Gently Led to Christ-Consciousness

renoir-the-swing“Now you must fully recognize the distinction between the ego-self that previously was the self of learning and experience, and the Christ Self that is now the Self of learning and experience. You must take on the mantle of your new identity, your new Self. (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the Nature of Unity and Its Recognition, 3.4)”

Affirmation: “I would seek to be my Christ Self today.”


1 – Gently Led

We need to be careful to say too early that we have lost the ego and that we are living the Christ Self. At first, we have glimpses of the Christ Self, and we live in this state a little of the time. If we remain true to the pathway, this time of living the Christ Self increases in duration. We do not have to fear this increase. We have been gently led.

2 – Awakening

We especially have to be careful of asserting that we have Awakened, that we have reached enlightenment. While this is where we are all headed, very few of even the most diligent students have reached this degree of salvation yet. And others will note if we claim something that is not ours yet, or at least ours on a continual basis. We need not to mislead. If the ego has even a toehold in us, the ego will take advantage of our hope for Awakening, and we will allow ourselves to be beguiled.

3 – Vainglory

Let us pray to be protected from vainglory. We do not make any decision about Awakening. It is God who, metaphorically, reaches down and lifts us up (from A Course in Miracles). We need to be careful that we don’t try to lift ourselves up. Lifting up by the bootstraps never worked for any reason, including egoistic ones. And it certainly won’t work for Awakening.

4 – Patience

As much as we all hope for Awakening sooner rather than later, we must rest in patience. The time will be right for fulfillment, but none of us knows the time. If it seems long off, know that every day spent in love of God and others and Self will bring that blessing nearer. We are on the pathway.

And the end is certain (from ACIM).


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for the assurance that all of us–all, everyone–is on the pathway back to You. Even when I am not sure, sometimes. Even when my ego beguiles me.

I would walk gently and carefully where and how You lead. Be with me today as I seek to keep the highest ethical standards to my thinking and my actions.


Perfectly Calm and Quiet All the Time

monet - iris3“When action is seen to be necessary, this is exactly when a time of stillness is needed.  You might think of this time of stillness as a time of consulting with your new identity.  Simply sitting quietly, and posing the question or concern that is in need of appropriate action will suffice.  (A Course of Love, 25.23)”

Affirmation:  ‘I will spend some time in quietness today.”


1 – Need for Stillness

We need to be still.  We need to practice stillness.  Reading this passage prompted me to stop typing and to be still.  I turned to some inspirational reading, and now I am back.  Perhaps the stillness will impact this blog posting.

2 – Solution Is with the Problem

This passage for today is another way of stating a truth from A Course in Miracles:  that the solution is with the problem.  We have only to state the problem, to ask for the solution, and to receive that solution immediately (normally).  When we expect quick answer, we normally get them.  This is, of course, not always true, but this does hold true more often than not.  Sometimes our emotions are so warm (even hot) that we need to cool down before the answer will come, the solution will come.  This is what the stillness of this passage is trying to say.

3 – Healing

We must realize that there is a solution to every problem.  If we are in need of healing, we may know that the healing may be emotional rather than physical–but emotional healing is often far more important, even, than physical.  We will be given the will to walk on.  We will know that God cares.

4 – Practice the Presence of God

We need to practice the presence of God in as many ways as we can.  Praying silently, and aloud as well, are two good ways to invite God’s presence to impress Itself upon us.  It is often thought that meditation does the same, though Jesus in ACIM does not counsel much time spent in contemplation.  He says that our way, with ACIM, is in our relationship to our brother (or sister).  And we who practice ACIM have long recognized the truth of this statement.

5 – Meditation

The final pages of the Workbook of ACIM do seem meditative, though.  And perhaps it is.  (There is a difference of opiiion among students/teachers of ACIM about this.)  We can let guidance lead the way–guidance of the Holy Spirit, in ACIM; and guidance of Christ-consciousness, in A Course of Love.


Dear Father/Mother,

I sometimes need just to be still, to bask in Your warmth, to know that peace of that passeth understanding.  Jesus says in A Course in Miracles that we will ultimately choose to calm and quiet all the time.  This is a statement of the meek, who do not seek to self-aggrandize themselves.  May the moments of stillness and quiet that I have known today carry on throughout the day and evening.

Help us to understand that being perfectly calm and quiet is a desirable thing.  We are so used to drama, and that may be why our ego is not yet dead in us.  We crave drama, and with that often comes attack and anger.  I would not have it so in my life.  Help me to live Your way.

A moment spend reading is a moment well-spent.  Thank You for leading me to that conclusion.  I have read Jesus’s words in the New Testament today, and I thank You that we have that record.  Also I thank You for the blessings of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.