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“The Garden of Eden, which is described as a literal garden in the Bible, was not originally an actual garden at all. It was merely a mental state of complete need-lack. Even in the literal account, it is noteworthy that the pre-separation state was essentially one in which man needed nothing.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-2.II.4:1-3)

Many years ago we imagined that our “parents” lived in a Garden of Eden. This scenario, Jesus says, was metaphorical and true, but not actual. In this pre-separation state, entities needed nothing, for all of their needs were fulfilled. Even now, in post-separation, we learn that our needs are fulfilled at the point of need, and that therefore we too have no needs. Our prayers to God are answered, and all true needs find their solution.

This is similar to the truth, also in A Course in Miracles, that solutions are given to problems at the time that the problem is articulated. We may not feel that this is true, but if we can imagine that the solution is always given with the problem, we can be thankful that this is also a need that is fulfilled. It is true, but our limited mind does not always recognize a blessing when it appears. So we tend to hang on to our problems rather than let them go, into the inner peace that is always ours when we live in the present.

We worry with problems as a dog chews a bone. This need not be. When we allow the problem to rest easy on the mind, we will see, dimly, what the solution actually is. This may include acceptance of what we don’t want to accept, but this is not insurmountable. We CAN rest in God’s arms, sure of His love and of His constant care for us.

Needs Are Always Answered—Often Immediately

“In relationship, every need is met by a corresponding need. It is a dance of correspondence.

“All needs are shared. This is what differentiates needs from wants. This is true in two senses. It is true in that all needs, from survival needs to needs for love are literally shared in the same measure by all. The other sense in which needs are shared is in the aspect of correspondence. They are shared because they are known. Every being inherently knows that it shares the same needs as every other being of its kind.” (ACOL, T2:9.6 – 9.7)

We learn through this passage how very alike we are to each other. Relationship is paramount, and in relationship we learn that we have identical needs to every other human being. Of course, this may seem self-evident, but how many of us have not imagined that somehow we were different from all others? We may think that we are better, or worse, but seldom identical. We can be reassured by this passage that others will understand when we share problems with them; many have been through something identical, for there is nothing new under the sun.

We do, though, have different desires/wants. We can imagine all kinds of great things that we want to happen to us in our lifetimes, and these wants are not identical to every other person. Our personalities differ, which make for different desires. But the true needs are the same, and it is these true needs that are always met. Right away.

Our only true needs are intangible. Material blessings may come and go, but our union with God is a given, and when this intangible is obscured, we suffer. But not for long. As soon as we call out for help, that helps arrives. We have asked for a blessing, and it is given to us—sometimes through other people, sometimes an interior, self-authenticating word from the Self. Our prayers do not go unheard. One needs only ask, and when our pride doesn’t get in the way, we know that we are answered.


Thank You for leading me to understand that when I call out—or rather in—to my Self, a part of You, I am immediately heard. And immediately answered, though the answer may seem to take time in the working out. I would not confuse myself with wants that are unnecessary and often ill-advised. I would stick to needs today in my prayers.

May I do what I can to smooth the way for Your Answer to come. For I am convinced that Your Answer always, always, comes.

Thank You.


In Creation All Needs Are Met Instantly

“In creation, all needs are fulfilled the instant they become needs, which is why there are no needs. If everything you need has been provided, having needs makes no sense.” (ACOL, C:19.14)

This quotation about needs being fulfilled is an echo from A Course in Miracles. Our wants are not always satisfied, maybe especially when those wants are ego-oriented, but our needs are met, and at the point of their arrival in our lives.

A similar statement from ACIM, that the solution is always found with the problem, is appropriate as well. What are our needs except problems waiting to be solved? For what else do we normally pray?

A Course of Love is so heartwarming, and this is certainly appropriate for a work that focuses on listening to our heart as the way to live. This particular quotation reassures us that needs are not actually there at all in creation, in reality, and the needs that we think we have are part of the illusion.

We may be skeptical that our needs are met at the point of identifying them. But think back, and so how many problems in our lives have found solutions. Remember that time is not part of eternity, for in eternity there is no space nor time. So if there does seem to be a delay in finding the solution, the answer to the need, remember that it is part of the illusion in which we live.

Creation is on our side; this is something that we need never to doubt. Creation is ongoing, continually expanding and changing. This is the same as saying that God Himself is not static.

God does answer needs, though time seems to be elastic, and sometimes time expands before the answer comes. In eternity time has no meaning, and so if there is any delay, this delay is meaningless.

Know that our needs are satisfied, and that we do not have long to wait for solutions to problems. This means that everything we need has been provided. And this is what Jesus has just told us.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for all miracles that show up in my life—the little ones as well as the large. And there actually are no little miracles, for all are a gift from You. My heart is very full today, conscious of Your loving care of me. May I be patient and wait for the answer to any question that I pose to You. I know that the time does not actually matter, because all time is an illusion.

But I get impatient sometimes, and it is for this impatience that I ask for Your patience. Let me lean on You a little, that I might follow in Your way, and not disturb the pattern of the universe by acting too hastily.

Thank You for being there for me.


Needs Are Met at the Point of Need

iris-monet“In creation, all needs are fulfilled the instant they become needs, which is why there are no needs.  If everything you need has been provided, having needs makes no sense.  (A Course of Love, 19.14)”

Affirmation:  “I find answers as soon as I have needs.”


1 – Needs vs. Wants

All needs are met.  All wants are not.  Why?  What we need is accurate, but what we want may actually hurt us.  God protects His children, and He does not give what will ha (from A Course in Miracles).  How do we explain the pain of this world?  We have free will (not a tenet of either ACIM or ACOL).

2 – Adolescents?

The pain can also be explained by an A Course of Love passage that notes that we have been like adolescents in rebellion, and so God “let go,” much as parents let go their teenage children who are trying to assert their own identity.

3 – Point of Need

It is important to note that needs are met at the point of need–immediately.  Of course, we can note in everyday life that we don’t always recognize that our needs have immediately been met.  We are slow to see.  But see we will, sooner or later, and we can pray that our seeing may be sooner.

4 – No Problems

This passage is akin to the ACIM passage that indicates that we have no problems, though we think that we have.  The solution is always placed with the problem–immediately.  And so, when we are tuned in, we get our solution as soon as we articulate the problem.  And articulating the problem is important, for otherwise we exist in a kind of mind fog.

5 – We Are Protected

May we pray today that our needs, being met, will trouble us no longer.  We are prepared for, we are protected, and we have safety.  There is a loving God Who does all of this for us.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for reminding me today that my needs are always met, and not just met sometime, but at the point of need.  This is akin to knowing the solution is always with the problem, and that actually we have no problems (though we think we have).  Our “wants” are not always met, and perhaps that is a good thing.  We often ask amiss.

I would have no part of an adolescent rebellion today.  That is to stay in the past.  I would welcome Your guidance on a constant basis.  That is really the only way to live smoothly.  Thank You for given me a right spirit within when I ask for it.  

Be wtih me today, aso that I have patience.  I need patience, as do all of us, with our loved ones.  I am perhaps more impatient than I would like to think.  I thought that my life situation gave me a lot of patience, but perhaps that is a fallacy.  Be with me today as I see my patience tested.  And may I know that true needs will be answered immediately.


No Needs

“Those who perceive and acknowledge that they have everything have no needs of any kind. (T11)”

Affirmation:  “Help me to recognize that I do have everything.”


1 – All Have “Everything”

We have actually been given everything, just as have our brothers and sisters.  We do not rationally understand this, but we do not have to be slaves of our rational mind.  In truth, everyone has been given everything.  This is one of the philosophical tenets of A Course in Miracles.

2 – What Does This Mean?

What does this mean?  It suggests that even though, temporarily, some of us have less than others, we will be shown the way to more by our brother or sister, who temporarily has more.  Talents will be shared equally in the Kingdom (a paraphrase from ACIM).  We do not have to feel that some talent that we have admired in others, and perhaps enviously wanted, is forever impossible for us.  God takes the long view, and this world is not our home.  We can make good lives for ourselves here, regardless of the difficulties, because Jesus says that there is no challenge to the advanced teacher of God.  Challenge implies doubt, and doubt is impossible for one who is  trusting in a Higher Power.  (Paraphrases from ACIM.)

3 – Challenges Not So Good

Heretofore we have probably believed that challenges were good, that they kept us on our toes (so to speak).  But challenges also kept us uneasy, and we can know that we will success at any task that the Holy Spirit has given us to do.  This does not mean that we will never struggle, because we are fallible, and we may arise from our struggle with greater strength.  But A Course in Miracles counsels us to walk the effortless way, which does not mean that we do nothing.  When we are on the pathway meant for us, life becomes effortless.  And then we sometimes accomplish a great deal, always on the timing that belongs to God.

4 – Our Needs Fulfilled

We do not then have needs that go unfulfilled.  We also have no problems, even though most of us think that life is filled with problems.  We lack nothing, and when we realize this, we will be on our way home.


Dear Father/Mother,

I thank You that I have, along with everyone else, been given everything.  I realize that this is not a statement for our world, but all gifts here are temporary.  Ultimately all talents and all gifts are shared with everyone.  Thank You.

May I realize that You care about my needs.  I fret sometimes, and that is my ego rearing its still-present head.  I would have the ego wither away.  I would not depend on anything of an egotistical nature to mar my life.  And I wish the same for all whom I encounter in any way.

Be with us today if things turn stressful.  So many people are hurting in our world.  Help as much as they will let You to smooth their way.