individuals to give up some of their freedom as they “care” for us.  We become greedy, wanting all their time.  And even in this world, two solitudes turned inward, only toward each other, are recognized as being disfunctional.

3 – Free Those Closest to Us

If we remembered correctly, not with a “faulty memory,” we would know that to turn loose our nearest and dearest is the easiest way to bind them to us.  This is not a play on words.  It works.  Only in freedom is love at its finest and best.  Only in freedom do we know what love is at all.

4 – Do Not “Use” Love

We do not actually want to “use” love.  We would not try to do so, if we knew what we were really doing.  And if we try, what we do is counterproductive.

5 – No Coercion

May we turn our nearest and dearest loose into God’s love today, and then when they turn to us, we will know that they turn with full hearts and minds–ready to give love and to accept our love, totally without coercion.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would seek to free my nearest and dearest today, not to find anyone to me by any means that is wrong.  All of us crave freedom, myself among them, and I would not want to be “bound.”  Let us recognize how best to love by giving up all false conceptions.

May our love be true and honorable.  May we leave nobody out of this love.  May we turn to You when in perplexity about love’s rejection.  May You tell us what to do.  I know that You do tell us, for You have told me.  

Thank You.


Safe, Sure, and Secure World–within You

“Within you is all the world safe, sure, and secure.  No terror reigns.  No nightmares rule the night.  Let me give you once again the difference between what is within and what is without:  within is all that has joined with you.  Without is all that you would keep separate.  Within you is every relationship you have ever had with anything.  Outside of you is all that you have kept apart, labeled, judged, and collected on your shelves.  (A Course of Love, 5.14)”

Affirmation:  “I would choose the real life within me.”


1 – Joining Inside of One’s Self

This “joining” inside of one’s self is a new concept in A Course of Love, not discussed specifically in A Course in Miracles.  We can take within, we know, but often the only world that we observe is the one outside of ourselves–the one we enter to earn a living, to find a mate, to make friends.  But Jesus says here that it is the inner joining that creates the real.  And the real is inside of us.

2 – More Complete Definition of the Real World

This is a more complete definition of the “real world” than A Course in Miracles ever gives.  If we believe that Jesus channeled A Course of Love, perhaps to clear up misconceptions and to lead us farther onward, then this more complete definition of the real world, of reality, is a blessing.  We join with that which we love.  And love is the overriding aspect of A Course of Love.

3 – We Have Judged What Is Outside

We have judged what is outside of ourselves.  And that is where our errors lie.  ACIM did say that we were not to attack, judge, or make plans against contingencies to come (unless the Holy Spirit so prompted us to make plans).  So we have made a mistake (but not a sin) when we have judged.  And the judgment has made happiness impossible for us.  We cannot love those whom we judge.  Oh, we love them sometimes, and we hate them sometimes, but this is not love as Jesus mean the word.  We need to love unconditionally, and in A Course of Love he is trying to teach us how to love unconditionally (an interpretation of ACOL, not stated therein).


Dear Father/Mother,

I would join within today, and with this “within” I will reach outward to my brothers and sisters–and those are all of us.  May this view of the real world satisfy me.

There is no better way to live.  To join with all that we are, and reach outward to all that we see.  Thank You.