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New Order of Reality Dawns

“[T]urn to face the direction of the arising sun, and go into a simple prayer. . . .

“Breathe deeply into the body, relax the mind, and begin simply to say within yourself:

“Death has occurred, and now the birth of Christ is at hand.

“Father, I accept fully your will for me. Your will is only that I be happy and use time to extend my treasure.

“Now I receive the warmth of your Light and your Love.

. . .

“And when the whole body—from the crown of the head to the tips of the toes and down through each finger—is filled with light, then gently open the eyes of Christ, and let yourself see a new world, a new creation, a new beginning. Now the journey to the Kingdom is over, and the journey within it can begin. Graduate school is just around the corner.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 10, Page 131 – 132)

The above quotation illustrates what we might do and say to welcome Awakening into our lives. And doing so means that “graduate school,” living as an awakened individual, is here.

Not all of us have come this far. But there are indications that many of us are far along the pathway. The “celestial speedup,” which Jesus described in A Course in Miracles, is well underway, and we are now, according to A Course of Love, living in the time of Christ. These are harbingers of a new order on the horizon. And for this to be true, many of us will see Awakening as a true process that takes us into a new world.

Have patience. Above all, don’t blame God if Awakening does not seem to come when we ask. We may not be ready. The subconscious needs to be cleansed, all the way down. And that may take some doing.

Stay the course. Know that the time will be as right as the Answer.
The way back to God is effortless on our part. Can we understand this? No, for we get upset when we realize the work done by the Holy Spirit or the Christ-Mind is so disproportionate to what we are doing. Let God move us, tell us when and where to act, what to think, how to pray.

We live a cosmic second, even in a long lifetime. Our time is not God’s.

So know that we are staying the course, and all will be well.

Walk into a New State of Being

“A new state of being is a new reality. It is linked with your notion of who and where you are, for who you are and where you find yourself, and experience yourself, are your reality.” (ACOL, Dialogues, Day 29, 29.7)

Which of us would not sometimes want a new reality? A new “you”?

I venture that this receding mirage is in a dream in all of us. And the surprising thing is that here A Course of Love says, Jesus says, that this new state of being is a new reality, a new reality that we are can have, indeed are entitled to.
What a blessing! (I say that so often in this blog, for there are so many blessings in our reading of ACIM and ACOL.) This new reality will be one, according to ACOL, of the heart—or the heart and mind joined in twain, wholeheartedness.

This wholeheartedness is such a comfort on rainy, gray days. And even a sunny day can take on the dreariness of a gray day if we are not cognizant of our many blessings. We can have this new reality. I don’t think that the new reality comes just as we awaken; I think that it comes prior to that. In A Course in Miracles, we hear of the “happy dreams that the Holy Spirit brings,” and we are comforted. In A Course of Love, we are bade to listen to the inner Christ Self, and to be comforted thereby. (We have been told that we are living now in the time of Christ, that the time of the Holy Spirit is past.) Would it not make sense that the Self could and would comfort even before Christ-consciousness descends upon us.

I am a case in point, because I have not yet awakened. I sometimes wonder how I can help others if that is my situation, but when we are in the same boat, that help comes easily. I know where you are coming from. And some of that is frustration, for we want it all—not in an egoic sense, but right in line with divine wishes for us. Yet if we have not yet awakened, there is a reason, just one that we don’t yet know. And we can reach out and speak to those in a similar situation. We can be patient, learning through observation, vision, and revelation (from ACOL).